What are the types of car seats

It is obvious that the seat covers of the car differ depending on vehicle make, model and design of the seats themselves. Therefore, before to make a choice, you should consider the shape and size, because these parameters are the main factors in the selection of products.

Автомобильные чехлы — какие выбрать из множества вариантов
Seats and therefore, do car seat covers can be composed of one or more individual elements. There are different types of seats, such as split seats, bucket seats, seats with headrests, reclining backrests, dual chairs, with armrests and a swivel clip. All this has a direct impact on what seat covers car to choose in the final version.

Types and models of covers for cars

When buying car covers you need to choose the material from which they are made. The main factors that should be considered include texture, reaction of material to temperature changes and overall quality.

The material covers

  • The host is a heavy weave, textured material made of cotton and polyester. He is versatile, well-worn, repels dirt and stains, maintains comfort for a long time, naturally cool in warm temperatures, great for vehicles carrying children and Pets.
  • The fur is very soft and is available in natural and synthetic forms. Synthetic fur is almost identical to natural ones, made from dyed acrylic fibers. If you stop the choice on this material, it will give your car a soft, plush appearance. Among the shortcomings is its impracticality and wear.
  • Skin — are available in both natural and synthetic material. Synthetic leather is made with a blend of leather, polyester and cotton. Car seat covers from leather cut to fit snugly to the seat, they are resistant to UV rays and remain cool under high temperatures, becomes soft after prolonged use, durable and smooth to the touch.
  • Sheepskin is soft, elegant, luxurious models, which maintain a constant comfortable temperature, rightfully belong to the top. However, in the summer with these covers it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Suede is a leather material made from polyester or nylon microfibers. The velvet like texture, has a natural resistance to the gears and the breaks.
  • Velour — soft and stretchy material made of cotton, polyester and spandex. Practical, easy to maintain and affordable fabric. Ideal for seamless connectivity on the seat covers.
  • Vinyl is a synthetic, smooth material made from the copolymer. Easy to clean, waterproof and stain resistant, the perfect choice for those who appreciate low maintenance and durability.
  • Автомобильные чехлы — какие выбрать из множества вариантов
    The overall quality of the material used for making covers for car seats, ensures durability and a favorable aesthetic appearance of the entire interior. The choice between natural and synthetic options depends on personal taste and budget. Motorists prefer natural fabrics of the highest quality. While synthetic options are more economical and are designed to replicate the appearance of real material.
    Video review of the seat covers:

    The choice of color picture

    Color upholstery, as a rule, also depends on personal preference and the goal of modernization, but car owners should remember that they can quickly get tired of bright patterns and textures. If you budget allows, you can choose car seat covers printed in Zebra stripes or leopard spots. Other options include the figure in the form of camouflage or traditional stripes. The classic look can be achieved by choosing neutral tones, such as beige or gray. Covers in white and cream shades become soiled rather quickly, so if they are made of smooth material, be prepared for frequent cleaning. Saturated colors, such as black and brown, well-known as well as bright, sporty colors, such as green and yellow (especially in combination with black color).

    Unusual color covers

    To diversify the interior of a car can not only traditional patterns and colors. There are other, more fashionable options. New seat covers car is available in the form of Hello Kitty for girls, with superheroes from comics and other characters for boys. Also the products can be displayed licensed trademarks and other images, for example, the logo of a sports team.
    Автомобильные чехлы — какие выбрать из множества вариантов
    In considering options, remember that they must not conflict with the exterior paint color of the car. If you doubt the decision, will choose the traditional black, grey or white.

    What to choose — universal, model or individual tailoring

    Optimal covers for car seats not only improve the aesthetics of the interior of the vehicle, but also improve the resistance to wear. Options to order are perfect for those who want to create an individual interior. These covers are designed to fit the exact dimensions of the seats and fit perfectly without any offsets and groups.
    Also on sale you can find the covers for car seats that fit a particular make of car, i.e. model. Their advantage is the combination of price and quality, the downside is the small choice of colors and modifications.
    Buyers can cancel high prices for individual and model seat covers for car, custom, or so-called universal. They are cheap and easy to install. But the advantage of these products is the variety of types and models. Choosing this option, you need to pay attention to the presence in your car the airbags and corresponding Airbag lettering on the cover.
    Автомобильные чехлы — какие выбрать из множества вариантов

    Where to start?

