Generali or the deal?

There are two variants of realization of used cars. So, the owner may issue a power of attorney to the person representing the other side of the transaction. In addition, issues are resolved through a purchase-sale contract.
The first option simplifies many things, including tax, but there are a number of other risks. After all, when the power of attorney by the owner of the car officially remains the owner… And then you can run into a dishonest person who received the money, withdraws decorated document and return the machine back. To prove in such a situation, his innocence will be difficult.

Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машины
Therefore, most of these transactions seal in the contract. In principle, the technology is simple. The seller takes the car from the register (this, incidentally, is also a paid service) and together with the buyer and necessary service document is the traffic police. In the inspection the deal gives legitimacy, and then the car re-register with updated data about the owner. By the way, it is now possible to pay for the services of inspection and to arrange the time of signing papers with the help of special online services on the Internet.

The percent of the state 13 or 30?

At this point, satisfied customer continues to perceive the delights of registration of the car, and the seller — waiting for the hi tax.

Article 208

Taxed all transactions involving the property, and the case of the sale of the car is no exception. It is written in 208-th article of the Russian Tax code. Sales tax on cars, according to this article, charged as follows: the seller remits to the state an amount equal to 13% of the total amount of the transaction. But this is only for tax residents of Russia. (This includes all who in the course of the year continuously resided in the country for at least 183 days). But person non-residents should pay a thirty percent stake.
Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машиныSelling a car is taxed at 13%

Taxes like punctuality

The legislator clearly says about the time in which to make payment. So, to make money it is necessary not later than 15.07, which occurs next after the date of the transaction year.

The documents for the calculation

Coming to the tax authorities to pay tax on the sale of cars, need to bring passport and personal passport (or a photocopy) machine sold. In addition, the desired identification code of the seller, a completed Declaration under the form 3-NDFL (the tax to incomes of physical persons). Will also need a contract of sale and the documents confirming payment of the transaction.
Further, the tax office will review the package information and will issue a check for payment of tax with specific amounts.

Who is “Amnesty”?

At the same time, the legislator has provided also cases of “Amnesty”, when income tax from the sale of the car to pay is not necessary. Keep all the money yourself while you can in three cases.

Sold, but not.

First, the transaction is not taxable, unless they bring gain to the seller. What does this mean? It is believed that the car, which the owner gave cheaper than bought at the time, went without a catch for him.
Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машиныThe tax is not paid, if the owner does not receive product
For example, you bought a car N for 500 thousand rubles, and sold for 350 thousand rubles. In fact the owner even in the red was, so what here the tax?
Such deals happen when the car is sold, for example, after an accident. Or when it fell sharply the demand for the model. The price underestimated in the case of long transactions.

The “old” benefits

Secondly, the tax after the sale of the vehicle does not need to list those who implemented the old car. The law provides that the machine, which was operated by the same owner for three years (and more) is no longer new. And it frees the seller from payment obligations in favor of the state.
By the way, many motorists, trying to keep the entire amount of the proceeds, and avoid the red tape when making the Declaration for tax payment, intends to wait for their steel friend will celebrate its third anniversary. This also partly explains why the secondary market is the shortage of models with low mileage.

250 — threshold!

Thirdly, the tax on the sale of the vehicle does not pay the one who rescued him 250 thousand and less. This amount the state has determined as the threshold of estimated degree of profit.
Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машиныThe total amount less than 250 000 — the tax is not paid

Tax return

Hardly anyone would argue that the motorist every penny counts. Moreover, if he sold his “six”, you are going to buy, for example, Lada Priora. Therefore, the following information is extremely important. So, the state, charging taxes, provided for the partial return to private individuals.

Deductible — the compensation for the seller

For residents of the Russian Federation laid out the option of tax deduction. This means that the seller may not pay or receive back a certain percentage of the total amount of tax that was scheduled for payment.

Such a mechanism

How does it work? In article 220-d of the Tax Code States that compensation can claim the person who sold the car driven by not more than three years. Also legislated total compensation the maximum that can claim the sellers of this category. So, to compensate for or take from a General tax not more than 250 thousand rubles.

How to apply?

To get a deduction by paying income tax on the sale of the machine, you need to have the Declaration 3-NDFL and the documents confirming the fact of the transaction. Plus, confirmation that the buyer paid for the item. For example, a check, a receipt, an official statement of accounts from the Bank. After collecting the briefcase (originals and copies of all papers), please refer to the IRS, which operates at the place of residence of the seller. Here the specialists will design a “compensation”, put a particular person after tax when selling a car.
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Discount for tuned

There is another option allowed by law, allowing the seller to claim a reduction of the amount of “bribes”. This discount is available to those who sell the machine at which wheel traveled less than three years, and have invested additional money.

Keep repair receipts

So, for example, you bought a car for 600 thousand rubles, but its so beefed up that he is now able to sell all 800 thousand roubles. If carried out repairs and tuning, the car owner will be able to confirm by means of, for example, checks that it makes sense to claim the deduction tax.
Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машиныSaved checks will help to keep more of the transaction amount

Bet on the difference

In this case, you reduce the amount which is calculated trinadcatiletnie rate. In fact, it is recognized that the benefit derived from the sale equal to the amount of work performed. That is, in our case, the percentage will be calculated not with 800 thousand rubles and 200 thousand rubles (minus 800 thousand 600 thousand).

Declarative way

You have probably noticed that if you pay tax and if the compensation authorities require you to present a Declaration. This is a separate bureaucratic and difficult the item, nevertheless, not be able to ignore. So no count this time and in our material.

“Year to year”

So, the Declaration serves all of the car salesmen. An exception is provided only for those who got rid of an old car. (Remember that this is considered a car that has three years in a row was the same owner). This document is as though legitimizes and commits the transaction amount and your income.
Interestingly, this paper is filled with “year to year”. That is about their finances over the past year you hold the report at the beginning of the current year, but not later than April 30.

The cumulative penalty

If for any reason these deadlines would not be met, may result in a fine amounting to five percent of the total amount of assessed tax and increases cumulative: plus five for each expired month. That is, not paying the five percent penalty in may, in June, will have ten percent.
Заплатить, чтобы продать: налоги с продажи машиныThe greater the delay, the greater the amount of tax

The list of documents

Note the list of documents required for filing.

  • A personal passport.
  • INN.
  • Job reference salary for the year.
  • A contract confirming that you bought the car.
  • A fresh Treaty confirming the sale of the machine.

To fill in the column Declaration, you can and at home by downloading the template and the corresponding program in the electronic tax office. To transmit the certificate to the tax office personally or can use a corresponding service on the Internet. By the way, a breach of procedure in this case may also be fined.
After the tax authorities will examine specific application, the person will be contacted directly and will arrange a meeting for issuance of securities in real time.


