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7 reasons to buy a used Hyundai Terracan

The Hyundai Terracan was released in 2001. Well adapted to Russian conditions, it has not gained popularity among the domestic car enthusiasts. Now on the secondary there are only 237 “Tarakanov” at the price from 230 to 700 thousand rubles. For what advantage is to evaluate the machine and select it for purchase, explain in the the author of the blog

1. The high ground clearance. The ground clearance of Hyundai Terracan is 210 mm. the Car is steadily moving off-road and deep snow. If desired, you can set up the front suspension and add springs in the back to ride even higher above the ground.

2. A huge trunk. The trunk five-seater Terracan has a giant 1 180 l, and if you remove the rear row of seats, giving 2 000 l of free space. Three suitcases, subwoofer, hunting gear barely will take half of the Luggage compartment. If you enjoy nature, you can build a good sleeping place. This advantage will appreciate the fishermen, hunters and fans of family trips.

3. Three motors to choose from. Hyundai Terracan diesel units equipped with the 2.5 liter with 101 HP and 2.9 l / 150 and 163 HP, and the 3.5 petrol engine with 194 HP and 200 Junior has a low flow rate (12 liters per hundred), medium — good traction at low revs, senior — great acceleration.

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4. Two systems of connection of a full drive. EST allows you to connect a front-wheel drive and disable it when it is not needed, thereby saving on fuel. With the TOD system, front-wheel drive is always connected, the driver can only choose the switch to AUTO or LOW for the downshift. The first system is suitable for city, one for rural areas.

5. A comfortable lounge. Plastic salon “Terrakan” soft, pleasant to the touch. All the parts fit tightly — if the drive is not audible squeaks and crickets. The seats are upholstered with fabric or leather. Options available air conditioning or climate control (depending on configuration), heated driver’s and adjacent passenger seats, heated rear view mirrors, and glass of the fifth door. Means of active safety includes ABS, EBD and optional ESP.

6. Good endurance. With proper care Hyundai Terracan rarely disappointing their owners. Attention will be paid to the brake calipers and the body metal. On the other disease Korean SUV, you will learn here.

7. A minimum of problems in the secondary. According to the statistics service check vehicle history every second “Terrakan” sold “clean”. And in General the model has a few technical and legal problems. There are rare instances in the collateral, after the accident, with unpaid fines or a duplicate title issued. This is one of the best indicators in comparison with other SUVs. View a sample report

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7 reasons to buy a used Hyundai Terracan7 reasons to buy a used Hyundai Aghasaryan prepared by the author of a personal blog. Edition SP may not share the views of the author.

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