O esto fue un pequeño fallo en el sistema?Maxim Сачков “al volante”


  • El fabricante ruso de la planta “Хавейл”
  • El ao de la salida — 2019
  • En la explotación de “la rueda” — a partir de agosto de 2019
  • La carrera en el momento del informe — 9500 km

En un largo viaje en el panel de instrumentos se ilumina el indicador de baja presión de inflado de los neumáticos. Encontrado en el menú del ordenador de a bordo “distribución” de las ruedas, el sistema de control indicado en la placa de la derecha. La presión en este bus es de sólo 0,1 bar de abajo, que en el resto. Sin embargo, electrónico de la mente consideró que es esencial, y decidió llamar la atención.

No se tomó la molestia y por si acaso comprobado visualmente el estado de los neumáticos: con la rueda, todo en orden. Y a lo largo de varios cientos de kilómetros de la presión de los neumáticos no se ha caído, aunque la lámpara y continuaba ardiendo. Y después de unos días, tan de repente se apaga y ya no загоралась.

Lo más probable es que simplemente fue un error del sistema. Sin embargo, yo voy a seguir atento a sus advertencias — no es posible que otra vez la ansiedad no era falsa.

Y de que la tapa, que al intentar rellenar омывайки ha saltado con la fijación de la boca y desapareció en las entrañas del compartimento del motor, hasta que no se ha encontrado.

  • En general chino crossover no defraudó.
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And there are floors with heating.Alexander Khlynov


In Russia there is a growing demand for motorhomes. What’s going on?

Mike basic, professional snowboarder, decided to create something appropriate to his needs, and he started with chassis — all-wheel drive Mitsubishi Fuso.

Kemper ultimately reflects the owner. For example, he may at any time to change the decorative covering of a house that has no functionality other than decorative, but beneath it is hidden waterproof protective layer. In the car, no shower, but a bathtub under the floor, near the terrace, which allows Basic to relax in the countryside. Also in Quimper features a wood burning stove that can “be put” out, and propane heater with thermostat. By the way, the floors in the motorhome is heated.

Even inside the water heater, bed for two, dining table, TV, sink, stove and refrigerator.

Rooftop solar panels and rear — lift, able to withstand the snowmobile. Side view motorhome is equipped with a kind of terrace with a canopy.

The kitchen, which is located opposite the terrace, extends for about two feet, increasing the living space. Instead of making drawers have metal or wooden ceiling and wall, the snowboarder used the plexiglass. Due to such unusual decision, the kitchen was very bright.

  • The Italians did cozy motorhome from wazowski “loaf”.

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New version of the model can be bought after a week of vacation, which leaves AVTOVAZ.Innocent Kishkurno



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A new version of the Lada XRAY Cross — build started

New version of the model Lada Xray Cross was officially presented in early March. Externally, the modification can be recognized by the black roof and mirrors, and badge “Instinct”, the cabin appeared increased to 8 inch touch screen multimedia complex, which is equipped with Yandex.Cars, including the voice assistant Alice, Navigator, browser, services, music and search stations.

The production of Lada XRAY Cross Instinct, according to unofficial data, was started at AVTOVAZ in mid-February, and now, judging by the photos published by the magazine “proxy bidding”, the first car got to the dealers. According to the publication, the price of this option Iccrea is 1 033 900 rubles taking into account the cost of “cerulean blue” metallic, which is painted with the body.

Recall, Lada XRAY Cross is equipped with a 122-horsepower engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox or 113-horsepower Renault-Nissan and CVT. However, in March it appeared likely that the version with a variator may temporarily disappear from the range of AVTOVAZ, then it turned out that for the Assembly of Lada XRAY Cross is not enough components, and later, the manufacturer has officially announced next week after hours.

  • Sales of Lada XRAY Cross Instinct must begin after April 3, when holidays will end, but know instinctively that the price of a new modification may be higher than announced, as from 1 April AVTOVAZ will raise prices.

Photo: magazine “Autobroker”

The new truck Ulyanovsk automobile plant is constructed on the basis of the “loaves” and got the index UAZ-330365.Alexander Khlynov


UAZ Patriot Antarctic Edition: began selling

At the facilities of the Nizhny Novgorod partner Oise, “Plant caravan”, started production of dump trucks on the basis wazowski “loaf”. Moreover, the first batch of cars already delivered to customers.

