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  • General installation rules
  • Especially when installing
  • Mounting options
  • Installation on the roof
  • Mounting the front wing
  • Mounting on the trunk
  • Mounting on the rear bumper
  • Mounting bracket
  • Magnetic antenna
  • Aerial care

General installation rules

If you decide not to use the services of car and install the antenna yourself, wherever you decide to go, you must follow some simple rules:

  • try to install the antenna at the highest point of the car;
  • most most of it should be above the roof (this will improve the signal);
  • the antenna must be mounted at the geometric center of the surface on which you have;
  • the antenna cable should be as far as possible from sources of acoustic noise (ignition wires, electromagnetic devices);
  • the connection cable must be securely connected to the body;
  • do not change the length of standard cable, which is included in the package;
  • try not to damage the cable.

A set of these simple rules will greatly facilitate your installation, and most importantly, will save you from the problem of bad sound. Knowing in advance the sharp corners, they are always easier to work around.

Especially when installing

In addition to rules installed, you should also know about some of its features. Thus, the proper installation of the antenna on the car guarantees a good signal range. Interference can be created by the ignition system of the engine. Avoid them, try to place it away from the engine. Preferably, the antenna is fed from the battery or through the filter. The wire to the body of the car should not be very long and thin.
Устанавливаем автомобильную антенну на машину самостоятельно
About the interference will not occur in the future also says the noise level of the receiver, which does not change when the engine is under the condition that the antenna is disconnected. Wherever you put the antenna, it should have a good contact with the body. Therefore, installing it in the hole in the body, strip the paint near the hole, mounting it on the bracket — to make sure there is between him and the back of the car a good electrical connection.
The installation should consider the type of antenna, for example, a TV antenna for car more susceptible to various outside impacts. Interference caused by improper installation will not only affect the sound quality, but also on the quality of the image. On the other hand, its advantage is obvious.

Mounting options

Of course, you have the right to install antenna in any convenient place on the car. In this case, it is worth considering that, most likely, it will be there just for show and will not bring any benefit.
So, experts suggest six properties of the antenna:

  • on the roof;
  • on the front wing;
  • on the trunk lid;
  • on the rear bumper;
  • on the bracket;
  • magnetic antenna.

Installation on the roof

This is a good option, since with this arrangement, the antenna picks up signal from all directions. For the roof it is best to purchase a shorter pin with a lengthening coil. Thus it is necessary to accept the hole in the ceiling of the car, because the cable and connector will be located inside the car. But this has a plus: the cable will not be interrupted and to oxidize, thereby ensuring a more reliable and durable performance of the communication system.
Устанавливаем автомобильную антенну на машину самостоятельно
In self-Assembly of the antenna on the roof drivers very often make the same error — install it “without mass”. They are two truths: securely and highly to put. The result of this installation is to mount the antenna on the structure, which is not in contact with the back of the car, embedded in plastic or in order to reliably retain specifically isolated from the body.
The antenna on the car roof “without mass” — it is a lot of noise, poor signal and small range.
To correct the lack of mass helps strip the “mass” of the core. But here too there are its own peculiarities. Such cores can greatly impact the pie chart orientation and coordination. They should be run only when absolutely necessary.

Mounting the front wing

With this arrangement, the maximum beam is focused ago. This type of installation is very simple and easy. The front wing can be used for mounting antenna car radio and CB transceiver.
It also should beware of the possibility of installing “without mass”, i.e. hitting the plastic area of the car.

Mounting on the trunk

This option provides for the orientation of the maximum beam forward. To it perfect a full-sized quarter-wave antenna. She will have a great range and no interference.
Устанавливаем автомобильную антенну на машину самостоятельно

Mounting on the rear bumper

Such an arrangement of the least favorable in terms of signal quality. The fact that the maximum of the directional diagram here focuses immediately on both sides of the car, he’s fragile. Advantage is easy mounting and Dismounting of the antenna that do not require drilling holes in the back of the car.

Mounting bracket

Often used by motorists who don’t want to make a hole in the back of your car. The transmission quality suffers as a result slightly. However, the range antenna mounted in a similar manner, wants the best. A significant drawback of this setup is the fragility of the cable that is outside and constantly exposed to various external influences. This type of mounting requires the purchase of bracket, and this additional investment in addition to the antenna. By the way, not always on a vehicle with a suitable bracket.
This type of installation also requires careful choice of location for the bracket.

Magnetic antenna

This antenna is placed on the car in just a few seconds. Its radiation pattern can be called perfectly circular. The disadvantages include noise captured from an onboard network of cars, spoiling paintwork, small communication range.
Устанавливаем автомобильную антенну на машину самостоятельно

Aerial care

Just install the antenna and enjoy its benefits is not enough. Her need to care, as for any other part of your car. You need to take care not to loose the pin, not oxidized contacts due to oxidation of the fastener is not lost weight, the cable is not frayed, not numb.

Experts recommend to check every six months, connectors, fasteners, cable and, if necessary, to tweak them and clean up. Lack of care leads to range loss, interference and even damage.
Thus, proper antenna installation is your guarantee of a quality welcome and its good range. If you are certainly not confident where it can be installed on your car, then it is best to seek help from professionals.

Types of flaps and their functional purpose

These elements are made of plastic polymers. Currently in the automotive market you can find mudguards a variety of forms. Such diversity is explained by different configurations of modern vehicles. In addition, there are original and universal modifications.

The original elements are intended for use only in cars of a certain brand and modification. Usually their quality is much better. They can easily withstand large temperature changes. These elements protect the bottom of the car completely and not just its separate parts. For their manufacture typically use shock-resistant and environmentally friendly polymer. They correspond to the General design vehicles and aesthetically emphasize their beauty.
Universal mud flaps are sold at every step. They do not need to book in advance or to seek out. They are made a certain size, which always using scraps can be customized to the size needed for your car.
The video shows how to install universal mud flaps for Renault Logan:

Since the flaps are elements, which are installed directly near the wheels (in wheel housings), and distinguish between front and rear security elements. The first is made of soft rubber. They are lightweight and flexible, perfect for protecting the tailgate and the bottom from sticking dirt. Rear mud flaps made from polyurethane. They must exactly repeat the form of the body. Characterized by high strength and rigidity. Serve to protect the side and rear areas of the car from mud and detritus that could not be true for the condition of our local roads.

Steps to install universal mud flaps

To install universal mud flaps — a task simple. You are quite free to do all operations independently, without referring to a HUNDRED, and thereby save money.
For hand-written installation prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • mudguards;
  • a spanner;
  • sharp knife;
  • drill with drill bits;
  • screws with a length of 2 cm;
  • wide and thin washers that match the diameter of the screws;
  • the stub of plastic.

