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7 advice driver for February (in a driving school do not talk about it)

The last month of winter, even warm — this is not spring. Under the wheels will then ice, then a wet mess, dry pavement. Proposed to exchange experience in the prevention of emergencies.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

“February is spring bordering on slightly melted the winter month…”

The definition of Network

This year February is a day longer than usual: thank you leap year traditions. Accordingly, at least a day delayed seasonal pereobuvaniya: all three winter months tires should be appropriate to the season. It is written in Annex 8 to the Technical regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 018/2011 “On safety of wheeled vehicles”:

section 5.5….In winter (December, January, February) prohibits operation of vehicles of categories M1 and N1 and not equipped with winter tires that meet the requirements of paragraph 5.6.3. of this Annex. Winter tires are mounted on all wheels of these vehicles.

However, sanctions for failure to comply with this paragraph in the administrative code is not provided. Yet. Therefore, many drivers neglect them.

1. Do not rush to change

If you still believe the weather forecasters, then the shoes ahead of time won’t be fast. And it’s not about Yakutia, where the “minus fifty”. In most parts of the Russian plain in February are expected for a long period of frost, snow and storms, and alcohol thermometer should be compressed to the levels in the “minus 30”. But in Bratsk and Irkutsk must be prepared to -35…-40°C. the Capital promise not only 15-20 degrees of frost, but heavy snowfalls. In short, all waiting for an ordinary Russian winter, which our man does not scare me.

2. Do not break the invisible markup

If Feb please us the snowfall, you almost certainly right lanes of the roads will get fixed snowdrifts, and the dividing lines everywhere will turn into a kind of parapets. And then, and another — a disorder, but it is a reality that will have to coexist. Another annoyance — markings hidden under the snow. Be especially careful if you come for a leased for a subsequent right turn: the cameras to disable, no one will, and they will gladly participate in the writing of the fine at any time of the year.

3. Clean the car from snow

And about the snow. Never allow yourself to leave the Parking lot with a huge snowdrift on the roof! Physical exercises many do not like, but on the road so the snow is sure to do mischief. A lot of options: when braking to fall on the windshield and completely block you browse, and in normal traffic will still slide on the rear window or even fly in the face of the car behind you. Such excesses are necessary to nobody.

4. Use the correct engine oil

As for “normal” winter of horror stories about engine oil and battery, then they had to scare you in December. Now, in anticipation of the real frost, just let me remind you again: oil type 10W-40 in the morning you just do not start. Unless your car is parked only in warm places.

5. Put in the trunk of warm clothes and a shovel

Certainly stuff in the trunk of warm clothes — at least the old jacket. Even in pure city driving it is not excluded a variant at which you within a few hours will have to jump around a still cold car, waiting for help. The second Council of the same series — a real working shovel that can really stretch grew up, somehow the snow. Sapper blade in such situations is to do nothing. By the way, be mentally prepared for the fact that your usual place in the courtyard in the evening you will be employed or some kind person, or just newly made snowdrift.

And do not Park the car where it can fill up with snow equipment. Either carry in the trunk a shovel, at any time to be able to pave their way through snowy parapet.And do not Park the car where it can fill up with snow equipment. Either carry in the trunk a shovel, at any time to be able to pave their way through snowy parapet.

6. Get rid of the moisture in the fuel tank

The stronger the frost, the higher the probability that any drop of moisture will “mess it up” by changing its aggregate state. The focus, of course, the fuel system, do not hesitate from time to time to fill the tank all the moisture displacers and entirely (“the wheel” often tells about them). The most vulnerable group in this case — dizelevozy: by hook or by crook at the gas stations need to make sure that the fill DT and winter! If the fuel freezes, it will be too late to appeal to the justice and buy entirely. By the way, is not a sin to carry in the trunk 20 litre canister obviously normal DT — it will help in that case, if the gas station you have is not credible.

7. To a lower speed, distance more

Unpopular winter tip for the speed and selection of track. But the vagaries of this winter are that the situation under the wheels can vary continuously — the ice, wet slush, dry asphalt. So we always have to be prepared to ensure that tomorrow on the usual road, the car will behave quite differently, as it was yesterday. A recipe for security is the same: do not drive and stay clear of everyone. As far as possible, of course.

Anyone who has other the February “utility” and is willing to share, we invite you to do it.

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