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5 situations where ABS will only hurt

The belief that anti-lock braking system reduces braking distance, sometimes very disturbing to the driver.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Anti-lock braking system quite long ago entered the everyday life of motorists. Moreover, many modern cars on the basis of this system there were “add-ons” in the form of electronic stabilization of the vehicle. Some cars ABS and helps to estimate the tire pressure. It seems to be unconditionally useful the system is, nevertheless, under certain conditions, the braking distance can increase. Keep this in mind in everyday driving and be careful on slippery roads.

  • When braking on a slippery road, covered with a thin layer of snow. If the wheels locked when braking, they will shovel the snow in front of him the shaft. This will reduce braking distance. The ABS also will not allow the wheels to lock.
  • If driving the driver with the old skills. For example, the driver used to braking without ABS. In an emergency situation, it will apply intermittent braking: push and pripustit the brake pedal to the wheels are not blocked. That is, in fact, to duplicate the work of the ABS system. In the end, the braking distance will increase.
  • When braking on a rough road. On a bumpy road the wheels periodically lose grip. ABS when it does not function optimally and the braking distance is greatly increased. Notice that if under heavy braking you will drive one wheel on the manhole hatch, ABS begin to chirp, reducing the pressure in the brake lines? Electronics thinks that the situation is critical and intervention is necessary.
  • In case of faulty suspension. Defects in the suspension (for example, don’t work the shock absorbers) wheels of the vehicle, as well as in the previous example, it is often in the air, and because braking distance increases.
  • When braking on inhomogeneous surfaces. Road with short sections of snow, then ice, then clean and dry asphalt degrades the effectiveness of anti-lock braking system: electronics is not time to readjust to the new conditions on such short sectors.

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