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Alcolocks on the engine: begins implementation in Russia!

The device are going to be integrated in the telematic system. Alcolocks have passed the test.Elena Alekseeva


Alcolocks in taxi and car-sharing: the experiment will start in the capital

As long as the devices are going to use for professional drivers — before starting the car, the driver is tested with a breathalyzer, and if the concentration of ethanol vapor exceeds the norm, the system blocks the engine.

Checking will also occur during the day and at random — to protect against spoofing of the driver. Alcolock are going to implement a telematic device “Element”, and then the transport company will be able to monitor the status of employees when going to work and during the trip.

Data on the dose of alcohol in the blood will go to the system Element, and if the system recognizes the man is sober, the engine starts. Test results with time and coordinates of the driver are transmitted to the server of the company “Laboratory of Smart Driving”, and from there the report is sent to the company, to which is attached the employee.

In European countries it is already successfully used in Russia such a large-scale project is being implemented for the first time.

The introduction of alcolocks improve road safety and will be useful for taxis, car sharing and other forms of public transport, I believe in the company-developer of the “laboratory of Smart Driving”, which introduces a new product in conjunction with the ACS Corporation.

  • The basis is always the alcoguard breathalyzer. Is it possible to cheat? — recommendations-on the Internet you can find a lot! This issue has been dealt with by our author.


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