An indispensable device

Cigarette lighter for car is of great importance. It allows not only to light cigarettes, but also to connect different devices to the electrical machine. Technical progress has made human life behind the wheel much more comfortable.
Прикуриватель для автомобиля: подключаем приборыThe device is inserted into the cigarette lighter
This device is a socket, as at home. The only difference is that it is powered by a battery. The voltage in the cigarette lighter usually is 12 Volts, so it can be used not only to charge the phone, but to attach many useful accessories.

What plug and how

The list of devices that can be connected through the cigarette lighter is long enough:

  • an electric kettle and a boiler;
  • the compressor;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • ionizer and air purifier;
  • microwave;
  • container for heating food;
  • the lamp and lantern;
  • fan;
  • the TV and player;
  • splitter;
  • electronic watch;
  • warmer on the seat.

Прикуриватель для автомобиля: подключаем приборыCigarette lighter splitter
When connecting any devices, follow the instructions:

  • Pull from the socket is a special device for heating, by means of which smoke cigarettes.
  • Please check the exact voltage at the outlet. This is usually 12 volts, but there are exceptions. Look for the warning label with the required information.
  • Need to know what this device is the largest load current. For this purpose it is necessary to find in car instruction manual location of fuse and its value. Then look for it in the car and make sure that the rate is less than specified in the book. If it more, it has to be changed.
  • Look at the cap of cigarette lighter socket: pin contact is plus, ring is minus.
  • Cannot be applied for connecting the exposed wiring. This requires the use of coaxial plugs. Remember to include devices that are sensitive to changes in current only through the stabilizer.
  • Recharge any device you can only use special chargers.
  • When you stop the engine, always disconnect the charger, it discharges the battery of your car.
  • Video review of USB cigarette lighter:

    To summarize

    Nowadays car cigarette lighter can be considered a perfect thing. Technological progress has brought us greater comfort in the vehicle interior, including a kind of outlet for our needs. Now to any destination can be reached with ease.


    Scratches and dullness

    The chrome parts give the car a special look. In the sun they Shine, cloudy weather reflects like a mirror. It is the reflectivity of the chromium requires constant maintenance. Good contact with the machine is insufficient, because such a surface is easily covered with small scratches and tarnish with time.
    Contrary to popular belief, chrome rust is no worse than plain metal. Therefore, the care of chrome parts is extremely important. Pay attention to the process of washing the machine. It is advisable to use warm soapy water. Need to wipe with a soft cloth or soft sponge foam. From the rough stuff the smooth metal begins over time to fade because of the network of microscopic scratches. Before cleaning chrome bumper cloth, soak it in water.

    Use low water pressure. Avoid extreme temperatures both in summer and winter. In the warmer after washing machine enough to put in the shade, and in winter it is better to use protective sprays with an oil base and not to leave the garage when there is moisture on the chrome surface.
    From time to time you can wipe the part with kerosene and gently rinse it with warm water. In any case, cannot be left on the surface of substances such as kerosene, gasoline or mineral spirits, and hit the soda or mineral oil it is better avoided. However, before you Polish the piece, you need to degrease, and here the kerosene is for you.
    Как вернуть блеск — полировка и защита хромированных деталейCare of chrome parts


    Small mechanical protection would not harm the hard-chromed bumper, it is no wonder that manufacturers are increasingly applying a thrust rod of steel, increasing strength and protection bumpers. However, the main danger for chromium — corrosion. This is especially true on the Russian roads, where the car is not to avoid contact with corrosive road chemicals.

    Sometimes the situation allows the application of varnish over the chrome surface. It is not long enough, and he looks not the best way, but with the task of protecting cope.
    It is best to protect the item, cover it with a special compound. Because salt water is covered with rust spots can even quality products. The chrome parts repair in this case begins with the localization of the source of corrosion — removing corroded area by mechanical means and processing oil varnish. If the layer of chromium was not affected, it is sufficient to Polish the damage of WD-40.
    In house conditions it is possible to find than polished chrome and without going to the store. Use soda, but it may be too hard. Barely visible traces are removed with a soft powder or chalk, pounded and applied on flannel cloth.
    Как вернуть блеск — полировка и защита хромированных деталейRust on chrome parts

    Restoration of the chromeplated details

    Polishing with their hands possible, but it is better not hands, and special formulations for polishing chrome. You can buy them in any shop. If there is severe corrosion, have to use WD-40, although this is an extreme case. Depending on the severity of the damage will be done to some of the following operations.

