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3 steps to maximize the protection of your vehicle!

Every driver wants to be sure of reliability of the operated equipment. Fuel system the injector and the engine form a major triad, which is responsible for the longevity of the car. Breaking any of these three components leads to more problems, until the overhaul. The scope of unanticipated expenses in these cases, once again not to speak.

The German company Liqui Moly recommends every car owner to take 3 steps towards complete cleaning and maximum protection of your car. These three simple, but effective solution to significantly extend the life of transport and will prevent repair costs.

Step 1

So, we begin the “new life on Monday”, i.e. oil change. Drove my swallow in the service and proceed to the first stage — provide cleaning of the engine with Oilsystem Spulung Light.

Flushing quickly and efficiently produce complete cleaning of the motor. Mud and sediment washed off without leaving any residue, thus facilitating the life of the engine. The layman asks, why do to clean the engine from old oil? It’s very simple — cleaning the oil channels, the product provides the opportunity for the new motor oil to maximize its best qualities. Agree, just this argument is enough to understand the importance of motor. Moreover, rinsing greatly reduces the rest of the waste oil, thereby prolonging the service life of the new.

This tool is recommended as a preventive at every oil change. In contrast to the wash of the oils and cheap washes Oilsystem Spulung Light does not remain in the system after draining the oil and evaporates. Contains no aggressive solvents, which have many analogues makes the product absolutely safe for all engine parts. In this case the additive contains a care complex rubber parts of the system. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Efficiency and versatility make the tool Oilsystem Spulung Light a real salvation for the engine, and the German quality of products Liqui Moly guarantees an effective result.

Step 2

Engine cleaned and ready for a new life. Fill engine oil that meets the tolerances and requirements of the automaker. Now it’s time efficient and truly multifunctional additives for your motor. This is the latest development of German scientists — friction additive for long term motor protection Motor Protect Molygen.

The unique composition of the additives of molybdenum and tungsten is one of the most “slippery” substances, this provides a substantial reduction in friction of engine parts. The drug creates a durable surface and provides maximum reduction in friction and wear. A significant advantage of the use of additives is its ability to prevent engine damage even with the oil leak and overheating. Action Molygen Motor Protect significantly increases engine life and reduces fuel consumption by reducing friction. Unlike analog additive does not contain solid particles, allowing only works on a chemical molecular level.

The tool is very versatile and will show their good qualities in any car. Because Molygen Motor Protect perfectly mixed with all commercially available engine oils, it is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, the unique formula of additives to ensure compatibility with even the most low-viscosity oils.

The efficiency of additives is impressive. The effect of using only one bottle up to 50 000 km, even with frequent oil change and use flushing.

Step 3

The engine cleaned to a Shine and protected. It remains to carry out the same procedure with the fuel system and the injector.

Surprisingly, for these purposes, only one means — long-term injector cleaner Langzeit Injection Reiniger. Go to first refuel after oil change and just add it to the tank.

The additive is excellent for cleaning injector and fuel system protection for your vehicle from soot, tar and other contaminants. It is important to note that the effect of deep cleaning and the appearance of the corrosion layer in the fuel system is retained for a long period of time even if the temporary suspension of the use of the additive. Thus Langzeit Injection Reiniger excellent in the role of a prophylactic agent, which contains the entire fuel system clean.

The facility has combustion catalysts that can improve performance of poor-quality gasoline, this also prevents detonation and loss of power. With Langzeit Injection Reiniger you can refuel even on an untrusted stations. Thus, Langzeit Injection Reiniger cleans and protects the fuel system that creates a corrosion-resistant layer, reduces fuel consumption and eliminates poor quality fuel. Agree, not bad!

It is recommended to always keep on hand Langzeit Injection Reiniger and take it with you on a long trip where the chance of running into bad gasoline increases. One bottle is enough for 250 liters of petrol, so it will not become a burden to your wallet, and a measuring cap to make application easy.

All of the products Liqui Moly is designed and produced in Germany that guarantee high quality and results.

LIQUI MOLY — for those who appreciate the best!

3 steps to maximize the protection of your vehicle!

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