7 reasons why you should pay attention to the pick-up Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 was already on our test source in the most top configuration HP Instyle and with additional tuning in the form of a cover body. But, statistics show that Ukrainian consumers prefer more affordable version. And greatly change the perception of the L200, depending on the configuration. our source decided to check it out, and at the same time and identified 7 reasons that set pickup Mitsubishi from competitors.In our test were the Mitsubishi L200 in picking Intense with a 2.4-litre DID diesel engine with a capacity of 154 HP and automatic transmission. In this case, the body has also closed, but not lid, and a neat leather tent. Plus, there was an optional tow bar. Changes in comparison with the top bundle, at first glance, not much, but they are. Note the main differences: this is a 16-inch alloy wheels instead of 17-inch, fabric upholstery, single-zone automatic climate control and halogen headlights is bi-xenon. In addition, its engine has a different degree of force and produces 154 HP, vs 181st in the top version. In the end, Mitsubishi L200 in our performance was almost UAH 109000 accessible, but retained all the same features and benefits that we noted during the test L200 in the top.

For those who want to understand the details and nuances, here is a link to a test drive.

Test drive Mitsubishi L200. I love the pickups

We found at least 7 reasons why Mitsubishi L200, be sure to include in the wish list of priorities when choosing a pickup. And not only pickup.

1. It’s big and roomy. In the new generation of the Mitsubishi L200 have become even bigger and calmly take on Board 1000 kg. Moreover, it is allowed to load, making it very convenient for installation of various additional equipment, and is simply irreplaceable as the brigade or car repair shop. The body dimensions just a giant – length 1520 mm, width 1470 mm Here if necessary free fit 2 pallets.

But for all that, the cabin Mitsubishi L200 still comfortable for 4 passengers and, if necessary, and 5-I.

And see how the body of the new L200 is more than the previous generation. It is immediately noticeable when comparing.

2. It is sturdy and impenetrable. The Mitsubishi L200 strong powerful frame and leaf springs at the rear, this combination allows you to ship here at 1 etc But the car itself is lighter and has a kerb weight of 1855 kg. besides, L200 comfortable suspension and high profile tyres (option 24570R16), which allows not to pay attention to the quality of roads and the lack thereof.

If an empty car is a little “kozlit”, you should put in the body 3-4 of the cargo bag as his character transformed, and he will simply amaze comfortable suspension. About the breakouts, too, don’t worry, L200 they are not allowed. Mitsubishi L200 is designed for our roads and profile tyres here too – very helpful.

3. It is comfortable. But another feature of the L200 – it is comfortable in the cabin. There is no feeling that ride on a truck. On the contrary, the interior is in the style of the Pajero Sport and high quality finish gives the impression of a very solid SUV. And even fabric upholstery looks very good.

At the same time, Mitsubishi L200 and still well equipped. There are climate control and touch-display, Keyless entry, audio system with Mp3 and 6 speakers, reverse camera review. Do not forget about the integration of smartphones that can connect to the car via Bluetooth and control them with buttons on the steering wheel.

4. It is safe. In addition to the sturdy construction, Mitsubishi initially complement their model the maximum range of modern security systems. Was no exception and L200. There is already a standard 7 airbags, help system at start uphill and downhill (HSE), dynamic stabilization system, Traction Control, stability when towing a trailer, etc.

Yes, and driving a long truck (length 5285 mm) in the city quite comfortable, thanks to the turning radius of 5.9 m. In Mitsubishi even call it best in class.

5. It can travel anywhere. By default, Mitsubishi L200 – rear-wheel drive, which is handy for fuel economy when driving on asphalt. but thanks to the Super Select 4WD, it’s easy to activate four-wheel drive, and still include a locking center differential. And if that was not enough, there is also a mode of low transmission with locking.

Considering ground clearance is 205 mm, and small angles of entry, Mitsubishi L200 is able to pass on such roads, where even afraid to appear on the crossovers. For example, the L200 completely free ride on a plowed field after a rain, the sandy shore, clay rascisim roads. And it is not something special, it is just designed for such roads.

6. It is moderately economical. During the test our Mitsubishi L200 with 154-horsepower diesel engine in city mode consumes 8,7-8,9 l / 100 km for truck with load is not very bad. Off-road appetite is growing, but for 13 l100 km, we did not go.

Competitors have to meet a start-stop system, which L200 is not even in top configuration. But the consumption figures they are not too different. But to have such a versatile pickup and not spend too much on fuel is just about the Mitsubishi L200.

7. It is a loan at 0.01% per annum.. The price tag on L200 starts from 785 000 UAH. and our version with the “automatic” and performed Intense cost 950600 UAH. A top pick and is out for 1 million. The price for a working car, pretty decent. what to do this course now And not every company is like this pull. But as it turned out in the dealer network of Mitsubishi Motors is a special loan from Credit Agricole under 0.01% per annum, with the first payment from 15 to 60% for 1 or 2 years. In this financing option, the L200 can do for a company and customers. There are a number of other programs from other banks, so there is plenty to choose from.
As you can see, a minimum of 7 there are reasons to go see the Mitsubishi L200 to the nearest dealer. Especially the chances increase during the “Black Friday”, which in the showrooms blends in the weekend. .
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