  • Before cleaning, remove the part and move in a place protected from extreme temperatures.
  • When the rust eats through the chrome coating, mechanical cleaning is required. Everything depends on the depth of damage. In some cases it is necessary to apply rough polishing with coarse abrasive.
  • If removed a large area of metal, you need to ensure its protection, the application of primer on the welds and so on. If cleaning will not repair, and painting, we will need two types of soil — acidic and basic.
  • Chrome at home is impossible. On how to recover this detail, you will be talking in the service station, alternatively you can consider covering the details of metallized film, painting details and a galvanic silver plating. For metachromasia will need to spend at home, the reduction reaction of silver from inorganic salts. It is possible, however, silver easily worn out and as a coating of the external parts fit poorly.
  • Use the cleaner to remove grease and stains. Acceptable use of substances containing acid, but the solution should immediately be removed from the part. In polishes anhydrous ammonia and the acid is invalid.
  • At a superficial injuries will need to either Polish or regular chalk (tooth powder). The wax can be replaced with a GOI paste, diluted a couple drops of motor oil. Coarse paste — be careful! Folk remedy — foil dipped in Coca-Cola.
  • For polishing you can take the felt. Otherwise, the choice is better to stop on a soft cloth.
  • Video remove rust from chrome bumpers:

    Paint on chrome

    Chrome is an extremely hard metal, and before you paint chrome detail, will require careful surface treatment. You need to bring it to Matt condition — minor scratches will improve the adhesion of the material. Then, remove from the surface dust, degrease and consistently apply multiple layers of primer:

    • acidic soil, provide tight grip, because in a few tenths of a micron eats into metal;
    • the primary (basic) soil to protect the parts from corrosion and adhesion;
    • primer filler is necessary if you need to smooth the surface.

    Especially for metal surfaces phosphating primer for sale. The substance is a mixture of acidic and basic primer. Can be used instead of the oxidizing and phosphating, the main goal is to protect metal for long term. On the last layer of the soil after preliminary degreasing of paint is applied.


    If you are pressing the question of how to restore the chrome detail, it is likely that the corrosion process had already gone too far. To detail is not lost over time, the attractiveness, you need to treat it gently. Attentiveness and a careful attitude to chromium are the main methods of struggle for its appearance.
    Как вернуть блеск — полировка и защита хромированных деталейRestoration of the chromeplated details
    Detail, for the protection of which was not made timely efforts to restore difficult. But hands down not worth it. A little patience, good theoretical background, and your bumper will Shine like new.

    Indispensable assistants

    Every vehicle owner should know how to properly configure the mirrors in the car, because it affects the safety of all road users. With the help of these devices monitored the situation on the road.
    It should be noted that, depending on the location, fixture inspection are divided into:

    • internal — located inside the cabin, attached to the windshield or over it;
    • external (lateral) — are outside the car, on the body.

    Как правильно настроить зеркала автомобиля

    If the dimensions of the vehicle are very large, and the internal mirror cannot perform its purpose, it can not install.
    Main functions:

  • Ensuring comfortable and safe movement on the road during the beginning of the movement and maneuvering.
  • Monitoring the traffic situation while overtaking, avoiding obstacles and timing.
  • Custom right

    Remember: all the adjustment you need to make while driving. The vehicle should not move.

    Adjusting the side fixtures review

    For adjusting the left side mirror should tilt your head slightly to the window, and do all manipulations with the bends and twists devices until then, until it will be seen the rear wing of the car. In the same way and is adjustable right, now only the sight transfer to the center.

    Как правильно настроить зеркала автомобиляCorrect adjustment
    Through the side inspection devices behind the wheel man must see all sides of the car. Need to know what the position of other vehicles relative to your car. The display should be no higher than 2 metres, otherwise the angle will be very limited.
    To increase the review the rear you can use a special parabolic mirror. The first time it will be difficult to monitor the situation on the road through them, because they distort the image. Gradually you will get used to it.

    Adjusting rearview backup

    To set this mirror so that its center corresponded to the middle of sight in the rear window. Then turn it to the right and slightly tilted down. This allows you to see the road behind and to the side of the machine.
    Как правильно настроить зеркала автомобиля

    Check settings

    If done correctly, you should see all of your surroundings. Should remain as small as possible the blind areas, because they can cause a dangerous situation on the road.
    To check whether the implemented setup, you need to conduct an experiment. Ask someone around your car at a distance of a couple meters. The driver must accompany the reflection of the man. However, the kind that disappeared from the side of the device should appear immediately in the rearview mirror. To increase the angle of visibility can be a little closer to the steering wheel. This experiment identifies blind spots that are where you are unable to see the person.

    To summarize

    Need to learn how to set the fixture of the review. The first time to look to the adjusted device will be unusual, but eventually you will get used to it.
    Video how to set rear-view mirrors:

    You should also not forget that the driver’s attention should always be riveted to the road. It should not be long to see something in the mirror, because it is only the assistant in management of your vehicle. Remember that you should look wherever you go.

    Car for the road or Vice versa

    A modern car with the improved aerodynamic shapes is becoming faster. Increasingly, to reduce air resistance, the ground clearance is reduced. Road covering, on the contrary, makes the motorist who bought a new car and pozdysheva some time on domestic roads, constantly scratching the bottom of the potholes or bumps to think about the increased ground clearance.
    Как надежно и безопасно увеличить клиренс автомобиляSpacers to increase the clearance

    A trifle and a rather big consequences

    Repair specialists know that single point to define the clearance above the road does not exist.
    The first point that can affect the increase in ground clearance, front bumper. All familiar situation when Parking in the city near the high of the border: the random hitting on him, gnashing and crunching. The situation could save 2.3 cm.

