25 cents extra for giving up your car in Italy

In a pilot project selected by the city of Cesena in Northern Italy, whose government will financially encourage local residents to the rejection of the movement by car in favour of Cycling. Those who will commute to and from work on bicycles will receive 25 cents for each kilometer. However, a ceiling of payments — the amount may not exceed 50 euros per month or 2,5 euros per day.

To determine the distance that residents have overcome on bicycles, abandoning the cars will be specifically designed a free app for smartphones. To participate in the program, the inhabitants of Cesena must complete the application in the municipality.

Only a pilot program allocated 90 thousand euros. At the end of the experiment, which will last until November 2018, will be decided whether it makes sense to extend this financial incentives all over Italy.

Cyclists run off the road

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