So, it must be noted that the sale of cars and taxes are closely related. And if to take all legal steps in order of priority, headaches can not be avoided, and paperwork can cost nerves. At the same time, the regulatory article provides that is called variations on a theme.

Himself tax

So, basically, you are free to adjust the situation and determine what sales tax to pay machine. To the extent that there are ways to avoid this difficult and costly procedure. For example, wait until your beautiful car will be three years and only then “exit” to the market. This tax is guaranteed to be a “dembel”.
If this is not possible and the situation is developing according to the principle “In Paris on business, urgently”, then try to use the mechanisms for tax deduction or reduction of the calculated tax amount.
Video about payment of taxes from the sale of the car:

Strictly according to the law

In situations where these options are not suitable then make everything in time and according to the law. Otherwise, you have to give to the state not only of the revenue but to pay the fine.
And have you encountered any problems of payment of tax on sale and purchase of the car? Describe your story in the comments to the article — any experience on this topic will be useful to colleagues on the road.

To sell the car: the lowdown

Let’s start with why the owner of the car in its sale, must apply to the tax authorities. Talk, how much is necessary to give the state the proceeds from overall money, and who can claim the tax “Amnesty”?

The power of attorney or the transaction?

Everyone knows that cars can be sold on power of attorney and sealed through a contract. Yes, in the first case, the tax subject will not be so relevant, but the risks are. After all, where is the guarantee that, having received money, the seller does not invalidate the document? Or who ensures that the new driver will not be satised in an accident, and the claims will turn ultimately to the owner?

So it is often used it is the second scheme. And here between the concepts of selling cars and tax returns you can safely put an equal sign.

The percentage in the purse of the state

The law of our country says that the tax is on all transactions involving the sale of property and car sales among them. The actions associated with that prescribed in the 208-th article of the main tax document of the Russian code. According to the legislative act, the car dealer lists in the public purse 13% of the total proceeds of sale. And if the owner of marketable transport a non-resident of the Russian Federation (for the year in the amount of lived in Russia less than 183 days), the rate will be thirty percent at all.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?The tax is 13%
By law, this money must pay before 15 July in that year, who follows after the date of signing of the transaction of purchase and sale. We have sold the car in 2014, and a bid will be put in state coffers in 2015.

The membership fee is free!

Note that there are cases when the legislator takes the car owners tax liabilities. This happens, for example, when the owner sells the car cheaper than when bought. In this scenario, it turns out that he has not benefited from such commodity-money relations.
Also the tax is not paid by those who had sold the car already drove 36 months. This car is already considered old.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?If the seller is not., the tax is not paid
And tax is also not going to claim to those who are rescued from the transaction amount, not to exceed 250 thousand rubles.
Also, there are cases when you can make a tax deduction or, if easier, to reduce the amount of tax.

Declaration: fill in without exception

But that’s what happens to avoid, anyway, so it’s filling in the Declaration when selling a car. It comes to document pit No. 3, which is the report on taxes on the income of individuals. This paper you report about the received funds and are willing to meet their tax obligations.

When to apply?

Declaration for sale of the vehicle requires a special procedure in the code of the tax is specified separately (article 229). First, about the timing. So called ‘ year-long scheme. That is, about how much money did you make last year, you report this year. The main thing to do so no later than 30.04. Thus, the tax Declaration when selling a car 2014 must be submitted before the end of the second month of spring in 2015.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?

What happens if you turn on ignore?

Ignoring the necessity of filing a Declaration of sale of the vehicle, you risk to amass a considerable problem. In addition to moral effects in the form of constant reminders of the Declaration, for late payment penalties. So, a month late, you’re five percent of the amount assigned to tax. And every month of non-payment is plus five percent additional penalty. The biggest penalty that the code provides for is thirty percent. Minimum threshold — 1000.

The list of securities

The Declaration on the sale of cars is assembled a full portfolio of the following documents:

  • A personal passport.
  • The identification code.
  • Paper of accounting with information on wages for the year.
  • A contract for the purchase of this car.
  • The current contract, evidencing the sale of the machine.

With these documents, as well as with the completed Declaration template you need to contact the tax authorities at the place of residence of the seller of the car.

Tax online

Note that now for the convenience of the population has a version, which allows you to fill in a Declaration when selling a car in the home environment. You may access an electronic information resource tax service, which are open for download templates of relevant documentation. A sample Declaration for the sale of the vehicle will find here. And for convenience need to download special software. After updating you can add documents to the tax or send them via e-mail.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?Download special program on the official website of the FTS of Russia

Carefully, without noise

In General it is better to fill the paper where there is no unnecessary noise. Because it requires precision and care, and in time the process may take forty minutes. If you can not download the template, the form can take in the building of the tax service on the information boards. But better, of course, take advantage of the benefits of civilization and complete the form electronically. The programme, developed by the tax authorities for this purpose, gives tips in making the data and itself is and guide and helper when filling.

Fill in the fields

So, you’ve opened the right email program. What information you need to make to the Declaration? Fill in the fields accordingly.

  • You need to specify the type of Declaration — in our case it is form No. 3 pit.
  • Then you should specify the number assigned to your tax office. In this case, if you do not own such information, will come to the rescue ON downloaded. The program will find the necessary information, processing the address data of the office.
  • There is a graph, which involves identifying the taxpayer on the grounds. In the case of private seller auto you need to choose the option “natural person”.
  • Then have to enter your personal data. Here are written your name, ID, number and series of passport, residence permit, information on incomes (in particular, from the sale of the machine) with the specifics, the tax amount and the deduction (if on), as well as contact information.

Video on how to fill out a Declaration when selling a car:

Smart program

Don’t worry to make a mistake or use incorrect language and terminology. Smart program in the respective fields will offer possible options, and you only need to choose a suitable. By the way, to calculate the amount to pay is also an electronic assistant. Further, in digital form, you can send the completed paper through the special portal.

Portal for applications

You need to understand that this option is free. You just put the completed form in a special window of the application, indicate your branch of the tax service and click the button “send”.
Each application is numbered, what the sender is informed of a special electronic message. As soon as your request will come to the destination, you will also receive a notification. Specialists will review your situation and will contact you to schedule an appointment for final filling of papers.

Meeting with inspector

For face-to-face interviews with print the completed tax Declaration in duplicate, sign it and indicate on it the number that was assigned to your application on the portal. This will allow you to quickly identify your request.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?
Separately please note this. In a situation when you want the deduction or reduction of tax amounts that will need in addition to the General documents to write the application addressed to the head of a particular tax office. The template will give you on the spot, but the principle standard: “Please provide a deduction (reduce the amount) on such a basis…”

Your account

In tax you will also need originals and copies of all personal documents (passport, TIN) and paper, confirming ownership of the machine and its sale (registration certificate, receipt, contract).
When all the formalities are settled and the Declaration upon the sale of the machine is filed, you will write “account”, reflecting the amount of the payment and the recipient’s details. Add it yourself through the Bank.