    The front bumper almost all modern cars have a kind of “skirt” with a width of 2 to 3 cm It can be made of plastic or rubber. These centimeters were necessary in the case of Parking. Plastic part is cheap and easy to replace in case of breakage. Rubber in the winter is better to remove.
    Do not forget about the second point under the sump. The lumen 12 to 17 cm is very small. In the spring there are snowdrops — deep pit, filled with water. As they say, ripped “snowdrop” — left the pan. Such a case is very unpleasant as in the occurrence and during the repair.
    Как надежно и безопасно увеличить клиренс автомобиляMachine with increased ground clearance

    There are many options, what to choose

    Each driver independently decides how to raise the car.

    The easiest option is a replacement tire for tires with a higher profile. This is the fastest and, according to many, the most painless for the chassis of the vehicle solution. However, despite the significant cost of such a solution is not too efficient.
    Slightly greater effect achieved by increasing the diameter of the disc. You should pay attention not to install the wheels and tires of a larger diameter than that provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The excess of values entails an increased load and rapid wear of hub bearings, struts, shock absorbers and so on.
    The second option is to replace dead shocks. Can I increase the ground clearance of the car with this replacement? The answer is rather negative, because when the vehicle is standing, his body hanging on the springs, respectively, shocks to lift no do not. They work in the movement, or by swinging the exit curb, when a car with broken shock absorbers has a nose. Serviceable shock-absorber solves this problem. Thus, the increase in ground clearance shock absorbers are not affected.
    Как надежно и безопасно увеличить клиренс автомобиляReplacing a dead shock absorbers
    A third option is to raise the rear of the car with rubber spacers, which are mounted on a spring instead of the standard made by the manufacturer. Such spacers can hold the weight of the vehicle and thus not subject to deformation.
    Can I use this method to increase ground clearance, without feeling discomfort in the drive, not reformirovat the body and not causing oxidation and corrosion? A resounding Yes! In addition, this option is considered to be one of the safest to drive, and for the design of your car.
    The fourth option would be to install spacers between the lower anchorages for rear shocks and rear beam eyes. This is the so-called “houses”. This method is a convenient choice of height clearance due to the special holes in the spacers. While this solution is fast and inexpensive. We should not forget that after such a procedure will need to adjust the settings, regulator of braking forces, the angle of inclination of the axis of rotation of the front wheels.
    Video — installation of spacers:

    The fifth option is one of the worst ways to increase the ground clearance of the car at home. The old springs are removed, replacements are reinforced springs cottage industry or not matching this car model.
    The body hanging on the springs, the stroke of shock absorbers or reduced, or absent, which leads to breakage. In addition, the drive becomes uncomfortable, the suspension is not fulfills its function due to the lack of shock that affects the braking affects handling of the vehicle.
    Sixth option — simple, not expensive, but unreliable. In the interturn spring is mounted in the insert. Consequences — reducing the degree of compression of the spring with all the consequences described in the fifth embodiment
    Seventh option — increase ground clearance of the car by installing polyurethane spacers between the car body and a support rack. Because of increased stiffness, this method has a greater impact on the wear and tear of the body when driving on uneven roads.
    Как надежно и безопасно увеличить клиренс автомобиляPolyurethane spacers
    The eighth option would be to install the aluminum spacers between the support and the vehicle body. These components have excellent strength values, and using different sizes to achieve a significant increase in ground clearance. They do not diminish the driving comfort. The only negative to use — inducing corrosion processes, especially in the winter when the road surface is processed with sand-salt mixtures.
    The ninth option would be to install plastic spacers, as in 3, 7 and 8 version. Excellent performance of wear resistance, comfort in use and universality. Of course, there are negative — too high a cost.

    You need to remember

    Well to mention some points that require the attention of all those wishing to modify ground clearance of the car.

    • Lifting your car, you make a change in his behavior on the road, especially at high speeds. In favor of raising cross you sacrifice durability.
    • Together with the rise of swipe auto maintenance and repair work in the suspension vehicle.
    • Don’t do it all yourself, trust the professionals.
    • After increasing the clearance does not exaggerate the capabilities of their vehicle, even if the maximum increase.

    In conclusion, we recall that each vehicle meets certain kinds of pavement. Accordingly, the manufacturers expect its structural features, ground clearance, maneuverability. If a passenger car, designed for riding on flat roads, riding through fields, potholes, ruts, mud, no manipulation of its suspension will not help to make it a crossover SUV — a vehicle with high maneuverability and increased ground clearance.
    Как надежно и безопасно увеличить клиренс автомобиляInstalling the spacers
    In any case it is you have to decide whether to increase the ground clearance, and the information contained in the article should be useful in decision making.

