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American scientists have discovered the easy way to get rid of traffic jams

The staff of the Massachusetts Institute of technology with the help of complex mathematical calculations came to the very simple conclusion that will not be a surprise even to those who are in the exact Sciences is not strong.

Traffic is an absolute evil, that hardly anyone would argue. They consumed fuel, is wasted time of drivers and passengers, and in addition, they have a negative impact on the environment. So is it possible to create the optimal model, which would allow the car to move uniformly, and therefore besporochno? Scientists Berthold horn and Liang Wang from Massachusetts Institute of technology have calculated a model, and he dedicated a treatise.

They presented the movement as a chain of loads connected by springs and dampers (vibration absorbers). The system inherently stable because there is no external source of energy. But if one of the cars abruptly begins to slow down, it causes other cars to brake to avoid a collision. There is a kind of wave moving through other machines and gradually extinguished. If such waves are formed slightly, the flow velocity more or less uniform, when exceeding a certain critical level, the machine begins to move erratically, which ultimately leads to traffic.

Liang Wang says that it is human nature to look ahead is extremely unnatural to think about what is happening behind the vehicle or on the sides. Meanwhile, a comprehensive way of thinking would be able to accelerate traffic on the roads, and would not need to build new highways and to change the infrastructure.

That is, the flow should be as uniform — distances are the same, the distance should be kept in relation to each of the neighboring vehicle (including those which move sideways), in this case, the potential pockets of congestion would disappear as quickly as possible.

Can it be done from an ordinary driver? Unlikely, but it is automatic assistants — a system of sensors and onboard computer, which will measure distance to neighboring cars and to keep a distance even when it forgets to do the driver.

If you implement such systems mandatory, it would save the city authorities a lot of money, because the traffic problem would be solved by itself, without the construction of new roads, interchanges and application of the ingenious devices used to regulate flows.

  • Concern “Kalashnikov” introduced a capital TMS videokompleks for the analysis of the situation on the roads of Moscow, which used technology of neural networks.
  • In Russia are trying to deal with traffic, including by using local measures. So, the state Duma adopted a law requiring shopping center owners to build at their own expense, driveways, and Parking lots. The lack thereof is often difficult movement, until the problem begins to solve the state.


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