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  • Design
  • Appearance
  • Interior
  • Opel Mokka is a compact and roomy
  • Proper location of the offices
  • Large capacity
  • Bike racks
  • Opel Mokka is ready for adventure
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Safety Opel Mokka
  • The perfect crossover
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Opel Mokka


Opel Mokka in compact form embodies all the qualities of an urban crossover. It is impossible not to fall in love. The developers have not forgotten about anything: every detail, even the unusual streamlined form of the exterior mirrors, carefully thought out. It defines the functionality of the car, harmoniously combined with an attractive appearance.


Sharp temper Opel Mokka demonstrate its graceful form and silhouette. Waist line of the body stretches up, giving the car a sporty, energetic look. A good cross Opel Mokka favorably emphasize wheel arches with a rounded shape and short overhangs. The rear is characterized by practicality and functionality, and the line of glasses, blends in with the rack, which imparts swiftness.
Opel Mokka — маленький кроссовер с кофейным названиемOpel Mokka — rear view
Special attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the Opel Mocha: front bumper and grille are decorated very stylish. A drag coefficient of just 0,360 that ensures the stability of the Opel Mokka on the road and low fuel consumption.


The Opel Mokka all contributes to the sense of space and is designed to provide maximum comfort: properly located control panel, high-quality interior trim, seats with high Seating position. In the interior of the Opel Mokka can be traced and classic style. It manifests itself in the metal parts, chrome surround instrumentation, upholstery materials, very pleasant to the touch.

The instrument panel flows into the side panels that are wing-branded items. It looks very impressive and visually makes the space even wider. All the devices have sleek design, and their location will not cause problems in operation. Door handles, high-quality and durable, complete the elegant look of the cabin.
Opel Mokka — маленький кроссовер с кофейным названиемThe cabin of the crossover Opel Mokka
In Opel Mokka transportation of small passengers will not cause problems. Thanks to wide-opening doors, child seats installed in the car is very simple. Adult passengers expect a comfortable seat and functional offices. All this will make the trip with the Opel Mokka enjoyable and memorable. The car’s design fully meets your expectations, lifestyle and sense of style. Browse Opel Mokka will prove it to you.

Opel Mokka is a compact and roomy

The manufacturer has provided the Opel Mokka variety of storage compartments and the ability to adjust the space for transporting goods. The Luggage compartment increased to 1371 liters, which is convenient for long trips when you need to take a lot of things.

Proper location of the offices

Test drive crossover Opel Mokka:

The Opel Mokka you’ll find up to nineteen well-designed offices. Among them:

  • Split-level glovebox.
  • The glasses holder.
  • Pockets located in the panel of an upholstery of doors.
  • The drawer under the front seat.
  • Niche for storage set of security binding elements of which are first aid kit, safety vest, warning triangle.
  • The Department, under the rear armrest.
  • Hard, foldable shelf located behind the rear seats, in addition to the basic configuration.
  • Compartment, which can be found under the Luggage compartment.
  • A holder for documents, which is posted on the sun visor.
  • The hook on the rear grab rail for coats.
  • Compartment in centre console.

Large capacity

Opel Mokka — the best option for those who lead an active lifestyle. The modern design of the trunk and the optimum height of the opening opportunities for the carriage of baggage. For the rear seat you can see the tray that holds up to forty pounds of Luggage. At the same time it can be the lid of the Luggage compartment, and if necessary easy to fold.
Opel Mokka — маленький кроссовер с кофейным названиемThe driver in the crossover Opel Mokka
If the spare wheel is not included in the package of the car, the place reserved for him, can be used for storage. Volume niches, located under the boot floor, can be different — from 76 to 36 liters.

Bike racks

Opel Mokka will not disappoint fans of Cycling, especially for they have a system for fixing a bike. It extends from the bumper like a drawer and is arranged in such a way that the installation of Bicycle does not harm the car. The basic version of the car easily to transport one bike, but with an adapter bracket attached to the car, you can transport up to three bicycles.
The main advantage of the system — maintaining access in the trunk, that is, to access it, no need to remove the bikes.

Opel Mokka is ready for adventure

Comfort is never too much. Intelligent systems safety, good handling crossover, large awning is on its way, the Opel Mokka surpasses all.

Convenience and comfort

Comfortable seats Recaro AGR provided for in Enjoy and Cosmo trim levels, especially important for drivers who travel a lot and often.
Opel Mokka — маленький кроссовер с кофейным названиемRoomy trunk of the car Opel Mokka
Dual-zone climate control Opel Mokka is controlled by means of sensors. This gives you the ability to set the optimal air temperature, which is maintained automatically by the system regardless of weather conditions. When the engine is running you can activate the heated steering wheel.
The sunroof can provide the most optimal conditions for the trip. Quick Quickheat heating on a cold winter morning quickly remove ice from the windscreen and provides a comfortable ride.

Safety Opel Mokka

Opel developers pay special attention to security. Assistance system for driver Opel Mokka, even in the collision guarantee total control of the car.
Test drive Opel Mokka revealed that the car is equipped with a comprehensive security system that integrates all elements designed to ensure maximum protection on the road. In the body structure uses a lot of technical solutions: rigid frame, high-strength steel elements, deformation of which is programmed, crushed parts, with the trajectory distribution of the impact energy defined in advance. The design and structure of these elements show that Opel Mokka meets all safety standards. The main advantage is that after the accident the damage will be insignificant, but this will reduce the cost of repairs.
Opel Mokka will warn you if you forget to fasten the seat belts have seat belt pretensioners and curtain. Young children will protect the system that disables the airbag in the front seat.
The system controls the speed and direction of movement, provides good illumination in turns and curves in the road without disturbing other road users. Its advantages are obvious: the traffic safety is increased and voltage is minimum.
Video review of the car Opel Mokka:

Pleasantly surprised by automatic switching of distant light, which itself controls the distance to other cars. In addition, it is possible to note such security systems, such as:

  • the definition of distance,
  • a warning about leaving their lane,
  • cruise control feature with speed limits,
  • recognition of road signs,
  • collision warning.

The perfect crossover

From the first second of drive on Opel Mokka comfort is felt, and a number of successfully passed tests indicate that technical characteristics of Opel Mokka fully comply with its spectacular and stylish appearance.
Easy handling and a smooth ride Opel Mokka at high level provides a comprehensive work of several elements of chassis: front suspension type MacPherson struts, power steering and rear suspension with the beam and all systems designed to help the driver.
For Opel Mokka offers several engines: one diesel and three petrol. Opel Mokka in the base set is primarily front-wheel drive, optional all-wheel drive system.
Petrol engines are represented in the following versions:

  • 1.4 liters, turbo, power 140 HP, with manual six gears;
  • The 1.6 litre 115 PS — five-speed manual transmission;
  • 1.8 liters, 140 horsepower, two versions of gearbox: 5-speed “mechanics” or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Diesel Opel Mokka — 1.7 liters, producing 130 horsepower, with a 6-speed manual transmission or AKP.
Opel Mokka — маленький кроссовер с кофейным названиемThe engine of the Opel Mokka crossover
All engines except the 1.8-liter, equipped with system “start-stop”. There is electric power steering, whose characteristics depending on speed change, disc brakes with ABC, EBD, ESC (stability control), TC (traction control system). Price Opel Mokka in the basic configuration starts from 735 000.

Technical characteristics of Opel Mokka

Car brand:
Opel Mokka

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP/Rev. min.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

Drive type:
front, full


Fuel type:
gasoline AI-95

The consumption per 100 km:
city of 9.5; the track of 5.7

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

Tire size:

Curb weight, kg:

Full weight, kg:

Fuel capacity:

Advantages and disadvantages of Opel Mokka

Like any other vehicle, the Opel Mokka has its positive and negative sides. Pros:

  • price — compared to competitors, it’s much lower;
  • advanced electronics — a large number of features and systems designed to assist the driver in driving;
  • multi-function on-Board computer;
  • the convenience and space — despite the fact that the Opel Mokka is a compact car, it easily accommodated five people, and each feels comfortable;
  • efficient engines with low fuel consumption;
  • design machine looks stylish and impressive.

With all these advantages, the Opel Mokka is not without flaws. It can be noted the following disadvantages:

  • engines — three options available to us, but the company has much more interesting units that could be interesting for the buyer;
  • diesel engine is noisy;
  • the front lip is far too low.

Summary for Opel Mokka definitely worthy technical characteristics, high level of comfort and safety fully meet the standards for premium SUVs. And small size in combination with good permeability allow the crossover to claim the title of universal car, comfortable on trips and around town, and beyond.
Think otherwise? Argue, writing to us in the comments.

