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A new platform for small Toyotas: they are “chunky”

The modular architecture of the GA-B will create a compact model in various body styles and was the first to get the new Yaris.Elena Alekseeva


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The Japanese continue to expand the family of TNGA platforms: after of large and medium-developed small cars will also get the new modular “daughter”.

The basis of the new platforms is still common — the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Appeared on the market platform GA-C for vehicles such as the Prius, the C-HR and Corolla, and GA-K, designed for larger models of sedans and crossovers/SUVs, such as the Camry and RAV4. Now Toyota wants to add to the family of the new architecture, the GA-B for small cars.

Modern methods of layout provide a high torsional stiffness while maintaining low weight and adequate cost of the car. In GA-B standard the design of the front suspension are MacPherson struts, which are combined with shock absorbers with a low coefficient of friction. In General, this architecture needs to provide an intuitive driver’s driving performance cars.

Among other tasks the platform’s GA-B — a sufficient internal space for a small car.

The new architecture also gives vent to the flight of thought of designers. Flat layout with low-lying upper points of the body leads to a family of low and “chunky” cars.

Platform GA-B allows the use of different wheelbase, height and dimensions of vehicles, and therefore it is possible to create cars of different sizes and with different body types. Basically, however, the wheel in the new models GA-B should be placed close to the edges of the car so that the overhangs are minimal and the wheelbase is quite long.

The new Yaris, which is expected in 2020 at the Tokyo motor show, will be the first car, which will be based this platform.

According to Toyota PR, the platform GA-B provides opportunities for technical specialists and designers. Will have to use it fully, it will become clear after meeting with the new Yaris.

  • TNGA architecture will form the basis of Toyota TJ Cruiser is a cross between a SUV and a minivan.

Photo: Toyota

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