As the repertoire of songs in the car affects the mood of the drivers. Research Ford

Sad songs, involving the pinching of the topic and inspires melancholy, such as “Sorry” Justin Bieber, “The Winner Takes it All” Abba, “Mr. Brightside” The Killers, can charge you a good mood early in the day and this effect will last about two hours.These data were confirmed by new research initiated by Ford with the new York University with the participation of Spotify, the relative strength of influence of the songs that sound in the car, on the emotional state of the driver. “Back to Black” Amy Winehouse and “Everybody’s Changing” Keane also fall under the category of such songs.

They all share a Groovy rhythm and melancholic content. As the study results show that such a mixture is considered the best for songs that sound in the car.

Full list of songs can be viewed here

“For many drivers the choice of soundtracks that will be played during the trip to the relatives, the gym or to work and back is as important as the choice of route,” said Marcel Brecker (Marcel Breker), engineer, Ford of Europe. “Tooling updated Ford Fiesta high quality sound system B&O PLAY, we also aimed to understand how choice of music can affect the mood not only while traveling, but in the next few hours.”

Scientists have identified two key characteristics of the musical composition, which in combination have the greatest impact on mood. The energy of the music – its rhythm and the pace and emotional intensity of the lyrics add the necessary emotion to the track. These elements, taken together, can be a tonic that will invigorate even the most gloomy of the driver. Study participants from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK listened carefully compiled playlists of songs with different combinations of rhythm and emotional saturation. The mood of the drivers were recorded through questionnaires that were filled before the morning trip to work, immediately after and every hour after that.

Energetic tunes worked better, but sad melodies, rich minor emotions were as popular as the cheerful music.

“Without exception, the participants of the study were positively charged energetic music for the upcoming day,” said Amy Belt (Amy Belfi), a cognitive neuroscientist from new York University, specialist, investigating the effect of music on the brain. “It was interesting to know that cheerful songs are obviously intended to set the mood, can also be upset and suggestive. There is no doubt that sad songs help us to feel satisfied. After all, they can remind us of the experienced difficulties and how successfully we dealt with them and what did you learn”.

“During this experiment, we focused on how energetic and emotional music can affect mood during the whole day,” – said the representative of the company Spotify Koppel Verma (Koppel Verma), who was the Advisor during this research project. “The study showed that not only the energetic pop music is effective in the beginning of the day. In fact, after we analyzed created for listening to on the way to and from work playlist, it was found that many of the songs in it are melancholy contents. This is important, because according to our previous studies of the morning commute – this is a very important transitional stage of the day and now we can use the data to set the right tone for the entire coming day.”

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