Dla prueba sueca compañía de seguros Folksam y sin fines de lucro de la asociación de propietarios de viviendas compraron хэтчбеки Volkswagen Golf de quinta generación, así como los sedanes y todos Mazda6 de la primera generación.

Crash-tests se llevaron a cabo bajo las reglas de la organización Euro NCAP, vigente en ese momento, cuando estas máquinas se han producido. Los vehículos han pasado la prueba en el ataque frontal 40% de superposición, la simulación de choque lateral y el golpe sobre el poste.

En 2004, el nuevo VW Golf de la quinta generación ha ganado cinco estrellas de los resultados de las pruebas de choque Euro NCAP, cuando en la suma 33 puntos. Vehiculo de una instancia de quedarse a sólo un punto, después de recibir cuatro estrellas – gran resultado!

El nuevo Mazda6 en el año 2003 la evaluación de crash-test fue de 26 puntos y cuatro estrellas. El automóvil – 18 puntos y tres estrellas. Como dijeron los expertos Folksam, la probabilidad de morir en un accidente en ese vehículo en un 20 por ciento más que en el nuevo Mazda6.

El TOP de los más seguros de auto de 2017 por la versión de la Euro NCAP

Aboutthis said Director of marketing Jochen Sengpiel: “the Volkswagen Brand is not in the best shape compared to previous years. The brand has lost some of its emotional appeal, trying to be “too German”. And not only in diesel scandal… We want people to have fun with us. We need more color”

Presentation of the new logo of the Volkswagen brand will take place next year — just before the start of mass production of electric cars family I. D. it is Expected that the logo will undergo one of the most radical changes in its history. The last time the German brand changed its logo in 2012. He became more voluminous, but generally not very different from those used previously.

In the company’s management hope that a radical change in the image will help Volkswagen to enter into a new era of electric vehicles, and to clear his reputation, badly tainted “desligada”.

And, speaking of leadership, by decision of the Supervisory Board of German carmaker, Volkswagen post of head of left Mattias Mueller, although his contract only expires in 2020. By mutual agreement, Mueller resigns immediately. His successor will be the Herbert Diss.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Petch called the work of Muller outstanding: “He took over the leadership of the group in the fall of 2015. It was then that the company faced the biggest challenge in its history”.

Volkswagen will spend $14.7 billion on “extinguishing” desligada in USA

Nnew Lexus ES is built on the platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and will become noticeably larger and lighter than its predecessor. The exterior of the sedan, made in the style of the flagship LS have more facets and sharp corners.

In the engine range of the Lexus ES will include the atmospheric “Quartet” six-cylinder gasoline engines and hybrid power plant with a capacity of 208 horsepower.

In the list of equipment of new products — all modern assistants security complex Toyota Safety Sense, including the system to prevent collisions and pedestrian accidents, blind spot monitoring, a warning system exit lanes, etc.

World premiere of Lexus ES seventh generation will take place on 25 April at the motor show in Beijing. And it’s true that China, not the United States, is now the main market for this model. Sales will start in late 2018 — early 2019. Major competitors: Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Volvo S90, Jaguar XF and Genesis G80.

Lexus LS: test drive in Oman

Rthe instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was established the Governmental Commission for technical investigation of a traffic accident that occurred on April 17, Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region — 9 people died and 25 injured, four of them in serious condition. The Commission included representatives of the MEW, DSBT, Ministry of interior, the national police, MOH, Ukravtodor and the representatives of local authorities.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk, who was appointed head of the Commission: “the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of interior, the National police, “Ukravtodor” and “Ukrtransstroi” to study the question of the abolition of the yellow signal of the traffic light and, if necessary, issue the appropriate issue at the meeting of the government.”

“Many countries in the world to abandon the yellow light should only be red and green, and the strict liability for breach of journey on forbidding signal!”

On the morning of 17 April in Kryvyi Rih of Dnipropetrovsk region in the collision of a car Маzdа, minibuses and buses 9 people died, 16 people were hospitalized.

According to Lavrenyuk all the latest high-profile accidents associated with travel on the yellow light — “drivers don’t want to understand and interpret it so that one is still possible, or only way to do it, and then people die”.

6 ways to avoid accidents



And if this brand is exotic, in China exactly the opposite — in the last year, Buick sold on world markets by about 1.4 million vehicles and 1.2 million of them were sold in China.

The front Buick Enspire allocated massive grille, large side “skirts” and led optics. In the profile drop-down kupeobrazny roof, and behind — the impressive lights of unusual shape.

The interior of the SUV wood and suede, but not alien to modern technology — the digital dashboard, the screen on the organic light emitting diode, projection display with support for augmented reality and the Network connection according to the communication standard 5G.

Buick Enspire equipped with electric propulsion eMotion with a power of 557 HP, which accelerates the crossover to the first hundred in just four seconds. An Autonomous stock turn is 596 km, while the battery pack supports high-speed and wireless charging and up to 80 percent charge in 40 minutes.

Public premiere of a novelty will take place at the motor show in Beijing on April 25. Serial interpretation of a concept will occur first in the Chinese market is strategically important for Buick.