The capacity of small truck is 800 kg, the platform can lean back, reaching the angle of 45 degrees. The lifting mechanism is a 4-section rod hydraulic cylinder which drives the hydraulic station on 12 volts.

The enhanced dimensions of the cargo platform is 2680 mm in length, 1870 mm in width. Height — 400 mm. Gross vehicle weight 3070 kg. reaches the Main advantages of the model are not only its compact size but also four-wheel drive.

Truck UAZ-330365 comes with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine ZMZ with a capacity of 112 HP and 198 Nm, which is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

  • UAZ began to equip the automatic transmission pick-UPS on the base Patriot.

Photo: UAZ

Experts “driving” checked as well clean off stubborn dirt from the body of specialized car detailing products and handy tools.Alexey Revin “driving”ExpertMichael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Spray bitumen or tar dig under the surface paint, and water treatments do not get rid of: I need something more serious. So we took a dozen specialized cleaners cost from 125 to 625 rubles a bottle and looked to see what they can do.

As usual, we remind that our results are specific to sample products and cannot serve as a basis for judgments about the whole range of products of a particular brand.

Methods of testing

The main test for drugs — removal of a uniform layer of asphalt mastic, pre-deposited on a metal test surface with a lacquer coating. Every part had to clean the same surface. We put all the funds strictly according to instructions.

In addition to the quality of cleaning was evaluated the odor of the drugs and the convenience of using them. When summarizing the results take into account the cost of chemicals.

DoctorWax DW5643, USA. Cleaner body from insects and битумаDoctorWax DW5643, USA. Cleaner body from insects and bitumen

Price ~560 ₽Volume of 475 ml

The trigger pack. The thick fluid is pumped through the atomizer with difficulty, but well kept on a vertical surface. The smell is barely noticeable. But with bitumen cope very reluctantly. Yes the price is high.

Not recommended: the rating “Bad”.

Fenom FN 408, Russia. Cleaner кузоваFenom FN 408, Russia. Cleaner body

Price ~150 ₽Volume 190 g

Aerosol. Repulsive smell, volatile. The consistency of the liquid.

Contamination removes good. Overall rating “Satisfactory”.

G-power GP-753, Russia. Remover bitumen and смолG-power GP-753, Russia. Remover bitumen and resins

Price ~470 ₽Volume 750 ml

The trigger pack. The drug liquid, the smell is strong, but volatility is low.

Cleans well. Overall rating “Satisfactory”.

Hi-Gear HG 5625, USA. Cleaner body professionalnyy-Gear HG 5625, USA. Purifier bodywork professional

Price ~400 ₽the Volume of 340 g

Aerosol. Gives foam that clings to vertical surfaces. Smell unpleasant, bitumen washes pretty bad.

Not recommended: the rating “Bad”.

Lecar TG-505, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and marks насекомыхLecar TG-505, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and insects

The price is ~130 ₽Volume 310 g

The aerosol product has a liquid consistency. The smell of the chemical, the volatility is quite high. The tar spots dealt smartly.

Recommend: the rating “Excellent”.

Liqui Moly 7603, Germany. Means for removing bitumen пятенLiqui Moly 7603, Germany. Means for removal of bitumen stains

Price ~625 ₽Volume 400 ml

German spray has quite a strong smell of volatile. The consistency is liquid, but the bitumen removes perfectly.

Recommend: the rating “Excellent”.

Nanox NX5629, USA. Cleaner кузоваNanox NX5629, USA. Cleaner body

Price ~350 ₽Volume 450 ml

The trigger pack. The smell of the chemical, not the most pleasant. The consistency of the liquid. Bitumen removes good.

Overall rating “Satisfactory”.

Turtle Wax TW520, USA. Cleaner from bitumen and Wax насекомыхTurtle TW520, USA. Cleaner from bitumen and insects

Price ~770 ₽Volume 473 ml

The trigger pack. The smell is slightly chemical. On the vertical holding up well, but the bitumen removes sluggish. The price is high.

Not recommended: the rating “Bad”.

3ton TC-505, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and marks насекомых3ton TC-505, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and insects

Price ~150 ₽Volume of 520 ml

Liquid aerosol with a chemical, not a very pleasant smell. Cleans well.

Overall rating “Satisfactory”.

