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A young policeman was caught stealing a wheel

The incident occurred in Rostov-on-don. 22-summer employee PPS caught at the crime scene.

Law enforcement officers quite often come across on bribes, but there are those who are engaged in stealing. As reported online edition, the day before in Rostov-on-don, employees of sentry duty while patrolling the streets drew attention to the young man who shot the wheel of an expensive car. They decided to ensure that the man takes the wheel from her car and does not commit wrongful actions. Intuition did not fail them: removing the wheels began to tell police that his car, but confirming the ownership documents show failed. During the inspection it turned out that the car belongs to another man, and a young man confessed to the intention to steal the wheels and sell them.

The detainee didn’t want to make the most of your place of work. It was later revealed that he is a COP, works in the Patrol. With his work, however, has already dismissed on negative motives, and his immediate leaders brought to disciplinary responsibility. Soon the attacker will be brought to justice.

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