    Step 1 . Measure your car seat

    If you are planning to buy covers for car seats, it is important to measure your car seats before you start searching. The most important parameters are the height of the seat back, bottom cushion length and the overall width of the seat. Most sizes of covers in the retail stores listed on the packaging.

    Step 2. Decide on the cover model, style, texture, color and pattern

    Armed with the above information, will determine the form, material, color and pattern of future cases. But remember that not all styles will fit your vehicle.

    Step 3. Decide with the seller

    Car covers can be purchased both in retail stores and specialized websites. The advantage of online orders is a wider choice and range of possibilities.


    There are many functional aspects that relate to the comfort of the driver and passengers. Seat covers of car in the list occupy the last place, because if they correctly choose, they will be able to increase the level of comfort, and to bring new life to the appearance of the salon. This purchase will be a relatively simple investment that will help extend the life of the car.
    Video — how to choose seat covers in the car:

    The exchange of information between the owners of the cars will help you make the right choice in purchasing the covers. We want to hear your opinion and offer comments, criticism or information under this article.

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    • Types of drives for cars
    • Steel
    • Alloy
    • Features

    Types of drives for cars

    Every car owner knows that rims are alloy (cast and forged) and steel (stamped).


    This type is most accessible and is highly durable. They are ideal for vehicles that are constantly overcome considerable distances off-road. A strong blow can only slightly dent pressed CD, then the driver will easily be repaired at the nearest one HUNDRED.

    Steel wheel rims are made of low accuracy, that when balancing easily eliminated. Also, some manufacturers of car accessories have begun to produce stamped wheels high precision.
    This, unfortunately, is resistant to corrosion, so they are coated with a special protective coating: enamel, chrome, etc.
    The main disadvantage of steel wheels — great weight, which greatly impairs the operational characteristics of the vehicle. Also they are very unattractive and oblige their holder to purchase the caps.
    Подбираем колёсные диски правильно — это безопасность и надёжность вашего авто


    Cast and forged wheels have an attractive appearance and are very diverse. They are characterized by high accuracy, which greatly facilitates the balancing and eliminates radial and axial runout during driving. With them, your brakes will work more effectively thanks to the good breathable and high thermal conductivity.
    Alloy wheels are reliable and light weight. This allows to disperse and to stop them much easier than steel. Their use makes it possible to increase the operation life of ball joints, shock absorbers, bushings and silent blocks. Alloy wheels also reduce the load on the suspension.
    It should be noted that all the above features have a good impact on vehicle dynamics, handling, stability and fuel consumption.
    Today produce aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels. If you are the owner of a sports car, you will approach a magnesium — they are lighter than aluminum, but not resistant to corrosion.
    Alloy are divided into two types: forged and cast. Selection of cast wheels is subject to the same rules as steel. They are ideal for vehicles that are equipped with large disc brakes. Forged wheels are expensive, but they are lighter and more durable than cast.
    Подбираем колёсные диски правильно — это безопасность и надёжность вашего авто


    Regardless of the type and drive type, their brand and the manufacturer — all of them are characterized by a small list of parameters that you want to look for when buying them:

  • The diameter of the wheel rim. At the moment they are produced with a diameter of 10-19 inches. Most demand 13-16-inch.
  • The width of the rim. When buying, pay attention that the rim should always be 25-30% of the profile, otherwise it will have bad influence on the driving characteristics of your car.
  • The diameter of the location of the mounting holes. This feature needs with high accuracy (almost to the millimetre) to match the standard, otherwise the wheel nuts can work loose on their own.
  • The diameter of the Central opening. This parameter needs to match the hub axis or to be sold with a set of special adapter rings.
  • The wheel offset. It is calculated separately for each brand of car. It needs to be positive, if the hub performs relative to the middle of the rim, and a neutral or negative if concave.
  • Video about how to choose wheels:

    If choosing a wheel, you are guided only by their appearance and cost, it is likely that your car is a frequent guest on the station. Remember, a wrong selection of discs on the car can lead to disastrous consequences.

