That threatens the perpetrator?

The law specifies clear — leaving the scene of an accident is equated to the heavy administrative offence that is drawing to a damage to property and even health of a person. When considering the case in the future can be assigned to two forms of punishment: administrative detention, the duration of which reaches 15 days or the confiscation of driver’s license for a period of 1-1. 5 years, with the subsequent need to retake the exam. Interestingly, the legislation does not provide specific criteria for choosing a punishment for leaving the scene of an accident — only specified that the form of the sanctions determined by the severity of the circumstances.
Many people prefer to choose administrative detention, because the car often for work, business or personal trips, and even include a petition about this in the official explanation of his offense. However, such action is completely useless: the punishment chosen by a judge, and only the head of Department of traffic police, which had registered the offence, may recommend (but not more!) to apply the measure. It is worth mentioning that in the greatest number of cases is the deprivation of rights, because the judges consider it an effective measure to prevent severe offences in the future. Legal statistics show that the administrative appointed by about 5-10% left the scene of the accident, depending on the region.

Оставления места ДТП – последствия и ситуации, когда можно это сделатьMost offenders lose their driver’s license
The consequences can be strictly unambiguous, as there are categories of citizens to which administrative detention never be used can not fundamentally:

  • Mothers of children under the age of 14 years, pregnant women;
  • Minors (even if illegal control of transport);
  • Military and designed the fees;
  • People with disabilities I–II group;
  • The holders of special ranks of paramilitary organizations and law enforcement agencies.

Even with a strong desire of the driver and the recommendation of the traffic police, a judge may not appoint an administrative such person, who went from the point of accident. So, if you leave the scene, get ready for a long time use other transport or using the driver.

When can I leave?

If the person in need, leaving the scene of an accident, it is not necessary to it will apply strict punishment. A good example is a collision on the road, which threatens to become a cause of hours-long congestion. Clean car urgent need, but first you should enlist the support of witnesses. It is advisable to draw up on paper a diagram, draw it on a clear direction that will help the traffic police to reconstruct the incident, and it is also possible to apply approximate distances. On paper should put their signatures 2-4 of the witness, and in the presence of chalk, paint or any other similar tools worth to outline the contours of the car standing on the road.

Also do not say that the driver really has disappeared from a road accident place, when the incident was minor, it involved only two vehicles and both parties agreed on a scheme of events. The main requirement – the need to fill out the notice of the insurance company about the incident — it is often called the “European accident report”. But it is worth remembering that payments will be limited to the amount of 50 thousand rubles, so if the damages clearly exceed such amount, wait for law enforcement officers. Leaving the scene of a minor accident it is allowed, if both parties do not have the ability to notify law enforcement, for example, the cells are or are not served in a particular place. In such a case, also need to agree on the scheme and together to arrive at a traffic police post, to make an accident under the law.

There is also the question — what to do when in an accident has seriously injured people do not use transport to take them to the hospital? Of course, the law allows for such a possibility, and the driver will not take special measures. However, it should also pre-enlist the support of witnesses. If the accident occurred in the middle of nowhere, at least take a picture of the scene on a mobile phone camera, record a video and ask the other participants to confirm accurate diagram of the accident. After that you can go to a hospital, taking all measures to maintain the life and health of the victim.
And there are legal incidents, unpleasant for drivers. For example, the accident may have minor consequences, and even stay unnoticed — this happens when the car is playing very loud music, and people sitting inside don’t notice a light kick. It would seem that nothing terrible happens — but if the culprit or the witness decides to go to the traffic police, who went to the driver may be subject to the usual punishment. Moreover, the law is on his side — in the rules it is clearly stated that they are unintentionally leaving the scene of an accident without liability in the absence of the victims. But judges are less supportive, which leads to the recognition of the driver guilty in most cases — but if it is believed that he really had disappeared with the accident that threatens in such case, you can read above.

If you want to find the culprit

There are also cases, when the culprit escaped, leaving the second party to assess its damage. In such a case you need to quickly get your bearings and try to remember the maximum information about his car: license plate, make, color, and so on. Fit even width of the wheels, which can be estimated by the tire print on the asphalt. Just try to locate witnesses, record their statements and personal information to have good arguments in court.
Оставления места ДТП – последствия и ситуации, когда можно это сделатьYou should try to remember as much information as possible about the offending vehicle
If victims requiring urgent care, no, call the police, because the tracing hit-and-run accidents is their competency. To make the “European accident report” and the scheme of events in this case will not work because the second participant on the scene there. If you urgently need to go to a medical facility, take a few photos, which must be unique landmarks.

Is it fair punishment?

Of course, many drivers such strong measures for the remaining accidents seem excessive — especially if it is a minor incident that did not cause serious consequences. However, law enforcement officers and judicial officials unanimously assert that the law rightly made. This responsibility makes the driver think twice before you leave the scene of an accident, thereby causing considerable damage to the livelihoods and health of another party.

