Audi A8: Reflexology

Ne blame Audi that the new A8 comes nearly four years after the release of the current S-Class: this interval was set at the beginning of the 1990s- and since then, if we talk about the frequency of updates of the flagship sedan, Ingolstadt and Stuttgart go toe-to-toe. Each step takes about eight years – with a shift on palpasa. Munich efficient: now BMW is ahead of Audi for two years. Thus, in the German “big three” that the A8 plays the role of a follower. And related expectations are always high. In Ingolstadt understand this.

Externally, the new A8 is fascinating. Really for so much time it was impossible to come up with something more catchy? To make the new sedan is not perceived by the fruit of another facelift of the old car? However, you should look into hexagonal grille, find laser lights and not without difficulty unstick eyes from horizontal jumpers led the stern, as it comes to an Epiphany: for all the conservatism in the exterior is enough bright spots.

Now no need to pull the door handle enough to pick it up with one finger and an Electromechanical door lock will open the heavy door. Feeling in the driver’s seat is weird. These buttons are no more than ten. On tablet on tablet. And chases sensor! Touch keys turn on the main light and fog, exposed to the airflow. I am not against modern trends, but it is beyond common sense.

Short “smartphoneware” press on the screen and… nothing. At all. It turns out, to get feedback on the icons you need to press as if it were real buttons. People from Audi saying something about protection from accidental clicks, but, in my opinion, this is not an argument. I hope the response of both tablets will reverse to the start of sales, and the rest of the tinsel touch and not “fall off” when restyling. And yet Audi needs to figure out how to deal with fingerprints on the piano varnish finish.

The rest of the interior of the “eight” cool. There’s even a heated, both Central and lateral armrests. Although the main passenger “eight” will continue to sit on the right rear.

Pick me

For fitting locations of an important person I got in the back seat of a sedan with the index L. this car 5302 mm from nose to tail, and this is a record figure in the classroom. Only here, despite the overall scale, the wheelbase is still the shyest of the “big three”: 3128 mm And paper records are confirmed by personal feelings.

Can’t say that rear in the long wheelbase A8 is bad. Here great. In order for something to complain about, you have to be the winner of competition “Mr. snob”. When you have a comfortable Ottoman, a massager with an advanced platform for the feet, huge tablets on the backs of the front seats (they can take) and a 5.7-inch remote control on-Board functionality, it’s hard to ask for more. However, I’m sure many potential customers would like. More space. The opportunity to spread almost horizontally. There is a special feeling of coziness.

And in all this the new Audi A8 is not too convincing. Let me repeat: Ingolstadt engineers had two years of advantage over BMW and four Mercedes before. But static after meeting with “eight” I don’t understand why you need to buy it. It is not worse, but not better than its main competitors.

Of course, the estimates should not hurry. All the skeptic may come to naught after the driving experience. The engineers from Audi vying to convince that the air suspension of the new “eight” is able to drive you crazy. It is about the magic active “electrical engineering” established on the top version of the W12 and accessible option to everyone else.

Instead of stabilizer bars, such “eights” on the subframe crossmember are attached titanium with wave motors and gearboxes. They are mounted on each wheel; acting on the lower suspension arms, they inhibit the roll in the corners and negate the “peck” during acceleration and braking. The system focuses on the information from the stereo cameras, so that the “eight” can be prepared in advance to travel speed bump and other bumps. And in the case of an imminent side collision, the suspension for half a second lifts the sedan is 80 mm.

Feet up

Motor line is already known. First propose a three-liter diesel (286 HP) and petrol (340 HP) motors. A little later will debut a four-liter V8 and a top 585-horsepower monster W12. The same, in addition to which magic suspension relies in the database. What modifications will carry to us – remains an open question.

The main thing is this. “Eight”, which starts in the Old world, with 90 600 Euro, our market may well be more expensive S-Class (73 200 euros) and “seven” (from 69 500 euros). And in this situation it is simply obliged to conquer driving properties. Mad smoothness. To intoxicate handling. Yes, the foot massage is great. But even if we assume that reflexology actually works on the human foot there is no point agitating for a blind buy Audi A8.

Check the new sedan Audi A8 for the ride

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