6 ways to avoid accidents

Have a person has no ability to see into the future and using this skill to avoid errors. Driving experience is acquired only with training, with actual kilometers traveled. But understanding where danger can threaten, comes just a few hours spent in front of the computer?– fortunately, the Internet can be found set of records DVRs. We did this by reworking almost two and a half thousand records of accidents over the summer and autumn of the current year in tips.

  1. So as not to get into an accident?First place with a significant margin is a collision when changing lanes, turn and turn not from the extreme position. It is classified as collision with a passing car going to overtake in the opposite lane when the maneuver of another car. Those we counted 576 of 2309 videos viewed, or 24.9% of the total. In other words, it would be possible to avoid a quarter of all accidents simply by looking in the rearview mirror, as is required by the Rules.

Cases when the second car was in a dead zone or was flying at near the speed units. All the rest is the result of a lack of basic attention. Don’t look in the mirror briefly, mark all the objects and figure out the speed of their approach.

Tip for the advanced: fix all cars with the included indexes of turn, a sudden slowing or started to change the trajectory of motion. This signals that the driver is going to manoeuvre. The advantage you have, but for “that guy”, too, sometimes have to think.

  1. Departures from the minor road which ended in a collision, we counted in our sample, 328 (14.2 percent). About one third of them is easy to explain: in the major cities of parked cars filled everything, so visibility is reduced to a minimum. Suggest “low profile” on the main road literally inch by inch, gradually increasing the field of view. And only fully convinced of the safety, you can go.

Moving on the main road should not shift the responsibility to move to secondary roads, streets and driveways. To drive at the maximum speed allowed on a narrow street with poor visibility and even in the extreme right lane, close to a row of parked cars,?– not the best solution. Showing basic caution, you will reduce the likelihood of an accident. For example, you have time to honk the horn that allowed by the Rules (for preventing accidents).

The remaining two-thirds of the cases cannot be explained from the point of view of human logic. The drivers manage not to notice the only car on the main road and you put your side at risk. A huge number of visually impaired among drivers is difficult to believe?– it turns out, again inattention?

Enter the intersection only making the lack of cars. Open road is more dangerous than a battered transport, and the accident occurs at higher speeds. Do not rely on the fact that the car will certainly move with the middle light, which is visible from afar. And of course, with a low blinding sun requires special attention. What is perfectly clear to you, from another point it may be completely invisible.

  1. Slightly behind from the previous category left turns and u-turns without providing the advantages of the counter flow is the 306 cases, or 13.3%. The recommendations are the same: do not see – do not go and assess the situation, completely stopping. And being on the main road, also think not only for themselves but also for the overly frisky and not too attentive. About 15% of these collisions occurs when flashing green, or just a burning banning traffic light. Both going straight and turning, trying to slip and lose vigilance.

  1. Pedestrians still knock often: 202 cases, or 8.7%. And that’s just in our sample, based on the records DVRs. Actually, the proportion of accidents more. Recommendation to reduce speed and stop before the Zebra could help only in 54% of cases of hitting. In the remaining 46% of the pedestrians have left motorists a chance to save their lives or health. That is almost half of the cases, which are formed in the depressing statistics, blame the pedestrians! Drivers actively repress for pedestrians, and to call to order “horseless” and no one thinks.

  1. We counted 134 accidents (5.8 percent) due to running a red light. Most of them – it clashes with the “drifted” machines. Based on this, remember: the most dangerous intersection in the first second after the change of the signals. Do not rush to step on the gas, make sure that in other areas the car stopped moving. A separate issue – transport of emergency services. Not all drivers of cars remember that traffic rules allow them to depart from the requirements, mandatory for all, only if security. Not always have such machines, going the “violations” included or intact audio signal, although it needs to be active. And this is another reason to literally twist his head 360 degrees. Especially in our conditions it is better not to rely entirely on the rule of law.

  1. I would like to say about those who are trying to avoid an accident with an emergency maneuver. In 107 cases (4,6% of the total number of accidents in our sample that many) are the drivers themselves were to blame for the accident. And with more severe consequences than could be when braking, no lane change, as required by the Rules.

The height of stupidity and recklessness is to leave from collision on the oncoming lane. Innocent counter hard to get, and you will receive a criminal case instead of iron exhaust and payment for CTP from the real culprit.

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