    Some statistics

    Often travel outside the city can take several hours. To spend so much time behind the wheel is stressful for anyone, even an experienced driver, not to mention the drivers-beginners. Therefore, the percentage of accidents on highways (especially in summer) is substantially increased.

    This fact is proved by statistics: on roads the accident rate increases by 30-40%, and accidents claim the lives of on average fifteen people per day. In 2008, before the increase of penalties, in accidents on tracks killed 20-25 people per day.

    Безопасная езда на автомобиле за городомAn accident on the highway
    By itself the question arises — how to drive safely?

    Drive safely — easy

    In order to do the trip on a country road is safe, you need to follow simple rules.
    The rules of safe driving out of town:

  • To travel one must always be prepared mentally and physically, so don’t go if you feel that you are tired, you sleepy or you’re upset about something.
  • If you are taking any medications that cause drowsiness, please refrain from their reception before the trip.
  • Before the trip try to have a good sleep and rest.
  • Refrain from traveling in bad weather and dark hours.
  • Don’t drive drunk!
  • Before you leave, be sure to check your car on the absence of any kind of faults.
  • Make sure that you have enough fuel.
  • Check the condition of all tires. They should be well padded. If the tyre has worn, it would be better to replace them.
  • Test the brakes, headlights, lights.
  • All third-party items before the trip, it is necessary to clean, garbage to throw away. Nothing should hinder the free operation of the vehicle.
  • If you plan to bring your pet, it must be transported in the back seat or in a special container.
  • During the drive to control the speed and keep enough distance with other vehicles.
  • Safe drive strict compliance to traffic rules. Pay attention to all traffic signs and traffic light signals.
  • Don’t forget to include the turn signals. Thus, you alert other drivers of their intentions.
  • During the movement, regularly use the rear view mirror to have a clear idea about the situation on the road.
  • If you intend to overtake the truck, you must choose the right moment to maneuver. You can’t “hang on the tail” of the truck and a sudden overtaking. The maneuver should begin, being on the course and in your lane.
  • If you see a truck travelling at high speed, give him the way.
  • At counter travel in bad weather conditions, stay close to the right edge of the track. During rain, fog, snow can not see the actual boundaries of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
  • During the movement try not to use a cell phone – it will not distract you from driving. If it is necessary to talk, better to pull off the road and stop.
  • If your route runs through mountainous terrain, note that the slopes do not turn off the transmission. Move should be coasting for 4 or 5 gear and you need to climb on low. Braking needs to be carried out smoothly. So you can better control the speed and, if necessary, to carry out the desired maneuver.
  • Driving always need to alternate with rest. Many accidents happen because the driver falls asleep while driving. Every two hours is recommended to take a break for about 30 minutes, to relax and to cheer up or, conversely, to relax if the trip was tense.
  • If you felt tired, began to coalesce eyes, driving has become uncomfortable is a sign that we urgently need to take a break.
  • Безопасная езда на автомобиле за городомDon’t forget to turn on the lights
    Safe riding is not the only thing that worries motorists. Drivers think and how to reduce fuel consumption on the highway. In response you can give a few tips to follow that will lead you to the desired result.
    Tips for economical driving out of town:

    • The optimal speed for driving on the track is 90-100 km/h. First you need to gain speed over 100 km/h and release the gas. Gradually, the speed drops to the desired level. You will only have to support the accelerator. Besides the fact that compliance with speed limits is fuel economy for the city, it is also an assurance that you will not slow down for excess employees GIBBD.
    • If possible, refrain from heating glass and heating of the cabin (not to the detriment, of course).
    • Often the fuel consumption in long-distance trips or just suburban driving increases due to a bad balancing of the wheels. Before the trip, will give this point special attention.
    • Style of riding, the sharp pressing the gas pedal, the hand brake, use of air conditioning — it can cause that fuel consumption on the highway is very large.
    • The importance and quality of fuel that you use. Gasoline prices now are not very encouraging vehicle owners. This causes a natural desire to save. But, as they say, the avaricious pays twice. In many cases drivers caught enticing ads for the sale of gasoline with low prices, without knowing it, contribute to breakage. Through 80-100 miles the car just stops. So do not go on about the beautiful figures. Refuel your vehicle only at official stations.
    • Do not neglect for the sake of observance of traffic rules and safety. The desire to save money can backfire, and will have to pay even more.

    Video verifying the effectiveness of fuel-efficient driving:


    Safe and economical driving by car — is, above all, drive sensibly. Everything you do, you have to do consciously and with full responsibility for their actions.
    Безопасная езда на автомобиле за городомEconomical driving on the highway
    So be careful, be vigilant, use the above rules and advice. This will ensure that on any trip you will receive only positive emotions, and the trip itself will be economical, and safe!
    Smooth roads and good trip to you!

    Improve the visibility of the road

    To increase the review of the track when driving used glasses of the driver. With their help, you will not feel discomfort when riding in bad weather, because a large number of emergency situations is created specifically because of impossibility in time to see the danger lurking.
    Main functions:

    • the improved clarity of the image;
    • improvement of visual response;
    • increasing the depth of spatial perception.

