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Accidents, pursuits and curiosities: your favorite video-2017

Lenses DVRs, surveillance cameras and smartphones every day fall situations, many of which could be the plot for a Thriller or blockbuster. This year I watched most often?

And it’s not just accidents or funny incidents: the active development of videobloggers allowed to look at the world of cars from another angle, when the cars tell not professionals, but ordinary motorists. However, videos that capture the spirit or different scandalous situation remains in the spotlight. What our website visitors most often in 2017? Let us remember and view again.

Mystery of the forgotten, DEU

In Bashkortostan, found the Parking lot with more than one and a half thousand cars produced by GM Uzbekistan. Daewoo Matiz, Nexia and Gentra other models are under the open sky for more than three years.

Later it turned out that machines has not been lost and is not forgotten: this property closed dealer, which gradually sold off. And the Parking lot, as it turned out, surrounded by a high fence.

The Russian came

Decades in the minds of Americans implemented the idea of Russian invaders, who will try to establish Communism in the United States of America. Until that happens, the locals were able to get acquainted with the technology of a potential enemy. Very old technique: the classic UAZ-469 with awning, 4-speed manual transmission and a very austere interior.

To ride on such a can not everyone, but a couple of us guys sdyuzhil and was very surprised such a technique, constantly comparing our UAZ and their Wrangler. However, judging by the faces of our American neighbors, the emotion of the trip, they got positive.

Not the most good divorce into the oncoming lane

Hardly for someone will be the opening that many Russian state car inspectors to breed like the driver. If not a bribe, on the record, citing what was not really.

Previously, the driver was virtually powerless in such situations, the courts always act on the principle “there is No reason not to trust the police”. But armed with video recorders, the drivers were afforded an opportunity to demonstrate his innocence in court. Although, often before it even comes. Like in this video where the inspector, who claimed that the driver crossed the double line marking. As soon as he noticed the DVR, then immediately wilted and lost all interest to the driver.

Born in a shirt (or pants)

This video can be a visual aid justify the ban to be outsiders in the service area. Even if it is just tire. Even if you inflate the tires of your car.Anything can happen. Here are careful watching is inflated wheel lucky.

At some point the wheel could not stand it and exploded. Air men ripped pants. But the consequences could be worse. So, repeat the words of the famous song “do Not stand or jump, run or dance, where there is a building or a suspended load” and complete them — do not come close to the wheels that are pumped up. What can be interesting there? And the pants will not be superfluous, especially in winter.

Was divisively…

The recklessness on the road to good arguments. A fan of “to sew” from Australia has become a vivid proof. The driver clearly had mistaken the road shared with geocam track, raced for Holden Commodore on the highway.

Interrupted his recklessness a huge truck, and his driver didn’t even do anything for this Woe-pilot simply lost control, hit the truck and then about ogradna track.

Fatal flight

Sunny day, calm and measured movement at the half-empty road, it’s moving crowded bus. From the first frame of this video it is clear that something is going to happen, all too peacefully and uneventfully.

What happened: lost control of car uses the road fence, takes off and crashes into a bus. The accident killed the driver of the car, 45 bus passengers and the driver were injured. Take care of yourself.

On the bike under the cover of “Gelika”

Russian majors will not know how stronger to show off to your friends and show them his toughness and permissiveness.

Most often it is reckless driving, disobeying orders of police officers and overall dubious behavior. For example, in Krasnodar, one of the representatives of the “Golden youth” decided to ride on the bike. And to him no one was hurt he did it under the guise of three SUVs Mercedes-Benz G-class. Under the indignant honks of ordinary motorists “athlete” on the bike and his guards begin to wag from side to side, so riding out in a sense, figure.

Teach autocad — get of criticism in social networks”

Krasnoyarsk so angered the prior, overtook him on a curve that he was assignall it and osmolal distant light. At the next intersection, there was a verbal altercation between the drivers, and then completely out of the car the offender went “support group”. All, however, ended without a fight.

But the reaction of social networks has been mixed. Many thought that such an emotional reaction to the actions of the offender were unnecessary. Well, broke and broke, and in General, the author knowingly posted the video in the network, it would be better just wrote a letter to the traffic police.

A car on a Zebra not a problem: the pedestrian has passed through it

We think the driver of the car who was in this video, now careful is to choose a place to Park. At least at the pedestrian crossing he more accurately will not do.

The pedestrian, apparently tired of avrahamov, simply opened the door, climbed through the second row of the car through and out the other side. The driver was so stunned happening, even helped him.

First steps after an accident

At the height of beach season in Australia was pretty banal accident:the car tried to slip on forbidding signal and crashed into another car. Apparently, drowsy in the sun.

The blow was not strong, but noticeable: in cars, the airbag has deployed. However, one of the passengers of the offending car first started to get dressed: she was wearing only her swimsuit.


Video: Youtube

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