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54% of motorists want to exceed 19 km/h without penalty

They are negative to a potential reduction nestratova threshold speed to 9 km/h.Alexander Khlynov


Whether it is for speeding up to 20 km/h — solve the interior Ministry

Most motorists in the country do not support the government’s initiative to reduce nestrashnye speed threshold from 19 to 9 km/h. Recall that the feasibility of possible innovations currently being studied in the Ministry of interior on behalf of the government. For speeding at 10-19 km/h may be imposed a fine of 500 rubles. This, in turn, will increase the penalty for speeding in the 20-39 km/h to 3000 rubles — this initiative by the traffic police.

Motorists proposed innovation do not like, especially since many roads are equipped with signs forbidding movement faster than 50 km/h, even in those areas where such limitation is not necessary. According to the survey “Avito Avto”, against the lowering of the threshold nestratova made 54% of motorists.

“It turned out that 36% of drivers sharply negative attitude to the fact that nestrashnye the speed limit can be reduced from 19 to 9 kilometers. Definitely support this change 16% of the population”, — pointed out by the researchers of public opinion.

“Rather negatively than positively” to innovation dates back to 16% and 22% neutral. For the initiative of the government expressed 22% of the respondents, and on the side of the authorities, more women than men.

As admitted by respondents, only 16% of them were accidents due to speeding, including other road users. 84% of motorists have no problem with it arose.

  • Medvedev ordered before 2 December to provide the pros and cons of reducing nestratova threshold.

Photo: Alessio Lin / Unsplash

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