Troublesome, but necessary

So, to conclusions. Yes, tax troubles that accompany the sale of the cars, not the most pleasant in the life of a car enthusiast event. But this isn’t a disaster as it might seem to mean. Fortunately, today there are modern services that allow you to remotely complete the required documentation and calculations of the tax amount.
Налоги на дороге: как подать декларацию при продаже авто?Compliance with all requirements will allow to avoid troubles in the future
Remember that Declaration when selling a machine that is filed on time and correctly prepared, will allow you to avoid problems with regulatory agencies. Though the law and gives a respite for paying the tax to expect during this period will forget about you and the issue will resolve itself, not worth it. So don’t run away from problems. Carefully read the order of taxation, trying it to their situation, and then take the paperwork.

Your experience

Also, don’t forget to follow the amendments in the legislative acts. The article of any of the state documents, and NC including, subject to change. You may already be aware of upcoming legislation on a tax Declaration changes? If so — share it in the comments to the material. Reliable information and good advice will be useful to anyone behind the wheel.

A variety of options

All sites selling cars can be divided into several categories — each one suited for specific cases and will have its features of use. Of course, no one bothers to post ad on several sites, but it will be a waste of time and your efforts. If it comes to urgent sell the car, you may need paid services. Use them on all sites at once is unwise because your goal is to get money from the deal, rather than wasting them, giving the car to another person. Therefore it is necessary to consider the main sites through which you can sell the car, and to highlight their advantages.

Search engine

Sometimes you don’t need to search for websites that sell cars — because the search engines themselves taking care of their directories. A good example is Yandex.Autoand Авто@Mail.ruthat has already launched their services and daily serve tens of thousands of visitors. The main advantage of this method of sale of the car — ease of finding a buyer desired option. It is enough to add to your search string the name of the desired model, and he / she will get some good options. By the way, the search engines paid services are most effective because ads that have a high rating, will gather the maximum number of hits.

На каких сайтах в интернете можно быстро продать машину?
Of course, these sites have their drawbacks. For example, they rarely create truly effective filtration system offers, allowing you to select a small group of cars that most closely meet your needs. In addition, although not advertised, the content of the directory is not its own funds and from partners, which are other sites. The program is a parser can provide information with delays or fail, indicating incorrect data.

Specialized sites

The next category is the most numerous. There are the websites where you can sell the car without mediation, even if it is represented using the Union catalogue of search engines. They are simple Bulletin boards that specialize in the sale of one type of goods — i.e. cars. The only difference may be a streamlined interface that contains, among other things, a very detailed search with many different filters, allowing you to throw away all variants that do not represent for you interest. Among the most popular Russian sites is as follows:


На каких сайтах в интернете можно быстро продать машину?On special resources are created all conditions for the sale of cars
The main advantage of the site will be the convenience, as well as target orientation. Here you will find people who have come into the category of car accident — all of them visit these portals for the purpose of buying or selling cars. However, this way of working with transport over the Internet contains, and its drawbacks — every day directories have grown to include hundreds and thousands of ads, among which there are surely similar to yours. Therefore, the actual customer can wait long enough — especially if the car belongs to the “people”. In this case, not too help and services — even at the top of the rankings you will find many analogues of your vehicle, including having a very low price.

Universal catalogs

Road sections in the universal catalogs that sell a variety of goods and services. An example of such sites can be AVITO, Slando and Drom. Their main advantage is huge attendance — your ad will be able to see not only those who want to buy a car, but happened to be people here.
Video about how to place an ad to sell cars on AVITO:

However, this is a major drawback because real paying customer will only every tenth, or hundredth visitor to the page with your ad. Accordingly, reduces the efficiency of paid services — in most cases, you spend money, attracting sightseers, which was originally not going to buy your car. In addition, universal boards very rarely have an advanced search system that allows you to accurately filter for man ads.

The best choice

Any sites where you can sell your car by placing a free ad, have a very high efficiency, though have their own characteristics. In particular, universal Bulletin Board is well suited to those who are not in a hurry and “test the waters” by collecting as much feedback from people interested in the car. Search engines offer very good services, although they often have to pay dearly — but the cars quickly find new owners, if you’d prefer. But specialised sites — the “Golden mean”, which allows you to sell your car, without wasting unnecessary time and money. If your ad is truly unique, then a long wait for response is not necessary.


Parents to use the parent capital for the purchase of the car was in for a brief time in 2009, when in the documents governing the program, relevant changes were made. The logic of legislators is easy to understand — on the one hand, the parents got a vehicle to meet many of their needs, and the state to support domestic producers. Car for a young family can be not only easy transport, but also a means of livelihood, but also a great opportunity to open your own business. In addition, the sum of the parent capital is roughly equivalent to the price of the car, produced in Russia.

But just a couple of months, the law re-edited the reason for this was that the change was made without the participation of the State Duma, and, therefore, could not be considered lawful. In addition, this form of using the maternity capital has been much criticised — car purchase, many deputies called speculation rights and needs of the child. They also spoke about what the parent issued capital is meant to protect the mother and child, whereas the car in a divorce usually goes to the man. Therefore the right of purchase of such movable property was abolished — however, specialists of the Russian Government was instructed to study the possibility of making such amendments, flawed.
Video about the prerequisites of using the maternity capital for the purchase of a car:

The modern state

The first task to use the parent capital on the car allowed some regions. However, it was not on assistance provided by the Federal program, but resources allocated from local budgets. Of course, her size was small, so in most of these territorial entities has allowed not only to produce the certificate of the parent capital when buying a car in the cabin, but also to transmit it to other Finance and credit institutions to compensate part of the loan, including the initial payment. The list of regions where it is possible to take advantage of this offer, includes:

  • Novosibirsk region;
  • Ulyanovsk region;
  • Kamchatskiy Krai;
  • The Oryol region;
  • Kaliningrad region.