The video shows how to install universal mud flaps on the car:

It should be noted that to replace the flaps in the case of specific brands of cars you need and other tools.
Standard replacement of such elements consists of three steps:

  • Remove old flaps and prepare everything for installation of new.
  • Installation.
  • Testing and running-in.
  • At the initial stage, first remove the wheel. Usually staff an apron of dirt rests on two screws in the wheel arch and the plastic screw on the bottom of the nut. First strongthe far the screw and then using a screwdriver, loosen, but do not forget the screw. Unscrewing the screw a little bit, try pressing down the splash guard — this will prevent it from spinning. Next, remove the plastic bushing and insert the plug. After Unscrew the screws, clean any dirt area for future fixing.
    In the beginning of the second stage is to fit the universal size of the splash guard and its form under the old one. To do this, attach them to each other and cut a new element on the outer side of the hem. In order to determine exactly where you need to drill a hole, also compare the new and old elements. After the hole screw the new part into place. Do this as carefully as possible. Tip: try to crop the edges under an angle — it will make the appearance of the splash guards more aesthetically pleasing, and their contours will accurately replicate the contours of the wheel arch. Leave the extra edge is not necessary, as they will collect all the dirt, snow and water.
    Как установить брызговики на машину самостоятельно
    After installation and fixing of new element bring back the wheel and check your work. It is very easy to do — go on the sand. From the new clothes should not be heard in the rustle of sand on the threshold.
    Repeat the above steps to replace all four mudguards.
    It should be noted that the installation of the front flaps has its own characteristics that should be considered. Namely: when replacing the element on the left side, experts advise to start to turn the steering wheel fully to the left. To replace the right element to twist the wheel to the right.
    Rear mudguards, as the front, also holding on by three screws. Some motorists are recommended to attach new elements to four or five screws. This increases their strength and reduces the chance to break away. Installing the rear splash guards requires no manipulation of the wheel, the rear wheel off after lifting the car on a Jack.
    As you can see, all the replacement and installation of splash guards is quite simple. Spending a little time, you can do them yourself in your garage or in the Parking lot. Best for insurance and assistance to invite a friend of mine who, like you, is a car enthusiast.

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    • Why this option has not caught on
    • The advantages of the rotor, or How the Japanese took over
    • Let’s look inside the RAP

    Why this option has not caught on

    Surprisingly, the rotary unit is a kind of a paradox. What is it? But the fact that he has a brilliantly simple design that somehow never caught on. Here’s a more complicated piston option has become popular and is used everywhere.
    The video shows the structure and principle of operation of the rotary engine:

    Of course, if the rotary motor had no flaws, it must be used on modern cars. It is even possible that, if the rotary engine was sinless, we would not know about the engine piston, because rotary has created before. Then human genius, trying to improve the unit, and created a modern variant of the piston engine.
    But unfortunately, the cons of the rotary engine are available. To such obvious blunders of this unit include the hermetic sealing of the combustion chamber. In particular, this is due to the lack of a good contact of the rotor with the cylinder wall. By friction with the walls of the cylinder the metal of the rotor heats up and expands. Itself oval cylinder is also heated, and even worse — the heating is uneven.
    If the combustion chamber temperature is higher than in intake/exhaust, the cylinder must be made of high-tech material that is installed in different places of the body.
    In order to start the engine, use only two spark plugs. No longer recommended due to the nature of the combustion chamber. RAP is endowed with a different combustion chamber and delivers power for three quarters of the working time of the internal combustion engine, and the efficiency is as high as forty percent. By comparison, the piston of the motor, the same figure is 20%.

    The advantages of the rotor, or How the Japanese took over

    The video shows the working principle of the rotary engine Arievich:

    But there are RAP and advantages. In particular, these include the special dynamics of the unit. The flow rate of the rotary engine is very large, and in addition, this unit is very little resource — just sixty thousand kilometers — which makes it unusable to drive in the city. If the volume of the rotary engine will be equal to 1.3 litres, it is able to consume up to twenty liters of fuel.
    By the way, great gas mileage is also the reason that the rotary engine is not the most popular. The fact is that in 1973, when rotary engines only came out on the Arabian Peninsula the situation escalated. There was a real act of war, and as you know, Arab countries are still the main suppliers of fuel. In that case, the price of gasoline rises dramatically. Rotary motor and devoured him just like always hungry criogenic. So it happened that he became superfluous.
    But this unit will give as much as 250 HP, while remaining compact.
    The video shows the structure and working principle of rotary Wankel engine:

    This situation just forces you to classify rotary engines to sports cars. Yes and not only. Adherents of the rotary engine today. It is a known automaker Mazda that got in the way of the samurai and continuing studies master Wankel. If you remember the same situation with Subaru, it becomes clear the success of Japanese manufacturers, clinging, it would seem, for all the old and discarded by Westerners as unnecessary. And in fact, the Japanese manage to create new from old. The same then happened with boxer engines, which today “chip” Subaru. At the same time the use of such engines was considered almost a crime.
    Work rotary engine was also interested Japanese engineers who this time undertook improvement Mazda. They created the rotary engine 13b-REW and gave his system a twin-turbo. Now, Mazda could easily compete with the German models, because it opened as much as 350 horses, but sinned again great fuel economy.
    I had to go to extreme measures. Another model of Mazda RX-8 rotary engine already comes with 200 horsepower, reducing fuel consumption. But this is not important. Deserves respect more. It turned out that no one except the Japanese, I didn’t think to use the incredible compactness of the rotary engine. Because power of 200 HP Mazda RX-8 was opened with engine capacity of 1.3 liters. In short, the new Mazda has been published on another level where is able to compete with Western models, taking not only the power of the motor, but also other parameters, including low fuel consumption.
    The video discusses the structure and principle of operation of the rotary engine Zheltysheva:

    Surprisingly, the RAPS tried to introduce and in our country. This engine was developed for installation on an 21079 vases, intended as a vehicle for intelligence. But the project, unfortunately, has not survived. As always, not enough budget money of the state, which miraculously siphoned off from the Treasury.
    But it was done to the Japanese. And they achieved results do not want to stop. According to the latest data, the manufacturer Mazda will improve the engine and soon will the new Mazda, with a completely different unit.