Standard terms of payment

Do not think that liability for failure to pay a fine of traffic police comes just days after handing the driver the Protocol. This document can always be challenged, because the law allows for the possibility of committing errors the inspector found that the process time is 10 days. After the specified time, the Protocol has the force of a full-fledged order requiring payment — it is equivalent to the documents issued in other administrative offences not related to cars. But after panic, immediately going to the Bank, not worth it — 60 days is given on a voluntary payment of the fine the hapless driver.
So you have 70 days legal delay, then the case goes to trial. But after that the penalty for failure to pay fines will not be applied to the violator on condition that he would make the necessary sum of money in the next 10 days. That is how much is allocated to the transmission of orders to the bailiff, who is entitled to an inventory of the property, its seizure and forced debit from salary. Total — 80 days prior to the appointment of new sanctions. Agree, the term is quite impressive to have time to accumulate the required amount and choose a day to travel to the Bank or learning instrument for the payment of fines online.

Можно ли не платить штрафы ГИБДД и стоит ли надеяться на амнистию?Each driver has an impressive extension on the payment of the fine
If the penalty is not paid on time, the traffic police for a valid reason, the act provides a small relief for certain categories of offenders. For this purpose it is necessary to go to court and show documentary proof that you are:

  • A member of low-income families;
  • A parent bringing up children on their own;
  • A parent in a large family;
  • The Trustee of the dependants;
  • Disabled or temporarily disabled;
  • Unemployed for a long time under condition of registration at the labor exchange.

The judge may appoint two forms of preferential payment. A grace is given for a period within the month, which is added to the above, and distributes the installment amount is a substantial fine for three months. When the legal case to overturn the fine, the judge has no right even in the presence of a given mitigating circumstances.

Is it worth running?

If you listed the non-payment of fines traffic police, the serious consequences of delay can result in a lot of trouble. The minimum measure applied to the driver — the presentation of the supplementary provisions, the amount of which in 2 times exceeds an indicator of the initial fine, and she can’t be less than a thousand rubles. Unlike the traffic police, the bailiffs long wait is not intend — the period for voluntary payment is 5 days, after which can start the procedure of confiscation or forced budget cutbacks.

Можно ли не платить штрафы ГИБДД и стоит ли надеяться на амнистию?For non-payment of a fine may be arrested for up to 15 days
However, the law provides much harsher punishment — arrest for non-payment of fines STSI, duration up to 15 days. It is this fact cool the ardor of many offenders, initially decided to ignore the demands of the law, for those wishing to spend a few days in the chamber, a shameful letter to work quite a little. Of course, such sanctions are used rarely, and in most cases against infringers-recidivists, having on his account for a few unpaid fines. But to tempt fate, enough to talk rudely with a bailiff or a long time to avoid meeting with him. The only exception is the administrative does not apply to drivers who issued a decree on the basis of materials of the camera taking pictures.
Another unpleasant penalties for non-payment of fines traffic police — public work, which the court may assign up to 50 hours. Want to try what is like to janitors, utility workers, baggage handlers and representatives of other professions — simply to evade payment of prescribed sum. And this penalty applies to all types of orders regardless of the method of their appointment. Another less common method of restraint of non-payment — a ban on travel abroad.

Is there an efficient way?

Knowing, what are the consequences of failure to pay a fine of traffic police, you are unlikely to try to escape punishment, to gain even a huge number of problems. But some decide to try their luck, hoping for the provision of the law that limits the limitation period sanctions two years. In fact, after waiting the indicated period, you can safely go to the passport office, the Department of traffic police or even abroad — information about your offence will be deleted from government databases. However, it is good to read all the articles of the Statute to understand the Statute of limitations is not established from the time of delivery of the Protocol, and after meeting with the Sheriff, where the driver got the second resolution. In fact, this observation allows law enforcement agencies to ignore the Statute of limitations and detect intruders even after 3-5 years.
However, you do not need to know what the penalty is for failure to pay a fine of traffic police is appointed according to relevant regulations, if the decision is delayed through the fault of the state authorities. Having received the document two months later (three in a case in the court room), you can safely ignore the requirement, but the document be sure to save it. In the future it will serve as proof that you did not receive timely notification. Be careful — if the letter is not picked, the resolution will be deemed to have come into force when it is returned to the sender, so such delays in notification can’t be considered.

Will there be an Amnesty?

Although the Amnesty of fines STSI 2015 to 9 may in fact not take place, many drivers continue to hope that their old debts will be forgiven later. Evidence for this exists — government bodies indicate that the suitability to set aside decisions for administrative violations not because they have no effect on the rights and freedoms of the person. In addition, there are no plans to mitigate the liability, what has several times asked famous human rights activists engaged in “driving” business — government committed to improving the culture of driving and reducing accident rates.
Можно ли не платить штрафы ГИБДД и стоит ли надеяться на амнистию?The state authorities do not give cause to hope for Amnesty
So the answer to the question, what happens if the penalty is not paid traffic, would definitely be additional sanctions, forced withdrawal of property, or even arrest. The only exception is the Amnesty, appointed for special reasons. In 2013, the fines were “forgiven”, because there were malfunctions in work of the unified electronic information system of the traffic police. The likelihood of a recurrence of this situation, though small, but there is however hope for it drivers cannot.

To pay fines and sleep well

Knowing how much you can not pay a fine to the traffic police, you can reasonably allocate its costs and to avoid unnecessary costs in a certain period of time. However, to risk and to refuse payment would be rather silly — after all, as practice shows, sometimes problems arise even after the expiry of two years. In addition, the payment of the fine is quite a low price for a clear conscience and peaceful sleep.