However, official approval for the purchase of a car for the maternity capital from the Federal level have been issued. However, in the month of February 2015 to the State Duma a proposal was made to provide parents this opportunity, which was formed by deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region. Currently information on the status of work on the project is not received, however, there have been reports that after some improvements this legislation will still be accepted.
The project assumes that to buy a car for the maternity capital will be possible only when selecting vehicles of a domestic production. Narrow to worry about choosing no — except for Gas, UAZ and VAZ in the list of available cars for young parents are also many foreign cars, has received the certificate of localization of manufacture. In particular, Russians will be able to purchase with the use of the parent capital even cars like the Toyota Camry and Nissan Teana.
Можно ли будет применять материнский капитал для приобретения машин?Using the parent capital it will be possible to buy some foreign cars
Machine for the maternity capital, according to the project, will be provided upon full payment of its cost by means of a certificate and partial compensation of the price. In the second case, you will need to pay an additional charge or take your case to a financial institution for credit resources. Interestingly, the maternity capital is supposed to use as an expensive down payment, as mortgage. Given that next year the certificate will be assessed in 577 thousand rubles, this amount will be very great help in buying a car for the family — even when it comes to buying a car business class.
The members want to simultaneously solve the problem of ownership of the car when the parents divorce. In particular, it is envisaged to amend the legislation, allowing it to issue a fractional ownership in a vehicle. Buying a car for the funds of the parent capital will be allowed only when its owners are both the parent and the child, which will have a guarantee of use of transport to meet their needs.
However, to spend a paid government maternity capital on the car, used, will not work — the purchased vehicle must be registered for the first time. Also, you can not use the certificate, and to purchase commercial transportation by car must belong to the category of passenger. There is also a proposal to introduce into the law the ban on the resale of the cars purchased for the maternity capital, for 3 or 5 years.

The pros and cons

The main positive features of the bill have already been addressed above when I described the preconditions for its adoption. However, you should specify that in the conditions of a powerful financial crisis, when the cost of goods and housing is increasing every year at a considerable sum, the purchase of a car would be a good way of saving parent capital and even obtain from him certain benefits. Parents also have the opportunity to carry a child in kindergarten or educational institution of a different type, and use the transport in case of emergency, when the younger family member needs medical help. Some families who already have decent housing, are not prepared to spend money on getting the child out of state education programs or the creation of private pension savings, which also can depreciate with a sharp depreciation of the national currency. For them buying a car will be one of the best options for channelling funds received maternity capital.
Можно ли будет применять материнский капитал для приобретения машин?Sometimes it is quite rational to invest the parent capital in the car
Have with this proposal and its opponents, who make a compelling argument. In particular, the property loses its price very slowly, and education can improve the potential financial situation of the child when he reaches the age of majority. If you buy a car for the maternity capital, it will begin to lose their value in the first year, but after 14-15 years completely fail or will have very little practical value. Also critics point out that the majority of parents will not use the car purely to meet the child’s needs, giving priority to themselves. As for the child’s participation in the ownership of the car, then, according to them, it is ridiculous to assume that the child will resort to use of case law to protect their rights.

Maternity capital should be abolished?

Initially it was assumed that the certificates for the maternity capital program will be issued until 2016, and there is the possibility of extension. However, recently the Government had received a petition signed by the Ministry of economic development, which asserts that the early termination cash will save up to 300-350 billion rubles. This opinion is shared by many — in particular, some experts point out that the maternity capital is not conducive to the birth of a second or subsequent child, but makes it earlier, which reduces the effectiveness of the program to the minimum level.
Можно ли будет применять материнский капитал для приобретения машин?Some experts question the effectiveness of maternity capital
However, do not agree with this people occupying key positions in the structures governing the issuance of the parent capital. For example, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets believes that the program needs to extend for 5 years, because it really significantly improves the well-being of Russian families. Nevertheless, she argues that the purchase of a vehicle for the means of the parent capital is unreasonable solution that will not bring any benefit to the children. Her words echoed and Maxim Topilin, the head of the Ministry of labour — it says that the program is really very useful for Russian society, but to expand the list of purposes of use of funds is not worth it. Instead, he proposes to allow use of the Federal parent capital for a mortgage loan without waiting for the expiration of the three-year period.

Will or will not be?

Despite strong opposition from many influential people, the probability of successful signing of the bill is very high. As a result, many Russian families who could not previously afford to buy their own car, will now be able to realize his dream. However, it is expected that the scheme the acquisition will contain a lot of loopholes for scammers who will sell used cars and also use it for simple cashing of the certificate. The solution can only be regular revision of the provisions of the program. That’s just up to what year will be issued to parent capital question still remains open.

Current conditions

The main changes concern the cost of the vehicle — if previously it was limited at the level of 600 thousand roubles, preferential loans 2015 covers vehicles, the price of which reaches 750 thousand roubles. Earlier it was reported that the scope of the program will be expanded to 1 million roubles that will allow to compensate for the drop in the value of the domestic currency, however, the information was not confirmed. But even this increase leaves consumers much greater freedom of choice. It is worth remembering that the increase affected not only the most expensive transport, but also the “popular” machines, including produced in the Russian Federation.
By the way, the program of preferential car loans covers such cars is that is produced in the territory of the country indicating this fact in the documents. The requirement that the machine must have domestic brand was completely eliminated. Hence, the list of cars has also increased — now there are Chevrolet, Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA and some other brands. Of course, the basis of the list allowed to participate in the program vehicles are GAZ, VAZ and UAZ, but consumers can choose not only them, but also in time to catch the fancy of modern cars.

The restriction also applies to date of production, the machine should not be older than one year at the time of conclusion of the contract. By the way, it can be used, though in fact banks are very reluctant to give loans for such transport. If the car is new, it must not be registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, and registered in the balance property of the particular organization. Another interesting requirement is the gross weight of transport may not exceed 3.5 tonnes — therefore, to buy only get the normal passenger cars and light commercial vehicles but not trucks and buses.
Video on the terms of preferential car loan:

As for the loan, then it must be concluded for a maximum period of 3 years, without the possibility of restructuring or deferral of payment. Also the consumer has to pay at least 15% of the total cost of the machine. Therefore, the amount of the loan will be a maximum of 637,5 thousand rubles, which will be divided into equal parts for subsequent payments. The terms of the program do not involve regulation, work with insurance, therefore, each lender determines individually the moment.
Now we need to say about why the state program of preferential car loans was created — i.e. the reduced rate. She is not fixed and is calculated by a simple formula. To this end, the percentage under a particular credit product of the Bank, deducted the value of two thirds in the key rate of the Central Bank. At the start of the program, it was 14 percent, respectively, the discount will be 9,33%. Total percentage under the program may not be below 5.5%, although in practice such a value provides only Gazprombank. The average industry value of the soft loan is approximately 10%.

How to use the program?

