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A simple test (for experienced riders): who gives in?

When moving in a circle many drivers are still confused about who is who should give way.Sergey Smirnov, The Expert

Before us is the usual crossroads where the circular motion is organized. This tells us the sign 4.3 “Circular motion”, set before entering the circle.

The driver of the green car wants to readjust to the right. The driver of the red in the left row. The trajectory of all three intersect approximately at one point. Need to disperse. But in what sequence?

Mark your option as the correct answer on the second page.

3 Feb

In what order will the drivers go?

1. Blue has the advantage (right of interference), the second goes green and the last red 2. Blue must yield to those traveling in a circle. First goes red, followed by green 3. First goes green, followed by red. Blue goes last, as shall give way to 4. This intersection is equivalent to have red and green right of interference. First go blue, followed by red and then salarydisclosure


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