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A piece of ice on the road — to overtake? run over? brake?

What to do if on the road is a piece of ice — to stop, go round or skip between the wheels? Understand the implications of each of these options.

Emergency brake in front of a piece of ice on the road is dangerous. Your maneuver may not understand other members of the movement, moreover, will not have time to react to it. This is a direct path to failure. To avoid the ice, sometimes only having left on a counter strip. Again, this can result in a head-on collision or flight into a ditch, that is the most severe consequences. Skip the block of ice between the wheels is sometimes safer other maneuvers. For example, if your car’s high ground clearance (over 200 mm), the ice may simply pass underneath without hitting the “belly”.

Some machines a number of important units is quite low. For example, clearance of the Infiniti Q30 is not a crossover (135 mm, for measurements ZR), and such a vital unit, as a liquid coolant pump, is located very close to the ground. Electric power steering also does not protected and also low-hanging. A piece of ice can hurt their and damage. The result is call a tow truck and an expensive repair with replacement of damaged components. So the extra protection of vulnerable nodes would be in this case very handy.

What if any additional protection for the car not installed, and the ice — that’s it? If you are around a lot of machinery and sharp maneuvers can result in an accident, it is better not to risk it and “accept” the block of ice with a plastic skirt on the front bumper. The skirt will have to write off, as it is likely to crack, but the piece of ice will crack and will not harm the low-hanging parts of the machine.

Suppose the ice is such that to bumper, most likely, will not get, but the contact with the bottom is inevitable. How to get there? Personally, I would prefer to keep the engine crankcase and the gearbox, sacrificing, say, the arm. For this you need to put the ice is not strictly in the middle between the wheels, and slightly shifted to the side. A bent control arm can be replaced, and then make similarity collapse. A broken sump is a disaster is terrible. After hitting on their own you will not get far: oil drained, and the engine will jam. In this case, the repair will be very expensive.

The consequences of the meeting with a piece of ice on the road: the defense bent, broke off a piece of plastic bellow the front bumper.The consequences of the meeting with a piece of ice on the road: the defense bent, broke off a piece of plastic bellow the front bumper.

With steel or plastic protection engine compartment winter riding much safer. Upon impact the plastic protection may crack, but she won’t crack to pieces as the plastic is quite thick. All units will be in safety and protection can be changed. Steel sheet bend, but also save the engine crankcase, gearbox and, say, the oil filter housing — some manufacturers put the last already very low. So the advice is simple — put an additional steel protection of the engine compartment to the possible consequences of contact with large piece of ice was minimal.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Russia»

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