    Let’s look inside the RAP

    Scheme of the rotary engine is something completely different than conventional internal combustion engines. First, you should leave the past in the design of internal combustion engine known to us. And secondly, try to absorb new knowledge and concepts.
    The RAP is named so because of rotor, motor parts moving. Thanks to this movement the power is transmitted to the clutch and transmission. In fact, the rotor pushes the energy of the fuel, which is then transferred to the wheels via the transmission. The rotor itself is necessarily made of stainless steel and has, as mentioned above, the shape of a triangle.
    The video shows the working principle of the rotary-piston engine Zueva:

    Capsule, where the rotor is a kind of matrix, the center of the universe, where all the processes and happening. In other words, it is in this oval is:

    • compression mixture;
    • fuel injection;
    • the flow of oxygen;
    • the ignition of the mixture;
    • the return of the burnt items in the release.

    In short, six in one if you want.
    The rotor itself is mounted on a special mechanism and does not rotate around one axis, as it runs. Thus, are isolated from each other inside the oval cavity of the housing, each of which occurs and any of the processes. As the triangular rotor, the cavities only three turns.
    It all starts as follows. The first formed cavity is sucked, that is, the camera is filled with air-fuel mixture, which is mixed here.
    After that, the rotor rotates and pushes this mixed mixture to another cell. Here the mixture is compressed and ignited by two spark plugs.
    The mixture then goes into a third cavity, where the displacement of the parts used fuel in the exhaust system.
    Принцип работы роторного двигателя
    This is a full cycle of the RAP. But not so simple. We reviewed the scheme RAPS on only one side. And these steps are constantly. If you say otherwise, the processes occur on three sides of the rotor. In the end only a single turnover of the unit is repeated three cycles.
    In addition, Japanese engineers managed to improve the rotary engine. Today these engines have not one but two and even three of the rotor, which greatly improves performance, especially when compared with conventional internal combustion engine. For comparison, the double RAP is comparable with six-cylinder engine and 3-rotor with twelve. It turns out that the Japanese were so far-sighted and the benefits of rotary motor immediately recognized.
    Again, performance is not one advantage of the RAP. They had many. As mentioned above, the rotary engine is very compact and it uses as much as a thousand parts less than in the same engine. The RAP in two major parts — the rotor and the stator, and easier thing you could do.
    The principle of operation of rotary-piston engine made at the time of many talented engineers throw up, surprised eyebrows. Today the talented engineers at Mazda deserve all praise and approval. No joke, believe in the performance, seemingly buried the engine and give it a second life, so even what!

    The content

    • What kind of animal
    • Dismantling Gur
    • Let’s look inside the pump
    • Replaceable “blood vessels” Gur
    • Eliminate backlash

    What kind of animal

    To begin, consider this device. Power steering is a special mechanism that is part of the steering column. It is intended to exert more force on the steering wheel of different cars and other vehicles.

    If there was no power steering, it would be very hard to turn the wheel of the car. And such detail it far easier, and besides, exerting a positive effect on the management of the vehicle, greatly increases the ease and comfort.
    In addition, thanks to the power steering, it is possible to significantly increase the maneuverability and to deal with other tasks concerning the stability of the car on the road.
    In the video, the main malfunction of the power steering:

    The power steering wheel is called short — Hur. It provides the comfortable management of the vehicle, enhances safety management on the roads, etc. When this part fails, the ability to continue moving forward but it is very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed immediately to repair the alias.

    Dismantling Gur

    To start this mechanism should be removed from the car. But before this fact, it is highly recommended to clean the dirt from the mechanism, so that when disconnecting the hose it does not enter inside the device itself, not it can cause problems.
    More will need from the tank to pump out liquid as much as possible. Climb under the car and Unscrew the hex screws that hold the steering shaft. By conducting such operation, it is necessary to mark position of flexible coupling relative to the shaft Gur. When you install it will be very important.
    It is the turn of removing the track rod. They will need to be disconnected from the Pitman arm special tool — puller. Then the car raised on a Jack and Unscrew the left wheel, and then remove it.
    The video tells about the work of the HPS:

    Take the key on 15, preferably machined, and the wheel arches weaken the screws that hold the booster to the bulkhead. Then the two bolts shoot from three. One leave on the spot.
    When removing hoses must substitute for them the vessel to the remaining liquid glass in there. Then you will need to close pieces of cloth hoses and fittings.
    Now you will need to disconnect the one bolt that secures the Gur. Don’t forget to hold your free hand power, so it does not fall.

    Let’s look inside the pump

    Power dismantled. Now we need to try to repair it. Normally, the common cause of failure of this device becomes a power steering pump, providing a predetermined pressure of fluid in the whole system.
    The pump, of course, will need to review. Then conduct a thorough examination of the various elements of the pump. If you notice lesions beginning on the corrosion they should be cleaned using special liquid (can be wiped with a cloth moistened with acetone). It should be remembered that the repair of the steering pump is different.
    Как отремонтировать ГУРPower steering pump
    The most popular pumps used today for power steering, are the plate, or, as they are called — gate device. They are highly respected, as he earned the trust of customers. Thanks to excellent guarantees that will last long, buy them more often. Especially good the case of these pumps, made of durable cast iron Russian. In addition, among the advantages of these pumps, can highlight the reliability and silent operation, and amazing efficiency. With the proper operation of this pump requires little or no renovation, but it is not always possible to observe, even if the driver is careful and experienced motorist. But the device is easily disassembled and, accordingly, repaired.
    The main symptoms of such a device are the following:

    • when turning the steering wheel in a running car hear a sound resembling a roar;
    • steering is very tight, but when increase engine speed in some cases, the steering wheel becomes easier to rotate;
    • in some cases, required the presence of a leak, as determined by visible stains from drops of liquid under the hood.

    The video shows how the pump Gur:

    These symptoms, of course, not the only one. Yes and they are not always able to indicate a clear malfunction of the pump. This can only be determined when qualified diagnosis.
    In particular, a qualified diagnosis involves the installation of the pump on the hydraulic test stand. Here is its overall efficiency, capacity and pressure. If the identified defects in the shaft bearings or other working parts are required to replace them.
    If a car owner does not want to mess with the pump that is faulty, and in the car to drive it also is not willing, then it is possible to advise to buy a new pump. The price at the pumps today is not as high. The average pump Gur in stores costs about 3 thousand roubles. This particularly applies to pumps of type ZF, which are not amenable to analysis, due to the structure nor cover or retaining rings. But as they say, a bad dancer… And this type of pumps can be normal operation.
    In the video is the repair of steering pump:

    If the conventional pump that can be disassembled, buy a new one there is no reason. Analyze device:

    • detachable collar;
    • remove the return hose (while trying not to spill the liquid on the belt);
    • rassadina connector;
    • remove the pressure sensor of the fluid that attaches the nipple bolt.Be careful not to drop the sensor. Otherwise have to replace him;
    • remove nipple bolt;
    • dismantle the discharge tube;
    • remove drive belt (for dismantling need to use a special device);
    • now you need to Unscrew the bolts that secure the pump itself. It should be remembered that the pump is fixed with two bolts. One completely turned, and the other is not;
    • remove the pump Assembly.