Program regulations, stringent restrictions for people who wish to take advantage of preferential autocrediting does not exist. In particular, the loan available under the following conditions:

  • The age of the borrower should be 21-65 years old at the time of conclusion of the agreement with the financial institution.
  • The buyer of the vehicle must have permanent or temporary registration in the region, which is the place of issuance of the loan.
  • Compulsory is the provision of two documents — passport and driver’s license.
  • Most banks also require information from the place of work. Such is the workbook with the entry of a permanent entry in the state organization or in the course of the year, as well as a certificate 2-pit, in which state the amount of income for the last 3 months. If the customer is a business activity, these documents can be replaced by certificates from the tax administration.
  • Individual market participants (e.g. Sberbank) and give out loans without certificates of employment, however, the initial payment in this case increases on average by 15%.
  • Banks can show other conditions, however, the full list is better to clarify the mission of the financial institution.

Чего ждать от льготных кредитов на покупку автомобилей 2015 года?Preferential autocredit stands out for its availability
But otherwise no different from standard lending products the banks no — that is why the rate varies greatly depending on the conditions offered by the other organization.
Despite the absence of the state program of guidance about the possible failure of individuals to participate, the banks themselves take the decision to ban the participation of some people. So, the woman raising a child under the age of 6 months, the loan will not issue ever — the same applies to her husband, who is actively involved in the education material and content baby. Also the basis for refusal is a poor credit history to spoil it by not returning in time to previously taken loans and also using the procedure of personal bankruptcy.
It is worth noting that the state program of preferential car loans has created an intriguing opportunity to reduce the cost of the car. If you have the money to buy the vehicle without delay, it would be beneficial to put them on Deposit in a financial institution. The amount of accrued interest will be much more final rates at a preferential car loan. As a result, within 3 years of the program, you can save about 10-30% of the original cost of the machine. One note — do not use foreign currency loans as a possible increase in price due to fluctuation can be repeatedly block you received the benefit.

The future of the program

This year consumers were given fairly mild conditions of participation in the program of preferential car loans. The number of concessions compared with previous years continues to increase. In particular, there was expanded the list of machines, and by early summer it is planned to introduce a few more new models.
Чего ждать от льготных кредитов на покупку автомобилей 2015 года?The list of cars will be gradually expanded
However, there are proposals for some increase restrictions. In particular, many banks propose to introduce a number of restrictions to provide a minimum level of income of a person participating in the program, but also reduce the maximum allowable age of the customer. Also, experts in the government argue that the current amount of compensation is large enough and say that it should be set at half of the refinancing rate.
It is also worth Recalling that at the beginning of the program to banks were presented fairly stringent requirements for accreditation to participate in concessional loans. In particular, the sum of their share capital could not be less than 70 billion roubles, and half of the stock was to belong to the state structures of the Russian Federation. To obtain the necessary approval could only 6 banks. Subsequently, however, the requirements were relaxed, and loans under this program were issued for 60 banks. However, their list continues to grow, which makes concessional loans closer to the end consumer.

Are there any prospects?

As any government program of car recycling, preferential loans really helps to increase the demand for the purchase of vehicles by the population. However, banks often don’t want to lose their profits and deliberately inflate rates for cars that fall under the scope of government support. As a result, the consumer surplus becomes much less significant and much sense to use lending he might not see. Also, still have not solved the problem with the fraud, which the buyer can sell the car, which is much more expensive than anticipated participation in the loan program. Direct damage he causes, but when considering the case of fraud it can be a partner.

Mechanism of action

The terms of the program of recycling of cars of 2015 remains the same — you need to put in a special paragraph of acceptance of a complete car equipped with an engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, seats and controls, to get the discount. The age of this avtohlama should be more than 6 years, and the owner must purchase a minimum of six months before the date of disposal. Return the car only has the right owner — it will be issued the relevant documents.
The process is simple — first, you need to contact the registration authorities, where “registered” your car and remove it from the register. The responsible officer must inform that you spend this action in connection with the disposal of the vehicle — in this case you will be given a special certificate. Next, you can use three options:

  • To use the tow truck to deliver unable to move without a car at a receiving point;
  • To call the exchanger and to order services of outward transportation — some companies charge a considerable sum, but the service is still cheaper than calling a tow truck;
  • Go to the right place on their own, using the shortest paths and avoiding the main roads because the car will be restricted.

Продолжение утилизации: как изменилась программа?
Any recycling center will take your vehicle only after payment of operation pressure equipment — the cost of this service is 3000 rubles. In the end, you will be given recycling act, with which you can go to the dealership. Be careful — make sure that all dates correspond to reality, since the documents obtained during the previous programs recycling is now considered invalid.


Most importantly, what is the difference between the conditions of car recycling 2015 is the expansion of the list of enterprises which work under the scheme Trade-in. This means that the game is now entering commercial organizations that act as intermediaries between consumers and recycling centers. Their intention to work in this format has already said AVTOVAZ, Renault, Toyota and Citroen. They offer customers a discount of 25 to 50 thousand rubles depending on the specific model of vehicle purchased. In addition, upon delivery of the cargo engineering guarantee you will get a discount of 350 thousand rubles for any commercial vehicles manufactured in Russia.

Video about extend the recycling program cars for 2015:

The duration of programme is 6 months — according to the estimates of governmental experts, it’s enough to make 170 thousand cars, which were allocated about 10 billion rubles. It is interesting that passing cars can make and enforce recently adopted several regulations, which prohibit to leave in public places abandoned or dismantled cars. These are considered to be respectively standing without movement for 30 days or deprived of important parts of the vehicle. Their owners will be fined and cars will be sent for disposal without the allocation of appropriate compensation.

Criticism of the program

The experts involved in the Russian automotive market, have already expressed the view that an updated program of recycling of old cars does not match economic realities. In particular, compared with the previous stage, the amount of compensation for passenger transport has not increased. At the same time, the rising cost of foreign currency has led to a sharp rise in price of cars, which until now has not been fully assessed. As a result, many people will not rush to pass cars on the recycling program, because they will bring them more good than a relatively small discount on the purchase of a new car. A small consolation was provided only AVTOVAZ, whose representatives stated that selling prices within the program of utilization will not be increased by more than 5%.
Продолжение утилизации: как изменилась программа?Some experts have criticized the existing scrappage programme
In addition, there is a reasonable belief that the admission to participation in the commercial intermediaries will lead to the emergence of many frauds. In particular, there were cases, when dealerships offered to resolve the issue, subject to the payment of a certain amount of Commission. Moreover, independent journalistic investigation conducted by the action of the previous stages of the recycling program, showed that the program was understood by many participants incorrectly — instead of having to send your car for recycling, dealers were engaged in re-sales that did not decrease the number of avtohlama on the roads of Russia. So many of the issues that occurred previously, still remain open. Questioned and the appropriateness of government support of market — foreign experience shows that the artificial stimulation of sales in the future is unhelpful.

What are the results?

