A former top Manager of Volkswagen hinted who is to blame for disilicate

Former Board member of the automotive group Volkswagen Sattelberger Thomas (Thomas Sattelberger) has accused the leadership of the automaker in creating a “culture of secrecy”. In an interview with DW on Tuesday, July 11, he pointed out that the silence of the former chief of the concern Martin vinterkorn (Martin Winterkorn) about diesel scandal discredited the German automotive industry as a key sector of the economy.Sattelberger, believes Winterkorn received information about the underreporting of emissions of diesel engines in the months before those interested in American justice. However, a notes Manager, Volkswagen is a specific mechanism that does not operate like other large German concerns.

There are no manual interaction with the workforce and trade unions, and transparency and openness to the media. The automaker in Wolfsburg, according to Sattelberger, is a closed system.
Ex-Manager also criticized the fact that the leadership of the group, despite promises, has not published the results of an internal investigation into the scandal, commissioned by the VW lawyers of the American Agency of Jones Day.

These results, which, in particular, must answer the question of who is the initiator of the development of fraudulent software contained in the diesel scandal, is important for the customers of the group and to the General public.

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