Original style Nissan Murano

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoNissan Murano: front view
Style of Nissan Murano is unique. His image is vivid and will forever remain in the memory. The machine looks impressive, but not aggressive, rather the opposite — light and airy. The Murano’s flowing lines that blend harmoniously and smoothly flow around the body. Lights tapering shape complementary to the shape of the car, and the grille decorated with a chrome patterned frame, is the spectacular detail of the entire front end. Bumper Nissan Murano is distinguished by its capacity and features a large air intake, stylish round fog lamps and a stylish wind tunnel on the bottom edge.
If you look at the Nissan Murano from the side, you can see the huge door that seamlessly blends with high sill Windows, bottom released a stylish edge, huge wheel arches with the profile of the punch. The roof rests on thin front and a more powerful rear rack and seems weightless.

The rear of the Japanese SUV Nissan Murano looks very monumental and beautiful. On the large rear tailgate spoiler, rear bumper huge form augmented by reflectors and exhaust tips look at it very harmonious. Rear lights spectacular drop shape completes the overall picture.
Nissan Murano looks attractive, and its original appearance is complimented with bright enamel color. Choose from white pearl, beige, silver, dark blue, gray, black and red.

Salon Nissan Murano

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoSalon Nissan Murano
The interior of the Nissan Murano can be called sports. Inside the car you feel like in the best five-star hotel room. For finishing expensive versions are leather. As decorative elements are aluminum inserts, which in combination with the nice looking lighting give the interior space a noble and luxurious look. However in the cabin the Nissan Murano there are notes of relaxation.

The driver’s seat of Nissan Murano it is worth noting separately. During your visit feel very comfortable, thanks to adjustable handlebar and seat settings. Electric seats with memory, remembers which two combinations of settings. Back row are no less comfortable, plenty of space. For three passengers designed comfortable sofa, the space is impressive and top, and bottom. The Nissan Murano you can be reclining and enjoying multimedia system — monitors built into the headrests of the front seats.

Dashboard Nissan Murano decorated luxuriously. All the information is perfectly readable and looks nice. Torpedo differs impressive size and all the controls are located correctly and comfortably. Even the gear lever is designed in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort.
In reviewing the Nissan Murano, not to mention his trunk. It can accommodate up to four hundred liters, and if you put the rear seats up to a thousand liters. Interesting folding mechanism: on the sides of the car are levers. Pull them, and back down, forming a level surface for the transport of goods, for reverse process meets the actuator.

Nissan Murano is immaculate throughout

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoNissan Murano: rear view
Creating the automobile, engineers have worked on glory. The design of Nissan Murano is not only a beautiful appearance. The body has a good aerodynamic performance, which saves fuel consumption and reduce noises. A special polymer coating that restores the surface after a minor injury: when the body is covered with the ink heated by the sun, small scratches are smoothed out.

The Engine Of Nissan Murano

Japanese SUV Nissan Murano comes with just one engine — a 3.5-liter unit, which easily has an output of up to 249 horsepower. It is complemented by the stepless variator Xtronic CVT, which is able to memorize more than a thousand modes. The optimum mode is automatically selected and contributes to fuel economy. If you compare the CVT with the previous version, it can be noted that it is significantly modified.
One of the innovations is a microprocessor, whose task is to manage the process of shifting. The motor perfectly responds to the pedal, the acceleration is steady and powerful. With increasing speed the steering wheel becomes more informative, the body roll felt in corners, do not cause panic. The car is quite docile, test drive Nissan Murano is easily proved.
Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoControl panel Nissan Murano

Other options of Nissan Murano

Technical characteristics of Nissan Murano is an intelligent all-wheel drive and electric power steering that can change the operation mode depending on speed. Suspension independent front, McPherson strut, rear multi-link design, disc brakes. Asphalt suspension works accurately and comfortably. In principle, the road running Murano is not particularly worried. Small, medium and even large holes the machine runs without problems. The security level is high, it provides the particular body structure and six airbags.
The high permeability of Nissan Murano is not intended. However, you can highlight qualities such as short overhangs, a second register of the machine and blocking the distribution of torque between the axles. The ground clearance is small, only 178 mm, which talks about the urban destination of crossover. Confirms it and lowered the oil cooler, covered with dirt thin flap.

Technical characteristics of Nissan Murano

Car brand:
Nissan Murano

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP/Rev. min.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

Drive type:
front with rear plug

Automatic transmission

Fuel type:
gasoline AI-95

The consumption per 100 km:
the city is 14.8; the route of 8.3

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

Tire size:

Curb weight, kg:

Full weight, kg:

Fuel capacity:

Nissan Murano — models & prices

On the Russian market SUV Nissan Murano is offered in four trim levels: XE, SE, LE and LE-R. basic equipment includes a large number of options, namely:

  • eight airbags;
  • anti-lock braking system;
  • rain sensor and light;
  • security alarm;
  • two-zone climate control;
  • the ducting for the rear passengers;
  • system Keyless entry and engine start button;
  • cruise control;
  • power steering;
  • heated front seats;
  • velour trim;
  • electric mirrors with heated;
  • led rear lights;
  • xenon headlights.

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoNissan Murano: top view
More expensive versions of Nissan Murano involve leather upholstery, power front seats, heated rear, color touch screen, rear view camera, the Navigator. The cost increases appear: the drive settings, steering column and tailgate, glass roof with hatch.
Price of Nissan Murano starts at 1 million 700 thousand roubles — for this money the buyer receives the basic package. The full version costs 200 thousand more and has all available options for the car.

Nissan Murano — advantages and disadvantages

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoThe Wheel Of A Nissan Murano
In Nissan Murano fall in love the first time. Its main advantage is the comfortable lounge, which for an SUV is a rarity. In addition, there are other advantages:

  • stylish appearance,
  • decent noise isolation,
  • clear the motor and gearbox
  • bi-xenon headlights,
  • great dynamics of dispersal,
  • reliability,
  • power
  • high smoothness.

Looking for the Nissan Murano, you do not want to think that he can be disadvantages. However, his happy owners note some cons:

  • malfunction of the suspension;
  • insufficient number of compartments and pockets for small items;
  • control climate control takes some getting used;
  • Murano quickly gets dirty in the rain would be dirty even the roof.

Шквал эмоций от Nissan MuranoNissan Murano: side view
The summary says that the Nissan Murano is, without doubt, deserves the attention of motorists. The exterior of the crossover combined with the technical component of the modern and comfortable interior will not leave anyone indifferent. With this car you’ll always stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. Spectacular and stylish Nissan Murano will emphasize your taste. This is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a reliable, powerful and beautiful cars. Nissan Murano if you liked, write about it in the comments.

Chevrolet Spark is a bright representative of A class

The new generation Chevrolet Spark has a long and interesting history. This is not the first car of A-class, which began to produce the Korean. The second generation of this model sold worldwide since 2010, and it is worth noting that, among Europeans, the car is popular. Why? See the overview of Chevrolet Spark, and you all will become clear!
The Russians first got acquainted with the car Spark second generation at the Moscow motor show. Then first of all struck by the appearance of this nimble urban hatchback. So, let’s get to know him better.
Знакомство с Chevrolet SparkCar Chevrolet Spark at the exhibition

Atypical appearance

It is immediately noted that the Chevrolet Spark atypical appearance for cars A-class. He absolutely does not look good, cute and funny, he is quite aggressive and will not allow itself to insult.

Due to the huge lamps in the whole wing, swift wedge-shaped profile and large corporate “fake” grille with gold emblem the car looks more Mature and more serious than its predecessors. But still he cannot help but bring a smile, as expressive of the appearance does not change with the 1.0 – or 1.2-liter engine under the hood First.
Video Review Chevrolet Spark:

To create the impression of a predator, the designers equipped the Chevrolet Spark trendy camouflaged rear door handles, a small spoiler bold and the podshtampovok on the sides.
Designers changed the dimensions of the car: they increased it in length and in width.
With all these exterior changes, the designers of the manufacturer still managed to keep the original style of the brand. In addition, thanks to more pronounced design, Chevrolet Spark cannot be called a female-only car.
Знакомство с Chevrolet SparkThe exterior appearance of Chevrolet Spark

As a beauty salon

Miniavtomobilya considered budget development, so the majority of drivers and passengers believe that the interior of this car will be too low. This statement does not relate to the tested vehicle. Torpedo Chevrolet Spark is manufactured of high quality plastic, more expensive models it is bright insert, which surrounds the front part of the cabin.
The salon is decorated in bold style. Immediately catches the eye compact “motorcycle” instrument cluster, which is located on the steering column. It is divided into two parts: a round speedometer and a rectangular display with graphic tachometer and warning lights set. Test drive the Chevrolet Spark has shown that you can control the climate in vehicles with automatic climate control is very easy using the small screen and convenient buttons. Versions of these vehicles with air conditioning are controlled by the conventional manual “krutilki” with icons.
Знакомство с Chevrolet Spark
For all specifications of Chevrolet Spark is the same unit. It generates good sound quality. To the car audio system you can connect an external device using one of the provided connectors — AUX or mini USB.
Interior designers Chevrolet Spark adhere to the corporate principle of symmetrical zones for the passenger and the driver. The latter especially will like a thick steering wheel with a slightly recessed centre console.
Unfortunately, the digital part of the instrument panel is overloaded and not informative. Cons — lack of indications of the average and current fuel consumption.
Знакомство с Chevrolet SparkDashboard Chevrolet Spark
The seats have a modest form, but it are not less convenient. Them without problems can be comfortably accommodated and have fun throughout the trip, however long it may take. The only disadvantage can deliver a synthetic upholstery of chairs. It is slippery. Chevrolet Spark seats are not height adjustable, you can only change the angle of the pillow.
Legroom as a passenger and the driver quite enough. The back is spacious for a car of this class of sofa is folded and forms a flat floor.
The trunk opens using the key or lever, which is located in the cabin near the driver’s seat. Will enjoy the car a large number of pockets and niches. There are five Cup holders, pockets on the backs, doors and even pocket-mesh side panel on the passenger seat.
Знакомство с Chevrolet SparkOpen the trunk of the Chevrolet Spark
The height of the vehicle is positively formed on the view from the window. High Seating allows a good view of the space above the roofs of regular passenger cars. This allows the driver and passengers to navigate the terrain and to monitor what is happening outside from the comfort of your car.
The rear view mirrors are obvious plus and a small minus. Due to their large size, the driver can be clearly seen, what is happening behind, this especially helps when maneuvering in reverse. However, these dimensions give rear view mirror a disadvantage — they make noise at speed above 80 km/h.

