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28 women 10 hours pushing the cold stalled bus. No one stopped!

A terrible thing happened in Kazakhstan near the village Akshatau Karaganda region. The bus, which was carrying a group of women from China, frozen fuel.

In view of the sharp-continental climate sandwe in Kazakhstan very harsh: from November to March the temperature can easily fall below minus thirty. Poor quality diesel fuel in these conditions turns into stone, and no antigel in the field is not able to return to her fluidity.

As reported online edition, it was a frozen fuel was the cause of the bus stop on the route Almaty — Ekaterinburg. In the bus from the shopping tour in China returned home on 28 women. After the driver told them that the machine can not continue driving, the passenger tried to ask for help from passing cars, but nobody stopped! Then women together with the driver decided to push the bus and spent the hard work more than 10 hours until by finally drove a police car. The guards, thank God, stopped to find out what happened, and when found, began to save people in trouble frostbitten people. They were forced to slow down a passing car, to put in them is affected and sent to the heating point of the village Akshatau. For the evacuation of the bus, the police stopped a passing truck.

Here are the names of the heroes of the battalion of the Road patrol police of DIA of the Karaganda region — Salamat Gabilgathol and Gensat Kasymbekov.

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Photo: MEAs DIA of the Karaganda region

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