A bit of theory

It’s not hard to understand that this service is a separate type of liability insurance a driver. However, the first letter of the abbreviation indicates that it is not obligatory, but completely voluntary, and the contract is concluded only with the consent of the owner of transport. Insurance dsago also sometimes called “advanced CTP” because it performs a similar function, but defines the other boundary of human responsibility.
According to the current rules, the maximum payment on compulsory insurance limited to a relatively small amount, component 400 or 500 thousand rubles depending on the variety of the damage. It will suffice if parties to the accident will be the owners of a relatively inexpensive car, and what to do if involved in an accident prestigious foreign car has received considerable damages? Here and ready to help dsago policy that increases the limits defined in the agreement amount. Most financial institutions offer a fixed compensation amount, which usually range within the borders of 1-3 million rubles, however, there are companies that allow you to adjust the continuously variable payments or even to participate in the savings programs. The acquisition cost of financial services usually ranges from 0.5 to 1.5% of the maximum allowed reimbursement — and when calculating premiums the insurance company takes into account the age and experience of the driver specified in the contract for the auto, make and year of manufacture of transport, as well as other factors determined by the organization providing services.

Расширенное спокойствие: что такое ДСАГО?Dsago allows you to increase the limits of payments under mandatory insurance
Rules dsago not allowed to use this insurance product in the absence of a policy of compulsory insurance — that is why such a service is called “enhanced”. When calculating the compensation of damage, use the following formula in which final payment is equal to the sum of the costs of the owner of the policy less the amounts covered by the basic insurance. In fact dsago allows to compensate only the limits of compulsory insurance, but it doesn’t replace it, and especially not duplicates. If both types of insurance are carried out in one organization, instead of an extra policy for the driver may be issued a standard certificate of insurance indicating the enhanced compensation. This type of design is not prohibited by law and does not make the policy invalid.
To make dsago, will not require much time — in most cases, representatives of insurance companies don’t inspect the cars, make pictures of them, but only draw up a contract and take the put premium. In 2015, for the use of such services require only a standard insurance policy (if you don’t make out to both insurances at the same time), as well as personal documents and title. In most cases, you want to call it, who admitted to driving your vehicle. Such data are mandatory policy, and in his absence you will need to show documents people who are entitled to drive a particular car.

Is there a need for voluntary insurance?

Drivers who’ve never been in a relatively serious accident, I can say that dsago — a waste of money, which further increases the expense of the owner of the car. But it should be remembered that there are certain categories of people likely to be the cause of an accident is much higher than the others. These include:

  • Inexperienced drivers, who are the owners of the car;
  • People, whose health condition allows to drive a car, but imposes certain restrictions or individuals with disabilities;
  • Powerful auto owners or drivers who prefer aggressive driving style;
  • Persons repeatedly involved in traffic accidents for a variety of reasons.

For them, voluntary insurance is more of a pressing need to get rid of the huge material costs.

Dsago payments are made under the standard scheme — after receipt of the invoice or the results of the examination it is necessary to transmit the document to the representative of the insurance and make a claim about the payment according to the contract. In recent time there were also additional features that can be used by the owners of voluntary insurance policies. They represented independent execution of documents by experts of financial institutions, representation of the client in judicial proceedings, free evacuation transport with the subsequent damage assessment, and many other special offers. Their cost is small, but upon the occurrence of specified insured event, such services can relieve the driver from many small cares.

Voluntary or obligatory?

Requirements regarding the purchase of extended insurance under certain circumstances, Russian law does not. However, the residents of the largest cities in the country, who daily travel in heavy traffic near prestigious cars it is better to purchase additional insurance and to get confidence in the absence of ongoing financial threats. But for living in regions with little congestion or rarely use your car it may not be necessary.

Where to go?

Drivers who received a license before 2014, remember that the earlier the technical Inspectorate were engaged in a special service at the interior Ministry. Now the law establishes that it should not apply to her, but only in specialized service centers that have been accredited Union of motor insurers (RAMI). These can be:

  • HUNDRED, equipped with specialized diagnostic equipment;
  • Special points of examination, not engaged in other activities;
  • Accredited centers at insurance companies.

Now the question of where to pass inspection, is not so acute, for example, only in Moscow there are more than 90 points, and their number is constantly increasing.

Как и где проходить техосмотр в 2015 году и сколько это стоит?
However, the transfer of technical inspection to private hands has raised many questions — in particular, many drivers that our service centers will be specially to find the nonexistent damage to force a person to pay an additional amount for completing IT. Besides, there is another problem — the inspection started numerous semi company, “simplifying” the formal procedures. They offer to deliver a fully completed diagnostic map at the specified address of the person, without inspection of car. To use their services is very dangerous — you will not know about the actual failures of the vehicle, and will not be able to pay damages in the event of a dispute in an accident.

When to go?

Before heading at a particular address, is to figure out when you need a checkup. If he had previously conducted at specified intervals for specific types of transport, now the system is much more complicated. So, the new cars, which will not be used for commercial transportation of goods and passengers, do not require inspection within three years. That is the rule established for passenger cars, light trucks, class “B”, as well as motor vehicles (except ATVs and vehicles for special purposes). Three years after the release of the car to its owner will need to apply to the item holding IT, and visit it every two years until the vehicle reaches a the age of seven. When the car was seven years old, you will have to get an inspection every year.