Dynamics “babies”

You can acquire Chevrolet Spark petrol engine capacity of 1.0 or 1.2 liters. This car comes only with a five-speed manual transmission. The clarity of her work is poor. You are not always the first time will be able to engage reverse and first gear.
The Spark engine for its volume is powerful enough. Dynamics will start to make a positive impression only after the transition to third gear. Test drive the Chevrolet Spark has shown that the most comfortable you will feel in the dynamic flow of city cars.
Знакомство с Chevrolet Spark
Vehicle dynamics may also suffer as the air-conditioning that robs the motor of power on the implementation of its main purpose. Sounds Chevrolet Spark is also in a special way. The car can easily menacingly growl in the lower rpm range and the motorcycle burst into a howl at high rpm.
Manual is not too informative, and the lever is very close to the driver.
A good impression form the brakes. The car is equipped with ventilated front disc brakes and rear drum. All who have experienced the Chevrolet Spark, characterize them as tenacious. The car with enviable intensity slows down with almost any speed.
Suspension Chevrolet Spark tuned for comfort, not for speed. It copes well with uneven and bumpy roads. Car perky jumps over speed bumps. However, it is quite noticeable and the roller is rolling when cornering at speed.
In General, the technical characteristics of Chevrolet Spark is quite competitive among cars in A class.

Specifications Chevrolet Spark 1.2

Car brand:
Chevrolet Spark

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP/Rev. min.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

Drive type:


Fuel type:
gasoline AI-92

The consumption per 100 km:
city 7; 4,6 route

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

Tire size:

Curb weight, kg:

Full weight, kg:

Fuel capacity:

For the city it is better not to find

In summary we will note that in the A-class it’s hard to find a car that is more suitable for driving on urban roads than a Chevrolet Spark. It is stylish, maneuverable, made from quality materials, comfortable and quite large for its class.
Video about Chevrolet Spark specifications:

The main limitations of this car include:

  • the lack of areas for the left leg,
  • uninformative manual transmission,
  • insufficient directional stability.

What about the merits, pros Chevrolet Spark the following:

  • the high waist
  • good visibility,
  • high-quality internal and external finishes,
  • high maneuverability.

Not to say that the price of Chevrolet Spark is very different from the cost of the cars in this class. You can be confident that you will not overpay!

Flamboyant appearance of Nissan Note

Nissan Note — юркий енотNissan Note: side view
Appearance Nissan Laptop it original and energetic, and dynamic design allowed microvan to stand out among peers. Already on first run Nissan remember your rear boomerangs. This form of flashlights have become a mandatory attribute. From their fellow Nissan Note has a colorful appearance. But it is inherent practicality and elegance.

Functionality Nissan Note

Nissan nout — convenient, reliable and roomy car. The first thing that attracts attention — expressive contours of the body. The elongated wheelbase allows the cabin a lot of space, which is important to comfortably accommodate the whole family. The trunk of Nissan Note consists of two parts: a partition can be installed in different versions that allows you to change the space under any load. In addition, it can be increased as a result of folding the rear seats.
For maximum convenience when creating the Nissan nout designers thought:

  • folding tables;
  • thirteen seats to accommodate small items;
  • boxes for things that are located under the passenger seat;
  • capacity in the backside of the front seats.

Nissan Note — юркий енотNissan Note: front view
All these devices makes the Nissan Note an ideal vehicle for travel in all conditions. The interior space contributes to the comfortable accommodation of the passengers is tall and big build. Engineering modifications suspension provide a smooth ride that will prevent sickness during long journeys.
Nissan Note is equipped with a large number of additional options that guarantee comfort while driving. For example, the function to carry home provides the headlights after locking in for two minutes. This allows the driver to easily reach the house. Chip-key open and close doors at a distance, and starts the engine. In the Nissan Note comes with rain sensors and light. Glass cleaners automatically turns on and taking into account the amount of precipitation can change the mode of operation. The headlights also turn on automatically. All this allows the driver to shift the focus on “stuff” and quietly watch the road.

Beautiful interior Nissan Note

Nissan Note — юркий енотControl panel Nissan Note
When you create a car manufacturer thought not only about comfort but also about visual appeal of the cabin. As a finishing material for seats Nissan Note used modern environmentally friendly materials. The seats are decorated with inserts of leather, which makes them practical and simplifies maintenance. The front seats are equipped with armrests. The ceiling is high overhead, thus providing a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. Landing in the car is convenient on both sides. Torpedo Nissan nout made of hard plastic and soft is no different, but looks good and is in harmony with the overall interior design.

When you create controls and pedals Nissan Note used metallic pads. In the steering wheel and the arm gear box also has the original materials. On the centre console you can see a curious block of management a climate-control with a circular display, around which are scattered the buttons. The steering wheel has two button clusters make it easy to manage the main systems and provide comfort. All the control buttons are amazingly comfortable and functional, and ergonomic, modern design of the dashboard and torpedoes make Nissan nout really a family car.
Browse Nissan nout revealed the pride of the car — navigation system Connect, which integrates audio system, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation in multiple languages. Control is via touch screen.
Nissan Note — юркий енотInterior Nissan Note

Technical characteristics of Nissan Note

Nissan nout comes with a petrol engine in two versions. The first one is 1.4 liter capacity of 88 HP, the second volume of 1.6 liters and 110 HP For such a tiny car units are strong enough. The first engine equipped with a manual five gear, or a four-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is small — about eight liters in the city and five and a half on the track. The average is 6.7 liters per hundred kilometers.
Nissan Note Video Review:

Considering the technical characteristics of Nissan nout, not to mention good handling, which has been achieved thanks to the wheelbase. The machine moves smoothly, and manage. Electric power steering ensures ease of movement and speed, and in a small space. Safety Nissan Note brake system provides three components:

  • Thanks to electronic brake force distribution during braking all wheels.
  • The system of care when braking sharply react to a sudden brake pedal is pressed.
  • ABS prevents blocking of wheels.

Nissan Note — юркий енотNissan Note: top view
Suspension is independent front and torsion rear, the front wheels installed brake discs, rear — drum brakes. Brakes the Nissan Note is quite informative. The engine compartment is too small, because the ordinary user was difficult to understand it. The driver is able to control the volume of oil and brake fluid, but most of the antifreeze level check will not work.
Extra comfort and ease of control ensures the system stability. It reads data from sensors, processes them and determines the maximum allowable engine power and braking conditions.
Hallmark of Nissan Note — the wheelbase is 2.6 meters. Because of this on the road with maximum stability, as the wheels are almost at the bumpers.
One of the important functions — Start Assist. She slows the car responds when you press the pedal that gives you the opportunity during the drive to consume less fuel. The Eco mode does not cause discomfort, so it can be used constantly. For those who favor fuel economy, this mode is the most informative.
Nissan Note — юркий енотThe Wheel Of The Nissan Note
Test drive the Nissan nout showed that the motor operates quietly, so after stopping the system “start-stop” run motor runs smoothly and quietly. In the car there are no vibrations, characteristic of three-cylinder engines.

Technical characteristics of Nissan Note

Car brand:
Nissan Note

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP/Rev. min.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

Drive type:


Fuel type:
gasoline AI-95

The consumption per 100 km:
the city of 5.7; 4,1 track

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

Tire size:

Curb weight, kg:

Full weight, kg:

Fuel capacity:

Nissan Note — advantages and disadvantages

Nissan nout is not just a beautiful and dynamic car. It has obvious advantages:

  • the relative cheapness of the basic configuration;
  • powerful engine generates a sporty character of the model;
  • efficiency;
  • a variety of additional equipment;
  • spacious and comfortable lounge;
  • good sound, even the seal of the windshield has a special sound-insulating properties.

