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Assistance system for elderly drivers: our development

Russian scientists have created a new service helping drivers: if the system suspects that the person behind the wheel that something is wrong, she will be able to stop the car, turn the engine off and even to call for help.Elena Alekseeva


Jaguar Land Rover is teaching machines to read minds and to measure the pulse

On the new assistance service to drivers, which may appear as early as 2022, said in STI “Avtonet”. This is a system consisting of several highly sensitive sensors which can track the state of a person behind the wheel. It also connects to the calibrator mobile phone measures the pulse and the speed of movement in all directions, she has accelerometers and processors, so it will distinguish normal activity from a sudden fall or loss of consciousness — at least so say.

In the case of fixing the problems the system will call for help or even will choke and will Park the car, turn on the hazard lights by combining with the control system of the vehicle. This is the device that connects to the car, and it can be purchased from a dealer at the time of purchase of the vehicle as the extra equipment., according to RIA Novosti. In addition, this system can be integrated with the emergency system ERA-GLONASS that will be able to quickly call an ambulance.

The device is certainly useful to the elderly or suffering from heart disease drivers. According to statistics, the elderly in Russia is becoming more so, and older drivers. So, if in 2012 the share of the population older than 75 years was about 6%, by 2050 every tenth step over the age line. This option will be is very essential.

  • Recall that in December last year, the driver Groove became ill while driving, he lost consciousness and resulting in 16 people were injured. The driver was taken to the hospital, but to save him failed.


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