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A Siberian court has deprived of officials of the crossover X-Trail will have to return

Nazyvaevskaya administration of the district will not be able to ride on Nissan Ikstreyl for 1.4 million. The court annulled the government purchase.

Administration Nazyvaevskaya RAJJONA (Omsk oblast) have to return official Nissan X—Trail, which she commissioned in December 2016, for 1.4 million rubles. In accordance with the requirements of the auction, needed a new two-liter car is gray-blue with a guarantee of at least 36 months, with 6 airbags, audio system with 4 speakers, dual zone climate control, two Cup holders on center console function cooling and heating, etc. requirements for the car was made so cleverly that they have no alternative consistent with a single crossover Nissan X-Trail, which sold official dealer of Nissan in Omsk “Eurasia Center”, with him and a contract was signed.

The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region is interested in the so-called tender, which corresponds to only one brand and model of the car, and saw this as a clear violation of the law. The arbitration court agreed with the Prosecutor’s office and recognized municipal contract invalid, and now the administration Nazyvaevskaya district must return the car, and the dealer will have to return money in the regional budget, informs local edition of NGS.Omsk.

Paid for the trick Nazyvaevskaya administration and is responsible for contract procurement official Committee on property Nazyvaevskaya district, which allowed the inclusion in the auction requirements for the facility, limiting the number of procurement participants. This is a direct violation of part 4.1 of article 7.30 of the administrative code, for now he will have to pay a penalty of 14 thousand rubles.

  • In the fall of activists of the popular front for the analysis of purchases by state companies of expensive cars made up another “Index of waste”. Despite all the efforts of the government, state-owned companies does not save budget money, buying not just expensive cars, but also with excess of luxury functions, like trim, instrument panel, polished walnut root and massage seats.
  • Perhaps the government officials will once again have the opportunity to buy your favorite BMW sedan 7-series: this manufacturer needs to build a plant in Russia, a place at least, chooses.

Photo: Nissan

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