Disadvantages are also present:

  • the skirt of the front bumper is very low;
  • stiff suspension;
  • rear sofa is moved only as a whole, which is not always convenient;
  • in terms of maintenance and repairing a car is quite expensive: to change the spark plugs, it is necessary to disassemble pandigital. The timing chain, it periodically has to be changed, which is quite expensive;
  • inside, you can select multiple things inconvenient — the armrests, Cup holders, large and obstruct a front rack.

Nissan Note — юркий енотThe Trunk Of The Nissan Note

Picking Nissan Note

The Russian market offers three configurations Nissan nout: Comfort, Luxury and Tekna. The first is the base and includes fabric upholstery, ABS, EVD, Central locking with remote control, halogen headlamps, mirrors electric and heated, pyatnadtsatidyuymovye wheels, Immobiliser, air conditioning. The price of Nissan nout in this version is 485 thousand rubles.
Nissan Note Luxury fitted audio system, climate control, electric Windows, trip computer, side airbags, light and rain sensors and many controls comfortably. The sum of the costs of a car — about 530 thousand rubles.
Nissan Note Tekna offers a complete stabilization system, cruise control, Parking sensors and navigation system and leather steering wheel and gear lever, alloy wheels, on-Board computer. This functionality is 637 thousand rubles.
Nissan Note — юркий енотNissan Note: rear view
Also there is a version of Nissan Note Silver Edition, which combines both Luxury and Tekna. On the background it stands out the main silver accents present in the interior, and exterior. Its price — to 645 thousand rubles.
After analyzing the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, we can derive the following summary: Nissan Note — best family car that feels good and on the track, and in the metropolis. Equally important is the security that the manufacturer has paid the most attention. Downloaded city — is the element of the Nissan Note, and here he demonstrates his best qualities.

Citroen C3 Picasso wins the city

Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoCitroen C3 Picasso: front view
Citroen C3 Picasso looks bold and stylish. If we consider it closely, you can see a large number of unusual elements. Interestingly, in General, they constitute a very harmonious composition. Perhaps this explains the name of the car — it goes against all the principles of the modern automobile, representing the avant-garde, but functional solution.

The exterior of the car

Bright Citroen C3 Picasso — in his appearance dramatically smooth lines are replaced by squares, and this gives him a uniqueness. Body line is clear, the headlights are positioned high, allowing the driver and passengers are in the car with comfort. One of the features of the Citroen C3 Picasso is the windshield, which consists of three sections. This design ensures maximum visibility on the road provides ease of operation and comfort of movement. Stylish headlights emphasize the striking emblem, and the bumper stands out for its dimensions. On the sides of the grille you can see the fog lights framed in chrome frame. They are a bright accent in the exterior of the car. The rear may be noted a large and comfortable tailgate, compact bumper, decorated with additional solar cells. Citroen C3 Picasso draws attention of pedestrians and close passing cars. The design of the minivan will appeal to many.

Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoCitroen C3 Picasso: side view

The Interior Of The Citroen C3 Picasso

When you get inside the car, only to be surprised by a full discrepancy of a compact exterior and spacious interior. When creating a Citroen C3 Picasso used the SpaceBox system. It has allowed to achieve maximum interior space.
The interior of the Citroen C3 Picasso made in a futuristic style and gives comfort to the passengers. The ease of control ensure that the original design of the windscreen and high seat, which is due to the large range of adjustments can be raised even higher. Citroen C3 Picasso is open to people of any weight.
In the cabin, like the exterior, used rectangular. Here are the vents of the ventilation system, and aluminum edging makes them a bright spot on the dashboard. The latter has an elongated shape. Here we have used the concept of “winking the eye”, which is particularly relevant at night: bright speedometer effectively stands out from other devices. Not to mention an unusual approach to the design of the instrument panel. The top is so wide that it may fulfill the functions of a table. For decoration use a nice soft plastic texture. Cooled glove box also stands out for its sheer size. Every little thing will find its place and will not interfere with the movement.

Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoControl panel Citroen C3 Picasso
In the cabin of the Citroen C3 Picasso is always light: during the day by sunlight, at night it switches to the internal lighting system. In addition, it provides a great opportunity for transformation. The rear seats move independently from each other, if desired, each of them can be pulled or folded together, extending the boot space. As for the shelf there is a special place.

Perfect settings for a Citroen C3 Picasso

The first thing to note — the Citroen C3 Picasso feels perfect both in the city and on a country road. Rapid acceleration and easy change of the switches provides a six-speed robotized gearbox. If you want you can relax and enjoy an expensive — enough to put the transmission in automatic mode.
Video test drive of the Citroen C3 Picasso:

On the Russian market the car is available with two petrol engines: 1.4 and 1.6 liter capacity of 95 horsepower and 115. Complements their five-speed manual gearbox. Both units give confidence in driving and very reliable. The clutch is light, the transmission shifts gears effortlessly. Even at high speeds Citroen C3 Picasso will not cause any problems.
The engine starts quietly and gently. Only instrument one can understand that it is working: the tachometer comes to life, and the lamps on the scoreboard off. Easy steering provides good maneuvering in tight spaces and when Parking. The brakes are effective and informative.
Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoCitroen C3 Picasso: the view from the top
Energy-intensive suspension, front independent, rear — semi-easy passage of obstacles on the road. A test drive of the Citroen C3 Picasso has shown that the chassis is configured such that the movement was as comfortable as possible. This car is the thickest glass in the class, so good in cabin insulation. Large ground clearance ensures excellent traction. Even very steep slopes and borders of medium size will not be an obstacle for him. The interior is designed similar to hard cells. Provided crumple zones that take the energy of the blow, protecting the interior from damage.
Technical characteristics of Citroen C3 Picasso show that the car is more designed for a comfortable and leisurely drive, so it can be considered the best vehicle for the family.

Technical characteristics of Citroen C3 Picasso

Car brand:
Citroen C3 Picasso

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP/Rev. min.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

Drive type:


Fuel type:
gasoline AI-95

The consumption per 100 km:
city of 9.5; track 5,6

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

Tire size:

Curb weight, kg:

Full weight, kg:

Fuel capacity:

The configuration and equipping of the Citroen C3 Picasso

It seems that the Citroen C3 Picasso is literally made up of advantages. A definite plus is the novelty of the model. Unlike competitors — Nissan Note, Opel and Ford — this car has not had time to cram the city streets. Plus the attractive price. Russian drivers Citroen C3 Picasso is offered in three trim levels.
Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoThe Trunk Of The Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen C3 Picasso Classique

The basic version assumes the presence of anti-lock braking system, onboard computer, power steering, front airbags, two electric Windows and mirrors with electric drive. For a fee you can install air conditioning. The cost of the car in basic configuration — from 499 thousand roubles.

Citroen C3 Picasso Confort

This version will cost at least 555 thousand rubles. The package is complemented by side airbags and curtain airbags, an indicator not wearing seat belts. There is also air conditioning and a mirror for observing children. Citroen C3 Picasso in this version is its own unique style, comfort and security system. Offered the body decorated with items of black color, the mirror housings to match the body.

Citroen C3 Picasso Exclusive

Price Citroen C3 Picasso in the performance reaches 607 thousand and includes six airbags, including curtain, ESP, two-zone climate control, Parking sensors, rain sensor, and other nice options. The engine capacity of 115 horsepower is available only in versions of Confort and Exclusive, and will require an additional twenty-six thousand. The top version combines luxury, style and technology.
Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoCitroen C3 Picasso: rear view

Citroen C3 Picasso — advantages and disadvantages

Browse Citroen C3 Picasso leaves only positive impressions about the car. Spacious, with easy control and good smoothness, it is ideal for young families and for older people. Pros Citroen C3 Picasso:

  • spectacular appearance,
  • spacious interior,
  • good insulation,
  • ease of operation,
  • economical fuel consumption.

Cons of the car are virtually absent. The only thing that can be noted — weak dynamics. One of the distinguishing features of the Citroen C3 Picasso — unique for this class of vehicle panoramic roof. Thanks to the special design of the windshield, the driver opened the best possible review. And it’s not only good visibility, but also the safety of driving.
Удивительный Citroen C3 PicassoSalon Citroen C3 Picasso
Spacious and comfortable lounge has a long travel. Security take care of all passengers. Economical and powerful engine, the Picasso combined with excellent handling gives genuine driving pleasure.
Citroen C3 Picasso good family car with a large and comfortable interior. Summary is clear: distinctive exterior, stylish interior, spaciousness and possibilities of transformation salon — Citroen C3 Picasso stands out on the road. Will he like Russian drivers? Write your opinion in the comments.

The content

  • Technical characteristics of Subaru Forester
  • Features Of Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Forester 1st gen
  • Subaru Forester 2nd generation
  • Subaru Forester 3rd generation
  • Subaru Forester 4th generation
  • Comfort and ergonomics Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Forester — advantages and disadvantages
  • Features of operation of Subaru Forester
  • Package Subaru Forester

Technical characteristics of Subaru Forester

Browse Subaru Forester should start with the fact that all the cars are equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. This system determines the popularity of the company and is its hallmark.
For the Russian market there are three units:

  • 2-liter naturally aspirated motor up to 150 horsepower;
  • turbocharged engine of 2 liter — 240 HP;
  • atmospheric engine capacity of 2.5 liters with 170 HP
  • All plants are diesel, four cylinder, each have the same number of valves. There are also diesel engine capacity of 146 horsepower, but in our market it is not because of high prices and poor fuel quality.