Astrohim as-395, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen пятенAstrohim as-395, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains

Price is ~160 ₽Volume 500 ml

The trigger pack. The smell is weak. The consistency of the preparation is liquid on a vertical surface will not last long. But the bitumen removes up to “Excellent”. The price is quite reasonable. Recommend.

Kerry KR-930, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and marks nasekomykh KR-930, Russia. Cleaner of bitumen stains and insects

Price ~125 ₽Volume 228 g

Spray with a strong chemical smell gives a good lather, therefore particularly suitable for work on vertical surfaces. Rubbed excellent. Recommend: the rating “Excellent”.


Better than others with the removal of bituminous stains managed funds Astrohim as‑395, Kerry KR‑930, Lecar TG‑505 (all manufactured), and the German Liqui Moly 7603 — we recommend first pay attention to them. While Kerry KR‑930 I would like to praise for the foam structure, which is better than the other clings to vertical surfaces. If we compare the cost of drugs in terms of unit volume, then this option is best Astrohim as‑395. These two Russian funds and was awarded the “SP Selection”.

Tips for use

Noticed spots of bitumen? Do not pull with their removal: the longer they stay in the body, the more “stuck” and the harder it is to remove them! Rinse with water the treated area of the body, so as not to RUB abrasive particles (to put it simply — dirt) to the paint. Apply the product according to the instructions on the package and give him time to act: let them work without mechanical rubbing. Then with a clean cloth, preferably microfiber, and then remove the stain without excessive pressure. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

And what else is possible?

Will means? Sometimes kitchen chemistry is no worse than specialized tools. At hand was a generic drug WD‑40, as well as motor and vegetable oil, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Why use such means? It is not saving or not just her. Practice shows that to remove bitumen contamination better “without delay”, and brand drugs is not always at hand.

What happened? All listed “folk” remedies can be used with bituminous spot they cope. However, doing this not so famously, as tested by us specialized chemistry: every speck need quite a long time to scrub. And this increases the probability of scratching the paint. But as an emergency solution to the problem of these tools is fine.

Good luck to everyone on the roads. And Yes, we bypassed the spray bitumen!

  • Examination of penetrating fluid (WD-40 and not only) here.

Remove bitumen and tar: test 11 drugs

Experts “driving” checked as well clean off stubborn dirt from the body of specialized car detailing products and handy tools.

Remove bitumen and tar: test 11 preparatively bitumen and tar: test 11 drugs

Experts “driving” checked as well clean off stubborn dirt from the body of specialized car detailing products and handy tools.

Remove bitumen and tar: test 11 preparationto: George Cages

Hope the driver in this case, the interested reader on the forum “Behind the wheel”.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

In any case, on new tires will not have the locking wheel when braking: at high coefficient of tire adhesion and a low coefficient of friction pads or Vice versa?

— Regardless of new or old tyres, braking pads on any modern car with a vacuum booster enough to lock the wheels even on dry pavement.

To prevent this you can either icy brake discs and pads, either (and often!) system ABS.

  • Do I need to balance the wheels every season? The answer to this question here.

Do you have questions? Write on info@zr.ru. And join the discussion on the forum “Behind the wheel”!

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Where are the steps from the variator, what is the lifespan of these boxes and whether you need to change the oil? To these and other questions answered the expert “Behind the wheel”.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Truly a massive variable speed transmissions have become in the last decade. Therefore, even experienced drivers are not always well aware of what a CVT. And ignorance, as usual, generates a lot of misconceptions, misinterpretations and, as a result, bad advice.

Misconception 1. In the variator filled with oil for lifetime

In the same sentence contains two inaccuracies. First, the liquid is poured into the CVT should not be called butter. As well as in classical automatic gearbox uses ATF and CVT fluid is used with its own set of characteristics. Yes, the grease in this list is present, but it is not the main purpose of such liquid. For example, the working fluid to the variator pressure increases the friction coefficient in the contact area of a cone with a belt variator. Is conventional oil can do that? Of course not.

Classic slots are worn more non-metallic linings of the friction. And the CVT is a steel cones and a belt. Steel dust interferes with the operation of the valves, it can leave the system without fluid pressure, which is necessary for the operation of the entire automation box. Therefore, changing the fluid every 60 000 km are necessary. At the same time clean from debris trapping magnets and change the filter.

