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An environmentalist’s dream — presented by horse-drawn carriage of the future

European authorities are now concerned about how quickly to fight global warming is to ban cars with internal combustion engines. In their place have come electric cars, but they need somewhere to charge it. The Turin design Studio Camal sarcastically suggests doing it with horses!

Half a century ago, mayors of European cities was not thinking about global warming and how not to drown in the manure — the rapid growth of the urban population led to the appearance on the streets critical mass of horses. In the late NINETEENTH century was the invention of the car, he drove horse-drawn carriages, the streets became clean, but even a hundred years later it turned out that the car is bad — it is the internal combustion engine is, you see, is warming the planet with carbon dioxide, that in it there are irreversible changes, so the engine should be banned and all change to electric cars. To get energy for them with the help of renewable energy sources: windmills, solar power plants, the tides, there are even projects to generate current from potatoes, banana peels and other food waste.

The specialists of Italian design Studio Camal are developing vehicle-level luxury, and they are dealing with leftovers somehow not comme Il faut. Here horse — and another thing, horses are noble animals, horse racing and dressage is now an entertainment, usually very rich people, it is addressed, and horse hybrid-electric crew Camal Viva, presented this week in the form of computer drawings.

The wagon has a 7 m long, 2.5 m wide and 2 m tall, teardrop-shaped cabin on the anatomical seats are arranged vis-a-vis four passengers. On Terra firma Viva relies on three wheels. Two front — traditional, they are connected with the electric motor, and the third rear-wheel — spherical, power steering, Goodyear Eagle called-360, its American tyre firm introduced last year.

Horses, as mentioned above, we need to charge the battery: they pull futuristic the stroller, the wheels rotate switched to the generator motor, and it produces a current. If the road went uphill, the electric motor can help the horses to drag the wagon, and when the animals are very tired, they offered to send on a holiday in a specific “Parking zone” and then Viva will continue independently in an unmanned mode. How artificial intelligence will perform the function of a man to control horses, the developers are not told. Not reported when the first production crews Viva rolled out under the sound of hooves on the streets.

  • Camal Studio, founded in 2008 by the former designer for Bertone, Fiat and Ferrari Alessandro Camorali. At the end of 2015, the Turin firm has presented the project of the hybrid supercar Camal Ramusa on the basis of the Bugatti EB110, but have so far not been able to run it in production.

An environmentalist’s dream — presented by horse-drawn carriage of the future

Photo: Camal Studio

An environmentalist’s dream — presented by horse-drawn carriage of the future

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