    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеSubaru Forester: rear view
    The fuel consumption for any of the engines depends on the used transmission. The Subaru Forester uses two types of transmission:

    • a six-speed manual transmission,
    • stepless CVT-CVT.

    Technical characteristics of Subaru Forester is as follows:

    • Motor with manual transmission speeds up to one hundred miles in ten and a half seconds and consumes 7.3 liters with CVT acceleration is almost 12 seconds, fuel consumption is 6.7.
    • Two-liter turbo engine equipped with a continuously variable transmission. This unit is able to provide impressive acceleration in just seven and a half seconds. 12,5 litres of fuel burned.
    • The third unit works exclusively with the CVT. Indicator in a hundred miles he reaches over 9.7 seconds, but it is cost effective and will consume approximately nine and a half liters.

    Judging by the reviews of Forester owners, and engines cause the least complaints — all balanced in power and idle is stable.

    Technical characteristics of Subaru Forester

    Car brand:
    Subaru Forester

    Country of origin:

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:
    permanent all-wheel drive

    6MKPP, automatic CVT art.

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the city of 7.3; track 6,7

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Features Of Subaru Forester

    Today, the company Subaru has introduced a four-generation “Forester”.

    Subaru Forester 1st gen

    Production Subaru Forester began in 1996. Then the car was somewhere between a spacious station wagon and a compact SUV. The appearance was simple, but quite good. Its quality is balanced, so overall the Forester is a unique car.
    In 2000, the Subaru Forester has been restyled, updated: facing front ends and bumpers, turn indicators, which have become transparent, as well as front svatopluka.
    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеInterior Subaru Forester

    Subaru Forester 2nd generation

    In 2002, the Japanese presented the second-generation Forester. Its size has remained virtually unchanged. All efforts of developers are directed to improve agility and operational performance, safety systems, comfort in movement, as well as design. The body lines of the second Forester become much smoother, so it didn’t look aggressive.
    Updated headlight shape gave the car a more expressive look. Changed and back: the lighting, which was not different power, and a thick bumper disappeared. Instead they appeared triangular lights and a large rear window that provided the best view of the road. The front seats have additional lateral support. Much attention is given to the protection of the passengers: the seats were installed the hard headrests and the seats — three-point safety belts. Most changes undergone the chassis. The second generation Subaru Forester has good grip, smooth curves, softness in the movement.

    Subaru Forester 3rd generation

    In 2007, the manufacturer has released the third generation Subaru Forester. From its predecessors the car has the dimensions: it became wider, higher, longer. Increased to 225 mm ground clearance provided even better throughput. For interior decoration used high quality materials. An interesting feature of the Forester is an incredible number of cupholders, pockets and other containers.
    Each device is located so as to provide maximum control over expensive and easy control of the car. The Subaru Forester has maintained a permanent all-wheel drive, which by that time has become the brand equipped with a stability control system and brake force distribution. In almost all versions, six airbags and rollover sensor and side curtains. The third generation Forester has a collapsible steering wheel and special head restraints that prevent neck injury of the person in the accident.
    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеSubaru Forester: side view
    In 2010, the car was updated. Externally, the Japanese crossover Subaru Forester has changed slightly, but the sporty character is more clearly. The shape of the optical bands and decorative front grille repainted. Rear view mirrors shifted in favor of aerodynamics and got the built in repeaters of turn, running on the LEDs. The back end of the car is decorated with a spoiler, and the palette of colors we’ve added two new exterior colours. Changed and interior: rear view camera, two-zone climate control, quality audio system, and lighting, integrated display, which duplicated the settings of the onboard computer. In the interior of the Subaru Forester used new materials for upholstery and trim of the instrument panel and doors.

    Subaru Forester 4th generation

    In 2012 at the motor show in Tokyo has seen the light of the fourth generation Forester. Dramatic changes in appearance, he has not undergone — on design novelty is similar to the third generation. The body is decorated in the characteristic style of the company: major lights stand out stylish led strips, combined with raised wheel arches and a new grille. Subaru Forester again added to the dimensions, which has increased the doorways. This has a positive effect on the convenience of the passengers. The car had not acquired excess weight: curb weight through the use of high-strength steels remained the same. There are other innovations that seemingly invisible, but no less urgent. The developers claim that the body became more rigid, resulting in the suspension decreased the level of vibrations.
    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеPedal Subaru Forester
    The interior of the Subaru Forester continues to be concise, functional and aesthetic. The dashboard looks impressive, the function of all controls are intuitive and easy to use. In finishing top of the dashboard used soft plastic. Turn signals got the short mode, the janitors area is still heated, and the washer is activated by clicking the check box. On the steering wheel are buttons to control multimedia and other systems. For best comfort, enjoy the high Seating, comfortable backrest and a wide adjustment range in height and length. Overall, the salon combines the time-tested tradition of excellence and ergonomics Forester, but it looks modern. Trunk volume has increased to five hundred and five liters. Still there are pockets, buttons, folding rear sofa, power socket, hooks for the cargo. Among technological novelties may be noted the security system, which includes components such as for example:

    • brake assist,
    • adaptive cruise control,
    • assistance when ascending and descending.

    Because of this, even in extreme weather conditions, the driver feels confidently and easy.
    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеTransmission Subaru Forester

    Comfort and ergonomics Subaru Forester

    The first thing that stands out in cars is the increased space. Forester has always been known for their capacity, but now the place became too much. The top version used high quality materials. In a base complete set do not claim to be upper class, but soundly and completely corresponds to modern requirements.
    Updated steering wheel, front panel and seat, extra compartments for storing small items — all attributes stylish interior Subaru Forester. The model has a multimedia system with a six-inch display.

    Subaru Forester — advantages and disadvantages

    Fans of the Forester is prepared to deal with a little inconvenience of the car for its merits.
    Owners of “Foresters” note the following pros:

    • throughput in all conditions;
    • excellent handling;
    • high clearance immutable;
    • well-tuned, energy-intensive suspension;
    • excellent review due to the high landing;
    • with its rectangular body shape and large dimensions, owners can easily transport bulk cargo;
    • low fuel consumption with impressive engine power.

    Subaru Forester — новый «Лесник» на российском рынкеSubaru Forester open trunk
    The serious downsides are that since the car went on sale recently. But those who have already managed to try out the new note cons Subaru Forester:

    • High cost of spare parts. High cost components is the feature of the brand, besides many of the elements are complex devices.
    • Not every workshop is able to repair cars, so it is desirable to give the authorized service centers, the prices are quite affordable.

    Features of operation of Subaru Forester

    Test drive Subaru Forester has identified the main problems of a car that occur during its operation.
    Main problems:

  • Mediocre noise isolation. In any mode of movement in the cabin noisy. To solve the problem by installing additional soundproofing.
  • The lack of a trip computer. The defect which defies explanation, given that since the 2000s, this device is equipped with almost all foreign cars. You have to put extra.
  • Over time, the tailgate is squeaking and tapping.
  • Plenty of Cup holders almost unusable due to their design — the banks are fine, but the bottle did not hold and fall out all the time.
  • The tailgate glass quickly becomes dirty.
  • Insufficiently reliable brakes, rear drums.
  • Video test drive Subaru Forester:

    Package Subaru Forester

    The fourth generation Subaru Forester in Russia is sold in six different versions. The most affordable specification with a two-liter aspirated and manual transmission will cost about 1 150 000 rubles. The basic version comes with: brake assist, climate control, audio system, stabilization system, heated front seats, steel discs with a diameter of seventeen inches, and seven airbags. Price Subaru Forester grows with the increasing number of options. The car with the unit in two and a half liters in the basic version will cost 1 420 000 rubles. For the full version with a turbocharged engine, sound system Harman/Kardon, upgraded decor, and other options will have to pay for it 1 695 000 rubles.
    Summarizing, we can infer the following summary: Subaru Forester can not be called affordable car, but despite this, it is popular. The emergence of the fourth generation just confirms it. The car combines all the qualities of a comfortable city car and is one of the best in its class.
    If you have something to say about the Subaru Forester, write your opinion in the comments.

    Chevrolet Tracker — powerful performance in a compact crossover with a sporty character

    Currently became popular to produce hatchbacks, which would combine the compactness and practicality. Browse Chevrolet Tracker is a detailed description of the car, combining safety, practicality, convenience, stylish design and sporty character. It will take you to your destination regardless of road conditions.
    Тест-драйв кроссовера Chevrolet TrackerCrossover Chevrolet Tracker

    Sports appearance

    Externally similar to Chevrolet Tracker SUV severe large. It is sturdy and strong, and it is felt when you first look at it. This car is identifiable by the rapid slope of the windshield, sculpted front end, high belt line and prominent wheel arches. Thus, the Tracker can easily be compared to a muscular athlete. For him there are no obstacles on the road, evidenced by the arranged on the edges of the body wheels with silver rims made of light alloys.
    According to the results, how was the test drive Chevrolet Tracker, the experts concluded that a flight vehicle provides it superb aerodynamics. Every element of his body turns the Tracker in the most that neither is a show-stopper. The drag coefficient is lower: swift rear spoiler, elegant body parts, stylish curved roof and elongated headlights.