    That means high-quality antifreeze

    Currently on the market you can choose nezamerzayku for every taste and color. A wide range of such goods offer both domestic manufacturers and foreign. Importantly, among this diversity is not to lose your head.

    Выбираем качественную и безопасную незамерзайку для своего автомобиляNon-freezing fluid to a temperature of -30
    To the question, what good nezamerzayku, most often from the seller you will hear a counter question — what is the amount you expect. We do not press you to buy the most expensive washer fluid, but warn that the choice of a cheap product can be expensive.
    Primarily on the quality nezamerzayki will indicate its safety for human health. About security you can judge after look at the composition of the liquid. On the label always specify what type of alcohol it contains. Most importantly, make sure that it was not such a toxic alcohol, such as methanol. In the Russian legislation in black and white it is prohibited to use methanol in automotive cleaning liquids. In this regard, the methanol was replaced by isopropyl alcohol that has left a mark on the cost nezamerzayki.

    Features non-freezing liquids

    On the label nezamerzayki but the formula also indicates the ambient temperature at which it will be most efficient to operate. The lower it is, the more expensive will be the cost of the product. Note, it is not always necessary to trust the label, in fact it may be that there is not the whole truth.

    The average nezamerzayki composition including a solution of alcohol, perfume and dye. Don’t assume that if you bought the cleaning fluid in an expensive car shop, then it can not be fake. Do not chase the low cost, worry about their health.
    In order to know what alcohol contains nezamerzayku, just smell it. Methanol is characterized by the absence of any odor, and isopropyl you will feel immediately, as it has an unpleasant pungent smell, which manufacturers are trying to keep using different flavors.
    Выбираем качественную и безопасную незамерзайку для своего автомобиляBay nezamerzayki in the car

    In the distant past

    Previously non-freezing fluid produced from organic ethyl alcohol. Experienced drivers just bought a bottle of vodka and poured it in a special tank. However, since the adoption in 1995 of the law, which regulates the production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic production, the company stopped manufacturing antifreeze with ethanol.
    In principle, today there are brands nezamerzayki, which are made on ethyl alcohol, but their cost is not small.
    All nezamerzayki are distinguished only by the degree of toxicity, in the clearing they all are equally effective. Ethyl alcohol belongs to the fourth class of hazard, methyl and isopropyl to third.

    How to best protect themselves

    Whatever the alcohol used for the production of nezamerzayki, it still remains poisonous. To best protect yourself and your loved ones, we encourage you to heed the following advice:

  • In the windshield washer reservoir you can pour a bottle of vodka and dilute it with three other similar parts of ordinary water. This will allow you to save money on costly nezamerzaika and will be much more useful for the environment. Here you can also add a few drops of the liquid used for washing dishes. This option is great for those who is deficiency of antifreeze caught off guard far from home.
  • Test nezamerzayki showed that odourless liquid necessarily contains methanol. Do not let the car get a lot of vapor. Their concentration due to the lack of smell could not be controlled. Drivers with experience are recommended to ventilate the car by opening the side Windows.
  • Nezamerzayku can cause allergies in you or your family members. Because its vapors can head ache and to begin a panic attack.
  • Video about how to choose nezamerzayku:

    Remember that no matter how many security certificates possess your antifreeze, it is still harmful to health.

    The content

    • Selection criteria a car wash
    • The parameters of the car wash
    • Pump
    • Other elements
    • Classification car wash
    • Classes, car washes
    • The price of a car wash
    • Features car washes
    • The rules of operation of car washes

    Selection criteria a car wash

    Going to the store to buy a reliable assistant for you and your car, should know what they are, what is the difference and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

    The parameters of the car wash

    The main thing in any wash — water flow for a certain time. On average, this indicator ranges from seven to twelve liters per minute. Equally important is pressure in modern models it is equal to 70-100 bar.
    Each wash contains water filters. During operation they must change, as our quality of water leaves much to be desired. In addition, the treated water can promote a higher quality of cleaning and ensures long preservation of the coating. Filters extend the life of the car, it is better to choose the instrument which you won’t need to change the cartridge.


