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Alcoholic online calculators — check for yourself

On the eve of the New year we tested online alcohol calculators and smartphone apps of the same orientation. They all had, in theory, to answer the question, when can I drive after a glass or two-third.

These calculators and many applications. And many of them are similar to each other. Almost all the calculated results by the formula Swedish chemist Erik MATEO Projeta Widmark, who lived in the first half of the twentieth century. The main focus of his work was the study of the influence of alcohol and drugs on traffic safety. The formula is easy to find in the Internet.


But let’s move from theory to practice. Calculations will be carried out on the parameters of the fictional male weighing 90 kg and 180 cm tall, drunk on an empty stomach, 500 ml of beer with 5% alcohol content. According to the formula Widmark beer has to erode our character for 2.5 — a maximum of 3 hours. Went…

The website “programmes for forensic experts”Site “programs for forensic experts”

The first online calculator “program for forensic experts,” recalled Widmark and inspired the respect of an annotation stating that the program is written for the forensic doctors of the forensic and the accuracy is 99%. As they say, trust the professionals. The online calculator gives you three result with the minimum, average and maximum time. In our case it is 1 hour 42 minutes, 2 hours, 18 minutes and 3 hours 18 minutes. Reasonable user is likely to focus on the last result. Someone can be useful and the allowable ethanol content in blood and exhaled air for drivers in different countries — she’s here too.

The calculator site “in the”Calculator website in

The following calculator “rating” is calculated by the same formula Widmark. Instead of manually entering numbers, you have to move the sliders, and the result is given one: total time of alcohol elimination from the body is about 3 hours. And choose a five-percent beer is not obtained. The program provides beer with 4% alcohol (light) and 6% (dark). This site is a good information section about what the norm of alcohol for drivers exist in Russia, in other countries, what are the degree of intoxication, which speeds up and slows down deducing of alcohol. And at the end of the page — questionnaire with one question, how many times have you sat behind the wheel not in the most sober. If you believe the responses, more than half of the drivers ever done that. Interesting to compare with the data obtained in the study of Ford on a similar topic.

Calculator calc website.ICalculator site

The calculator informs about the norms of sobriety for drivers in Russia, Europe or America. Let’s not quibble over the accuracy of the names, everything is clear, especially below, you can choose any country from the full list, including Papua New Guinea and Christmas island. Calculator supposedly takes into account the permissible content of alcohol in blood driver in the selected country. Moreover, it is possible to take into account the time that has elapsed since the alcohol consumption as a result, it is proposed to print. That’s just show it to the inspector is not necessary. Our character calculator allows you to get behind the wheel after drinking beer! And this is in Russia. In countries where there is zero ppm, the calculator allows our Guinea pig to sit behind the wheel immediately after consuming. Fail.

Calculator website therumdiary (“the rum diary”)Calculator site therumdiary (“the rum diary”)

Like elegant calculator on the website therumdiary. Well decorated, you can choose all kinds of drinks, including even such exotic for us, as an alcopop, tequila, pálinka brandy and sake. However, the incorrect result is the same as in the previous case. And this calculator allows a 90-pound man who drinks 0.5 liters of light beer on an empty stomach, immediately to sit behind the wheel, allegedly while he has only 0.29 ppm in the blood. In fact, the result should be about 0.4 ppm, if you focus on the formula of the same Widmark. Also in the text to the calculator indicates that at a concentration in the blood up to 0.5 ppm the influence of alcohol is no, intoxication is not expressed. I would not trust such information. After all, many other sources say that at this concentration can cause problems with coordination, errors in distance estimation, reduced reaction to third-party trademarks. So again, fail.

Alcohol calculator site “Alcotan”Alcohol calculator “website Alcoran”

The same formula is based Widmark easy-to-use calculator site connoisseurs of alcoholic drinks Alcoran. Brief, intelligible instruction in the use of a calculator, nothing more. Advertised as fast and accurate. The way it is. The result for our hero, desperate five-percent beer, 2 hours and 24 minutes. This time full of alcohol elimination from the body. Besides, in comments to the calculator found interesting information. For example, Constantine, who introduced himself as a psychiatrist-narcologist, recalled that these calculations are applicable only for healthy people who drink alcohol only occasionally. Alcoholics have the time “processing” may be more or less. And even after a complete “withdrawal” of alcohol from the body can survive the smell of fume from of acetaldehyde, the breakdown product of alcohol. Really useful information.

