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A driver will see from salons of cars government program

The Government is already thinking about it, said Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.Elena Alekseeva


The drone of the Hyundai received the Russian “brains”

You need to make parsers and interpreters, for example, facial expressions of the person using the technologies of artificial intelligence are not allowed to operate a vehicle the drunk drivers, said Maxim Akimov, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

He noted that now it is quite Mature technology, and their binding introduction is being seriously considered in the government.

“Blinking, head turning, state of the eyelids, mouth — all will be read. I tested these systems as a driver. In public transport, transport of children, in the movement of freight transport is absolutely essential, and it is necessary in this direction to move. The price of the technology Russia is also the leader,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

And added that in our country this technology is so advanced that it can even promote them on foreign markets.

  • However, as it turned out, sometimes the new system can play a malicious joke with the owners. So was recently the case with Tesla.

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