    The main element of any car wash — pump. For its production uses a metal or plastic. The first are long term and can be repaired. The latter is cheaper, but less reliable, and in case of failure they will have to throw out.
    Выбираем портативную мойку для автомобиля
    Each wash has a certain resource work, as you cannot always tell in the store. Choosing the instrument, guided by their needs. For example, the Karcher washer is designed to wash one car a day, Delvir — two cars, a Wap up to three cars. Continuous operation of the machine must not be more than thirty minutes. Some models are equipped with “total stop”. It automatically disables the unit if you throw the handle of the gun.

    Other elements

    All are car wash nozzles, which improve the cleaning efficiency and simplify the washing process. For example, a nozzle with a turning nozzle allows to remove dirt from hard to reach areas — the bottom or inner part of the wheels.
    One of the criteria of selection of car — connectivity system. Source water can be used barrel from which the machine draws water, or sink connected to a water pipe. Varies and the system power is from the cigarette lighter socket or from mains 220 V.
    Modern car wash wash cars in different ways. Devices without water heating clean the surface through pressure, special nozzles and the use of detergents. Washing with heated water from dirt more efficiently, cost-effective, but their price is significantly higher.
    Be sure to pay attention to the capacity of the shampoo. It is mixed with water that provides high-quality cleaning. If the container is inside the machine, have to use shampoo of a certain brand. If it is on the gun, the detergent can be any.

    Classification car wash

    The modern market offers different models of car washes, which differ in options and cost.

    Classes, car washes

  • Primary — mini-washing of small size, whose capacity is 360 liters per hour.
  • Medium — is characterized by compact dimensions and large wheels, capacity range from 380 to 460 litres per hour.
  • The premium class is equipped with impressive tank for detergents, has enhanced equipment. Performance varies from 550 to 600 litres per hour. The main difference from other models is the flow and pressure of water.
  • Выбираем портативную мойку для автомобиля

    The price of a car wash

    The cost of car washes can be different and depends on belonging to a particular class. To choose apparatus taking into account not only financial opportunities, but needs. Car wash is fine inexpensive unit with the capacity of 400 liters per hour with a motor. To pay for a more expensive device makes no sense.

    Features car washes

    The lower the class of machine used, the more time it will take to car wash. For example, sink elementary class can perform its task in about half an hour, and the device is premium can handle for five to ten minutes.
    Video about high pressure cleaner machine:

    You should also know that the simple car wash will have the water pressure for twenty to thirty bar less than indicated in the passport, if the water comes from a bucket or barrel. This is because power is wasted, including water from the tank. With the apparatus of the higher class of such problems will not arise.

    The rules of operation of car washes

    One of the main conditions of the use of mini-sinks for car — the presence of water filters. Handle elements, is made of plastic: nozzle, gun, hose. Ensure their proper storage. As a rule, car owners are choosing the model of car washes where space is provided for storage of nozzles and the drum on which is wound a hose.
    Video example of the operation of a pressure washer:

    Car wash for consumer use do not require special care. But some models can cause problems: if the nozzle has a lamellar structure, regularly it needs to be cleaned with a toothpick, because any small particle will stop the unit operation. When buying check the working conditions of the service center, as well as the factors which may be denied warranty service. If you miss any detail, renovated can be difficult.
    Alternative buy portable device can be a self-service car wash. Specialized organization provides a platform and equipment washing, and the process is performed directly by the owner of the car.
    If you have experience of using portable car wash, tell us about it in the comments.