    Now you will need a pump to thoroughly clean from dirt and traces of oil. Conduct a visual inspection to try to determine the cause of failure. If you notice on the inner wall of the housing production in the form of a kind of steps, then it is. A special nozzle mounted on the drill, grind off that education.
    This video shows you how to remove and replace power steering pump:

    A worn bearing can also be the cause of failure of the pump. This bearing is a sealed enclosure, and if it is noticed that he rotates poorly, you need to replace it. A new bearing is inexpensive — about 400 rubles. Install it in the enclosure is very simple. Need to drill a threaded hole in the wall of the pump. After this insert a new bearing and fix his specially sharpened bolts after tightening the sawn off more shortly.
    The bearing can be fixed in another way. You need to fix it inside the pump using the folded edges of the housing.
    Also cause malfunction of the pump can be enclosed in the omentum, which also should be replaced. When installing it will need a bit to whittle down a shaft on a lathe. Although it also happens that you bought the perfect seal to the shaft. In this case, nothing to grind off is not necessary.
    In the Assembly process, if the flange is not odevaetsya on the shaft, it is recommended to heat it. After a sharp ostojania it will sit in place firmly.
    The pump after the repair some time to buzz. It’s not scary as such due to the lapping of parts. The hum will disappear after 300 km run.
    So the pump was not further problems, it is not recommended to hold your steering wheel in extreme positions more than five seconds. Otherwise it threatens with boiling oil and the entire installation fails.
    The video tells about the possible causes of hum in Gur:

    If power steering pump has failed, it is not recommended to operate the car for a long time. It is best to proceed immediately to the repair or replacement of the device. If you continue to operate the machine, it threatens to failure of various parts of the Gur.

    Replaceable “blood vessels” Gur

    Let us now consider another cause of malfunction of the power steering. It may be in the hoses — a kind of “blood vessels” of the entire device. Fluid flows through them, necessary for normal operation. And if there is wear on the hoses or their excessive protestest, they will require replacement. Repair power steering hoses is a simple and quick process, although it requires some knowledge.
    It is recommended that you purchase a new set of hoses and replace the old one. To attach the new hoses have some skill that the joints did not come out liquid. This is the most difficult thing in replacing the hoses to provide a reliable docking to avoid any, even the thin, open places.
    This video shows you how to change the oil in hydraulic system:

    Eliminate backlash

    Now let’s try to eliminate backlash, which is often observed in defective Gur. To do this, dismantle dismantled Gur. To power easily understood, it is recommended to use a solid hexagon 6 and some empty vessel into which will merge the liquid.

    • with pre-fitting remove the cap;
    • Gur raised above the vessel and rotated the underdog, all of the liquid inside, merged;
    • shaft Pitman arm dismantle, remove the four screws, which are densely planted (put on a paste that prevents the loosening);
    • find the locknut of the adjusting screw and Unscrew it;
    • then you will need to push out the shaft with the cover, and rotate the screw, screwing it into the gear. If the analysis is not to eliminate the backlash or replace cuff, the arm can not be deleted;
    • remove the spring, and the valve is tapped out;
    • now Unscrew the screws of the lid, and it is recommended to rotate the shaft until, until he pushes her. When the turning shaft needs to be very careful, so that the shaft completely out of the ball nut;
    • remove the shaft together with the piston of the gearbox and cover;
    • now you need to Unscrew the shaft and collect the balls, dismantling ball nut;
    • now Unscrew the release bearing, releasing the lock nut;
    • we take the case of nuts and bearings;
    • turn down the locking bolt, the nut sorting.

    This video shows you how power can create a backlash of the steering wheel:

    Now you need to again conduct a visual inspection and find the cause of failure. The most likely cause of backlash due to the clearance, which increases in a pair of the shaft-nut. But sometimes, an unacceptable gap is detected in the cover or in the bearing Assembly.
    What needs to be done to eliminate the backlash? The answer is obvious. Pay attention to clearances is, in fact, formed due to weak points. Yes, don’t be surprised. It is a trivial weakening of the threaded connections that hold the bearings and leads to backlash.
    Let’s start with a pair of shaft-cover. If the backlash is found here, we need to first release the locknut, and then tighten so that the backlash is gone.
    It is always recommended to make the work in the clean room. Every detail is thoroughly and even renumber it. Plenty to work on large table, where all will stand in its place.
    Repair power steering with their hands and may become a favorite hobby, if you conduct the operation once or twice. The main thing is to follow the instructions and are more likely to be assisted by diagrams and drawings. Needless to say that if you do everything correctly, no problems will arise.

    What is the differential

    Each turn of the wheels of the car passing through different road surface, can be carried out with the same speed. The differential mechanism transmits the torque generated in the vehicle, to the wheels via the propeller shaft. It controls the speed of rotation of the wheels via the transmission mechanism. Turning, both wheels are spinning at different speeds and this differential speed distribution is made possible through this mechanism.
    Как сделать блокировку дифференциала

    The wheels rotate at different speeds, especially in turns. Each of them must overcome various distance — domestic pass a shorter distance than the outside wheels. Since velocity is distance travelled over time, you need to divide the distance between the outer and inner wheels.
    For non-drive axles of your car is not a problem. They have no connection with each other, so rotate independently. But the drive wheels are interconnected so that one half shaft and transmission can turn both. If your car has no differential, they rotate at the same speed. It is difficult to move.
    The differential is the same on all modern cars and trucks, as well as on four-wheel drive vehicles. Most of them have such a mechanism in the rear part, in connection with a cardan shaft. This mechanism allows us to develop equal and different speed. There are three main types of these mechanical devices:

    • open;
    • increased friction;
    • full differential lock.

    Each type has different control mechanisms of rotation of the wheel. If one of the axles will have much lower resistance than the other (for example, one wheel gets on ice), the whole mechanism immobilizes and transmit the torque to one axle that has no traction. The car, of course, will not move from their seats. But for this, and set an interlock which stops the operation of the mechanism, and torque is for both wheels or axle.
    Как сделать блокировку дифференциала

    Locking differential

    To take care of uneven distribution of power and torque, was developed by manual and automatic lock mechanism dividing torque. The wheels of a vehicle equipped with such a mechanism, will have the same speed of rotation as they will be bound or locked in relative motion to each other. Regardless of the friction experienced by the wheels, the rotation speed will be maintained the same. Full locking differential provides better traction compared to the open type. The most profitable to establish such a mechanism when both of the rotating element have different amounts of thrust.
    Locking differential is useful for SUVs. This type of mechanism has the same parts as the mechanism, but with the addition of electric, hydraulic or pneumatic device limitations of two output gears.
    Video what is the differential lock:

    Usually it is activated manually with a switch — activated when both wheels rotate at the same speed. If one wheel hits with a solid coating on the ground, the other continues to rotate at the same speed.

