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6 major misconceptions motorists

Car ownership in our country since Soviet times, surrounded by many myths. Some of them are so deeply ingrained that, it seems, will remain with us forever. Still, it’s time to part with them.

Consider the errors only on the service

Has long been sold adapters that allow you to get all the data from car’s computer directly on your cell phone (and even wireless). This is a very convenient method in real-time tracking of all errors and, if necessary, either to drop them or to make timely decisions about the use of the service. Saving time and money is obvious. The price of the adapter (found in the Internet for OBD2-BT) from 500 rubles. Stuck it into the diagnostic connector of the car, and begins a live broadcast of all the parameters of the engine directly on the smartphone screen.

Janitors at night you need to detach from the glass

Tradition to raise the wipers at night in the cold days seem to never die, while the wipers themselves because it to die faster. Because of too long being in this unnatural position for themselves the purifiers of glass stretched coil springs, why time they are not so tight to the glass and, consequently, not as well clean it.

To save fuel, turn off the air conditioner and open the window

A pleasure to have in the cabin the cool air you’re paying an average of 0.5 of a liter of gasoline per hour. Many people prefer to reserve this fuel for more useful things, and with heat to fight the old — fashioned way- by opening Windows. The problem is that in this case the aerodynamics of the car deteriorates, and the higher the speed, the more noticeable this effect. As shown by experiments, after 80 km/h the open window will “eat” more fuel than running in the cabin air. However, at speeds smaller, the situation is reverse, only when driving slowly and the flow of air from the Windows is not so invigorating…

You have to buy only original spare parts

Still many believe that only the official service of the vehicle receives quality service and worn parts can be change only on original products (so-called OEM — original equipment manufactured) — supposedly only they are able to preserve the original characteristics of the vehicle. In fact, many companies supply the same details as in the form of OEM, and aftermarket solutions (only under special own brands). Moreover, it is often automotive components for the aftermarket are more technologically advanced and innovative. Take, for example, the famous Monroe manufacturing company Tenneco. Products under the brand Monroe, providing coverage to 96% of the model range of cars older than four years, are not inferior to the original in quality and performance, and often even surpass them technically. Case in point, their latest addition, the line OESpectrum shock absorbers, made by Monroe revolutionary technology R-TECH®2 Rebound Valving Technology and providing almost instant feedback and reaction on the change of the road surface.

Need to be fastened only in front

It is unknown where this myth. Rather, he appeared just because of unbelted rear passengers are not fined. But the problem is that in the event of an accident they (and all located in the rear of the car items and Pets) dramatically accelerated forward, smashing everything in its path alive. If you don’t want after a sharp braking to hug more recently, sitting in the back or mother-in-law to watch how much fun she sticks to the windshield of your car, ask for second-row passengers to wear seat belts. Always.

Toning — the only salvation from the sun

Today, in addition to the regular visor in the car can be installed and smart — transparent with two filters (yellow and grey). In the end, the driver’s eyes are protected and the light from blinding oncoming headlights, and the overly bright sun. Tinted and dark glasses in such a case is not necessary. You will find know-how on demand “visor Clear View”.

6 major misconceptions автолюбителей6 main misconceptions motorists

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