A new scandal in the automotive industry: “desligado” added “, crashgate”

Pthe problem experts Euro NCAP investigated in conjunction with the British research center. In test vehicles, several automakers have been found suspicious items. In particular, the airbag and mounts for child seats Isofix, and several other parts had a strange marking “crash test” and Only “Euro NCAP” (For crash test Euro NCAP only or only) found in the models. In all cases, the inscriptions are made by hand and quite rude.

“Sometimes during the tests we find items with marks Euro NCAP test, — said the head of research at Thatcham Research Matthew Avery. — Most often it is the airbag. The truth is, looks are labeling suspicious.”

TOP safest cars of 2017 at the version Euro NCAP

A clear explanation for the appearance of strange marks on the part of manufacturers not. Some refer to the fact that the test used earlier versions of components that then become the standard. Other labels are explained by the fact that the cars for the crash tests are built separately, and the details of the items are marked with order to avoid delay in the production of the machine. The Director of the Society of automobile manufacturers (SMMT) Mike Hawes, has strongly denied speculation about fraud: “there is no evidence”, “lack of understanding of the process of manufacturing and certification”.

The incident threatens new scandal in the global automobile industry after disilicate any suspicion against the manufacturers cause the society serious concern. If you find that the machine is indeed equipped with specially prepared parts to improve the results of the tests in question will be the reliability of the work Euro NCAP for all 20 years of its existence. However, absolute proof of fraud yet, but questions on components with strange markings remain and they have reasoned answer.

Euro NCAP — for 20 years!

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