    Test drive Chevrolet Tracker:

    However, there is a small minus in improving the aerodynamics elements. When riding on the road may suffer the front lip is plastic, as it first begins to contact with the ground.

    A relatively small SUV ground clearance also does not apply to the merits of this car.

    The engine and chassis

    Primarily this section is to praise excellent handling Chevrolet Tracker. This car is sold with different types of engines, automatic and manual transmission. In any configuration it will show the highest class on the fast track. Moreover, Koreans did everything to please their customers, and with a small consumption of fuel both in the city and on the highway the car quickly gains speed and quickly rushes forward.
    Тест-драйв кроссовера Chevrolet TrackerChevrolet Tracker picks up speed
    This car belongs to four-wheel drive SUV. In addition, the engineers have tried their best after the all-wheel drive system perfectly adapts to the condition of the road. In this you will see when you walk on slippery surfaces or gravel roads, and grip will improve automatically. Like all standard crossovers, the priority in the AWD system of the Tracker is given to the front axle. Under normal conditions, the whole thrust is concentrated on the front wheels, but when slippage of about 50% of torque is transferred to rear. Always fast and on time triggered inter-axle electromagnetic clutch. Another plus — Chevrolet Tracker is not afraid diagonal vymeshivanii.

    Technical characteristics of Chevrolet Tracker 1.8 LT

    Car brand:
    Chevrolet Tracker

    Country of origin:

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:

    5MKPP, ACP

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    town 9.2, the route is 5.8

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Improved technical characteristics of Chevrolet Tracker new generation proves that the prestige of Korean cars every year becomes even higher.

    Spacious interior

    Externally, Chevrolet Tracker looks quite compact car and it seems that it will be cramped for a large family. Yes, the compact size of this car allows its owner to quickly and easily move around the city, but the compactness for a second does not affect the space inside the car. Chevrolet Tracker — the owner of a spacious and cozy salon!
    What makes it so cozy? First of all, this highly established ergonomic chairs. They will help the driver and his four passengers can relax.
    Тест-драйв кроссовера Chevrolet TrackerThe interior of Chevrolet Tracker
    For driver very often of great importance when choosing a car is the convenience of location of controls. I can assure you that Chevrolet Tracker they are “at hand”. Moreover, the front panel is visually connected with the doors swinging open at a sufficiently large angle.
    If you are going to travel a bit, the Chevrolet Tracker is suitable for this. He’s got a big trunk, which also still can be increased by using folding the split rear seats. Thus, you’ll have the capacity 1370 liters! And that’s not all — the front passenger seat can also be folded. The most essential things to always fit into a niche in the center console.
    Familiar with good cars, then you will appreciate the dashboard Chevrolet Tracker. There are both digital and analog displays. The instrument panel and the control system is illuminated with cool blue color, comfortable for eyes driver.
    Тест-драйв кроссовера Chevrolet TrackerFolding rear seats allow the trunk to increase
    Spacious interior, comfortable seats, convenient control panel — it is, of course, significant advantages of the car, but there is another very interesting point — the system Chevrolet MyLink. It allows you to connect to multimedia system car smartphone. Once connected, you can listen to your favorite music on regular audio system, which consists of six speakers and control buttons on the steering wheel and 7-inch touch screen. Using this system, you can also make calls, it allows you to choose caller name from contacts and press the call button. In addition, the MyLink system provides access to the photo gallery and address book.
    The display system of MyLink Chevrolet Tracker, you can watch videos and pictures when the vehicle is not in motion. Also the display shows the image from the reversing camera, making Parking as secure as possible.
    Such a system is included in all versions except basic.
    Agree that with the availability of Chevrolet MyLink, the price of Chevrolet Tracker is more than suitable for a multifunctional SUV.
    Тест-драйв кроссовера Chevrolet TrackerSystem Chevrolet MyLink allows you to connect your phone and watch videos

    In him you are always safe

    We must pay tribute to the security Tracker, the main advantage of which is the system of stability control ESC. The latter, in turn, consists of a system of assistance in moving on the rise (HSA), traction control (TC) and anti-lock braking system (ABS) with brake force distribution. ESC monitors the steering operation for determining the driver intended course of movement and, if necessary, automatically starts to control cravings. When you press the brake pedal, each wheel brakes with the appropriate force, keeping the driver control over the car.
    Reliable protection is provided by four airbags and a solid body frame.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Summary Chevrolet Tracker’s not hard to make. In most respects this car is close to perfection. For a start, here are the most important advantages of the Chevrolet Tracker:

    • the cabin will be cozy to feel even tall passengers;
    • large ranges of adjustment of the front seats and steering wheel;
    • soft suspension that provides comfortable movement on the road;
    • economical engine;
    • good traction in a large range of speeds;
    • starting with the basic configuration, the full set of systems and airbags.

    Now imagine you minor cons:

    • the lack of a full spare wheel;
    • not very informative steering wheel;
    • the front bumper because of the presence of the plastic lip is not very convenient when riding on the road.

    Video about main features of the Chevrolet Tracker:

    So, review Chevrolet Tracker shows that this car is great for transportation in our quality road surface. Its value is fully consistent with the filling, dynamic performance, external prestige and internal comfort.

    Test Mercedes ML 350 2013

    Mercedes ML-Class was introduced in 1997 for the North American market, and in the fall of 2011 — at the Frankfurt salon. Become widely popular, rising with each year of sales, and got to the Russian market, in updated form, it can be seen since 2012. The third generation of the Mercedes ML 350 has an improved design, while maintaining the best features from the past. The elegance and modernity of Mercedes with nothing to compare. Models: ML350 4MATIC and ML350 BlueTEC.
    Новое поколение Мерседеса МL 350 2013 годаThe third generation of Mercedes ML 350
    German designers have increased the size of the car, added chrome elements, trying to give impressiveness and power of the new model. Color palette has a wide range of hues: blue tanzanite, iridium silver, pearl beige, brown citrine.
    Increased and grille Mercedes ML 350, it is covered with black lacquer. The chrome part of the car located the running lights, the rear lights go deep under the wings. The front bumper has a huge size. The body of the Mercedes ML 350 is made of durable metals, magnesium and aluminum alloys. The hood of the car has the ability to rise in the event of a pedestrian collision. The roof angle is lowered, in the end, there are spoilers.

    The interior of the car continues to prove the stylishness and elegance of the Mercedes ML 350. Dear skin, tight seat, steering wheel, natural wood emphasize parts of the cabin. The joystick performs the function of the numerous buttons from the previous models, additional comfort to the management. The beloved climate control, onboard computer aide accompany the driver in the new Mercedes ML 350. The steering wheel is equipped with a large number of buttons.
    Video about drive a Mercedes ML 350:

    Back in the salon can afford to travel two and even three passengers. Central armrest, if necessary, removed. High insulation at high speed does not give in to doubt myself.
    The trunk of the car in 690 litres will accommodate everything that you need and do not need! For the most fastidious of passengers. A record for this class. Transformation of the rear seats can further enhance the scene.
    Will continue to review the description of the test drive of the Mercedes ML 350 BlueTec.
    For a start, it should be noted the model efficiency is 10.8 liters per 100 km on city roads. Such modest data, which previously could only dream of. The first thing that catches your eye, sitting behind the wheel is easy to control. Just a slight movement of the finger wheel starts to turn. Here, of course, a matter of taste. Someone appreciates the mechanisms of “automatic”, and many drivers are looking for the weight control of the truck.
    Новое поколение Мерседеса МL 350 2013 годаThe interior of the car Mercedes ML 350
    The machine of such class are focused on comfortable use. Imposing some kind of suspension creates a smooth movement of car on the roads, there is a bit of roll in turns and when changing lanes. You will not feel stiffness backlash of the steering wheel of the Mercedes ML 350. Only smooth movement. High speed does not affect these qualities. You also will not notice.
    Motor Mercedes ML 350, supporting the theme of comfort, a powerful and tightly clamped. Transfer easily switch, you will find no shocks, sharp climbs. The machine is assembled in the USA, it differs from the European Assembly in the interior is accented by symbols of the values of the temperatures (Fahrenheit), speedometer expresses speed in miles and you won’t find clear stations on the radio. This has to be used.
    Новое поколение Мерседеса МL 350 2013 годаThe speed of the Mercedes is almost not noticeable
    Has a good armbar, on acceleration I do not hear the engine, the car moves like a boat, the acceleration is not noticed. System Start-Stop provides the same inaudible stop and return movement is performed by pressing lightly on the pedal. Participate in the economic part of the Mercedes ML 350 electric power steering, water and oil pumps.
    Machine is positioned as an SUV. Required Offroad programme starts the ride on the road. Eases starting of the car Mercedes ML 350 in the wheel system, preclude independent movement with the hold function.
    Options Mercedes ML 350 SUV is offered the equipment “On/offroad”, offering to combine sport mode and off-road. In addition, there is a mode of everyday transportation, winter, travel with the trailer and two off-road.
    Scary for car Mercedes ML 350 movement at an angle of 30 degrees, the depth of water is 50 cm, dirt road, puddles and pits.
    Новое поколение Мерседеса МL 350 2013 годаMercedes ML 350 car for off-road driving
    Pros Mercedes ML 350:

    • Possesses excellent qualities of an SUV.
    • The high comfort.
    • The style of the exterior and interior of the Mercedes ML 350.
    • Economical.
    • Environmentally friendly — the amount of harmful products for much less from other models.
    • Numerous options.
    • Insulation.

