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7 amendments that urgently need to amend the SDA

Our rules have enough white spots. Here is the list of changes from the editorial “Behind the wheel”. What will support you?Cyril Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

1. Lawn and roadside

Not going to go far from the list of terms, which is at the beginning of the Rules. Today you can easily obtain a fine for Parking on the lawn on vigilant citizens. But there are two pitfalls. First, for machines registered on legal entities (the same car sharing, for example), the sanction — 300 000 rubles! Her General in his right mind came up with? Second, there was no explanation of the difference between the lawn and the side of the road. In last stand you can, even if it is overgrown with grass. Given the size of the punishment (for the privateers is also a lot of 5,000 rubles), clarity is necessary. The logic: no border — no lawn.


Lawn is considered to be part of the green space, fenced off from the roadway or sidewalk curb, and in their absence — located at a distance of not less than 1.5 m from the roadway.

2. Lateral spacing

The requirement to comply with “safe lateral spacing” it is, and how it should be — is unknown. When parsing an accident that generates a lot of options for interpretation in favor of either party. The situation is slippery. Obviously if you set safe amount (for example, the width of the open door), then in the courtyards and narrow streets violator will be any riding machine. Enter the minimum meters or centimeters? So their eyes can not define neither the driver from behind the wheel, no inspector.


Safe lateral interval distance between vehicles moving in a straight line, which eliminates the collision in passing or counter travel. Thus, the culprit will be recognized by the driver, for causing movement of the wheel. But when careless opening of a door, which led to the accident, and now blame the one who did it (p. 12.7 SDA).

3. To give way

All easy and with the definition of “give way”. Now the latter “does not begin, renew or continue movement, carry out any maneuver if it can force other participants of movement having in relation to it advantage, to change direction or speed”. The reality is that, giving way to special vehicles, in the majority of cases it is necessary to make the maneuver — to change or to leave the stop-line at traffic lights. And all around camera… it is nonsense. Create a disturbance to the vehicles traffic rules forbid me, but to break, making way for him, me too!


To add to the description of the term, the obligation to release the strip, including in violation of requirements of traffic signs and/or markings, if any other possibility to ensure the passage of vehicles no. Such language can be grounds for cancellation of the penalty with cameras photofixation violations.

4. Baby seats

Spelled out in the SDA to age guidelines must be changed to height and weight! They will give a clear understanding to each parent drivers as needed to transport a particular child.


Child seat manufacturers are classified in groups based on height and weight of the child. This classification is reflected in the European standard ECE 44 or ECE 129 (i-Size), which supports and Technical regulations of the Customs Union of the EEU. That’s it, and you need to copy to the SDA. If the child grew out of seats to 12 years, is he allowed to wear a regular belt. The booster is allowed to use when the growth of the child not less than 130 cm

5. Blisks and company

Various self “electrosage” in the document, it seems that soon will appear. As well as standards of behavior for them. That’s right. That’s just on the market this diversity that our legislators will not exactly to understand it, and prescribe some General framework, and work “as usual”. And the introduction of new items to the “drivers” of such devices will do nothing. Scare at least, but without proper oversight, the rule will not work. And who to follow? It is time to create “shveynoy the police.”


Prescribe some groups of electromagetic by dividing them by the maximum speed. What a start? The average running speed of a trained person in the far distance about 15 km/h. this speed and to take over the landmark. The slowest elektrogerate (up to 15 km/h) to equate to pedestrians and to allow for sidewalks and bike paths not adjacent to the roadway. Medium (up to 40 km/h) — drive on the bike lanes and the prohibition to travel in the same thread with people. The most powerful (1 kW) or those whose maximum speed over 40 km/h, be required to move around on the bike path adjacent to the roadway or, in her absence, on the roadway at obligatory availability of the necessary lighting devices, and the driver helmet and the category M rights.

6. Fog lights

Wrong permission to use the fog lights almost always, when I want driver. Especially as the replacement of the navigation lights during the day. It would be necessary to train drivers to light them only in the conditions of insufficient visibility. This also applies to rear fog lamps too. However, this kind of optics on cars is dying out (xenon and LEDs give a wider beam of light in front of the bumper, rather than galogenki), so that a short paragraph will become irrelevant. And while it is necessary to formulate so…


Fog lights must only be used in fog, rain, snow, or other conditions that can impair visibility on the road. To such conditions is not true night.

7. Dangerous driving

But this wish seems to have been implemented. Almost four (!) years ago the SDA has the term “dangerous driving”. It was introduced with fanfare and a sense that brought the final order on the roads. And the penalty for it is not so far. I, of course, like any normal person, against inadequate on the roads, but penalties for “dangerous driving” do not want. Too curve the wording of the violation imposed on a defectiveness of the system of supervision over movement. The inspector “show”, and in court you will prove nothing, because “there is no reason not to trust…”. Do not forget also about the organization of the movement. Sometimes it is that the observance of traffic rules fit to be considered as dangerous driving!


It’s hardly the only case when the wording itself is not so important. Mind it everyone understands, but the presentation of the law difficult. The main thing is to be punished for dangerous driving, non-corrupt and appropriate people.

But in General, from traffic it would be more humane and public statements. The latter seems to be invented to remove ambiguity, but in the case of Rules — has not worked.

  • There are at least three reasons for adjustments to existing traffic.
  • In some parts of our country use a car without snow chains very difficult.

29 Jan

“The wheel” offers his list of changes in the SDA. What support?

1. Add a definition of the pitch 2. Add the definition of a safe side interval 3. To clarify the meaning of “give way”, adding the grounds for cancellation of the penalty for violating the marking or sign in the case of pass 4 vehicles. The use of child safety seats in accordance with the group based on the height and weight of the child 5. Split elektrogerate (scooters, blisks, gyrometer, etc.) into groups according to the maximum speed. The most powerful drive on the road, and the weakest on the sidewalks 6. Lights allow use only in fog, rain or snow 7. To impose liability for dangerous to vodenicarov

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