8 differences of the new Renault Duster from the previous

A new generation of crossover only superficially similar to the previous – in fact, it’s a different car, with significant differences. His body is completely new, despite the fact that it was built on an improved platform of B0 and has the same wheelbase. Yeah and ground clearance, angles of entry and exit continues. But according to the geometrical indicators Duster cleaners walnut some of the more serious SUVs. So, what’s new in the Duster is especially interesting?


1 Modern diode running lights in the form of trendy lighting lines along the contour of the headlights. The former crossover even after all the upgrades the running lights were made the old fashioned way – an ordinary section of lights with incandescent bulbs.

2 New, more powerful gasoline engine of 1.6 liters (110 HP). Actually, this engine is new for the Duster, in other Renault models it is already known to us. Pair him can only be the manual transmission, but compatible with it and front and all-wheel drive. Diesel of the same capacity and can be equipped with a six-speed EDC double clutch robot, but in this case only available front-wheel-drive: 4×4 – so far only with the mechanics.

3 Steering column now regulated not only tilt, but finally and on departure. Now fit behind the wheel of the crossover has become much easier. By the way, the servo is not already hydraulic, and electrical – it’s more accurate and sharper, and also helps to save fuel.

4 Perhaps more pleasant innovation ergonomics – gone so blamed all the reverse slope of the console, and display the market moved higher, now lying almost on the same line as the cluster.

5 Duster aims to be more than a crossover – and now in all-wheel drive version it got off-road devices on the display media. The car will show the longitudinal and transverse angles of its inclination, and present your eyes a compass.

6 Now the Duster is not just a regular air conditioning, and climate control. Albeit a single area, but with easy controls and cute round displays inside the washer-“krutilki”.

7 Top version of Zen on the start button and signature card key Renault with excellent Keyless entry. You do not need under any circumstances to get the key out of his pocket even locks the car automatically once you move away from him a few feet. A very convenient system!

8, the System of monitoring of blind zones, automatic speed control when descending off-road and chambers of the circular review with the possibility of a separate on close-up of any of the four – now all this wealth is able to boast and Duster! In General, the crossover even in basic configuration is equipped with ESP, help system at startup on the rise, pressure monitoring tires and four airbags.

New Renault Duster received the advanced options

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