Audi introduced a new flagship crossover Q8

Audi Q8 showcases sporty dynamics and prestige of a premium, ahead of these qualities other SUVs of the brand with the four rings. The cross-coupe is wider, shorter and lower than a single-platform Q7: length nunki is 4,99 m, width — 2,0 m, height — 1.71 m. Thanks to a three-meter wheelbase model ahead of direct competitors on most important parameters, including the size of the cabin and the space above the head. With folded backrest useful volume under the lid of the Luggage compartment is 1755 liters.

Already in the basic configuration has led headlights and available led headlights Matrix HD. Daytime running lamps with three-dimensional light pattern and the rear lights are also based on digital technologies. Using a mobile app myAudi owners Q8 can activate the various lighting functions and watch the changes on the outside of the car.

In standard mode, the movement of the mechanical center differential distributes torque between the front and rear axles in the ratio of 40:60. If necessary, a large part of the thrust is transmitted to the axle with better grip. Combined with the clearance, which is 254 mm, short overhangs and a help system when driving downhill, Hill Descent Control, this allows Audi Q8 with confident to overcome the lack of roads. Suspension with adjustable stiffness is standard. In addition, the ordering Audi offers adaptive air suspension with adjustable stiffness and two modes — comfort and sport. Depending on the driving situation and driver preferences, this pendant allows you to change the body height in the range of 90 mm.

Increased efficiency of all drive systems provides a new technology medium hybrid (MHEV). Part of the main electrical system with a voltage of 48V included lithium-ion battery and the starter-generator with a belt drive. During braking technology ensures the recovery of up to 12 kW of electricity and its accumulation in the battery.

The concept for the MMI touch system response of the new Audi Q8 provides access to almost all functions, using two large displays. Upper display with a diagonal of 10.1″ is used to control multimedia and navigation systems. Using the bottom of the display is 8.6″ the driver can control the settings of the climate and comfort comfort, but also to enter text conveniently resting your wrist on the selector lever.

In addition, voice control system with function of recognition of natural language makes Audi Q8 intellectual interlocutor. Drivers can issue commands to arbitrary phrases. Voice control system can for example recognize the phrase “I’m hungry” and the answer is to offer a list of restaurants.

Devices are reflected in the fully digital Audi virtual cockpit panel. Switching between the two modes 12.3-inch display are controlled by the multifunction steering wheel. Offered for a fee the plus version includes a third, sporty mode. In addition, Head-up display projects important information onto the windscreen. In particular, the impact of the tip of the navigation system on your route.

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