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Alive if your battery (or almost all): 5 signs

The battery is not just the death: he, as man, sometimes suddenly mortal… Lamps grow dim, the starter is trying sadly to buzz. And if it would be like to foresee? It is hard, but you can try.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

— Well, brother?— What, what… why, again, you know, battery…— And I warned you. With an old battery that’s not life!Of K/f “Beware of the car”

The average lifetime of batteries of different types is well known, conventional 4-5 years AGM for say 5-6 years, but for super expensive AGM TPPL — from 8 to 12 years. But it’s under certain conditions: for example, regular and not too short trips, which eliminates the continuous undercharge. In most cases, the Bank operates under far less than ideal conditions. And what about those who, for example, bought the car with mileage, and has no idea how the battery is cared for the previous owner? In this case “driving” prepared a detailed manual, which can be used to fairly accurately determine the actual condition of the battery.

The retirement age

The easiest way to predict the demise of AKB — not to tempt fate and just keep an eye on the calendar. Of course, well known cases where ordinary battery nursed for 7-8 years and more, but in General these are exceptions. So if your battery has already exceeded according to the manufacturer’s service life, we advise her to say “Thank you!” and to change it, without waiting for trouble. Especially in winter, when the modes of operation of the battery close to the most severe.

Looks bad

Sometimes the battery just to look, not to postpone the decision to buy new. Most often the image suffers irreparable after freezing of the electrolyte, when the ice deforms the plate and the housing. There are also purely mechanical damage due to traffic accidents. In such cases, to think nothing, even if the battery is still showing signs of life.

Sluggish and dull

Guess that battery is bad, it is possible during start-up. If the lights on the panel or interior lighting at the same time significantly abate, and the starter barely turns the crankshaft, the battery was clearly not himself. Of course, it can be oxidized terminal, and, say, elementary netosalade battery due to negative energy balance, but in any case it is an occasion to find out the reason for this “apathy”. And if the terminals are tightened, and the mode of travel allows the battery to recharge in the way, then it may very well be that the battery just time to retire.

Measurements have shown…

For the car owner, having the farm tester, a sin not to use them to assess the real health of the battery. Only need to measure voltage at the battery terminals — at the same time disconnect it from the lighter socket of a car is not necessary. The so-called open circuit Voltage (OCV) should be about 12.6 V to 12.7 V. Only do not deceive yourself: the length of time between engine shutdown and measuring should be a few hours — not less. Otherwise, the numbers are clearly overstated.

When nrts 12.3 In the battery must be recharged. By the way, to put the motor in this state, she might say no — you need an external charger. If after recharging, the situation will not change dramatically — unfortunately, prepare money for a new one. This is especially true when OCV drops below 10.5 V start-stop battery can still survive, but mere mortals have the right to die.


A pretty common situation in the modern world: on vehicles equipped with a mode “start-stop” instead of an expensive AGM battery is installed the usual “plebeya”. The reason is usually the same: poverty, less greed of the owner. If every time he disables the “start-stop”, the battery, of course, some time will, but in real situations this is usually nobody does. And because simple battery is not designed for deep discharges, it can die much earlier than was her period. So at the first sign of “spleen” the owner must understand that he probably already ruined the poor battery…

Anyone who wants to share their methods of estimating the residual life of the battery, we invite you to do it!

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