Как и где проходить техосмотр в 2015 году и сколько это стоит?Frequency of inspection now depends on the age of the car
Other dates set for trucks with GVW over 3.5 tons, training vehicles and special vehicles, equipped with light and sound warning signals — they need to be examined every year, in addition to which the purchase was made. More often, coming to the points THAT the trucks and trailers adapted to transport especially of dangerous goods, cargo transport, converted for the carriage of passengers, ordinary buses and taxis. For them, the frequency of inspection is 6 months. Such a claim looks fair and contributes to improving road safety.
The driver himself may come at an extraordinary inspection, if he suspects that his car is defective. In this case, the visa will be issued according to the usual rules, and the price of inspection is not different from that appointed by law. Experts points of inspection shall not be entitled to refuse in an extraordinary survey of transport — such work is within their competence.

What to do?

Learn how to pass vehicle inspection, you can from the law, or to ask the specialists of the diagnostic center. However, this is not necessarily because the procedure is quite simple and includes:

  • Check condition of fluids, and absence of leaks;
  • Check the configuration of the car (license plates, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency kit);
  • Check lighting equipment and warning systems;
  • Checking the strength of door locks and their resistance to high loads;
  • Instrumental diagnostics and visual inspection of the crucial components.
  • Analysis of toxic substances in exhaust gases;
  • Checking braking systems (service and Parking);
  • Check the strength of the connections in the steering and suspension, evaluation of the magnitude of the backlash of certain parts.

If you suspect that the item of inspection is semi-legal office that deals only with the registration papers, ask to see the Playground and the equipment for performance of all works — as you see, it must be quite serious.
Как и где проходить техосмотр в 2015 году и сколько это стоит?
By results of technical inspection of a diagnostic card inspection, and this is regardless of whether the car all the standards. It contains all the items listed above, and in front of each stamp placed on serviceability/malfunction. If the car is deemed unfit to travel on the road, it must be repaired by removing all comments from reviewers and again to bring in the point inspection. To save money, come to the same diagnostic center, because you will have to test only systems that are not authenticated. But when referring to any business entity have to pay the full amount and be inspected according to the rules.
Requirements for passing inspection also include the availability of documents, without which the driver is not a diagnostic card. These include the owner’s passport, driver’s license and paper for the vehicle (title and registration certificate). If the inspection comes a Trustee, he should be a confirmation of transfer of the owner of the right of transport.

Why need a checkup?

The main reason why it is necessary to go to the point of passing diagnostics without diagnostic card it is impossible to travel on public roads. Of course, unlike ehtalon, it does not have the right to require the driver of the traffic police inspectors, but the law is constructed in such a way that it will be all without exception. If you do not pass inspection, it will be impossible to conclude the insurance contract CTP for a period of more than 10 days, therefore do not get to put cars on the account. Respectively, in registration of vehicles will also be refused.
Как и где проходить техосмотр в 2015 году и сколько это стоит?
Moreover, an inspector can still check, if passed inspection, if a vehicle is carrying passengers or dangerous goods. By taxi the requirement to have a diagnostic card is also applicable. It should take into account all employees of taxi companies and entrepreneurs engaged in this area.
If the car passed inspection without is adjudged to be in an accident, the insurance company may nominate to the driver recourse, which will significantly reduce the amount of payments. However, this rule applies only when the driver of the car guilty in creating the emergency situation — the victim is not obliged to impose diagnostic card. If the accident occurred due to technical problems, although the diagnostic center confirmed compliance with the vehicle standards, the financial institution has the right to make a claim to the item. For this reason, you should not book a checkup without being machine — simple design paper will not detect faults, and to recover damages from such firm will be very difficult.

How much to pay?

Depending on what look experts when conducting the inspection, may be different — however, this only applies to the case when the car came to the re-examination for Troubleshooting. In other circumstances a fixed amount is assigned, which is determined by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. Adjustments it can be made by regional governments, but they are not entitled to set tariffs that go beyond the price band established a specialized Federal Agency.

The passing of the technical inspection are relatively small — thus, the owner of the car will have to pay 720 rubles, and motorcycle — a total of 240. For trucks and buses used for commercial purposes, the amount will be more impressive — 1630 and 1560 rubles, respectively. In addition, 1050 rubles will have to pay for the inspection of a trailer or semitrailer with a gross weight of over 3.5 tons. The sum does not depend on when to pass inspection, and whether it is mandatory or the driver came to the service center voluntarily.

The positive changes?

Although many people claim that the new system of inspections more corrupt, it greatly facilitates the life of the ordinary driver. In particular, there is no need to search long for the point of inspection, which belongs to the state Inspectorate, as well as to stand in a long queue. In addition, abolished the need to carry tenteleni that makes communicating with representatives of the traffic police. Finally, the law establishes the responsibilities of technical inspectors when forming an incorrect conclusion that will compensate for the losses incurred during accidents in many cases.

Quick battery selection

It’s very convenient to be able to find spare parts, using only basic information about the car. Thanks to modern information technology such a possibility from the owners of cars there, and it does not need to incur large expenses or to make incredible efforts. The most simple variant — battery selection by brand transport in the Internet.
There are a lot of specialized online-shops that sell batteries — most such features have now been implemented. Just enter the parameters of the vehicle, including make, model, package configuration or mounted motor, to obtain a complete list of information about used batteries. These data can be used to make a purchase offline on the market or in stores. However, it may be advisable to use international parts catalogs — usually they provide a more complete and contain more available choices of goods.