Misconception 2. The CVT includes a belt

In the majority of designs do you apply the strap drawn from a large number of steel plates held in by tape. But some manufacturers prefer to use chain. It looks almost the same as the timing chain of the engine. Only contacts with cones. Torque is transmitted to the ends of the rods connecting the plates. This variable is called a chain. Chain variators are used, for example, Subaru and Audi.

In zubrowska the applied CVT chain drive. Such a structure can withstand more torque than capable of convey belt.In zubrowska the applied CVT chain drive. Such a structure can withstand more torque than capable of convey belt.

Misconception 3. The CVT may not be the Converter. He’s the CVT!

On all cars with a CVT, which are sold in Russia, is also provided with a torque Converter. Always the first torque from the motor perceives it is the torque Converter on a classical machine. It slips when we are in traffic and the gear selector is in position D. the world has several models of variable-speed drives, where the torque Converter used a “wet” clutch. They had previously set on Japanese cars for the domestic market.

Misconception 4. If you go “on a cruise”, the CVT will operate with a constant gear ratio

This is incorrect. When driving on cruise control with a constant speed CVT even on a small lift will change the gear ratio, increasing the engine speed. Cruise control with hydromechanical automatic would add to the gas, i.e., opened throttle, and engine rpm in this case would remain unchanged.

Misconception 5. Cars with a CVT slow acceleration

The CVT delivers the fastest acceleration, which can give the engine. Only to obtain such a result we must not forget prozhat the gas pedal completely. In this mode (kick down) the engine quickly goes to the speed corresponding to maximum power, and further acceleration is due to the variable gear ratio in the CVT. This is the most efficient acceleration. Any other transmission paired with the same motor will be less efficient during acceleration.

Another thing is that the engine does howling almost on a single note. Monotonicity gives the impression too long acceleration, hence the confusion.

Misconception 6. With a CVT is not out of the mud or snow “vraskachku”

The CVT makes it relatively faster to switch from the drive range to the rear and back. And new models of CVTs, such as the Toyota RAV4, have a first mechanical transmission, which further facilitates the institutionalization, because switching back and forward occurs without the participation of the continuously variable transmission.

Misconception 7. Of the CVT there are no steps

Yes and no at the same time. This postulate is deny transmission including belt CVT, and two-stage reducer. Our motorists first saw it on the Nissan Juke, and now he got to Lada Vesta. It produces firm Jatco (Japan), index — JF015E. The point is that the CVT provides about half of the speed range for first gear, and then when you go to the second, again, implements a range. Thus, the transmission, in the classic sense, this CVT two. But most of these transmissions are trained to mimic a five or six-speed electronically. These programs are definitely not “real” and virtual.

On the latest tojtovska the variable-speed Direct Shift-CVT uses the first transmission gear engagement, and then connects the belt with the cones.On the latest tojtovska the variable-speed Direct Shift-CVT uses the first transmission gear engagement, and then connects the belt with the cones.

Misconception 8. The CVT is unreliable and not repairable

There is no more terrible and widespread myth of the variator. But in fact the years of operation and machines with large and very large runs proves otherwise. Most CVTs goes for 150 000 km or more. Problems arise or the lovers “to poggipolini”, or street racing. The CVT lives longer in the calm manner of driving, without extreme accelerations. And it is necessary to regularly change the fluid. Only under these conditions, the CVT can be put on a par with a hydromechanical machines in terms of reliability. Also don’t forget to monitor the cleanliness of the radiators, cooling the working fluid of the CVT. In the cold CVT, as the engine itself, it is desirable to warm up. In a place where touching the cones and the belt, the fluid starts to work properly only at temperatures close to working. When cold the liquid will be slippage, which will cause burrs on the surface of the cones and the belt.

Assume that the CVT started to submit first signs of wear. Came spurts at movement, the rattle at low speed, not very smooth acceleration, and the General behavior of the variator changed. If you start a repair early damage the main parts, then you can do a relatively inexpensive repair. Of course, the repair of the variator is not cheap, but usually turns out to meet the 50 000 — 70 000 rubles. This is the sum involves the replacement of the belt, grinding or replacement of the cones, replace the bearings and check valve of the pump. Simple hydromechanical machines are in most cases cheaper to repair.


And here’s the one real drawback

Actually, this is not a disadvantage — this is a normal limitation for a civil rather than a specially prepared racing cars.

