Age doesn’t matter. But the growth…

Pgadfly for such drastic measures was the results of crash tests conducted by the National traffic safety (NHTSA). It is reported that the problem is related to the security of women growing up to 152 cm and weighing 50 kg, governing the BMW i3, while not wearing a seat belt.

In this case, when a front impact, rigid barrier nesminaemoy, small women threaten significant injuries to the neck and spine. Interestingly, in almost all American States seat belt use is mandatory for drivers. The exception is new Hampshire in the North-East of the country. Under local laws, are officially allowed not to fasten the seat belt if the person has attained the age of 16. New Hampshire is home to 0.41 percent of the U.S. population that is approximately 735 potential i3 owners who may be affected in the event of an accident.

Tall women can safely get behind the wheel of a BMW i3

However, BMW has suspended sales of the new i3 hatchback in the U.S., and is also preparing to hold revocable campaign all sold on the market under it get 30 542 of the electric vehicle, 1159 of which are still in dealerships.

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