    Cons of the car:

    • The high price of Mercedes ML 350. The cost of the basic set is about 2 890 000 rubles (engine 3.5 l), Mercedes ML 63 AMG has a price of almost 5 million roubles.
    • Little mirrors. Due to the design are small in size, so many parts of the road are hard to see.
    • Expensive service from authorized dealers.
    • Expensive parts.

    As to the cons and pros of the car Mercedes ML 350 include the inability to feel the speed in this SUV. Smoothness does not allow it, there is no impact from the steering wheel, again, helps suspension. Machine created for quiet and comfortable drive.

    Technical characteristics of Mercedes ML 350

    Technical characteristics of Mercedes ML 350

    Car brand:
    Mercedes ML 350

    Country of origin:

    Body style:
    SUV (W166)

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:
    Permanent all-wheel drive


    Fuel type:

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the city 10,9; mixed 8,5; country of 7.1

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Of all SUV Mercedes ML 350 is a decent place for security. A large number of pillows, 8 pieces, the body has a protection function. Pre-Safe-System in an emergency situation puts into a safe Seating position of the driver and passengers, tightens the seatbelts, prepares the brake booster.
    All models have Mercedes ML 350 automatic transmission with a manual shift. The motor is the 3.0-liter produces 306 HP, 370 N·m, such high indicators were achieved in the updated model Mercedes ML 350. Has the ability to take strong acceleration for 7.5 s to 100 km/h.
    Vehicle suspension is adjusted by pressing the button, allowing you to select comfort or sport mode. The proposed options for an additional fee you can order other special modes, such as off-road.
    Новое поколение Мерседеса МL 350 2013 годаPre-Safe System can prevent the collision
    With a weight of over two tons, the car can not be called brisk, but the narrow road that descends the slope in different directions, numerous bends Mercedes ML 350 runs smooth persistence and reliability.
    Special attention should be paid to the options of an SUV, their is a considerable amount. The active cruise control works even when it is turned off. If the distance to a moving car is reduced, then the control panel icon lights up, indicating that you need to slow down.
    The interface multimediasystem, as well as other all kinds of buttons, icons, indicators, which at first glance do not disassemble. Difficult, we can not say for intuitive use of the control system. But if read more to find out for yourself what and how, comfort control increases several times.
    Owner reviews of the Mercedes ML 350 always leave positive emotions. Many cons simply does not exist. Lasting impression on each driver produce: long trips at high speed, ergonomics and sound insulation of the car. Those who possess not the first generation Mercedes ML 350, stress in a better way the changes increase in size, its volume, add definition in the steering. Of particular importance for the hosts becomes a stylish and impressive appearance of the model.

    Summary about Mercedes ML 350

    “Em-El” could be attributed to the family car, this is evidenced by a fairly large capacity of a car Luggage compartment volume, security options, and caring about the driver and the passengers. All off-road ability, vested Mercedes ML 350, have ample opportunities to overcome almost any surface. But still more than the vehicle is designed for travel on quiet roads to enjoy in full measure the comfort and confidence of stroke. Especially if to include a mode “sport”, mountain trails, ride the roads with ease, despite their inherent steep turns, detours.
    Video about tests of the Mercedes ML 350:

    Mercedes ML 350 is reliable, and not only according to the brand. For objective reasons, while in the cabin behind the wheel, you feel confident, nothing is not in doubt, “all caught up”!

    Rolled under the Russian roads the Citroen C4

    The car Citroen C4 has updated its design to a more calm. Presented to our audience in may, many interested buyers of their value. And for good reason. Because the equipment of the car, its technical characteristics worthy of attention for the minimum price. And in the showrooms of Paris, it can be found in autumn 2012. In Russia in 2012, Citroen C4, hatchback, purchased about 13 thousand drivers. And in 2013, substitute the Citroen C4 sedan.
    By the Russians this model has a great location. The car became more attractive, more spacious and more suitable for Russian roads. In the next review of the Citroen C4 and you will discover why this is so.
    Тест-драйв Citroen C4Citroen C4 sedan 2013
    The silhouette of the car Citroen C4 has an oblong elongated shape, with accentuated side form and concave rear glass. Rear spoiler completes the picture, slightly rocketing upward. Led light lights are flashing front and rear, bumper skrashivaya. French designers made the Citroen C4 sedan on the extended platform, more on 10 see Designing it for the Russian market, increased ground clearance of up to 17 see the Sedan looks much elanee and punch on the side areas add a touch of sophistication.

    Was more the size of the trunk than the previous ones, and the wheelbase was stretched by increasing freedom of action for passengers in the rear seats. Luggage capacity the Citroen C4 is 440 liters. The rear of in terms of design nothing stands out that has a everyday appearance. The trunk, having a good capacity, lost due fixation of the cover.
    Video about the test drive of the Citroen C4:

    Continuing the test drive of the Citroen C4, will focus on the description of the interior. Solid design, just a non-sense save, quite spacious. A chic detail is the roof of the cabin, one of five different locations.
    Soft plastic covers the top part of the dashboard of a Citroen C4. The windshield has a full heated. Beautifully located devices of different indicators that change color from white to blue. Settings you can pick completely at your discretion.
    Тест-драйв Citroen C4New Citroen C4 has a chic appearance
    The convenient location of the driver’s seat in the car albeit a bit lofty, but its position can be adjusted. Performs massage function well and captures the driver in the road. The same can be said of the next seat, however, this elevation gives more space in the cabin, which is in principle enough.
    Sofa with an increased backrest angle, making the ride more comfortable for passengers, if not to notice the lack of a center armrest. The company emphasizes the quality of placing back in the car Citroen C4 style luxury, which means luxury. Winter promises to be warmer at the expense of ducts in the legs, which have become more. Although back in the car quite freely can afford to accommodate two passengers, they better be not too high.
    The car Citroen C4 has excellent handling quality is smoothness. Engineers have worked out a suspension. Now it operates with gentleness and provided for driving at high speed in any road surface. When checking sedan on bumpy Russian roads it became clear that the various pits him uneasy.
    Тест-драйв Citroen C4The Citroen C4 is designed for driving on roads with any surface
    Engine of Citroen C4 1.6 liters, and it can be started by pressing a single button. Petrol turbo engine develops 150 HP With such power the car the Citroen C4 at the start for some reason felt some weight on acceleration. Acceleration to 100 km occurs for 10 seconds. I would like to expect more from these “horses”. But the six-speed automatic transmission works well and smoothly, the brakes respond well. In addition to this engine in the line-up boasted engines with the same displacement, but with a capacity of 115 and 120 HP, The youngest of the motor car has a manual gearbox, five-speed. The “mechanics” sometimes when you switch you can feel the vibration wave. But the electro-hydraulic amplifier smoothes out the difficulties in management.
    The insulation in the Citroen C4 has a average degree in comparison with competitive models. Not too high, but not low. About the safety of the car passengers and driver care system ABS, AFU and REF, as well as system stability. The car has had a lot of testing, including under harsh conditions, and successfully coped with them.
    Let us summarize the description of more specific technical characteristics model Citroen C4 sedan THP.

    Technical characteristics of Citroen C4

    Car brand:
    Citroen C4 1.6 THP

    Country of origin:

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:

    ACP, 5MKPP

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95, AI 98

    The consumption per 100 km:
    city, automatic 11,3; mixed, automatic 7,9; country, automatic 6,0

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Pros The Citroen C4:

    • the elegant design of the car;
    • nice backlight;
    • high clearance;
    • huge trunk, with a small height to lift your load. For convenience, the provided diode flashlight that you can take with you. Pleased with the presence of different niches, holes for any of the objects;
    • good insulation in the car;
    • the smoothness of the suspension;
    • economical consumption of fuel;
    • comfortable chairs.

    Cons Citroen C4:

    • the lack of dynamics. The imposing car for a relaxing trip;
    • there is no device indicating the temperature of the heating of the vehicle;
    • antenna rather long;
    • awkward navigation of the vehicle;
    • heavy turns;
    • sharp brakes, but effective;
    • the low ceiling above the rear couch.