Можно ли подобрать аккумулятор по марке машины?At many online shops you can pick up the battery, putting in the parameters of the car
You can also specify the required information, the employee of a major HUNDRED or a specialized service center. In most cases they have access to special databases and catalogs, which shows the line car brands and models of batteries. This method has a significant drawback — the majority of employees of commercial companies will call only the cost of products, not specifying its characteristics. There is a risk to overpay a lot of money by buying a very expensive battery.
There is also an “antiquated” method of selection of the battery — for this you need to look in the manual transport or to buy a book, if you do not have it. There are very clearly described all the parameters used battery that should be used when making a purchase. With this book, or extract from it go to the shop and show it to the seller. This method has the considerable advantage of not naming the brand of your machine, you will not cause bias. In an ordinary case after hearing that we are talking about an expensive foreign car, the vendors are beginning to offer extremely expensive products.

Exact selection

This way if you do not wish to use or not, should move to self-selection of the desired batteries. To do this, just have to study all the characteristics and varieties of batteries — this information will enable you to avoid mistakes when buying. If we put aside the standard voltage (12V for cars, 24V for truck), then the main parameter battery capacity remains. The higher the number the longer the battery will hold out under heavy loads — including the starts at negative ambient temperatures.

Можно ли подобрать аккумулятор по марке машины?Capacity is a key parameter when choosing a battery
In addition, winter is a particularly relevant current cold start — increase of this indicator facilitates the work of the starter and will guarantee a successful start under very unfavorable climatic conditions. Be careful — carrying a selection of battery on vehicle, you can find a lot of battery with high enough capacity, but the minimum current, cold start. They will work, but each starting at low temperatures becomes a real lottery with completely unpredictable results.
Be sure to look at the size of the battery and the polarity, as the result of a wrong choice you will not be able to connect the wires to the battery. The polarity is direct — this is used in domestic and European cars, as well as the reverse, which is typical for Japanese and American equipment. Batteries are also divided into:

  • Service — least reliable, requiring constant revision with the addition of electrolytes.
  • Low-maintenance — improved versions of the previous one, requiring a rare check possible refilling of the conductive substance;
  • Maintenance-free — the most qualitative that do not require any attention, but very expensive.

I would like to advise also to pay attention to brands of batteries that are of considerable importance. The highest quality are Bosch and Varta batteries, although many motorists are saying about unreasonably high prices. Therefore, the recommended may also introduce a less expensive brand of batteries — Exide, Mutlu, Westa, Volta. Battery worth buying solely in proven areas — on the market there are a lot of fakes, other than a very small durability.

Quickly or accurately?

Of course, all of the methods of accelerated selection of batteries are equally effective, and allow for minimal time to get exactly corresponds to the settings of the car battery. However, in such a case no one will insure you from unnecessary expenses associated with the acquisition of the goods at obviously inflated price. Therefore, when buying such expensive component, the battery, better to pay attention to its characteristics and study the market.

The process of termination. Where to start?

How to return the money spent on car insurance

Before starting the process, the driver should know the cases in which the insurance company in accordance with the insurance policy money returns:

  • The death of the owner of the car.

Termination of the contract is held with the successor of this car or a Trustee in possession of notarized documents, a death certificate.

  • Change the owner of the car in case of its sale.

Sale of vehicle with use of a General power of attorney will not be considered as reason for termination, as insurance company requires a contract of sale. And the termination of the contract of insurance when selling a car without it is not carried out.

  • Car breakdown, as well as its utilization.

Breakage, do not be restored, can occur in the event of an incident or accident. Car disposal takes place in accordance with the state program.
Как расторгнуть договор ОСАГО автовладельцу правильно и по закону?

  • Termination of the company.

This case also acts on the termination of the CTP when selling a car. This is the most difficult refund process. Do not delay going on then, otherwise, terminate the contract will be difficult and will take time.
At the time of the transaction, the insurance agent needs to talk in detail about how to terminate the contract CTP. But if you have any additional questions or want to learn important information, here you will need the help of the insurance company.

Documents for termination of the contract

In this case, you will need to perform the following steps:
First, the owner is the statement in which specifies about the case of early termination of the contract CTP. Then you will need to produce: a policy and receipt, make a copy of the passport of the insured. The organization, in addition, may require a Bank account, where will be transferred the funds.
Как расторгнуть договор ОСАГО автовладельцу правильно и по закону?Together with the application shall be submitted a number of documents
The agreement of purchase and sale, a copy or a certificate of recycling, certificate of death and documents on the rights of inheritance are needed in order to perform the refund of insurance premium upon termination of the contract CTP. In this case the money is returned to the owner in cash on the day when the statement was recorded or transferred to the account you specified earlier.