    Where to install

    The standard answer of experts says that the limit should be in the back. If you want to have a guarantee that the rear wheels will have same traction, and front, set a limitation of this mechanism. Besides the rear limitation has a smaller impact on the capabilities of your car. By the way, the differential lock with your hands is not a very difficult task, which can be done in any garage with pit.

    Automatic or manual

    You have to decide what kind of lock to choose from:

    • full;
    • partial.

    Full restriction of the differential is:

    • manual;
    • automatic.

    Partial blocking of the differential gears only works in automatic mode.
    Как сделать блокировку дифференциала

    Full lock

    This type of restriction mechanism does not provide for the difference in speed of rotation of the drive shafts and, consequently, of the wheels. On the roads it will slip, and on the hard coating will increase the wear of tires and transmission elements. To independently enable/disable interlock devices, you should install a manual drive.

    Manual lock

    Manual restriction will replace the existing differential speed of your vehicle at the touch of a button, activating an external source, which, in turn, will be included in the clutch with the lock.
    The electoral system is blocking a more complex mechanism, with some variation, requiring the driver stop to make a change in the differential. Alternatively, you can use the mechanism of increased friction or traction control system.


    • when the constraint is disabled, the axis is behaving normally, so the drive is not affected;
    • you decide when to include a constraint that allows for more accurate car control in technical off-road conditions.


    • you have to remove one hand from the steering wheel to push a button, which is undesirable during difficult obstacles;
    • forgetting to turn off the constraint, travel at speed with the locked axle will damage the differential;
    • quite expensive, as it is necessary to establish a separate system of actuating mechanism.

    Как сделать блокировку дифференциала

    Auto lock

    Automatic limitation of the differential is always on when your foot is on the gas pedal. That is why it needs to be customized to your driving style. That’s why many drivers don’t accept it.


    • blocking will always work when you need it. Thus, you can focus solely on driving and keep both hands on the wheel at all times;
    • it should be noted that this locking differential with his hands is simpler than manual methods.


    • this type of constraint is felt on the road. Especially hear the tire noise when cornering, and resistance on sharp turns;
    • when you engage a gear you hear a click, which some drivers find irritating factor, which cannot be used.

    Partial lock

    If your ride is not extreme, it is enough to establish a partial blockage, which only partially eliminates wheel spin. This mechanism works independently, which is quite convenient for drivers. Compared with full lock gives less stress on the drivetrain, thereby increasing its resource.
    A partial restriction is of two types:

    • with the use of friction discs;
    • with the use of helical gears (the most famous Quaife and Torsen).

    What to choose

    The task is quite difficult, given the great variety. However, when choosing you should consider several factors.
    For the urban environment suitable: viscous coupling or disc coupling. The relative cheapness, reliability, ease of installation and automatic operation make locking differentials use worm gears are the most attractive for full off-road. Extremals can recommend forced full lock.
    Video review of pneumatic push lock:

    How to install the differential lock independently

    Setting the lock is quite expensive. In addition to the device itself (the price varies from 10 to 50 thousand rubles and above), you will have to purchase additional accessories.
    Add to that the installation in the workshop and the need to change worn parts such as bearings, and the price for this pleasure will increase several times.
    If you have the skills of a mechanic, you can install your own hands. You will need:

    • measuring instrument;
    • special adjustment rings.

    Как сделать блокировку дифференциала

    Installation procedure:

  • Set the car on the pit.
  • Pin jacks.
  • Unscrew the wheel.
  • To remove the drums.
  • Unscrew and pull out the half shafts.
  • Unscrew and pull out the gimbal.
  • Unscrew and pull out the gears.
  • Put a lock and do the operation in reverse order.
  • Actuator adjustment lock

    To install a cable of a drive of inclusion, it is necessary to make adjustment of the working stroke.
    Locking differentials is the only way to fix the lack of the mechanism when it sends torque to the “wrong” wheels. It can disable the ability to differentiate it equally, allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds.
    Video — installation and test of differential lock:

    When disconnecting differential steering becomes difficult and wheel will get maximum torque. This ensures that in any difficult driving situation (full off-road, ice or slack in the wheel) you can move the car on a level surface.
    With all the variety of selection differential locks with his own hands the power of even inexperienced driver is if the mechanism itself and a necessary tool. You already set the limitation of the differential to your car? Share your experience.

    Kit cars

    Not so long ago in our market appeared the so-called kit cars, which have long enjoyed success in Europe and America. This set of parts from which to assemble a complete car. Today sold kit cars that allow you to collect different models of cars. Abroad it is a common phenomenon, therefore to register a car assembled there is not a problem. But we have to put on record a homemade vehicle can be a daunting task.
    Самодельная машина — это реальноKit-car — independently assembled machine
    If you decide to buy a kit car, you need to take care about the availability of a spacious garage. You will also need a set of tools and excellent knowledge in the field of auto mechanics. Do not interfere, and assistants — working in a team, you will be able to collect a car just for one or two weeks.

    Typically, the Kit Car is sold as a complete set of spare parts. It comes with detailed instructions, which can be used to assemble parts. Typically, instruction is provided in the form of a disk with a video showing all the details of the process.
    Video about what is kit car:

    A bit of history

    The very first Kit Car appeared in 1896. It was invented by Thomas Heiller white Englishman by birth. Until the fifties of the sets were particularly popular, but then their production increased significantly. In the seventies kit cars began to buy many motorists because they are not taxed.
    Modern collections that are built for home Assembly — these are copies of famous car models of the mid-twentieth century. Their enclosures are made from polyester or fiberglass. The design of such cars is much easier than the factory models.
    Video — history and tests kit cars:

    What is included in the kit Kit Car

    Regardless of the car model you choose, the kit Car Kit includes such accessories:

    • chassis;
    • body parts;
    • engine;
    • Automatic transmission/manual transmission;
    • radiator;
    • coupling;
    • brakes;
    • shock absorbers;
    • nuts, bolts and more.