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    • General information
    • Design
    • The principle of operation
    • Modern parktronics
    • Parking sensors
    • Indicators of the distance
    • How to install Parktronic
    • Installation of Parking radar with his own hands
    • Installation of Parking sensors
    • The most common problems with Parktronic

    General information

    Such equipment, generally installed on a particular vehicle at the factory of the manufacturer. This is done in order to accurately configure the device that will allow him to effectively perform their main mission. If the machine is not equipped with Parking sensors, then you can buy it in specialty stores or on the Internet, however, its installation should only be performed by a professional in this field.


    Often such a device is called a Parking radar. Its primary goal is essentially to facilitate and accelerate the process of reverse Parking or in conditions of high vehicle traffic. Construction it consists of the unit of sensors, the system alerts about the detected obstacle and Parking sensor. The alert system represents a complex of devices, which warn the driver about the close distance to various artificial obstacles — other cars, trees, concrete barriers, etc. Due to this, the driver can avoid the accident when Parking.

    The principle of operation

    Парктроник — парковаться ещё никогда не было так легкоThe principle of operation of sensors
    By and large, working method contemporary Parktronic is quite simple — it set the sensors by activating the device constantly emit ultrasonic waves that, in the event of a collision with an obstacle, reflected from it and come back. Thus, the data of the existing obstacle, as well as the calculation of the distance to him. After the processing received from the ultrasonic waves, it is supplied to the Parking assist display, thereby informing the driver about the problem. Often this process is accompanied by a sound alert. The whole process takes usually not more than one second. At the moment the radius of data reception by the sensors of the Parktronic is about two meters.

    Modern parktronics

    Despite the General principle of operation, the existing Parking sensors greatly differ from each other by the following parameters:

    • the method of notification of the obstacle;
    • the placement of indicators.
    • the number of Parking sensors (2 to 8).

    Parking sensors

    Парктроник — парковаться ещё никогда не было так легкоParking sensors with camera installed
    The most technologically sophisticated types of sensors are installed on the car along with a small camera thanks to this solution, the driver can see the screen of your multimedia system all around the obstacles, up to small pebbles.
    Some manufacturers of expensive cars set the Parking radar is equipped with a band antenna, which is mounted in the rear bumper of the car. Such radars are not widespread in our country, although the level of reliability is at a very decent level.
    The number of sensors identify the obstacles depends not only the cost of the device, but also its functionality. The more sensors, the better works the Parking radar. At the moment they can be both two and eight. They are installed in various places, such as front or rear bumper. Because installing a large number of sensors is time consuming, the cost of this process is higher than when mounting several sensors.

    Indicators of the distance

    The video explains how to choose Parktronic

    Modern sensors can be equipped with various distance indicators, which inform the approach of an obstacle using visual, sound, voice or combined alerts. The cheapest system uses a beeper (audible alert). This is a common signal that changes tone and volume depending on the distance to the obstacle. Despite the simplicity and cheapness of this indicator, it is used massively in the PDC even with eight sensors.
    Some types of sensors are equipped with voice alert system. According to the principle of it is similar to the beeper, however, a warning is issued. Many experts believe that the human voice allows for faster and more appropriately respond to incoming alerts and take action to address them.
    Visual indicators of the distance — the most modern and technologically advanced means to improve the effectiveness of PDC. Such systems, usually equipped with a special tri-color led display, which displays all incoming sensor information. In many cases, this display is replaced by the normal LCD screen audio players — in this case, the sensors can even be retrofitted with a rearview camera. Also worth noting is that all displays are equipped with voice or sound warning system.

    How to install Parktronic

    Installation of Parking radar with his own hands

    Video tutorial on installing the sensors with your hands

    By and large, installation of such devices even on their own, unless, of course, the person possesses sufficient level of knowledge in the field of high technologies. The advantages of this method are obvious — the vehicle remains in the owner, reduced time and more importantly, no need for substantial financial backing.
    However, be aware that such a decision may provoke the emergence of a number of different problems. First of all, the car can be removed from the guarantee because of outside interference. The same goes for the Parking sensors, which will also have factory warranty only when installed in the service center. Therefore, it is better to avoid such phenomena, but simply to contact the service center serving the brand of the car owner — Yes, it will be more expensive, but much quieter and cheaper.