Payment and the correct calculation

The refund from the insurance company to the owner is calculated by a simple mathematical formula. It can be used if you want to know in advance payments or relying once again safe, making sure that you are not deceived. In order to calculate the refund amount must first from the initial price of automobile liability insurance to deduct 23% of the deductions, where 3% are in the organization of automobile insurance, and 20% spent the money on the termination of the contract and work with the owner of the car. Divide the number of months which have remained before the termination of period of validity of the policy, 12. The value of the first operation to multiply the value obtained in the second. In mathematical formula it would look like this:
S= (D-23%)*(M/12)
It is important to know that those 77% that belong to you, can be very small, if the duration of your contract ends, for example, 3-4 months. It is more appropriate to deal with the refund if in plenty of time prior to the expiration of the agreement.
Как расторгнуть договор ОСАГО автовладельцу правильно и по закону?The refunding is made on a specific formula

Problems arising from the termination of the contract

Quite often, professionals insurance, practising, encounter problems or difficulties during this process. Sometimes the owners of the car for a long time delayed the transfer and receipt of money. There are cases that the driver, indicating the Bank account where the funds are transferred, wrong in the numbers and the money the other person. Some drivers sometimes need long time to collect documents, because they don’t have the originals of certain papers, so a process that at first glance is quick, takes some time. You should always be careful when dealing with paperwork and dealing with Bank accounts or details, carefully check the accuracy of the data.

Possible delays

If after a long period of time a refund has not occurred, you must report to the accounting Department of this company and to know the status of the payment order. Possible any problems with the transfer and delays. Dealing with an unscrupulous company, you can write a complaint or to investigate the cause of this situation. There are organizations: the supervision of insurers, Union of insurers who specialise in this area, and will help to resolve disputes. In exceptional cases it is possible to file a lawsuit, but only if there are all evidential documents.

The reasons why the money is not returned

Some companies stipulate in advance the point at which when you eliminate the insurance, motorists are not able to get the money back. The same situation may occur if the insurance company deems that the reasons for termination of the contract sufficiently compelling. For example, a long journey in which the vehicle is demanded by driver. At this time, the termination of the policy CTP is not happening, and the owner does not receive money.
Как расторгнуть договор ОСАГО автовладельцу правильно и по закону?The organization can count not a valid reason for termination of the contract

Terms of termination of contract and refunds

It is important to take into account the fact that the majority of the time behind the owner of the car, the less money it will bring him back. She returns only when the insured received a statement that terminates the agreement between the two parties. If he turns the company over a large period of time — a few months after the sale of the car, the cash compensation he receives. This moment will not happen in case of death of the owner or breakage of the machine. Here, the contract shall terminate automatically at the time of the accident. So there is no need to appear in the insurance company immediately.

Summing up

Every day on the roads causing accidents in which the vehicle owners suffer losses. To avoid such dangerous occasions for your budget, it is necessary to foresee protection in the form of an insurance policy that provides compensation. Long ago CTP became mandatory for drivers who can easily become participants in road accidents.
Как расторгнуть договор ОСАГО автовладельцу правильно и по закону?Before you decide on the termination, you should weigh all the pros and cons
Termination of the contract CTP is a process that may not always end the way you expected. But, knowing the conditionality of insurance companies, and given all the details, from car owners do not receive the question whether it is possible to terminate the contract CTP and how to do it. Always remember that if you have any questions you are able to contact an agent car insurance. And if you have any unresolved issues with the company, it is best to apply to the judiciary that addresses all disputed issues.
Today, many car owners are not interested in the refund process, since due to the small end of the final insurance payout is negligible. So before you do a refund, carefully consider all sides of the issue represented in the article. Maybe in comments other car owners or you yourself want to talk about this process and learn something new.

Modernization of a diesel engine

Diesel engine power, due to the nature of work can be increased by improving cylinder head because the fuel injection occurs in the cylinder.

The engines, which is characterized by ignition from the compression, the combustion chamber is from below. It achieves a pressure which exceeds the ratio of 15:1. Depending on design, the cylinder can adopt a conical shape with a slight depression or have a small hole near the exhaust valve with a conical base. It is the cone shape helps to direct and mix the fuel during injection into the cylinder.
Проверенные способы увеличения мощности двигателя
Can I improve my hands, especially a diesel engine, does not seem particularly difficult, but there are nuances. After boring the cylinders, under the preliminary draft, the working temperature of the combustion chamber will increase significantly. In order to avoid excess wear and tear, is are some to modify the camera. Alternatively, you can set the boxes on a diesel engine.

Because when upgrading cylinder pressure, this will increase in parallel and air temperature. The process of ignition of the mixture will occur only at the moment when the temperature of fuel and air reaches the limit value. The gases formed will send the remaining raw fuel into the cylinder for a full cycle. Thus, provided complete combustion of fuel, which will significantly affect the capacity.

The improvement of gasoline engine

To raise the power of the car, which has a petrol engine, much easier than to perfect a diesel engine. The main reason is the method of ignition of the fuel mixture.
At the moment there are several ways to increase the power of the engine carburetor. They are all fundamentally different from one another, thereby in varying degrees increase the power of the car. So, in order.

Chip tuning

This way of forcing the engine applies primarily to fuel injection engines. The essence is the following: in the firmware, which is stored in the memory of the control unit, the optimum algorithm efficiency of the engine and used constants. In conventional cars all these values are set by the developers who spend months of work to find the best solution for this brand. In sports cars “fuel consumption” are trying to ignore, because the end justifies the means.
Проверенные способы увеличения мощности двигателя
Sports options can be quite simple to install on your car. By changing the ratio of air and gasoline, the process of starting the ignition of the mixture, as well as additional options, the power of your car will increase significantly. But we need to understand the following: setting is not the factory settings, you will dramatically increase your fuel consumption.
Increase the capacity of the car will require the installation of a reinforced system of braking and the harder suspension. The load on the vehicle body, and the speed will increase, so you should care about such nuances.