The new terms of the action of the recycling program for consumers establish a fairly rigid framework — to really get compensation, you should hurry up. Moreover, it is necessary to know that dealers usually have a certain stock of “salvage” vehicles, which corresponds to the size of the allocated state support, so it’s best to obtain all the necessary documents in advance in order not to encounter trouble. The resulting compensation will be real, and will really help you to reduce the cost of purchasing their own vehicles. However, this significant discount is only for products of AVTOVAZ, while in relation to the cost of cars of other brands may be quite small.

The return of compulsory insurance

When it comes to MTPL insurance, the procedure will be extremely simple, since this area is regulated by state regulations, to overstep which insurers are not able to. You just need to come to the office issuing the policy, and to ask for the form of the relevant application. Filling it, be sure to specify that the return reason will be the change of ownership of a vehicle — after all, the law provides for the refund in case of death of the formal owner of the machine, as well as the loss of a car of the appropriate technical condition. If you, fortunately, passed such circumstances, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • Agreement confirming the fact of transfer of ownership;
  • PTAs that contain information about the new owner;
  • Itself insurance policy.

If you are not going to buy a new car, a refund of CTP in the sale of the car will be produced on a Bank card — this will require to take in financial institution statement with the details, because one issue of insurance will not be sufficient to perform the transfer. When selling one car you should buy next, you can specify it in the application that you wish to receive compensation in the form of discounts for a similar service company. Just need to find out what amount gets the consumer decided to stop using the CTP insurance.

Как вернуть деньги за автомобильную страховку после продаже машины, и какую сумму вы получите?This amount can be used as a discount on insurance new car
The calculation formula is simple. Of the total cost of the policy is deducted 23% where 3% is the standard deduction the financial institutions in the PCA (Russian Union of Insurers), and 20% of the costs of the firm associated with policy issuance and other related services. The residual amount is divided by 12 and multiplied by the number of complete months remaining until the expiry of the contract, and you will receive the amount of compensation that can expect when selling a car. Be careful — the date for determining compensation is counted from the moment of writing the application, rather than selling the vehicle, so if the transaction is carried out at the turn of the month, you should hurry so as not to lose a significant amount.
Despite the existence of specific instructions about the need for compensation in the legislation, many insurance companies decide to engage in an argument with customers, trying to prove the absence of the right to receive payments. The most common argument is the loss of the policy, i.e., the availability of customer payments for insurance made in the past. You can be sure that such a circumstance does not affect the ability of issue of compensation and its size. Also do not pay attention to promise “to pay later” — if within 14 days your money back, feel free to go to a lawyer and make a written complaint.

How to return the value of voluntary insurance?

If CTP is all very clear, the sphere of hull is regulated by law only in part — there is no approved regulations form contract, or even mandatory list of conditions. Therefore, the conditions of return vary depending on the insurer. In particular, their costs some firms appreciate far above the 23% specified for CTP — in the case of hull this figure can reach up to 35 and even 50%! To see exactly how much you can claim, carefully read the agreement you signed when buying a policy.

Как вернуть деньги за автомобильную страховку после продаже машины, и какую сумму вы получите?Always need to carefully examine the text of the agreement
In addition, the hull return when selling a car is made solely with the net amount that you received previously in the form of claims — any company seeking to ensure the profitability of your work, so count on gifts from financial institutions is not worth it. Here again you need to carefully read the text of the Treaty — in some cases, reference is made to the impossibility of providing compensation in the case where the customer has made at least one payment, even if the case concerned the scratches on the wing of the car. That’s why you should read the document and understand, is it worth spending precious nerve cells to such action.
The deadline may be different — some companies do not accept the application for termination of the contract a month before the end of the term, others for three. However, the term remains unchanged — it is exactly 14 days. If the money is received by the client were not, it is possible to use the above recommendation and to begin to make a claim with a competent lawyer.

Is it possible to get compensation?

The experience of people who did not hesitate to contact the office of the insurance company to receive due compensation, shows that a refund is possible, however, you have to prepare for possible difficulties. However, no matter how things are going on in your negotiations with the financial institution, the money for CTP insurance you will receive. The only question is, what will be the size of the compensation — but they can get from a signed contract. But with hull, things are much more complicated — there is even a small chance that the payments will not, as the terms of the agreement have been violated. The reason for this may be the onset of a certain period or previously received compensation.

The right choice

In most cases, buying a car in another city occurs when reading her status solely according to the owner, or by the photos posted on the Internet. So many potential buyers upon arrival at the specified place for an unpleasant surprise — the machine can be ready for public consumption or to possess substantial defects affecting its serviceability and reliability. To avoid such problems, experts recommend to consider two or three options in the city — if the first will not work, you will have the opportunity to use “plan B”.
If you do not have good enough technical skills, it is better to take a trip to a friend technical specialist who will help to establish whether the car is worth the requested amount of money. Remember also that buying a car in another region may require a long period of time in the following cases:

  • If the vehicle is restricted by the court, Executive services, police or other official authorities;
  • If you choose to spend making in a different region and go home without worrying about meeting with the police highway patrol;
  • If the vehicle is damaged or in the documents there are certain inaccuracies.

In this case, you should take care of the lodging — room of the hotel or apartment with daily payment.
Buying a car in another city with the choice of location is highly undesirable. Having arrived at the right place, you will spend a lot of time visiting the market and other places of sale of transportation. As a result one day will fail and this will entail considerable costs. In addition, extremely high probability that inspection of the machine will be in a hurry, and you miss important points that affect the overall technical condition of the car.


To learn how to buy a car in another region and to execute, you have to read the contract of sale. Experts strongly recommend use the conventional form, intended for hand-fill — the probability of successful acceptance by authorities and the traffic police will be maximized. In advance let’s consider some examples of correct entries and print at least five copies. Won’t hurt to bring the scanned form on a flash drive, to be able to make the required number of duplicates. The ideal option is to ask the seller to send me copies of all documents to complete the required number of instances in the home and then only signatures.

Купить машину в другом городе очень просто
It now remains to determine what documents you must transfer the seller:

  • Title;
  • The certificate of registration;
  • A diagnostic map.

The contract is made in 3 copies, of which 2 goes to the buyer, since he will need to show this document to the traffic police. But the old insurance and the previous contract of sale is better left to the seller, since by using them, he will be able to receive compensation under the insurance contract and tax relief.
If there are some additional documents such as service book, specification, additional hardware, instructions, it is better to pick them up from the former owner. By the way, the story that the documents service is lost, is cause for suspicion — this means that the actual mileage of the vehicle is much more than what you see on the odometer and you will soon be faced with a significant fault. After receiving all the documents in the presence of the seller put in the title entry of the new owner. By the way, if there is no space, the question of buying the car in another region will become complicated, because the seller will have to contact the traffic police for the issuance of a new document — this time it is better to determine in advance by phone.

