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According to the precepts of Baba Yaga. invented Roadster hovercraft

In the network appeared the details of the project Yagalеt, which involved a group of enthusiasts from Togliatti.

In the framework of the project and want to create a two-seat Roadster, which apparently will not differ from the conventional cars, but will be equipped with hidden underneath the air bag. Invented “Egalet” Togliatti designer Vitaly Ivanov, known for creating body kits for various models of Lada.

The essence of unusual design in the fact that, unlike a road sports car, Yagalеt able to move on almost any surfaces and even water. Use a pillow the driver directly from the interior by pressing the button. After that the car lifts off the ground a few inches, which is sufficient not only to overcome, for example, of borders, but also for traffic on the dirt road or the water.

The body “autoscopy” is scheduled to run from composite materials, and in the movement it is driven by a powerful electric motor. The creators say they were inspired by a favorite aircraft of Baba Yaga from Russian folk tales, which, as you know, had anti-gravity abilities. However, Baba Yaga for the management of the stupa was a broom, and the control of the vehicle and a hovercraft, not to mention a mortar, are distinctly different.

However, we remain ignorant for long: residents promise to reveal the first details about the project next spring.

  • “Egalet” may become an alternative to flying cars, the main advantage is the ability to move where there are no roads. However, tech guru Steve Wozniak said that this type of vehicle has no future.

Photo: Yagalеt

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