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6 proven ways to make money on a car and 1 new

It would seem, if you have your car, then questions, how to earn some, should not occur. Come from, where you said ride, who told me where it should be — money in my pocket… “driving” scoured the job market and found out that not all of the earnings that guarantee.Elena Starikova

1. The taxi driver

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the part involving their own auto. Today you cannot just take and to bring up the voting man on the street to the airport for the illegal transportation of passengers and Luggage face a fine of 5 thousand rubles (paragraph 2.1 of article 12.3 KoAP of the Russian Federation “driving a vehicle driver who is not in possession of documents specified in the Rules of the road”). So, if you want to earn a legitimate way to get by in a taxi.

More than 90% of participants in the taxi market are so-called aggregators, which, in fact, nothing more than an intermediary between customers and drivers. Want to receive orders? — get ready to share 15% -30% of revenue. On the level of wages primarily affects the prestige of your car. For example, in Moscow the driver “the economy” (Huindai Solaris, Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo, etc.) gets about 450-500 roubles/hour with a Commission fee. In “comfort” class (Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai i40, etc.) you can earn from 550 to 600 RUB/hour. Then it all depends on your performance and communication skills — because there is still a tip.

Requirements for applicants are simple: driving experience more than 3 years, not younger than 23 years old, Russian citizenship and a good knowledge of the Russian language (terms may vary depending on the company and the region. — Approx. ed.). Representatives of the same Yandex.Taxi claim that to get to them can “any decent citizen”. If you consider yourself as such, serve documents, execute the license in the path.

2. Avtonyanya

Relatively new service that nevertheless are in high demand in large cities. Work antonana suited more to women — for example, in the decree. Or men who have the ability to calmly endure another chaotic kicks Chad in the driver’s seat throughout the trip. Tasks autonavi usually boil down to, to take the child of his employer from school/daycare home/section (underline).

In employment you are likely to convince that “the child is calm, intelligent family.” In practice, things might be different. But if inexhaustible patience and boundless love for children — it’s about you, it’s worth a try. Besides the salary of autonavi worthy: the average payment for such services in Moscow and St. Petersburg varies from 300 RUB./hour 500 RUB./hour. So consider, what do you get to carry even one child to the pool twice a week. But you can carry several children at a time, if their parents don’t mind. Advice experienced: looking for a job closer to home or at least within the same district. Otherwise, and children tortured by the winding tubes, and gas money will kill more than they earn.

3. Driver branded car

…or, in simple terms, vehicles with advertising on the bodywork. If you are looking for an additional source of income, but a tight schedule prevents to find work, consider that you found it. But not so simple.

For the amount you get, pasted their “swallow” stickers in the spirit of “Windows” or “restaurant, Billiards, sauna,” will affect many factors. Namely, the place of registration of the car, his class and type. Not last role is played by the prestige of the model, as well as a place to advertise. The most “running” are the side of the body and the rear window. In Moscow for the placement of such advertising in average pay from 1 thousand to 8 thousand rubles. per month. To clarify prices in your city you need to contact a large advertising Agency. Contacts on the Internet.

The obvious advantages: even a partial close-fitting exterior protects paintwork from minor injuries. In addition, some advertisers give discounts to the sink branded cars from partner companies. Obvious disadvantages: according to the terms of the contract you will be obliged to roll over a month a certain mileage within a given area. To the advertiser is able to track your movements need to install in the phone app. So ride a lot and often in vain.

4. The driver for the wedding

To get this job easier if you are the owner of the car or the business class. There are nuances: payment of driver services hourly, with a rare wedding day goes exactly on schedule. This files most often have to travel longer than planned. However, you better: the clock is ticking — the money keeps coming in.

In Moscow the cost of an hour of the wedding the driver varies from 1.5 thousand rubles (if you have, say, a used BMW 7-series or Mercedes-Benz GL-class) to 25 thousand (suddenly you are the master of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII? — you never know). Just don’t forget that we will have to share with a wedding Agency on whose behalf you are working. Hardly anyone is hiring drivers just to declare, for fear of theft of personal belongings and other “surprises” can present the couple unfamiliar people.

