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A new Rapid, Karoq and not only! Interview with the head of Skoda in Russia

The head of Skoda in Russia, Jan Prochazka spoke about the future of the Czech brand in our market and opened specifically for “driving” a couple of secrets.Yuriy Timkin “Behind the wheel”

— The fact that the company Skoda is preparing to launch in Russia of a new compact crossover Karoq is an open secret. When, finally, will it happen?

— In the fourth quarter we will reveal all the cards regarding this machine, however, to buyers of the first copies will arrive only after New year. But now I can reveal one secret: Karoq will not only get the 1.4 turbo engine, but localized in Russia the naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine. About diesel now I will not say anything — I want to keep the intrigue!

— Can name the main competitors of Karaka?

— Yes you can see almost all the cars in this segment come from Asia. With them and we compete (Mr. Prochazka deliberately did not mention the specific model. — Approx. of the author). But Karoq designed to meet European preferences. And because the Russian market we believe the European, it is no doubt that our new product will be liked. The ergonomics, handling, dynamics — all of these parameters Karoq exceptionally good.

— What about rocking? When to wait for the successor? Europe has already been sold hatchback Scala — maybe they replace your “veteran”?

— I want to say that Scala in Russia definitely will not appear — this car was designed for the Western markets. But next year Russia will be represented by Rapid second-generation. It is important to note that it’s designed exclusively for your countrymen and will be sold only on you. Well, maybe in a couple of countries start supplying. Details yet to disclose will not. I note only that the new Rapid will retain the practical and loved by many liftbacks.

— Your colleagues at Volkswagen at the ongoing Frankfurt motor show showed the world a new sub-brand ID, which will specialize in electric vehicles. What Skoda? Does your firm go to electrobelly?

— Definitely I can say that Skoda is taken seriously in this direction. You can go to our stand to see the electrical modification of the Citigo. And this is only the beginning: in the foreseeable future all of our European models get the version with electric propulsion. And in the future, we intend to propose separate models to be produced only with electric motors. The engine will not be installed in principle.

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Photo: Yuriy Timkin “driving”, George Cages

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