    Очки водителя — это не только полезно, но и удобноWhy do I need glasses at the wheel

    What to choose

    Today there is no such model that could be used constantly. Therefore, many experts advise to have in his stock a number of different specific and destination points.

    When choosing frames it is necessary to give the preference to the one in which you feel most comfortable with. While it must cling to the lenses. It should be noted that the glasses should sit firmly on your head and not slide in any situation, because it distracts the attention of the person behind the wheel, from the road, very unsafe.

    The best frame is the one whose tight ear pieces and headband. It does not restrict the view through the rear view mirror. Ear-hook must be attached above or below the fixtures so as not to restrict visibility of the route.
    Очки водителя — это не только полезно, но и удобноThe difference of visibility
    Automotive glasses are divided into two types: those sunglasses, which are specially designed for riding in dark and light times of the day.
    It is better to use plastic and not glass lenses, because they are less traumatic emergencies. Also care must be taken to make it durable coating that prevents scratching. More appropriate colors for lenses are considered green, grey and brown, there are those that do not distort the appearance of colors of traffic lights and overtaking cars.

    Sunglasses reflect the sun’s rays, glare surface of wet asphalt, the windshield, and so on. This is achieved using the built-in polarizing filter. When buying these glasses, you can test: you need to look at another pair of goods with the same lenses. If you turn your head 90 degrees, the glasses should seem dark. You also need to make a check for the presence of the gradient coating. The top part points must contain the mirror coating, used for reflection and the bottom one be transparent, so that the driver could see well the machine devices.
    At night or in bad weather it is better to use lenses yellow, brown and red colors. The driver in these glasses less Shine the headlights of oncoming cars, and you still get a good overview of the track.
    Очки водителя — это не только полезно, но и удобно
    Widespread today received car glasses antifary. Their aim is to increase visual acuity with a poor view of the road. These glasses are versatile and can be used in any weather and at different times of the day. With the help of this device your eyes protected from UV rays, glare of wet pavement and the windshield, bright sun. Further increases the clarity of sight of the road. With them you are not afraid of headlights of oncoming cars. The man in the glasses behind the wheel feels very comfortable.
    Those who have vision problems, can use antifary with diopters. When this special coating is applied to corrective lenses.

    To summarize

    Today glasses for drivers are widely used by vehicle owners. With their help, the man behind the wheel feels protected from the weather and other adverse factors. No longer need to look to the track. In front you will see a clear picture of what is happening at any time will be able to react to an unexpected traffic accident.
    Video about glasses for drivers:

    Experts have proven that the reaction of the driver in the glasses happens for 15-20 seconds earlier than without them. Therefore, traffic accidents while wearing glasses happen less frequently.

    Pallet car

    The crankcase of the engine is a special tray that is installed on the bottom of the machine. Its function is the protection of the motor from various injuries. The most preferred today is a ring of steel of galvanized metal with polymer coating on top. It has a long life. To perform a protective function is also steel sheet, painted with nitro, but its use is not common now.
    Нужна ли защита картера двигателя машины?
    Such an arrangement prevents the oil pan of the motor car from hitting bumps in the road, as well as from mud and snow in the hood. The protection is a factory, which at once fastens on a new vehicle, and can be purchased from other organizations as additional equipment for your car.

    Video do I need a crankcase of the car:

    Almost always, this fixture is attached using screws on the front part of the body, the side members and front axle carrier. When installing, you must look for in a pallet holes for ventilation, does it work the steering mechanism, and also does not hurt the component parts of the fuel and brake systems. To prevent runout of the engine of defense between them should be a small gap.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The advantages include the following:

    • protection of the lower parts of the engine from hitting rocks, ice blocks and other obstacles;
    • dirt does not accumulate under the hood;
    • access to parts of the engine is restricted, which will protect you from intrusion through the wiring, located at the bottom of the machine.

    Нужна ли защита картера двигателя машины?
    The disadvantages are:

    • the increase in vehicle weight, which is highly undesirable when performing repair works;
    • insufficient cooling of the motor crankcase;
    • the defense can change the course of deformation during any collision. All manufacturers design the car so that in the event of an accident the engine went under the driver’s seat, and he less suffered.

    To summarize

    Every motorist decides whether it is a tray, because its installation has both positive and negative sides. It all depends on where you usually go and what roads.

    The content

    • Safety
    • The functionality and character
    • Sunny optimism
    • Romance white
    • Red aggression
    • Calm silver
    • Self-contained blue
    • Uncompromising green
    • Solid black
    • Color and marketing
    • Conclusion


    Road Agency study color’s effect on road safety. However, the inspectors DPS is a statistic catches the eye almost in the literal sense. Oddly enough, red is not an emergency, although the drivers of these cars often exceed the speed. On the other hand, the red color catches the eye, and a collision with such a machine because of carelessness hardly anyone in danger. Green color is well perceived by the eye, but not on the summer road where he could blend in with the environment. Researchers from Daimler conducted its own tests and allocates colors in the order of their accurate vision perception:

    • white automotive enamel — 70%;
    • classic yellow — 70%;
    • orange — 47%;
    • light gray — 46%;
    • beige — 38 %;
    • red (color of light) — 38%;
    • green — 10%;
    • brown — 10%;
    • blue — 8%;
    • black — 5%.