If each traffic light to start “the last time”, and even when cold the CVT, then the friction belt members and the working surfaces of the cones encounter a bully. Resource unit enough twenty thousand kilometers or less. And no superticket not save you from this phenomenon. CVT is not for stritrejserzy feats, and for the most comfortable motion. Want to drive — there are special cars and, by the way, special tracks.

Probably in the near future the CVT will be installed for at least half of the produced cars. So treat it gently, change the working fluid, and then the CVT will last a long time.

  • The whole truth about the (non)reliability of variators in this publication.

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Fijar хлипкую artículo le ayudará a raya, la corte de plástico del tubo.Aleksey revin “al volante”Experto

Fijación del tubo de conducto de aire en los motores 1.4 el coche de Nissan Note хлипкое y a menudo se rompe. Para anclar me подмотал en el tubo de un sujetador de gancho y cinta aislante, pero ella rápidamente размочалилась.

Puede establecer entre el conducto de aire y la caja del filtro anillo de la manguera del sistema de enfriamiento de GAS. Me hizo más fácil. Del tubo de 19 litros botella de agua cortó una franja de 10 mm de la sección transversal trapezoidal. Envolvió la raya del extremo del conducto de aire y la ha insertado con tensión en la carcasa del filtro. El conducto de aire ya no se mueve!

D. Латий, Orenburg

El premio al autor de la junta — cargador de batería 12V 7A Airline.

Estimados conocedores del coche!!!! Enviando sugerencias, no olvide indicar su dirección de correo utilizando el índice, apellido, nombre y patronímico (totalmente), así como el número de teléfono para la comunicación. Se trata esencialmente de simplificará y acelerará el envío te merecidos premios.

Sus consejos que usted puede enviar un e-mail exp@zr.ru. Es posible ilustre propio know-how de fotografías y/o esquemas.

  • Como con un imán ahorrar 1700 rublos, disfrutar aquí.

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El uaz‑450 — vehículo вагонной de diseño — ya en el comienzo de su biografía tuvo varias modificaciones, incluyendo un camión, una furgoneta y minibus.Miguel Колодочкин “al volante”Experto

A principios de 1958, con la canalización de ulyanovsk de automóviles descendió de un vehículo de serie uaz‑450, originó la larga lista de famosos “буханок”. Este fue el primer auto modelo de automóviles. La máquina вагонной diseño de diferenciar el aumento de la permeabilidad y de la inmensa cantidad de carrocería.

Inicialmente dominado a bordo de la uaz‑450Д, la furgoneta de la uaz‑450 y sanitario vehículo uaz‑450А. Luego apareció microbús uaz‑450В. Además, llevó a cabo experimentos sobre el planteamiento de la uaz‑450 en los rieles del ferrocarril.

En 1966, cuando comenzó la producción de la nueva colección de uaz‑452, ya ha hecho más de 55 mil vehículos uaz‑450 de diversas modificaciones. “Panes” fueron sorprendentemente живучими y son inusuales aspectos hasta el día de hoy.

¿Tiene preguntas? Haga! kolodochkin@zr.ru

  • Los más extraños y raros de la versión Oise-“panes” — aquí.

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Qué caminos debe dar prioridad en la financiación? Esta pregunta no es tan sencillo como puede parecer a primera vista.Sergey zinoviev “al volante”

— Pregunta sobre el artículo sobre el futuro de nuestras carreteras. Usted escribe que las autoridades dan la prioridad en la financiación de la administración federal de carreteras. Pero ya que es así como debe ser?

— Así que es así. Pero las autoridades superiores ponen ante los insoluble de la tarea: mantener normativo capaz de mucho más de kilómetros por menos dinero, que la distinguen en el contenido de carreteras estatales. Por esta razón, en todas partes tan popular ямочный reparación. En primavera de alguna manera залепленные agujeros salen de nuevo, y el número y el tamaño de su crecen más rápido que el de la financiación.

En este enfoque, la mayor обветшание local de la red de carreteras está garantizada. Ni un camino que no aguanta los 40-50 años sin reparación general, a pesar de estos caminos en el país hay y son muchos.

  • Se metió en el hoyo y dañó una rueda — cómo recibir compensación? La respuesta — en la instrucción paso a paso “al volante”.

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