Pumped up

I also tested the free app for smartphones with the highest rating, from 4.8 to 3.9 points and highest number of downloads.

The app “don’t drink!” A7-studioapp “don’t drink!” A7-studio

The first of them — “don’t drink!” from A7-studio. The app has a high rating of 4.8 points. This is a complex, multilevel calculator with amusing graphics. For example, it allows you to call Yandex taxi without leaving the app. There are reference sections telling how a person behaves in different levels of intoxication, amount of alcohol contained in different drinks. There is a section “motivation” calling with facts, quotes great people, and even passages of Scripture, to turn to a sober lifestyle.

However, the most important part, where, in fact, you need to set the strength and volume of alcohol made the awkward sliders, so enter the data with accuracy to one result is not the first time. Drunk just chertyhneshsya and throw toy. In addition, the calculator claims that the alcohol content in the blood of our fictional subject is 0,282 ppm, and in exhaled air — to 0.127 ppm. Full sobering supposedly will come in 1 hour and 52 minutes. And there is advertising, that is slightly annoying.

Of course, I couldn’t ignore alcohol calculator called “the wheel.” from D. D. M. the Rating of the ordinary for such applications, to 4.4 points. I liked its simple interface and the ability to spin the weight, the strength of alcohol and the volume to the desired values. However, the developers too flattered to users by setting the maximum volume consumed at 5 liters! And the beer at D. D. M strong 7%, although the norm for light are considered to be 4-5%, as already mentioned. The application claims that after drinking beer, the character will be about 0.33 ppm (as written, not clear, blood or air). The weathering time of approximately 2 hours 11 minutes. It is proposed version of Pro (aka Premium). No, thank you!

The app “How to drink” XZ Carpophilinae “How to drink” XZ Company

The app “How to drink” XZ Company with the same rating as “For helm!” — 4.4 points. Apparently, users bribe simplicity and clarity. I liked the fact that the calculator gives three options of time full of alcohol elimination — minimum, average and maximum. But does it, to put it mildly, complimentary. So, drunk the same light beer 90-pound man “How much to drink” is ready to put behind the wheel in less than an hour, with a maximum of 1 hour 58 minutes. It is argued that the alcohol content in the blood is only 0.20 ppm in exhaled air — 0.09 ppm. Well, there is a caveat that the result may differ from the readings of the breathalyzer.

The application “Alcohol calculator” AF mobileПриложение “Alcohol calculator” AF mobile

Alcohol calculator with a straightforward name of “Alcohol calculator” AF mobile has earned a user rating of 3.9. It is a little. Simple, dark black background with the awkward engines (though duplicated buttons, adding and Bates values). The computation results are not too reliable: the blood levels of 0.34 ppm. That is, in the normal range. Illiterate and mutually exclusive verdicts “the lack of influence of alcohol” and “behind the wheel you can sit through 3 hours of” make you want to permanently delete the app.

The application “Alcohol calculator” Zeus Game Studioapp “Alcohol calculator” Zeus Game Studio

“Alcohol calculator” Zeus Game Studio simple, with a large list of alcoholic beverages, to answer the main question — when can I drive? And he’s pretty strict. So, 90-pound man who drinks a pint of beer on an empty stomach, it allows you to drive only 3 hours. Immediately after consumption of beer in blood will 0,37 ppm. Quite reliably. Well done information section — there is nothing superfluous. Not clearly only one — why the app asked for permission to get geolocation data. Do also take into account local laws? In the description about it, there was nothing. And, as usual in popular applications, there is advertising.


In General, if you have at hand desktop computer or mobile phone to find the answer to the question, when you can get behind the wheel after drinking, easily and quickly. But I need to start to have a calculator in your head.

Alcoholic online calculators — check for yourself

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Alcoholic online calculators — check for yourself

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