    Also human vision is well accepted yellow – and blue-green. But black, as can be seen from this ranking, attracts little attention. Statistics confirm this distribution. According to the British insurers 22.6% of crashes involved cars brown color, 21,3% — pink, 20,9% black. The safest color is recognized as silver. On average, cars of dark colors become participants in 50-60% of all accidents. It is possible that this is due to the fact that bright objects always seem larger than the dark and are visually closer.

    The functionality and character

    Sunny optimism

    The yellow car is impossible to miss on the road, and on the Russian roads is a particularly rare visitor. Man this car certainly possesses an extraordinary character and a certain amount of optimism. The heart of these drivers is in the future, so the problems of today concern them little.
    Выбираем цвет автомобиля с точки зрения практичности и предпочтенийChevrolet Camaro in classic yellow
    Unfortunately, to avoid troubles on road car yellow is not getting any easier. But the practicality of yellow tends to zero, although it fades slightly. Seeing the solar car on the road, better be careful, because optimism and faith in the future is not subject to the laws of physics and other road users.

    Romance white

    On the back, painted white, will be unnoticeable small dings and scratches. He is not afraid of dust, because it will edit only the hue, but the eyes will not rush. Not threatened white paint and fading from sunlight, so its practicality is assessed as very high.
    Choose pure white completely different people, United by their only adequate and calm attitude to other people. No wonder he is associated with nature, and materialistic egoist, riding around in a car the color of freshly fallen snow, hard to imagine. White color is a kind of romance and the pursuit of ideals.

    Red aggression

    Small scratches on the red body will be noticeable, but the dent without attention, observers do not remain. Especially that impudent behaviour of drivers of sports cars suggests that to get them they will more often than owners of silver cars. It is interesting that red cars are stolen less often. Probably, it is connected with psychology, but it seems the more logical theory that red cars are harder to hide.
    Judging by anonymous surveys, and other participants in advance of the movement have a negative opinion about the person in the red car. Subconsciously, this color is associated with blood, hence the aggression. Hyperactivity such people can be a problem on the road, where unwanted competition rarely leads to a positive final.
    Выбираем цвет автомобиля с точки зрения практичности и предпочтенийRed color is most common in sports cars

    Calm silver

    The most inconspicuous car on the road — gray. The percentage of car thefts with this color a very high. But statistics are statistics, but silver is probably the most practical car color because scratches on it it is hard to spot and dents without careful consideration invisible.
    The technical condition of the car is always grey at a decent level, and not because their owners are particularly sensitive. They are always just the Mavericks and trust yourself. Silver cars on the road is a caution without fear and excessive compliance.

    Self-contained blue

    This may encourage the person to choose black, but close to it the color blue? The owners of the blue cars know their value and can also seem to be individualistic, but it’s not the drivers passing by when you ask for help. On the contrary, the former often stops machine blue.
    Drivers of blue cars are always satisfied with life, to embarrass them is almost impossible. It is people with established character who has attained much, but not keen to demonstrate this to all road users. Margin allows you to wait for them to respond appropriately to any situation and even aggression.
    Выбираем цвет автомобиля с точки зрения практичности и предпочтенийSubaru Impreza in blue

    Uncompromising green

    Practicality green the minimum. On such a surface are clearly visible scratches and dents catch your eye from a distance of tens of meters. The hijackers of these machines are uninteresting, because green cars are easier to find and harder to overtake.
    However, hijackings and technology drivers of green cars in General are little concerned about. They are far from terms such as carburetor, CV joint, transmission. The car for them — a watch, a vehicle that must not fail the driver. Fortunately, the majority of them are wealthy people and money on visits to the car wash.

    Solid black

    The practicality of the black poor, after all the dust on its surface impossible not to notice. Scratches clearly visible, especially when you get to the base metal. Long-term exposure to black body sunlight affects deplorably sun-bleached black paint loses much of its attractiveness.
    Such cars are stolen about the same as the others. But if we are talking about the new painting, the body can look very impressive. Character drivers is easy to imagine. Clean freshly painted black car is impossible not to note in the urban stream. However, mark does not mean to see, and in the accident the owners of these cars are much more often.
    Выбираем цвет автомобиля с точки зрения практичности и предпочтенийMercedes e-class in black color

    Color and marketing

    No matter what the color of the car more practical, the manufacturers from year to year will try to shift the palette of colors that the model had recognizable features. Particularly relevant to the gradual replacement of colors in the premium sector. The choice of color of expensive cars, as a rule, limited. This is partly due to the fact that the more expensive the model, the more individuality, the more elaborate its features. On the other hand, for expensive cars are only offered with noble colors.
    The Mavericks will have to work hard to get the right color car. Dealers buy mostly products of the factory black and silver colors. Usually the silver color is more expensive, primarily because of its high practicality. Even more expensive pearl metallic (on average 400-600 $), but not because of practicality, and due to the additives in the paint. Predictable bet on practicality often do German brands and a wide selection of colors and unusual offers — French producers.