    Here, of course, largely depends on individual perception. For some flaws, and some people even will not notice such details in the car.
    Тест-драйв Citroen C4Interior design Citroen C4 and the comfort seats are a definite plus

    Price range

    Four of a complete set of Citroen C4 represent any combination of motor and gearbox selection. The first vehicle in 579 000 rubles includes two airbags, rear ducts, heated mirrors, electric actuator, and spare tire. In the presence of 115 HP and with a five-speed mechanics. If you are all about conditioning, if you please to add up to 32 000 rubles. For 647 000 roubles, you get 120 HP In all trim provides heated windshield, especially for Russian climate.
    For variations of the Citroen C4 will fit the more expensive model equipped with a navigation system, a color display on-Board computer, Bluetooth and USB, system access without a key to the salon and other extras. The highest price of the Citroen C4 will be 853 000. After spending this amount, you will become the owner of the car a power of 150 HP with 6-speed “automatic”. The French generously give the choice of engines for any buyer.
    Therefore, in Kaluga April is the successful production of Citroen, the car received a Russian localization 34%. The Russians are configured hospitably, as long ago loved French charisma.
    Тест-драйв Citroen C4The Assembly of Citroen cars at the plant in Kaluga

    Farewell: summary

    We reduce the overall impression of the Citroen C4 sedan, in a brief summary. The car has been great wizards, to be adapted for Russian roads. Increased ground clearance of the Citroen C4, nice support suspension comfort. For small trips around town, to work and rest, he spends only 9 liters per 100 km.
    Maintenance can’t afford the high costs. Many motorists focus their attention on the brand among this class. It meets the needs of both experienced drivers and first time to operate, the novice behind the wheel. “Restructuring” Citroen pulled a positive change. This also applies to the design of the salon, who has worked for the French experts, its space and interior furnishings, and extra options to the car.
    Video about prices for Citroen C4:

    Best Citroen C4 ideal for those who heads on straight road without extra winding turns, more or less smooth surfaces and particularly tries to accelerate. Then enjoy all the benefits of the car will be fully.

    Presentable Suzuki SX4

    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    The first appearance of Suzuki SX4 automotive market was a resounding success. A non-trivial appearance of the car aroused great interest from car owners, but on closer acquaintance it turned out that it is very comfortable, looks solid, and is inexpensive. Initially the model was produced as a sedan and five-door hatchback, the upgrades were done only once — in 2010.

    Exterior Suzuki SX4

    Car Suzuki SX4 looks very seductive: sleek lines are combined with interesting lights oblong. On the grille is brand logo of the manufacturer. And it doesn’t look boring. The bumpers feature aerodynamic elements, the hood is elevated, so the car got quite a masculine look. Front end is augmented with a plastic bumper cover and fog lamps.
    If you look at the car from the side, the eye catches an unusual form of window lines: ground rushes up, and the roof aft of gliding. On the surface of the body, you can see the aerodynamic lines and the bright edge that gives the car a sporty look.
    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4

    The rear of the Suzuki SX4 compact. Marker lights made in the form of original blocks. A large tailgate and bumper with additional light elements organically fit into the overall picture of a solid and bright Suzuki SX. Creating a car manufacturer has taken care of its protection: there is not only plastic on the bumpers, but also on the sills, the door panels and the edge of the wheel arches. Beautiful and rapid crossover is ideal for urban travel. Journey out of the city with this car will be comfortable and enjoyable.

    Interior Suzuki SX4

    Interior Suzuki SX4 may seem to some modest — main finishing material has become plastic, the leather cannot be ordered even as an option. Nevertheless, the car looks stylish and modern. Multifunction steering wheel, informative dashboard with a large screen for ease of control crossover. A separate button located on the driver’s door. The front seats promise a comfortable journey: anatomical shape, lateral support, heated, and the back side recesses, through which rear passengers will be accommodated with equal convenience. The trunk will easily accommodate up to four hundred liters of cargo, if necessary, the rear seats can be folded, thus increasing the space for carrying things. Some of the interior done in silver and grey color that makes it stylish and elegant.
    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    The lounge offers a good overview, it is possible to order the panoramic glass roof with hatch.

    Suzuki SX4 — a look inside

    Technical characteristics of Suzuki SX4 provide confident traction and safety. The crossover is offered with all-wheel drive transmission and a new 4WD AllGrip. The driver has the option to select the operating mode of the plug actuator special rotary handle. There are four of them:

    • Auto;
    • Snow;
    • Sport;
    • Lock — locks the coupling force.

    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    The choice of mode is dependent on road and weather conditions. Ease of management is provided by three transmissions. The front suspension is made on a special MacPherson struts, which makes the crossover easy not only for urban but also for rural travel on difficult roads.
    Test drive Suzuki SX4 have proven that the machine is easy to operate. Several types of drives and transmissions, two engine — all this concern about the maximum comfort of the driver. Hard body and other structural components add to the car stability on the road with any surface.

    The engine of Suzuki SX4

    Crossover two engines of 1.6 liters:

    • gasoline;
    • diesel with an automatic transmission.

    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    Both versions differ in power output, fuel efficiency and are one of the advantages of the Suzuki SX4. In the technical equipment of the car uses a system of variable geometry intake manifold. It provides high torque and wide speed range. To optimize the operation of the engine an improved ignition system.
    Motors Suzuki SX4 equipped with Quad-band or five-speed automatic transmission. Active drivers will appreciate the version with five-speed manual gearbox: the work is clear, the dynamics is considerably increased, the maximum speed is increased by five miles per hour. The feeling that the car dropped a ton of weight. Fuel consumption is also reduced.

    Technical characteristics of Suzuki SX4

    Car brand:
    Suzuki SX4

    Country of origin:

    Body style:
    sedan, hatchback

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:

    5MKPP, 4AKPP

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the city of 7.9; the track is 5,2

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Features of the Suzuki SX4

    Review Suzuki SX4 revealed some features of the car. First of all, this is a larger size compared with previous versions. Changed length, width and ground clearance. All this allows to relate the car to class C.
    The crossover will be produced only in Hungary, on the factory Suzuki. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer is making every effort to reduce fuel consumption in the city. Thus, the Suzuki SX4 will not only be an upgraded model, but also profitable for the buyer.
    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    The basic equipment of the car looks very attractive:

    • front airbags;
    • ABS, EBD;
    • help when braking;
    • disc brakes;
    • power Windows;
    • heated mirrors;
    • audio system with MP3 support;
    • immobilizer and much more.

    Safety Suzuki SX4

    The car shows good stability, and with an impressive array of active and passive safety of the driver and passengers can not worry about life and health. In each version there: anti-lock braking system, stabilization of exchange rate stability, the amplifier of emergency braking and seven airbags. A distinctive feature of the Suzuki SX4 — the availability of means of safety of pedestrians. The shape of the hood and new design body kit, brushes and bumpers absorb shock, reducing damage to pedestrians in a collision.
    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4

    Suzuki SX4 — advantages and disadvantages

    The appearance of this car model caused much controversy. The Suzuki SX4 has other qualities, and disadvantages. They will be useful and interesting to those who are going to buy this car.
    Pros Suzuki SX4:

    • presentable appearance;
    • the cabin, equipped with advanced technology;
    • the fuel economy;
    • the convenience and ease of administration;
    • the reliability and safety.

    The manufacturer of this car thought about not only visual appeal, but other factors, making the car easy to control even for those who first sat down behind the wheel.
    Video test drive of the Suzuki SX4:

    And that portrait of the Suzuki SX4 was full, note cons:

    • inflated price;
    • the size of the car can affect its technical characteristics.

    Certainly, the Suzuki SX4 crossover is a class C may lose ease of control and mobility. But it is becoming roomy, which is important for many drivers. As for the cost, some of it may indeed seem high.

    The cost of Suzuki SX4

    On the Russian market the car is sold in three trim levels: GL, GLX And GLX+. It is also proposed ten variants of execution. The price of the car in the basic version starts with 779 thousand rubles and includes the 1.6-liter engine, front-wheel drive and manual gearbox. The complete set with the CVT is worth more than seventy thousand roubles.
    Four-wheel drive Suzuki SX4 will cost 879 thousand rubles with the mechanics and 949 thousand with the CVT. The cost of the version with maximal equipment — 1 million 119 thousand roubles.
    Городской компактный кроссовер Suzuki SX4
    Summary is as follows: the Suzuki SX4 is a bright and cheerful model that will definitely find its buyer. Competitors have little, resulting in high consumer demand. The combination of the powerful motor and all-wheel drive powertrain, stylish appearance and modern safety features, a spacious salon and functional toppings had in mind to drivers. The value of the car to the owner depends not only on modifications and cost, but also on its compactness, maneuverability and passability. Suzuki SX4 will be indispensable not only in the city. It’s a great car for a small family trip. And in the Metropolitan area, it will emphasize your impeccable taste and sense of style.
    Suzuki SX4 causes the most heated debate among the drivers, so we are interested in any opinion. Write your review in the comments.