    Installation of Parking sensors

    The most common type of sensors installation of sensors is plunging into the bumper. The device is inserted into a pre-drilled hole (milling cutter for plastic part of the scope of Parking radar), and then fixed in it. New types of sensors allow you to quickly disconnect them from the wires, which greatly facilitates their replacement. Efficiently installed Parking sensors absolutely do not spoil the appearance of the car.
    Парктроник — парковаться ещё никогда не было так легкоInstallation of Parking sensors radar
    Overhead sensors are characterized by attaching measurement devices to the outside of the bumper. Most often this method is applied if the sensors are equipped with two sensors, since it is not too affects the appearance of the car. Overall, however, the overhead sensors are used very rarely. Even more rarely, used outboard sensors is caused by the decline in their effectiveness, because they are located in the inner part of the bumper, causing the propagation of ultrasonic waves is significantly worse.

    The most common problems with Parktronic

    Even the most modern and expensive Parking radars can distort the validity of the received information, resulting in varying complexity. Incorrect values may appear not only due to failure of the sensors, but also some features of the environment:

  • A dirty or icing of the radar sensors.
  • Heavy rain.
  • The smooth surface of the obstacle, which reflects the ultrasonic wave sensors along its plane.
  • The barrier absorbs the waves due to the peculiarities of the material from which it was created.
  • High-quality and modern sensors is an indispensable tool to help drivers quickly and most importantly, it is safe to Park your car in the selected location. Today the Russian market offers a wide selection of reliable Parking radar, differ in technical parameters and the method of installation. To purchase and install such a device can be anyone. The hallmarks of PDC can be called versatility, affordability, reliability and simplicity. My thoughts on this can be summed up in the comments.

    The content

    • Buy car seats: important points
    • Selection criteria seats
    • Group 0
    • Group 0+
    • Group 1
    • Group 2
    • Group 3
    • Components of quality car seats
    • The frame of the car seat
    • Backrest + headrest
    • Belts
    • Case

    Buy car seats: important points

    To date, there is no perfect car seat that would fit for any child and for any machine. However, there are some nuances that will help you to choose a product that ensures maximum comfort and safety the baby. Choosing a car seat, please note:

    • the presence of marking that confirms compliance with European Safety Standard (icons ECE R44/03, E2, ECE R44/04);
    • compliance of group products to the weight of your baby;
    • the level of comfort that the seat provides to your child;
    • the presence of adjustment on the tilt (switch to the awake/sleep state);
    • the presence of side-impact protection.

    Other details only affect the prestige of the car seat. Before you buy the product, please check the test data with children’s car seats 2013. The results of these tests will allow you to choose the safest option.
    Video about choosing a car seat:

    Selection criteria seats

    How to choose a chair that suits your baby? With the purchase, consider our recommendations:

  • The seat should fully correspond to the weight of the crumbs, so pre-weigh it.
  • The product should be as convenient when using. Comfort is the main element of the so-called passive safety, since, experiencing discomfort, the child will constantly act up, diverting their dad to the driver. First try the chair, let the child feel how much he’s comfortable.
  • Seat for children up to three years should be equipped with Y-shaped/five-point belts. They will protect your baby from injuries of the spine and abdomen.
  • Baby seats are equipped with internal straps, must have fabric lining near lock buckle that connects the straps in the crotch. In a frontal impact in this area occur large load, so the layer needs to be broad and elastic enough to avoid injury (especially true for boys).
  • The device shall be easily moved and installed in the car. In advance try the seat in your car.
  • As you can see, there are quite a few criteria for choosing car seats. But the decisive factor remains the child’s weight. In accordance with this criterion, the chair are divided into several groups.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаThe child seat depends on many parameters

    Group 0

    Designed for carrying infants until they turn 9-12 months. Baby weight up to 10 pounds. These car seats do not look like ordinary products. They remind of the cradle, so they are called “car seats”.
    They are installed perpendicular to the movement of the machine, that is, along the rear seats. The baby is placed in the supine position and fixed by internal straps. Area for head crumbs is equipped with an additional protective elements.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаSpecial car seat for newborns

