5 secrets for durability

Spring this year was long in coming, but to delay the tyre change not recommended — wear winter tyres in the warm season is greatly increased, and their usage in the summer increases the car’s braking and increases the risk of aquaplaning.

Øinny giant Nokian recommends replacing winter tires in the summer when the night temperature settled at a level not less than 5 degrees, and the average at +7. Well, that’s settled. What advise tire manufacturers in terms of longer life?

Spend 1 rotation of the tire

With FWD cars the tires on the front wheels are subjected to higher loads than the rear tires, which leads to their intensive deterioration. Therefore, it is recommended every 8 – 10 thousand miles to rotate tires. This will ensure uniform tire wear, which in turn will increase the safety and comfort control.

2 Pressure is important

For each car manufacturer recommends a certain tire pressure. The discrepancy of these standards will lead to increased tyre wear and increased fuel consumption. In addition, insufficient tyre pressure can make it harder to control the car. So don’t forget to regularly check the tire pressure.

3 Proper care

In the care of the car do not forget to check the tire condition. First and foremost, when is the planned replacement of tires. Upon discovery of any defect, you must immediately contact the service, where the bus will be able to test and evaluate the possibility of its further operation.

4 the Calmness, only calmness!

Quiet ride, smooth acceleration and braking – all this will allow you to avoid the stress of driving and minimizes the risk of accidents. At sharp maneuvers, braking and acceleration with wheel slippage is increased and uneven tire wear.

5 Proper storage

An important factor in tyre longevity is proper storage. The tire Assembly with the wheel discs should be stored in limbo or folded stack in a horizontal position. Tyres without disks should be stored upright, but not necessarily every 3 months to change the fulcrum. Store tires in a dry, dark place away from heaters, solvents and other active substances.

Pay attention to your tires and they will last you longer!

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