Aston Martin has created a submarine

Withengineered within Aston Martin Project Neptune apparatus accommodates three people (a pilot and two passengers). The salon was developed based on the interiors of sports cars brand Aston Martin and you’ll be finish premium genuine leather carbon fiber.

The submarine weighing 4 tons is able to accelerate using electric propulsion to 9.3 km/hour, and the maximum depth is 500 meters. Battery charge is enough for 12-hour stay under water.

Work on the Neptune was launched in September last year, but now the creators have announced that the complete development cycle of the commercial version and promised to show the public the first commercial instance of a submarine before the end of this year. However, the price of an electric submarine, even with the premium finishes, bites – about 3,3 million dollars.

The first crossover Aston Martin got its name

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