Where to register?

First of all, you can purchase a car standing on the account, or not having any certificate of registration held, and therefore numbers. Specific differences in procedures, although buying a car in another region with numbers is more preferred. In this case, driving the car, you will encounter much fewer problems.
Regardless of is buying a car in another region without being removed from the register or by using an alternative method, you have to be within a maximum of 10 days to pass inspection, a valid CTP insurance and with all available documents to be sent to the traffic police authorities. By the way, the diagnostic card inspection you can give the old owner, and after the sale it will have full force. But with insurance, this maneuver may not work, because it is issued to a specific person.
Купить машину в другом городе очень просто
To buy a car in another region and to execute, you don’t have to deal with all issues on the spot — these 10 days will be enough to overtake the vehicle to the place of his permanent registration. However, when you have in stock at least a few days, it is better to put the car on registration at the place of purchase. The reason is simple — you can always take the help of the seller, if the procedure is stopped due to a certain mistake on his part.
If you are interested in buying a car in another region, because it takes the least time, since the current legislation allows them to register vehicles in any specialized branch of the traffic police in the country. Of course, there are exceptions — as usually, they are represented by Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these cities for vehicle registration you will need a temporary registration. Accordingly, and certificate of registration will also be temporary.
Knowing how to buy a car in a different region, you do not have to worry about removing it from the previous owner. According to regulations, the traffic police will do this automatically after the registration of the owner — i.e. you. This greatly simplifies the process, because the transaction will take quite a little time.

Distilled auto

So, you know how to buy a car in another city, ready for all the intricacies of legal procedures. However, it is necessary to understand how to drive a car, not when faced with certain trouble. The main rule here will be the mandatory presence of the owner in the car — even if it is located at any passenger seat.
If you purchase a machine in another region was accompanied by the removal of the vehicle from the register, is ready to pay what a car without numbers will be necessary to stop at each checkpoint. However, remember that the law gives the right to move around in this form for a maximum of 10 days without any restrictions. To prove that the specified period has not expired, submit the contract and title — it is better not to hide away, since access to such documents will often.
Knowing how to buy a car in another city with numbers, you will not encounter some trouble. However, from bad communication with the inspector of traffic police they will not insure. Therefore, the documents should also keep alert to prove the legitimacy of their actions.
Video on how to buy a car in another region:

Is it worth it to buy a car in another city?

Description how to buy a car in another region not able to convey all the anxiety and stress associated with purchasing very expensive goods away from home. Therefore, if such a possibility exists, the car is better to buy closer to their city. But in other regions it is necessary to go only for the incredibly favorable or even exclusive offer.

A car loan

Under a car loans, one often thinks of issuance of Bank money to the seller of the vehicle without the mediation of the buyer. At certain times it is the Bank that issued the credit, becomes the owner of the vehicle while the driver is granted rights of use. In most cases the financial institution takes on all the hassle of paperwork — the buyer only has to put the documents in the papers.

Advantages of auto loan

If you want to know which loan is more advantageous from a monetary point of view, alternatively, a loan will not. It allows you to get the required amount of percentage, in 2-2,5 times smaller than proposed in issuing desired amounts of cash. The percentage is especially low when a high amount of down payment and small term of loan — some banks do set a symbolic value of an indicator in this case. In addition, don’t have to deal with the fees for settlement and cash services, cash disbursement and processing of documents for collection. Since the buyer does not receive money for hands, disappear also troubles associated with carrying large amounts of cash or using a Bank card with a large limit available funds.
No questions on the amount of the loan — as security for the loan is the car itself, the Bank will gladly provide you with money, even if their payment would put you in a difficult financial situation. There is no need and in the contracts of guarantee with collateral the slow loss of value and high liquidity, the Bank’s employees are relaxed about obtaining their income. Some financial institutions have special programs of car loans, and using which, the buyer can convert the car to a new one by paying a small amount. Also banks are more willing to forgive some of the arrears and other violations on car loans than with cash.
Что выгоднее: автокредит или потребительский кредит?Usually the Bank is engaged in registration of all necessary documents

Cons of car loan programs

If you understand the difference between car loans and consumer need to take into account that the machine will be in a temporary property of the Bank, who are free to manage the property on his own. In most cases, the “chronic” defaulters cars being seized before trial, and the authorities will only confirm the right of financial institutions to carry out the confiscation. Furthermore, sell your car taken to car loan, to entrust its management to another person or take other serious action without the permission of the Bank just will not succeed. In addition, to buy a car that you like, not always obtained, as a rule, available loan programs are tied to a fairly narrow list of models.

Be seduced by a low interest rate also is not necessary — you will have to purchase the CASCO insurance policy on the terms offered by the Bank. This means that the stated amount of the payments will have to add another 10-15% of car cost. Buy insurance every year, as the Bank jealously guards your profits and will not tolerate that his property was exposed to risk of damage or complete loss. If we refuse to renew the insurance contract, the financial institution may take away the car, or to raise the interest rate to compensate for their risks.

Consumer lending

Loans disbursed to the General needs of man, are very rarely the target destination. The required sum is usually issued in cash or just transfer to a Bank account, offering to use the card for the convenience of getting money. The borrower in most cases has complete freedom of disposition passed to it.

The positive side

It is freedom that entices many people who take consumer loans — taking out a little more money, they can buy “on delivery” household appliances, useful accessories and tuning or even to close the resulting in the family budget hole. In addition, the consumer has the opportunity to buy any car, is entirely consistent with his preferences — the Bank who issued the loan, indifferent, future actions of man. About the benefits of consumer credit from the cash point of view can be argued, but to buy insurance CASCO on obviously disadvantageous conditions you just do not make no one. And you will not have to pay a huge amount when the position on the financial market interest rates on consumer loans reconsider very rare.
Что выгоднее: автокредит или потребительский кредит?The borrower is much more freedom with consumer credit
Do not need to provide collateral and are constantly afraid of losing the vehicle due to breach of contract. If the Bank requires collateral, in most cases, it provides more favorable loan with a reduced interest rate, extended term, an increased amount of funds granted. Also don’t have to look for a dealership who is willing to work with your chosen Bank.