In China, just three days printed electric car

Rearlier the Germans showed how it will look in the front of the cabin – front panel, steering wheel and center console. This time the manufacturer has shown, the second row of seats of the vehicle and surrounding area.

A concept called the Vision of the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury inside is lined in white leather, aluminum, wood and even gold. Interior background with blue backlight divided into two parts by a massive console, which by the way, installed a set of Chinese tea ware. Detailed information about the new product yet. It is assumed that the prototype was created on the basis Mercedes-Benz GLS next generation and is a harbinger of modification of a luxurious flagship SUV.

Luxury at its finest. Coming soon.#MercedesBenz #MercedesMaybach #UltimateLuxury #MBcars #MBdesign #AutoChina pic.twitter.com/7YNekLRDg8

— Mercedes-Benz (@MercedesBenz) April 13, 2018

The last concept of the Vision series was a 5.7-meter convertible Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, equipped with 750-horsepower electric power plant.


Ferrari has always been famous for a fast and powerful sports car, equipped with large twelve – and eight-cylinder engines, and V-shaped “six”. But it was in the brand’s history and other motors. The historic Ferrari 625 Targa Florio 1953 issue under the hood a 2.5-liter inline “four” with a capacity of 223 horsepower — originally this motor was developed for race car Formula-2, which was supposed to be the legendary Alberto Ascari. And he still won two Championships in a row.

On the same racing chassis was ordered for the coupe, which was built by the Bureau Vignale. Enzo Ferrari design I liked and the car was rebuilt in the Roadster, and the workshops Scaglietti gave the exterior a finished appearance. The car started in the Grand Prix of Monza and the Coppo d’oro del Dolomiti. Played on it Mike hawthorn – the first British world champion in Formula 1, and Humberto Maggioli – winner of the Carrera Panamericana in 1954.

After racing career, the car passed through the hands of several private owners in Italy and South America. But then its trace was lost, until ten years later, he was discovered in a landfill in Naples in 1974. Sports car fully restored, then he was involved in many different activities. And now Ferrari 625 Targa Florio for sale — the auction will take place in Monaco on 11 may.

It is expected that the final price will be from 4,5 to 6,5 million euros. Quite inexpensive for the historical car Ferrari – the only one of the three collected, extant.

Latest LaFerrari to be auctioned

DLa tests by Swedish insurance company Folksam and the non-profit Association of homeowners bought the hatchback Volkswagen Golf of the fifth generation, as well as sedans and station wagons, the Mazda6 is the first generation.

Crash tests were conducted according to the rules of the organization Euro NCAP in force at the time when these machines were produced. The car tested frontal impact with 40 percent overlap, simulating a side collision and hit the pole.

In 2004, new VW Golf of the fifth generation earned five stars on the results of crash tests Euro NCAP, receiving the sum of 33 points. A second-hand copy behind only one point, receiving four stars – a great result!

The new Mazda6 in 2003, the rating for the crash test was 26 points and four stars. Have used machine – 18 points and three stars. As stated by the experts Folksam, the probability to die in an accident in such a car is 20 percent higher than in the new Mazda6.

TOP safest cars of 2017 at the version Euro NCAP

Eлектрический Rolls-Royce SRH (abreviatura de St. Richard’s Hospital) ayuda a reducir el estrés de los niños antes de la próxima operación. En él que pueden llegar hasta un operativo por los pasillos con la correspondiente señalización, señales y semáforos. El personal del hospital de san richard señalan que el uso de la máquina de manera positiva en la situación de los pequeños pacientes, lo que les permite escapar de las malas procedimientos.

De la pequeña y rolls-royce, en la construcción de la que el equipo del programa de Bespoke RR gastó 400 horas, está equipado con un motor eléctrico y 24-вольтовым gel de la batería. Su velocidad máxima es de 16 kilómetros por hora. Ahora, como corresponde al cabo de 12 meses desde el inicio de la operación, la máquina volvió a la fábrica para pasar su primera programación. Сервисники señalaron el perfecto funcionamiento de todos los mecanismos y componentes del vehículo.

Es curioso que los publicitarios británico ofertas de la marca no no y прорекламировали el primer crossover de la marca: en el fondo de la fotografía representado el mismo tipo de habitación servicios del nombrado en honor del gran diamante en el planeta peso 3106,75 quilates.

Rolls-Royce hizo infantil, servicio de limusina

En el marco de las pruebas, los ingenieros de la marca sueca optimizado la configuración del chasis y de la función de distribución de la tracción, y también probamos el trabajo de las unidades de potencia y sistemas electrónicos a muy bajas temperaturas.

Un coupé deportivo de Polestar 1 con carrocería de fibra de carbono dispone de un sistema híbrido de propulsión en la composición de la двухлитрового de gasolina турбомотора y un par de motores eléctricos. El total de las unidades dan 600 cv y 1.000 Nm de par motor. Reserva de marcha únicamente en la pura электротяге — 150 kilómetros.

Anual de la tirada de un híbrido, las primeras entregas de la cual se esperan para el próximo año, será de 500 ejemplares de un costo de alrededor de 160 mil dólares por pieza.

Polestar ha mostrado su primogénito