    If we had to choose the most practical car color, shades of white, no doubt, would get the palm. In regard to washing interval, it is impossible to surpass them. Many color will seem boring, but research conducted in the USA showed that women rate the sexiness of the owners of silver cars is higher than drivers of cars of a different color. However, the grey is unlikely to be associated with the Soviet “Lada”.
    Video — select the color of the car:

    For those who don’t like grey, the colour choice will always be a compromise between practicality and preference. If the color is really important to you, the choice is obvious. And for those who are willing to make concessions, it may be advisable to use different colors in the interior and the exterior of the machine, differentiating external and internal, preferences and practicality.

    All fixable

    Each driver may lose his key. To lose the key it’s a shame, but it’s much more offensive if the key is in the ignition, car running, doors locked and Central locking. To access the spare key is not possible because of disconnection of the mechanical actuator via the exterior door lock cylinders. You should not panic, because there are many ways to open car without a key. On them will be the further story.
    Открыть машину можно, даже если нет ключаThe easiest and fastest way to open car without a key

    How can I open

    If the situation arose, of her need to get out. To start is to decide which way is more convenient to use, while trying to cause the least damage to the car, the wallet and my nerves.
    Video option of opening machine without a key:

    • The first way is to break the glass. Simple, fast, but not too economical method, as cheap glasses for car not the case, even if the rear glass blind Windows. Don’t forget that there is a risk of injury failure to comply with precautions, because only in the movies can break the glass with his fist and it does not get any cut. Use something heavy like a hammer or a stone wrapped in cloth.
    • The second way is to use a wooden wedge. Find or fabricate a wedge length of 20-25 cm and a thickness of the base 3-4 see also arm yourself with a thin metal rod, having at one end a hook. Carefully, so as not to damage, with a wedge pry edge of a door in the upper corner, gently driving his fist between the frame and stand. In the crack get the rod inside the hook and turn the lock.
    • The third way is to use a wire hook. From a piece of stiff thin wire and a length of 60-80 cm unilateral fabricate a hook with an angle of 45 degrees and a length after the bend is about 10 cm Insert a wire hook inside between the seal, which is necessary to bend, and the glass from the door handles. Try to find traction and hook a door on which is a button, then pull the hook along with pull up and open the door. It should be noted that this method is applicable to all cars of a domestic production.
    • The fourth way is to use the drill. Drill out the pith — cylinder of the door lock and open the door. You can also use a metallic disc, shaped similar to a key, typing it into the cylinder and turning. Some people believe that this disc can replace the powerful slotted screwdriver or steel nail clipper. In any case, this method entails the replacement of either all larvae or wearing different keys.
    • The fifth way is to use a piece of wire of length 2 meters. In imported cars locking system is arranged so that the first time you open the door handle actuates the Central locking unlock, it can be used for emergency opening of the door. The wire is a small hook, which should be put between the upper corner of the door and the counter. Deepening the penetration of the wire into the cabin, you must make the twists that it becomes possible to pick up the door handle. Catching the handle and pulling the wire, you can easily open the door.
    • The sixth way is to use cord or rope. You can use any piece of length at most m with made in the middle, but loose loop. Insert the loop between the upper corner of the door and the counter. If it is not possible to do this, the angle needs a little bend, using the means at hand. Lowering the loop for the button closing the door, tighten it and pull up. The button is lifted up and the door opened. The method is only suitable for those cars that have the internal locking button is located on the top of the door cards and above the surface.
    • The seventh way is to seek the help of qualified professionals who provide such services professionally. This type of service widespread, the craftsmen have special tools and skills, work quickly, and the cost of such work is often much cheaper than broken glass or the cost of repair of scratched or bent wrong door.

    Открыть машину можно, даже если нет ключаOpen car with wire
    How to open a car door without a key, a qualified specialist will decide once we arrive on call. He will consult with the customer and discuss all the pros and cons of the options and the cost of the work.
    To offer the master emergency opening:

    • When opening expensive cars for exclusion any damage is done opening the door lock with special equipment. The procedure is expensive but with the guarantee of the quality of the work performed.
    • Emergency opening. The procedure is similar to the previously described fifth method. The difference is that it is done with pneumatic tools, suction cups for glass and telescopic manipulator. Usually used by webmasters who do not have modern equipment and knowledge other ways.
    • Unlocking the lock with the penetration through the seal door glass. For the execution of this procedure, the specialist should know the structure of the kinematic locking mechanism of the vehicle, who will have to work, and have special equipment and skills. The method does not guarantee the integrity of the internal mechanisms and may lead to additional costs when repairing the locking system of your vehicle.