The main disadvantages

Unambiguously tell that is better will not work — although in consumer lending there is no need to buy hull insurance policy, its interest rate will be higher by almost two times. There are also Commission charges for settlement and cash services, cash or a Bank card. If payment of the money to be made in cash, will have to take serious precautions to avoid becoming a victim of a robbery.
Also count on a large amount of not — practice shows that banks pay on consumer loans up to 1 million rubles. It is necessary in advance to find guarantors who will be able to meet your obligations in case of impossibility of return of money under the contract. If the amount is more than 300 thousand rubles, should be assigned to a legal entity with a positive financial results over the last year. You also need to gather many documents and carefully monitor your credit history — if it is found “dark spots”, failure will be almost inevitable. To get a consumer loan to the person under the age of 25 or over 55 years of age and does not have an official income, it will be very problematic.

How to choose the best loan?

It is obvious that the car loan has many advantages, however, the car buyer needs to be sure that he will be able to pay back the money according to the established schedule, because the Bank has the right to take the collateral under its temporary ownership. The loan will be beneficial to those who originally planned to purchase insurance CASCO and has nothing against additional monetary burden on your budget. But consumer lending is used in the following cases:

  • When you need to purchase not only cars but also other expensive items;
  • When there is not enough only part of the money to buy a car;
  • When a person has a good credit history, he can take a loan on very favorable terms.

When you can retire?

The most frequent reason for contact in the traffic police for renewal of the transport without removing from the register are: change the names of the owner, the design on the relative change of nationality and the purchase and sale.

When I do need to retire TC?

Have to remove:

  • export a transport vehicle (vehicle) outside the country;
  • hand over for disposal;
  • in the event of theft or car loss;
  • the new owner has not come to ired to register as the new owner of the machine within ten days, the property was alienated by the buyer without the entry into ownership. All fines, penalties and other “pleasures” in this case will come in the name of the previous owner of the vehicle.

What do I need?

Naturally, in the first place, it is necessary to appropriately make a deal. That is, to sign the contract in three copies, one of which is the seller of the car, the second — his buyer. The third instance, the buyer sends an inspector ired at check-in. This document can be issued without the involvement of a notary, on their own. And even write it by hand.
Сделки с авто без снятия с учёта в вопросах и ответах
We should not forget that the essential parts of the contract are passport data of the parties to the transaction and detailed information about the car. Also obligatory signature of the parties and the date of the transaction. No corrections allowed.

In the set of documents that the traffic police are:

  • passport of the buyer and seller (of course);
  • Title-selling vehicle;
  • the diagnostic card (if any);
  • the insurance must be valid at the time of the transaction, although the policy for presentation and is not a binding document.

In situations where the owner of the car, the seller is not, at the time of the transaction, the ired will have to present the “generalcy” and a copy of it.

How is it done?

To sell or to buy a car without de-registration is possible in two main ways:

  • Joint renewal.
  • Reissue without the owner of the vehicle.
  • Let’s consider both options:

    Joint renewal

    In this case, the parties to the transaction appeal in their chosen branch MREO to the inspector leading the initial reception of the documents, and present the above paper. It is worth to note that the administrative regulations No. 605 dated 15.10.2013 sale without deregistration, and the parties may conduct the transaction orally.
    Сделки с авто без снятия с учёта в вопросах и ответахJoint re-registration exercise easier
    After checking the documents, the inspector must return the passports to the participants in the transaction, and begin the procedure of re-registration of the vehicle to a new owner.
    The transaction completes the transfer of the buyer the contractual amount of money and a receipt from the former owner of keys and card diagnostics.

    Reissue without the owner

    Part owner of the vehicle is not necessary to re-register the car to the new owner. All the necessary procedures may take the buyer. To do this, parties need the following:

  • Fill out three copies of the agreement.
  • Sign both sides in the TCP. You should pay attention to the availability of places for the signatures of the owners in the appropriate places in the document.
  • To transfer the insurance policy CTP and the diagnostic card (if available), the keys to the new owner.
  • The seller can only receive from a buyer money.
  • Further, all the bureaucratic chores on the shoulders of the buyer. He alone reissue a TC in 10 days. Otherwise, the holder has the right to cancel the registration of a car by submitting an application in MREO traffic police.

    Than all is well?

    The benefits of this transaction are obvious: quickness and simplicity of the procedure, time saving and the lack of red tape. But there are some points, not allowing the seller and the buyer to relax.
    Сделки с авто без снятия с учёта в вопросах и ответахSuch procedure will help to avoid paperwork

    What should the buyer beware?

    Buyer should not forget that the procedure of purchase and sale does not provide for check the car history and he gets a car together with all the unpleasant details of her biography that the seller concealed. These may include:

  • Finding cars stolen or arrest.
  • Previously unpaid fines.
  • The fact of “Neratovice”.
  • Fake documents or killed.
  • Prohibited modification of the machine.
  • Auto loan.
  • In all these cases, when re-machine the responsibility of it the responsibility of the customer.
    However, it is worth considering that if the unpleasant details of the machine “got out” after 5 years since its previous registration, it is possible to cancel the registration is not possible at the expiration of the Statute of limitations.
    If the vehicle was in the previous ownership for less than 3 years, make a photocopy of his registration certificate.

    What you should beware of the seller?

    The main point that creates trouble to the seller of the vehicle, is the ability to nepostanovku its registration by the new owner within ten days. Then all fines, penalties and other “surprises” will be coming to the former owner.
    In this case, the seller has the full right to contact the Department of traffic police with the statement for cancellation of registration of the vehicle. Then the traffic police will begin to search the buyer with all the ensuing consequences.
    Сделки с авто без снятия с учёта в вопросах и ответахNew owner should put the car on the account within 10 days

    Who is responsible for everything?

    For all the troubles that fall to the lot of the car meets the man who is inscribed in the title as the owner of the vehicle.
    That is, if the new owner did not rush to re-register the car, the whole weight of responsibility bears the former owner. If the re-registration took place, then, of course, is new.

    What else should pay attention?

    The current rules provide for the preservation of state license plates if the purchase and sale of the vehicle is made by persons living in the same region.
    However, if the buyer resides in another region, he will have the license plate assigned to the old owner, to take, when registering to get a new one.
    And again about the ten-day period. In the event of non-compliance by a new owner, he faces a fine. According to article 19.22 of the code of administrative offences, the fine may range from 1500 to 2000 rubles, if the offender is a private person, from 2000 to 3500 rubles, if the offender is an official and from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles, if such is a legal entity.
    This fine is the inspector of traffic police to enforce their rights. But in this case there is article 12.1 of the code.

    The management of unregistered vehicle provides, in accordance with article 12.1 of the administrative code, a couple of penalties. Because the occupation ends with the stopping of the inspector of traffic police, and a new one is started since the resumption of the movement.
    For this offense provides for fines ranging from 500 to 800 rubles and 5000 in case of repeated violation or deprivation of rights for up to 3 months.
    Thus, one can only wish the sellers and buyers to adhere to the established regulations and comply with the letter of the law.