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And if you stick a sign “Spikes” from the inside? And if the glass is tinted?

What happens if you stick a sign “Spikes” on the inside zatonirovany glass? Fined or not? Answer.

All contained in the SDA. Item 8, “Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation…” States that the mark “Spikes” should be installed to the rear of the motor vehicle with spiked tires. Side of the triangle must be at least 200 mm, border width — 1/10 part. Everything. Left or right, above or below, outside or inside — the SDA is not specified. While tinted the rear hemisphere is not prohibited. There are cars with tinted factory rear Windows.

Consequently, even if the sign “Spikes” poorly visible due to tinting, but it’s there and complies with traffic regulations, the traffic police inspectors formally no right to fine the owner. And contact with so they most likely will not. If the Protocol will still be compiled, it can be appealed. But if the sign is too small or upside down — it is wholly a violation punishable by a fine of 500 rubles. Or a warning.

However, it is logical that the sign should be visible to other road users. And glue it under the shading makes no sense. And if your car is rear will drive the other? You don’t need “oboyudka”?

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Russia»

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