    The main thing — competently to assemble, the machine conformed to safety standards. When you put a homemade vehicle registered in the traffic police — it will be tested by different criteria. So be sure to watch the video and if possible enlist the support of specialists.
    Самодельная машина — это реальноThe process of assembling a kit-Kara

    Kit Car Manufacturers

    Today’s global market there are many companies that sell kits kit cars. The most famous company — British Westfield, which issues its own interpretation of such legendary models as the Lotus 7, Lotus XI, XTR. Another major manufacturer — the company AK Sports, which produces the replica Shelby Cobra, GTM.
    The English company are the leading manufacturers of kit cars. Kits for self-made Assembly also release in USA, Australia, France, Brazil, New Zealand and many other countries. To reduce transport costs for shipping the kit, we recommend you to turn to the European manufacturer. They usually require prepayment in the amount of fifty percent of the total. Then begin to produce the ordered components. The process will take about three months. You can buy and already assembled kit-car but in this case its cost will reach 50-60 thousand dollars, while a set will cost you 25-30 thousand.
    Most companies offer a client the possibility to choose the parts for their kit. We advise you to order all the parts except the steering, brakes, transmission and engine. Their better to remove with bought this purpose of the car-donor. You can include in your set system ABS, steering wheel airbag, traction control system, etc.
    Video kit car, assembled in Russia:

    If we talk about the maintenance and repair of kit-cars, then this should not cause difficulties, because all the details are taken from ordinary cars. The exceptions are body parts that are made of plastic. In the event of damage to repair them is difficult, so you have to order a new part from Europe. If not consider this nuance, kit cars do not require specific maintenance.
    Please share your opinion about the article in the “Comments”.

    A trip to the Autoshop

    First we need to go to Autoshop and buy a new filter, and oil container, as after replacement you will need to fill up in the engine. It doesn’t pay to skimp on this purchase, because high-quality oil and filter will help to better protect the machine from wear. It is better to opt for the brand, which recommends that the manufacturer of your vehicle. On our site you can find articles about all types of oil filters and the engine oil. This information is very useful, as it will help to choose to buy the best option.

    Tools for the job

    Now arm yourself with patience, a necessary set items for work and start acting. For this we need the following auxiliary tools:

    • a container for draining waste oil;
    • optional rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting grease;
    • gate — used if the drain tube is too prolonged;
    • head end replacement (head size must match the size of the drain plugs);
    • if limited access to the full flow oil filter, use a strap wrench;
    • the stripper of such a filter.

    After all the tools will be on hand, it is necessary to ensure free access to the pallet car, the best method is to drive the car on the overpass, but if this is not possible, can jacking auto and set it to backup. Make sure the vehicle is positioned in the raised position securely, only then can you start to work!
    Video about oil change and oil filter:

    The order of execution of work

    Another tip: before you get under the car, be sure to start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature, because the hot oil has better fluidity, and thus, sediment and sludge will be released in maximum quantity.
    After these actions, you can safely get under the car and run the scheduled tasks. Initially, it is necessary to inspect the drain plug, the sump and oil filter. Please note that certain car parts will be hot, so work very carefully, so as not to burn yourself!
    But it is not necessary to treat this caution: replacement oil filter, though the crucial moment, but rather simple. Now under the sump, get the sump and remove the drain plug (located at the bottom of the pan). Now we need to wait for the moment when the lubricant from the engine to drain completely into your container. Before you screw the plug back in, it should be wiped with a clean cloth from the remnants of dirt, so they did not get a new filled with oil, also wipe the surface of the pan around the drain hole.
    Now move the container closer to the replaced device. Any convenient way is necessary to loosen the filter and Unscrew it from the block with a rubber gasket. Do not worry if the work item is damaged, he will replace a new one. The remainder of the oil from the filter will also need to send in the sump.
    Video replacing the oil filter on Volkswagen Polo:

    Again take a clean cloth and apply on the block Seating surface, before replacing the oil filter. It is time to verify that the new filter element is fully consistent with the one that was removed from the car. Lubricate with clean motor oil on the rubber gasket of the new element, then screw it into the engine, focusing on the rotation direction arrow on the body. Don’t use the keys to tighten the filter so as not to damage the gasket.
    After that put the car in the normal position, do not forget to clean all tools and containers with used oil.
    Замена масляного фильтра своими руками

    Pour the oil in the engine

    Move on to the final stage of the process, that is, fill with new oil. To do this, follow these steps:

    • remove the filler cap of motor oil the lid;
    • in the receiving part cap, insert funnel and fill with new oil, approximately three liters;
    • wait for it for several minutes to drain in the sump;
    • measuring dipstick check the level if it is insufficient, add oil to the required height;
    • start the engine, it needs to work for some time, then stop;
    • look under the bottom of the machine and make sure the oil is not leaking from under the full flow filter and drain plug. In case of detection of leakage necessary element tighten more tightly;
    • check the level again.

    Attention! Drained used oil should be put in a special collection point, never pour it into the sewer system or just on the ground!
    As you can see, repairing your car at home, and thanks to the advice of our website can cope with any task even easier. Look forward to your questions and suggestions in the comments.

    The consequences of delayed replacement

    Engine provides reliable support resilient mounting of the motor to the body, what determines the level of vibration of the latter, and hence the sound insulation throughout the car. About the extreme wear evidenced by excessive noise and rumble on the road with poor coverage. Do not bring items to this state, as this may lead to disastrous consequences:

    • due to poor fixing of motor, air filter will be beating on the hood;
      • the cooling fan will contact the radiator grille that will pagnet his blades and weaken the mount.

    Most often the power units of vehicles equipped with three legs, however, there are such models, which is set five such parts. Experts recommend to replace all at once rather than one by one.
    Video what would happen if time does not replace the pillow engine:

    Installing new cushions power unit

    To replace any of the cushions of the motor, you’ll need the following tools:

    • two of the Jack;
    • several repair stands;
    • set of wrenches;
    • marker;
    • adhesive for thread;
    • small plastic bags;
    • new pillows;
    • scrap.

    Your car can be set to five legs — right, left, back, front bottom and top. The principle of their replacement are identical but have their peculiarities, which we will discuss later.
    So, the first stage is the same for all poles of the motor. It is to determine worn parts. To understand which of them is worn out, you want to explore the space around them, and this in some cases is required to remove from under the hood the other components. Tip: when removing parts, put bolts and nuts in plastic bags, not to lose, and sign them, then to make it easier to collect everything back.
    Как заменить подушки двигателя своими руками
    Providing access to the supports of the power unit, and take care about their safety. For this purpose it is necessary to disconnect the battery.
    Now you should lift the car on jacks and install on repair stand. Further, depending on the location of the pillow, the actions differ.

    The installation of a new right

    Replacement right pillow is made so that the motor was in the raised view from the right side. This can be accomplished using the Jack. Next, remove the nut, which fastens this part, then the two bolts that fix the support to the bracket and three bolts that secure the bracket on the right spar. Now remove the bracket, Unscrew the nut and put a new piece on the old place.

