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90 years BP: the most extraordinary tests

Each period has its own specifics. When we lived in our country with virtually no private cars, then they were, but the choice was only two or three models, then we rushed to used cars, and later the machine was complex and multifaceted. Together with the time changed and the magazine “Behind the wheel”. But the test car with an assessment of their pros and cons always, even when they were scarce, remained one of the main topics.

How many cars have passed through the hands of journalists! And there just wasn’t among them! Let us remember only some extraordinary tests of our 90‑year history…

THE FIRST test can be considered a run on the route Moscow — Tula — Voronezh — Kharkov — Orel — Tula — Moscow, organized by the magazine “za rulem” in the summer of 1929 and headed the first chief editor Nikolay Osinskiy. Experienced A new Ford by comparing it with Chevrolet and American car brands is now forgotten Willys-Overland (model Whippet) and Durant (model Star; the company Durant established the former head of GM William Durant after his departure from there). Much later Willys stamp in the Soviet Union learn because of the military SUV. In the run tested not only cars, but also what were then called roads. Rivers were often crossed by wading, bypassing the old bridge. According to the results of 2000 km of run in the first place put simple, is not without flaws, but the strong Ford. The second place was given to Chevrolet, third ranked Durant, the latest Willys-Overland. After a few years, the American Ford turned into A Soviet GAZ-A.

The FIRST post-war test “Behind the wheel” held in 1957. Experienced Moskvich‑402, which was produced for a year. A reader gave at the mercy of the journalists own a car, and somehow insisted on his incognito. Then the press-gang treated the car as objectively as possible and found many of its drawbacks. Of course, compared to the Muscovite‑401, which was a copy of the pre-war Opel, model 402 was much more dynamic, more spacious and more comfortable. Still, sarulesti noted the gap between the door and the body, malfunction of the carburetor, leaking axle shaft oil seal, irregular operation of the brakes. Of course, the customers then actually there was nothing there to choose, however, reporters sincerely hope that they will listen Soviet factories. Listened, but only partly.

The FIRST CAR in the history of Soviet journalism appeared in the magazine “Behind the wheel” in 1971. Imported cars in the USSR, the traders did not sell, but because it was so interesting to touch the unknown! And here’s mark G. Tylevich — Deputy editor-in-chief, and in fact the soul of the magazine used his friendship with Vojtech Rupkey, the head of the Czechoslovak foreign trade organization of the Bundle (analogue of our Autoexport) in the USSR. Orange Czechoslovak coupe Skoda 110 R-52 HP engine worked in the editorial year. Of course, the machine was dedicated to a thorough material where tried exhaustively to describe the advantages and disadvantages of even socialist, but still cars!

THE largest car we tested in 2007. Length of almost 15 m, width 9 m, height — more than 7 m! Curb weight — 240 000 kg, and the total is 560 000 kg! Finally, the power of the engine of 3500 HP! Testing of BelAZ‑756000 happened on the job, in one of the pits of the Kuzbass.

The MOST UNUSUAL test was in 2008. It was the oldest car in the history of our trials. We have gathered together the famous mass model of the twentieth century and their descendant comes from the beginning of the XXI century. It was very interesting to explore and test the legendary Volkswagen Beetle and Citroen 2CV, the hero of the Second world SUV the Willys MB, a funny Trabant 601, “penny” VAZ‑2101, and at the same time the hero of a new time — Renault Logan. The most respectable participant has become a double first in the history of mass car Ford T already born 1913.

CAPACITY of vehicles tested in a single test, not surpassed still the same, which involved three cars, easily able to carry 87 people, and the maximum — and all 345 passengers! In 2000, we gathered at the site, three new large city bus PAZ — 5271, LiAZ and GolAZ 525625-AKA‑5225. Performed measurements of acceleration and braking, noise, air pollution salons and even produced cars on a real route in Dmitrov. Behind the wheel was planted, of course, the most experienced of our test and to arrange this part of the test used, I confess, personal friendships.

90 years BP: the most extraordinary тесты90 years ZR: the most extraordinary tests

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