Audi challenge Tesla

On their ambitious new strategy called Audi.Vorsprung.2025 the company’s management spoke at the annual meeting of shareholders of Audi AG. According to the forecasts of the company, seven years later, every third car buyer will give preference in favor of the electric car or hybrid. By this time every Audi model will have electric or hybrid electrified modification – only electric vehicles the Germans promise to present more than 20 models up to 2025.
Pre-production prototype of the Audi e-tron Quattro

The number of future innovations will include electric utility vehicle e-tron, which will appear on the market later this year. It will be followed by the coupe-crossover e-tron Sportback, and in 2020 will see the light supercar e-tron GT, developed by a division of Audi Sport. Then the Germans will offer buyers of electric vehicles in the “premium-compact”. In 2021 will also debut the first drone Audi. The model will be built on the basis of the concept of Aicon. A vehicle that is positioned as a city Shuttle, first experience in a test fleet of the company, and later start in the series.

In parallel, Audi together with BMW, Daimler and Ford launches in Europe a network of charging stations Ionity. With the help of 150-kilowatt stations to charge the first electric car brand — e-tron — will be for 30 minutes. Its power reserve it will be 400 kilometers in the new test cycle WLTP.

In 2025, the company Audi plans to sell about 800,000 electric vehicles and hybrids, while receiving more than a billion euros in operating profit.

Audi Aicon. Without a steering wheel and pedals

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