    The installation of a new left

    If installing the left details the Jack should be placed to the left or under CAT. Replace the left support is as follows:

  • Disconnect the nut of the left pillow of the engine. When lowering it on the stop necessary to hold the transmission.
  • Remove the upper limiter of this part.
  • Twisting two bolts by which it is fastened to the body.
  • Remove the old unit and install new.
  • Video — replacement of the left pillow of the engine:

    Installing a new rear

    Replacement back cushion internal combustion engine is as follows:

  • Loosened the two nuts, in which rear support is fixed to the body.
  • Turn away two bolts by means of which the device is attached to the gearbox.
  • To detach from the rear support bracket must clamp it in a vise and Unscrew the bolt.
  • Replace the pillow.
  • Video about the proper replacement of the rear engine mountings:

    Installing a new front

    Replacement front pillow does not differ from the change back. In this case, you want to remove the splash guard power unit, Unscrew the bolt which attaches the front support rod to the front suspension cross member, disconnect the rod from the bracket and remove the worn-out part. Next, install the new one and in reverse order to do the above operation.
    When replacing any seat experts recommend on the threads of the bolt to apply a thin layer of glue. This will provide a more secure fit of the fixture. The scrap will be useful to align the holes and bolt the cushions to the frame and the block of the power unit.
    Как заменить подушки двигателя своими руками
    As you can see, the timely replacement of engine mounts will protect critical components of your vehicle from damage and at the same time will save your wallet from unnecessary expenses on repairs, the more that you can spend it you can own.

    The content

    • Removing the instrument panel
    • Burned out light bulb
    • Install a new backlight

    Removing the instrument panel

    To replace a bulb or completely panel you’ll need to remove the old one. To do this, perform the following simple steps:

    • You first need to disconnect the wire from the minus terminal of the battery by loosening the nut with a special key.
    • Second course — the release levers of a heater. Slotted screwdriver is taken, which podavitsya and gently removed the arm.
    • Next, pulled out the arm that are responsible for reset the daily mileage counter. To do this, Unscrew and remove the nut of its fastening. This handle is needed to push for the dashboard.
    • The fourth step is removing the plug from the screw that secures the instrument panel. This detail is on the right side from the heating system and controls ventilation.
    • Now it is necessary to Unscrew the screws and remove the dashboard.
    • The last step is disconnecting the speedometer and econometry.
    • After doing these simple operations console is removable and can be upgraded. Finally, note that it accumulates large amounts of dust and it is best to wipe!

    Как заменить подсветку панели приборов в машине самостоятельно

    Burned out light bulb

    So, what to do if a light bulb? Carefully disconnect the dashboard, remember their actions and what and where is mounted. The cartridges are located right in it. Replacing the bulbs in the dashboard is to remove the burned out and installing new. To remove the cartridge you want to rotate it clockwise. Take out the old one, screwed the new one, set detail to its place, and in the dark you have now no problem with the visibility of the readings.

    Video replacement light bulbs dashboard:

    Install a new backlight

    If you by any reason not satisfied with the standard lighting of the dashboard, you can always change it. Replacing illuminating devices dashboard requires the following equipment and tools:

    • the soldering iron;
    • new light bulb;
    • hair dryer, best construction;
    • screwdriver set;
    • sealant.

    Video replace standard backlight of the dashboard:

    After you remove the cover, carefully inspect the old bulb. Best ammo to mark them with a marker. Next, you need to unsolder the old diodes and solder the new ones. Attention: when replacing a backlight is usually required to remove the glass. For further operation it is necessary to remove the old sealant, degrease the surface and apply on the edge of the new glass sealant.
    If desired, you can also change the color of the arrows that need to be cleaned with solvent and painted in a favorite color. To test the functionality of the new backlight can be elementary, we need only to connect the terminal to the battery.
    Video — installation of new light bulbs in the dashboard Vase:

    Thus, all of the above operations easy to perform, but require strict adherence to instructions. To perform them can any motorist will only have the desire. And if it is absent, for work will gladly take specialists.

    The content

    • Types of steering mechanisms
    • Gur — a device that provides ease of control insufficient
    • MDPS — successfully found the solution
    • Repair and installation
    • Fit
    • Block MDPS

    Types of steering mechanisms

    For starters, learn about the types of steering gear used today for installation on cars of this generation. There are only three. The first type of steering mechanism known to us by steering design classic Soviet cars Lada and Volga. The mechanism itself is simple name — “worm” or “movie”. This mechanism is based on the principle that when talking about the use of worm gear pair. In itself, the device of this type is quite simple, and all work associated with globoidal worm, which is mounted on the end of the steering shaft. It is this worm and rotates the drop arm which, in turn, pulls in different directions pushrods. There is nothing complicated.

    Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляThe steering mechanism of type “screw-clip”
    The picture above is a diagram of a simplified steering mechanism called a “worm”. See: figure 2 marked with the worm, and the number 1 clip.
    Today is a “worm” is not as popular and it’s safe to say that it replaced the other steering mechanism, called “screw”. This is a more complex design, requiring the use of mechanisms such as screw, nut and rack.
    Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляThe steering mechanism of type “screw-nut”
    The principle of operation of such a mechanism can be imagined as follows: at the end of steering shaft install the propeller, which pushes along the axis of the piston-rail. In turn, the rake begins to rotate the steering wheel. In fact, the same principle of operation as that of the “worm”, but more complicated.

    With the increasing popularity of front wheel drive cars on the scene began to appear another brilliant invention of engineering — rack and pinion steering. Recently this mechanism has been superseded, you might say, fully two of the above steering device, because not only ideal for front wheel drive cars, but also provides incredible ease and accuracy of control of the steering wheel.
    Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляRack & pinion steering without power steering
    To be precise, today, the vast majority of mechanisms in passenger cars use rack and pinion. As for trucks, SUVs with four-wheel drive and other vehicles, they still are content with simplistic Vinto-female mechanisms.