The modification of the ignition angle

Owners of gasoline engines can easily increase the power of the car by changing the ignition angle. Air / fuel mixture in gasoline engines is ignited when the piston reached the upper dead point. Changing the time of ignition of the mixture can substantially increase the power of your motor.
However, such action will significantly affect the operational characteristics of the motor. Premature arson can result in formation of small detonations, and as a consequence — destruction of the engine. It is also worth noting that the power can be varied by adjusting the carburetor, and use a variety of nozzles.

Using the filter with minimal resistance

To prevent small particles in the cylinders of the engine, in cars the air filter is installed. Thanks to the filter, the engine remains operational for much longer and not require frequent repairs.
Проверенные способы увеличения мощности двигателя
However, the air filter substantially prevents the ingress of air into the combustion chamber. How can I get out of this situation?
To reduce the cost of engine power on the resistance provided by the filter, by replacing it with a more advanced — use the filter of zero resistance. The use of such filter will slightly power up your machine. Providing free ingress of air into the combustion chamber, you will receive up to 10% increase of engine power.

Exhaust system

In addition to the incoming air in the car engine, the entire exhaust material needs with a similar ease to recover. If the exhaust gas retained in the exhaust system, due to the truncation of the exhaust pipe or passage of some of the obstacles of attachments this allows you to create reverse thrust.
On this process your engine spends its useful power. In addition, significantly reduced the degree of removal of exhaust gases, and this is not the best news for your car. It is not a difficult task, it is quite simple to manage alone.

Installation of a turbo-supercharging

This method of retrofitting a vehicle is suitable for owners of gasoline engine and diesel. By ensuring supply of additional volume of air and fuel, you can get a considerable increase the power of the car.
Проверенные способы увеличения мощности двигателя
The principle is based on the secondary use of waste gas. In the process of removal of exhaust gas rotates the turbine wheel. The torque is transmitted to the compressor, which draws in air and pumps it into the engine. If in addition to install the intercooler, the result will improve significantly due to ingress of cooling air into the combustion chamber. The air in the compressor under pressure to significantly heat up and it needs extra cooling.

The installation of nitrous oxide

The use of nitrous oxide — another interesting way to increase the power of the engine. With a hit of nitrous oxide into the combustion chamber the number of the working oxygen in combustion processes is significantly increased. It allows at the same time, to expend more fuel for combustion.
Although this method seems attractive, it is quite difficult to operate and require additional knowledge and skills. Usually the nitrous oxide installed on race cars where speed is the main instrument of victory. Can I use this method of increasing the power on the car? Can. But you have to understand: is it worth it?

To summarize

The methods of increasing the power of the car engine, whether gasoline or diesel, can significantly power up your machine. However, with increased power and dramatically increases fuel consumption, which is not for every motorist.
In addition, improving the speed of the vehicles will require additional installation cost, reliable braking system and suspension refinement. For example, by making changes in the exhaust system, you definitely will strengthen the operation noise, which will attract the attention of not only passing, but also the traffic police.
Any action for the purpose of increasing the power of the car directly will require any structural changes. Therefore, before purposefully to upgrade the machine, weigh the pros and cons.

The procedure for early termination of the contract CASCO

Our citizens try to avoid the red tape. Usually, only when faced with the sale of a motor vehicle or unsatisfactory performance of the buyer’s company policy, the person begins to find out whether it is possible to terminate the insurance prematurely.
The civil code allows the insured vehicle to the citizen to terminate the policy at any time. For this purpose it is necessary to submit to the firm that sold the policy:

  • Declaration of termination of the insurance contract. Date of notification will be deemed the date of termination of Treaty obligations;
  • the identity card of a citizen, issued a hull;
  • the original policy.

Other options for termination of the contract CASCO

The law prohibits the company-the insurer of the termination of contractual obligations on the hull before the courts will be rendered the appropriate verdict. In the case where no court orders, and the company threatens you break contractual obligations, you should know that it is just empty threats, unenforceable. Early termination of the hull insurance either through your initiative or with the agreement of the parties. The courts usually render verdicts in favor of the insurance companies in the following situations:

  • when customers refuse to pay agreed contributions, or pay them irregularly;
  • when the firm because of higher insurance risks increases the size of contributions, and the clients refuse to pay for them. The company may require increased contributions in connection with the contents of the car on the street, malfunction alarm, the loss of the owner of the registration;
  • when it turns out that the customer purchasing the hull, submitted knowingly false information.

Как грамотно делается расторжение договора КАСКОIn some cases the insurer has the right to terminate the policy
The verdict of the court rendered in favor of the company, the insurer, means that there will be no refund of fees to the client.
If the deliberate actions of a citizen who obtained the insurance (for example, arson) or accident, are not considered insured event led to the destruction of the insured vehicle, the contractual obligations of the insurance company under CASCO are terminated automatically. Automatically terminate as of the policy when the motor vehicle dies as a result of an insured event, and the firm-the insurer fully reimburses the cost.

