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A stranger sold in Moscow the car “tickets of Bank of tricks”

The police in Moscow attacker, which paid for a used car not even fake money, and a gift on which there is the inscription “the ticket of Bank of tricks”.

The police contacted 36-year-old resident of Chuvashia, who came to Moscow to sell your used crossover. In the end, he was left without a car and without money. It turned out that the buyer of the car paid to the victims souvenir notes. In packs with money there were only two genuine banknotes in denomination of 5000 rubles each.

According to the applicant, he agreed to sell my car Mitsubishi Outlander with an unknown citizen. During a meeting on the street. the stranger got in the car and handed the victim 1 million rubles in cash, then left. The applicant has inspected the stack of money and realized that he had been deceived. Genuine were only two banknotes of 5 thousand rubles., and all the other bills were “tickets of Bank of tricks” — said the Agency “Moscow” in law enforcement.

Currently, the police opened a case of fraud and trace the attacker and the stolen SUV.

However, this story is still a lot of questions: first, how can you sell a car to a stranger without registration of the relevant documents (agreement of sale)? Second, even if you believe that a resident of the Chuvash Republic for the first time saw the gift money, to distinguish them from the real thing can be just picking up. So, even catching the attacker, the investigation will have to prove that the victim is lying.

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Photo: Alexey smishlyaev/inter/TASS

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