    Gur — a device that provides ease of control insufficient

    Gur is the steering, which is also called integral. Hydraulic boosters of this type involve the use of working fluid, to be precise, transmission oil, pour in the CAT.
    The principle of operation of WTP based on tracking effort on the steering wheel and the strict dosage oversteer. As the witness device in WTP is most often used torsion bar, which is installed in a special section of the steering shaft.
    When the vehicle travels on a flat road, almost no effort on the steering wheel, but the torsion bar is not connected and the oil drains back into the tank. But should the driver turn the steering wheel, as the wheels begin to resist. It was at this point and the torsion bar is twisted the stronger, the more are the efforts. Oil begins to flow into the actuator through special channels, which opens the valve.
    Video the working principle of the Gur:

    If you take, for example, the mechanism of type “screw-nut”, then the oil pressure is fed or piston, or to it, thereby providing invaluable assistance to mechanism rotating along the steering shaft. As for rack-and-pinion mechanism, the oil is fed directly into the housing rails, pushing it to the right or to the left. When the steering wheel is turned until it stops, fire safety valves that return oil pressure for revenge, thereby keeping the mechanism from wear and damage.
    Still Gur, despite considerable facilitation of the work of the hands of the driver, has its drawbacks. In particular, many drivers complain about the lack of reactive efforts on the steering wheel. In other words, Gur too actively helps the driver, thereby providing a disservice. The driver does not feel that his car and the task of the designers in this case is connected so as to adjust the chassis accordingly. But it is not so easy to do.
    In short, engineers need to achieve not only the informativeness of the steering wheel, but at the same time not to make the steering wheel too tight. For this we have to work with a number of factors, such as the pump performance, the parameters of the spool, torsion bar, etc. Interestingly, even the rigidity of the body in a particular case is important. For this reason, the excellent from this point of view the cars, endowed with power steering, today it is possible to meet very rarely. Although many automakers donate specially informative, if only comfort was in the first place.
    Another important goal of engineers is to ensure the defence intelligence such parameters that would make driving at low speed easier, and here on big during the rotation of the steering wheel would become more elastic and informative.
    That though as-that to provide a simultaneous combination of informativity of steering comfort and control, the engineers came up with to connect Gur not from CA, but directly from the electric motor. Such Gur, for example, endowed with the Mercedes A-class.

    MDPS — successfully found the solution

    Electric power steering is an innovative solution. As you know, in this mechanism steering with no hydraulics. A special sensor is installed on the tracking device, and, depending on the signal, the electronics begins to apply current of proper polarity to the motor. As for the motor, it is connected with a steering mechanism through a worm gear.
    Video the principle of operation of MDPS:

    Needless to say that electric power has many advantages, such as:

    • freedom of work of Rome, not connected in any way with the engine speed of the vehicle;
    • great informative steering wheel;
    • self-adjusting parameters of the steering wheel, depending on vehicle speed;
    • efficiency;
    • the independence of Rome from temperature changes and more.

    Repair and installation

    As we promised, in this article we will learn how to repair electric power steering, if that fails. Often a symptom of failure of MDPS becomes a characteristic crackling.
    Video — installation of electric power steering:

    Another common symptom is a fire yellow color error, which is a picture of an exclamation mark on the dashboard.
    The cause of the steering wheel can make the following settings:

    • fails speed sensor;
    • the fault, which is hidden in the MDPS (when the ignition is switched on no self-control does not occur and the device will shut down so as not to disturb the driver to drive a vehicle).

    To remove the EPS from the car, it will be necessary to arm the heads 13 and 21, as well as key 8. To remove this mechanism is quite simple. First you need to dismantle the wheel, using the special Allen hexagonal key. They dismantle alarm button, which on some cars is bolted.
    In the steering wheel of some cars, particularly older models, on the sides there are special openings. In addition, you will need to deal with airbags. Disassemble steering head 13 and a key 27.
    If we are talking mainly about the Soviet models of cars, which often carried out the installation of electric power steering, it is possible to disassemble the mechanism as follows:

    • turn away four bolts of M4;
    • turning one screw;
    • a casing of the steering wheel;
    • next, you will need to disconnect the three connectors lever;
    • find the connection wire and stretch it down;
    • remove the steering-column switch;
    • now you will need to disconnect the wires on the ignition switch. Note. It is recommended before disconnecting the wires, write down or sketch their location, but you can take a picture;
    • now find the two bolts, locking the ignition, and we turn on them;
    • the key inserted into the ignition switch and switch the neutral position;
    • take out the lock, put pressure thin metal rod on the stopper;
    • at the bottom we find the bolt that secures the steering shaft;
    • we turn on him;
    • remove the steering column and brings it down with the shaft;
    • now you will need to Unscrew the two nuts fixing the fuse box;
    • remove them;
    • now you need to go to the side of the engine compartment and remove the rubber plug (here it is — pictured below);
      Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляRubber plug
    • now we need to extend wiring harness from MDPS, if we are talking about installing;
    • the wires connected to the EUR (at bottom of photo shows the connectors where you connect the wires);
      Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляConnectors for connecting wires
    • vosmisloynuyu Shoe will need to connect the two grey wires;
    • with regard to white pads, it would remove the red wire and instead connect the orange wire of the electric power;
    • then you need to connect the earth line;
    • the mounting plate of the power set so that managed to thread the hole in the wiring harness;
    • the plate must be securely tightened in six points;
    • now you need to wear to the splines of the power shaft with cardanice, and then connect earth line. Note. We must remember that the plugs are different karmanchikov by step slots and that is why the shaft is impossible to install in different positions;
    • compare the second end of the shaft along with the electric power — steering gear shaft;
    • install the shaft (do it as would be convenient in a particular case);
    • tighten the bolts and mounting MDPS;
    • now you will need to connect the terminal block;
    • install the switch, preferably three arms;
    • collect the steering wheel and a configurable switch;
    • remove the steering wheel;
    • install the ignition lock;
    • collect all in reverse sequence.


    This is a very important stage of the work carried out at the end. Will need to, as this will maximize the appearance of the salon to leave no traces after you apply the EUR.
    In particular, you should align the steering wheel and remove all the gaps and cracks. It is recommended to install the led, which will be responsible for the diagnosis AMURO. In addition, it will be useful to completely replace the bottom cover of the steering wheel, which cut out so much plastic.
    Often in the process of installing the EPS starts to squeak the wheel. To resolve this blunder, well, it is recommended to adjust the position of the switches placed directly under the wheel.

    Block MDPS

    If car owners are vested in the EPS, not so afraid of failure of this device, because you can run the wheel without it, then if fails the unit electric power steering, it is a problem.
    To remove the unit from the car, it will take only half an hour and figured the screwdriver. Of course, you need to release the steering wheel from the plastic casing and Unscrew the three screws fixing the plastic lining. After the operation we will see the EUR unit:
    Способы ремонта и замены электроусилителя руляThe electric power steering unit
    Disconnect all plugs with wires that are retrieved very easily. Before this thing is strongly recommended to disconnect battery.
    All — now Unscrew bolts fixing unit, and remove it. Depending on the inspection, either replace or repair.
    Hope this article was useful. The EUR is a modern system that helps to significantly reduce the force transmitted by the wheels to the steering wheel.