    Открыть машину можно, даже если нет ключаIt is a professional

    Make a decision and the problem is resolved

    Unfortunately, the situation may occur at the wrong time. Call and wait for the arrival of the expert have neither the time nor the opportunity for different reasons. Have to act independently, feverishly remembering that you once read or heard about how to open car without a key. So do not be nervous, just think and decide what you can take, and all must succeed.
    Video — how to open car without a key:

    It should be noted that all of the above methods is applicable only for emergency opening of a personal car in the presence of its owner.

    “Trouble” in the way of the motorist

    In the autumn and spring seasons before the vehicle owners, the question is: how to get out of the mud? Every motorist will sooner or later fall into this situation. Heavy rains and rapid melting of snow do their work — the road washes out and there was mud slides.
    Video tips on how to pull the car out of the mud:

    All drivers of vehicles need to know that it is better to avoid unsafe section of track than to hit the dirt, because the cost of time and fuel in this case will increase significantly. If the diversion is not, this way is better to go with the same speed, uniformly, in any case not to press on the gas and not stop. No wonder there are people saying, “slow and steady wins the race”. You can try to reduce the pressure in the tires, and then will increase the grip of the tread with the road. This method is used to overcome short distances in first gear at low speed, otherwise you’ll damage the tyres of the wheels.

    It should also be noted that every vehicle owner, intending to travel outside of the city should take with you a shovel, Jack, tow rope, crowbar, small axe and the rods, so that an unexpected situation caught him by surprise.
    Как легко выбраться из грязи на машинеStuck in the mud machine

    What to do to solve the problem?

    If your car is stuck in mud, you should not panic. There are many ways to get her out of there. In no case do not press on the gas, it’s not only not help but will worsen the situation. The car will go stronger.
    Consider the options of “liberation from ambush”.

    First option: use what you have at hand

    You must perform the following steps:

    • put the front wheels straight ahead;
    • to remove all heaviness, to ask passengers to leave their seats;
    • if the vehicle is not loaded, it is better to stay in the cabin, they will provide additional load on the rear part, and achieved good traction with the road vehicle;
    • if you have a shovel, clear the mud near the rear wheels, bottom, back and front of the machine;
    • locate and put under the wheels of branches, rocks, twigs, the ground was more or less solid;
    • the selected road will place all sorts of items and try to slowly leave the dangerous area.

    Second option: taking the car in tow

    Perhaps the best way is to pull out the machine using the tractor. In this procedure, consider the following points:

    • car to tow should have more power than yours, or at least the same. Your best option is to truck, but in this case the driver of the car stuck because of their size will not be visible to the road;
    • for the clutch you need to use a special cable. It is better that this item was made of nylon material, as it is well stretched. With a push in beginning of movement will be softer. This rope has good elasticity and is quite durable. Rope length should not be less than 5 meters to the car when you stop collided with each other. For coupling with a tow vehicle you can use special carbines and hooks. If with such adaptations no suitable Maritime site.

    Как легко выбраться из грязи на машинеTowing stranded cars
    The tow rope is attached to the hole which is designed for this, but if it is missing, you can attach to the earring spring. It is necessary that the rope never touched the rear suspension parts. Check with the driver of the second car signs, by which you will communicate when pulling the car. Pull smoothly. When the tow car driver will feel that the cable is taut, it is necessary to increase the speed. Your actions must be synchronized: the driver of the car that pulls you out of the mud, pushing on the gas and you step on the brake.

    Third option: use the winch

    Try to use the winch. It is selected depending on the weight of your vehicle, and should be one and a half times heavier. The anchor could be a tree. You can also use rocks, branches, spare tire, and other handy tools. The winch is attached to the machine in the following ways:

    • inside the car on a special device;
    • on receiving the Jack near the frame, which can be located front and rear of the machine;
    • the special equipment on the bumper.

    In the area of operation of this device should not be people. You have to sit in the car and through the window to perform actions with the remote control.
    Как легко выбраться из грязи на машинеThe use of the winch

    Fourth option: do the winch independently of the available tools

    You need to hammer a crowbar into the earth or find a sturdy tree. After that, one end of the rope attached to the car, and the second wrap around the selected fixtures. The mount gradually winding the rope on the device. So you wind up with a lever, which will pull your vehicle out of the mud.

    Fifth option: swinging

    If all above methods do not resolve your problem, and you don’t know how to leave a dysfunctional zone, try to rock your car. Move it back and forth. At this time you need to quickly shift gears from the first to the rear and as little as possible to slip the wheels not to dig in the dirt even deeper. As soon as the swinging amplitude will reach the highest point, try to leave. Thus it is necessary to work very accurately the clutch pedal. Otherwise you risk to burn it.

    To summarize

    Faced with this problem, every driver on your way. Our roads are dangerous during the rains and melting snow, especially those that are outside of the city. Stuck in the mud, don’t panic, gather your thoughts and come up with a plan of action. If you will be doing, sooner or later will leave a dysfunctional place. The main thing that near at hand was the minimum needed items for the release, so try to always carry them with you.