The amount of money that the policyholder receives as a result of termination of the contract CASCO

Before signing any contract, read it carefully and try to understand the essence of written. If you have not done so, signing the contract CASCO, losses incurred as a result of its early termination, you can assume the price to pay for increasing legal literacy.
Despite the fact that the client can easily terminate the insurance, to return the money paid as insurance premiums, is often very problematic. The agreement usually stipulates how his early termination and how money matters are governed. If the text of the Treaty is no information on this point or expressly stated that the funds will not be returned to the customer, so the company money you won’t get it. The refusal of payments is not a whim of the owners of the insurance company: this provision is contained in article 958 of the civil code. However, not all so sad: even in this case, you will be able to reduce losses to a minimum, in conjunction with rupture of contractual obligations to the date of payment of the next installment. Also to return the already paid insurance premium you can try through the court, if the insurance company lost the license.
Как грамотно делается расторжение договора КАСКОCarefully study the contract
Most often in case of early termination some money still can be returned, however, to accept that it will be much less than you’d expect. The fact that the company charges a fee for case management. Its size depends on the internal company instructions, and can range from ten to forty per cent of the insurance premium. Roughly the amount the client will receive after the termination of the contract, can be calculated by the formula:
BC = (RSW / 365) * Number of days before the expiry of the contract * (1 — HPC) — vpss, where:
Sun — return sum;
RSV the amount of the insurance premium;
KVD — the price at which the deductions are considered for the case (0.1 to 0.4). For example, if for case management will be charged 30%, CVD = 0.3, while the size of the returned premium must be multiplied by 0.7;
Its — payments for insurance claims.

However, if we approach the termination of contractual obligations wisely, it is possible to return the money, a little more than the calculated amount. Here are a few options:

  • you want to terminate the policy in connection with the sale of a motor vehicle. In that case, invite him to whom sell the car, you have to buy insurance. He will still have to insure your purchase, so why not make this the same company that issued the previous policy? The new owner will just use the rest of your insurance prior to your next payment, and with you, of course, will not take fees for the conduct of the case. Accordingly, you get the amount without regard to the HPC;
  • selling an old car, you get a new one. If to the company, the insurer claims you do not, you may well new car to insure. In addition, what you save on the Board for the conduct of the case, it is possible that even and get a discount as a regular customer.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities, you will be able legally to terminate the contract with the insurance company.

У листопаді в Україні починають діяти нові правила, що регулюють дорожній рух і штрафи.

Днями в Україні змінилися правила на дорозі – по-новому будуть фіксувати порушення і карати за них. Чому саме зараз?

Дійсно, відповідний закон був опублікований ще влітку. Але не всі його положення набули чинності відразу. Деякі норми законодавці прив’язали до іншого важливого документу – закону Про національну поліцію. Останній набрав чинності 7 листопада.

А отже, разом з ним змінюються і правила дорожнього руху.

1. Автореєстрація порушень

У листопаді на дороги повинна повернутися фото – і відеореєстрація порушень. Де і коли будуть встановлені камери, ще невідомо. Але багато хто точно почне отримувати листи щастя.

2. Презумпція винуватості

При фото – і відеореєстрації вас, як власника автомобіля, автоматично будуть визнавати винним. Тобто, не важливо, хто саме сидів за кермом у момент порушення. Відповідатиме власник автомобіля. Якщо ви не згодні з рішенням системи, вам доведеться оскаржувати його в суді.

Інших варіантів не передбачено. Після того, як камера зафіксує правопорушення, власнику автомобіля відправлять повідомлення про те, що його оштрафували, а також посилання на сторінку в інтернеті, де він може подивитися відео або фото порушення. Штраф можна сплатити протягом 30 днів. Або оскаржити протягом 10 днів.

3. Балі замість штрафів

У листопаді також почала діяти бальна система покарань.

Акцизний збір складає значно частину від загальної вартості митного очищення ввезеного транспортного засобу. Враховуючи істотне падіння купівельних можливостей громадян України, у зв’язку з зростанням курсу іноземної валюти, авторами законопроекту №3251 запропоновано тимчасово, з 1 січня 2016 року та до 31 грудня 2017 року знизити ставки акцизного збору на автомобілі, що були в експлуатації.

Нагадаємо, що з початку 2016 року в Україні вводяться обов’язкові мінімальні норми екологічної безпеки для першої реєстрації будь-якого автотранспорту Євро-5, що фактично означає, – вік ввезених автомобілів не повинен перевищувати 5 років.

Мі порівняємо запропоновані в документи тимчасові ставки акцизу з діючими зараз (значення подані в євро за 1 кубічний сантиметр об’єднання об’єму двигуна).
 Які авто в Україні подешевшають на 2 тисячі євро
Стануть б/у автомобілі дешевшими?
Якщо законопроект буде прийнятий, і отримає статус закону, то, наприклад, при ввезенні середнього легковика з бензиновим мотором, об’ємом 1600 куб. см, акцизний збір становитиме 427 євро.

Зараз, згідно з чинними ставками, цей платіж для цього типу ТЗ буде 2340 євро. Різниця – 1913 євро, що, погодьтеся, дуже істотно. Розрахувати розмір акцизного збору для інших типів ТЗ ви зможете самостійно, скориставшись даними з нашої інфографіки – помножте ставку в євро на кількість кубічних сантиметрів об’єму двигуна планованого до ввезення автомобіля, згідно з категорії по робочому об’єму двигуна і типом застосовуваного в ньому палива.