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All to the rescue: a dozen guys picks up Mercedes, by which the pedestrian

Woman under the car until the last did not leave the smartphone.Elena Alekseeva

It happened over the weekend: at the intersection of Delancey and Norfolk woman hit by a black Mercedes-Benz GLE, and she was in the real trap, according to “new York post”. The driver froze, fearing further damage her situation.

In a matter of minutes to help the injured rushed at least a dozen young men to tilt the Mercedes and pull her from under the wheels.

“When I arrived at the intersection was already a crowd of people”, — told the “new York post” Koldi Droser, who posted a video on Twitter.

The representative of the rescue service said they received a call at five o’clock, and brought a woman to the hospital Bellevue. It is also reported that the woman was conscious all the time while under the Mercedes, and in the photo, published after she managed to get obvious that she was lying on her back, her face buried in a smartphone. She probably was in a state of shock.

  • The canadian driver was in a hurry, then I lost control, but he may consider himself fortunate, and thrice!

Photo: YouTube

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