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Another detail of the new UAZ Patriot: the famous grille

It has a hole under the camera or radar.Alexander Khlynov

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UAZ Patriot of the second-generation became clear his appearance

In the database of the Federal Institute of industrial property appeared the image of the grille of the UAZ Patriot, the next iPhone should be sold in 2021.

Earlier in the database were added to the patent on the hood of the car, and before that we saw the image of the headlamps. In the end, we can combine the looks of the new Patriot, like a puzzle, but missing one of the key elements of appearance — front bumper.

Judging by the size of the grille and because it will start from the edge of the hood, it should be assumed that the SUV will get a very massive bumper height which would be sufficient for integration into large air intake and fog lamps. The air intake should be large because the air entering the engine compartment through the radiator grill, will not be enough, especially on the road where the Patriots are often.

Grille received not only the three horizontal bars on which “hangs” the logo of the Oise, but the hole in the bottom of the logo that has no stylistic justification. Therefore, it is the eye or camera, which came to the place on the roads, either for radar safety systems or driver assistance like adaptive cruise control.

It is expected that soon will appear the patent image of the front bumper of the car that the end will reveal the way the new generation of UAZ Patriot, which will differ from the current model, as we are assured in the enterprise, not only looks but also confidence levels. It is possible that the bumper will not get one design, and urban and off-road styles, as do some manufacturers.

  • In addition, the second generation UAZ Patriot will get a new 6-speed manual transmission.

Image: UAZ

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