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Active Drive Lada Granta, the production began

Launched release of a special, proportional version Grants that received a modified suspension and sporty bodykit.Alexander Khlynov

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A new version of the Lada Granta is not a sport, but the drive

Family budget Grant received a new version, which began production today in Togliatti.

The new Lada Granta is equipped with a short-stroke Drive Active suspension Lada Sport, which reduces the roll and makes the car’s handling noticeably better. In addition, the version equipped with anatomical front seats with more pronounced lateral support.

Externally, the version Drive Active different bumpers with red moldings and the presence of overlays on thresholds and a spoiler on the trunk lid and chrome pipe exhaust system. In total there are 28 new parts and assemblies.

Under the hood proportional version has a 106-horsepower engine displacement of 1.6 liters, which is paired with a manual transmission or a robot.

Picking Drive Active provide for the obligatory presence of air conditioning and audio system.

The cost of Active Drive Lada Granta have not been announced yet. The manufacturer requests wait for the start of sales.

  • AVTOVAZ has patented the new wheels will soon be fitted to all models, except two.

Photo: Lada

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