5. Courier

The market of courier services in our country is actively developing, so here you really will be plenty to choose from. Deliver can be anything, starting with balloons and ending with equipment for chainsaw… arrange A courier, hoping to quickly earn a lot of money. And it’s true: in Moscow, the average fee for courier services varies from 350 RUB/hour, 800 RUB/hour — it all depends on what, where and how often you carry. Basically, the money paid once a week.

Sounds good, with the only “but”: this part can be called anything but easy. First, do not think that orders will flow to you river, and it is from their number will depend on earnings. Add to this another penalties for unfulfilled delivery (it happens — the client is moved or cancelled), as well as the cost of petrol (they usually compensate only partially). Secondly, you will often meet clients who somehow decided that the courier can vent all the aggression that has accumulated during the day. We do not say that everywhere. Just consider yourself warned.

6. A Tiffin delivery guy

We do not knowingly allocated their meals in a separate paragraph. It’s a whole industry, about which we already told in detail.

Deliver food in Moscow, you can earn an average of 2000 rubles up to 3.5 thousand rubles per shift. For understanding: change, as a rule, lasts 12 hours, so those wishing to leave from the basic work early to earn extra money, this option is hardly suitable.

Pro cons of the profession a long time to paint will not — they are generally similar to those specified in the preceding paragraph. The exception is that gasoline, the cost you often pay for themselves. But some clients are in a fit of benevolence will leave you a generous tip. And more recently, the author of “Behind the wheel” in the Bank became the witness of how the story of the workers curiosities helped the sushi delivery guy to convince the Manager (the girl. — Approx. ed.) to go on a date with him. Agree, also a good bonus from hack — there is always something to share in the company.

7. The landlord

Another native of passive income (see section “Driver branded auto”). If the family is not one or you rarely use it, it is time to put it into circulation. Renting rent a car in Moscow, you can get an average of 12 thousand rubles to 30 thousand rubles a month. Your earnings will depend on the brand and year of manufacture of the car, its technical condition and the amount of interest that will pick up from the net profit of the tenant. For example, Renault Logan, 2016 with mileage 50 thousand km per month you can earn 14 thousand rubles, and six years for Chevrolet Captiva, utagassen about 100 thousand km, — 28 thousand a month (the approximate cost in Moscow. — Prim ed.). Most moves are considered budget cars.

Perhaps it is this way of undermining the most risky. Incorrect documents can at best leave you with nothing (and that’s not a metaphor), and at worst — is without a car. So, first, be sure to insure the car. Remember that if the machine you plan to use as a taxi, it should be made a note of it in the policy. Otherwise, in case of an accident the insurance may refuse to pay legally. In addition, before signing the lease contract should take him to a lawyer or to assure at the notary, to draw up the documents trick. Try to go into large and proven companies. Perhaps the revenue will be less, but the chances of running into a Scam minimum. Such tenants, as a rule, protect your reputation.

As you can see, the options to earn money on a personal car a lot — it would be the desire and free time. Ideally, if you can combine active and passive income. For example, you can deliver customers in the taxi on the machine with pasting. However, the last word is yours. Whichever method you choose, the main thing to remember the three Golden rules of gig:

  • Do not rush to the first available office. Found offer? — Google reviews about the company on the Internet, ask around with friends;

  • Discuss all the conditions “on the shore”. Often interview people promise a certain amount, which makes everyone happy. But after the first month of operation, it appears that realistically you can only get if you carry the maximum number of orders that will appeal to all your customers, take overtime, would save from a fire kitten or God knows what else.

  • Signing a contract without reading it — courage, bordering on stupidity. However, even from studying a multipage text is of little help if you are not a lawyer. So you better entrust this to professionals.

Have you tried at least one of the following way? — tell us about your experience in the comments. There are ideas for making money on the personal car? — Great! Share, do not hesitate.


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