    Group 0+

    Car seats that belong to this group, is suitable for the child, who was under the age of 1 year and 3 months. Baby weight up to 13 pounds. The appearance of products reminds the chairs of the zero group, but can also be used for larger kids. In the cradle of this child, you’ll be in semi-lying state and is fastened with three – or five-point belts.
    To set this chair should only be used against the movement. Otherwise it will lead to tragic consequences. Most often it is trauma to the neck and spine.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаCar seat group 0+

    Group 1

    Suitable for children aged 1-4 years, weight 9-18 kg. These chairs already look standard. They are installed in the direction of movement of the car (facing forward). The child is in a sitting position.
    Such car seats, usually equipped with three-point belts. However, we recommend to give preference to models equipped with five-point belts. Area for the baby’s head, also has an additional protective elements.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаBaby car seat group 1

    Group 2

    Car seats are used for children from 3 ½ to 7 years who weigh 15-25 pounds. They are installed in the travel direction of the machine, the child was located face forward. This helps prevent injuries that are possible in a frontal collision.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаCar seat for children weighing up to 25 kg
    The main part of the chairs of this group are equipped with a backrest that can be adjusted for height. Thus, you can “customize” it to suit the height of your child for maximum comfort and security. Some models are equipped with detachable backrest. This is done so that it can be removed when the baby gets older. Then get a group 3 chair.

    Group 3

    Car seats for kids age 6-12 years old, weighing 22-36 kg. Popular name of these products is the booster, which translated to English means “amplifier”. They are backless and are suitable for children with height from 120 centimeters.
    This chair looks like a kind of pillow raises the baby to the height. Due to this, the regular seat belt (which is designed for growth from 1.5 meters) correctly passes on the shoulder. Typically booster seats are equipped with armrests.
    There are also combined types of car seatsthat combine the features of different types. For example, there are products 0+/1, 1/2/3 and so on. However the universal versions are inferior to the specialized models on the level of security that they provide.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаGroup seats for children up to 36 kg

    Components of quality car seats

    The most important component of a perfect car seat is, ironically, its price. Do not spare money on this device, because it affects the safety of your krowinski. It is best to give preference to products costing $ 500. E. and more. Expensive car seat you can hear the good reviews.
    The video explains how to install baby car seat:

    However, not everyone has the financial ability to purchase the expensive chair. Therefore, to choose really high-quality thing, you need to pay special attention to separate parameters. This will allow you to best protect your child.

    The frame of the car seat

    Usually, infant car seats are made from plastic or aluminum. The first material is more popular. However, it is better to give preference to aluminum frames because they are more durable.
    But if the model is made of plastic and conforms to the European standards — it also has a high strength. The price for these car seats is appropriate. When choosing guided by one rule — the frame should be durable and resistant to shocks.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаChair with aluminum frame

    Backrest + headrest

    Buying a car seat, as it should feel back. Prerequisite — its anatomic. To check this quite easily — it is quite dense, has lots of bumps and special bends, repeating the child’s spine. Pay attention to the presence of the Adjuster. Without it it is impossible to carry the baby long distances because it is set in the reclined mode.
    The head restraint must be fitted with a special adjustment. It is desirable that it was possible to choose from several degrees of tilt. There are models without the headrest, but then the back needs to perform its functions. In this case it is higher than the baby’s head. There should be side panels that protect the baby from bumps on the sides. They do not allow it to slip from his seat.


    Until the child turns four years, it should be secured in the seat using the internal straps rather than regular. They are different — a wide, three-point, five-point. The last option is the most optimal, because when an accident such belts provide greater load distribution, i.e. a higher level of security.
    You should carefully check the quality of the belt. Also important parameters such as efficiency and ease of opening his locks. In the event of accident it’s very important to instantly free the toddler from his chair. At the same time the locks should not be opened too easily — otherwise the kid can unbutton them during the game.
    Выбор безопасного детского автомобильного креслаThe belt is one of the most important elements of car seats


    This element concerns security only indirectly. From the case depends not only the aesthetic appeal of the car seat but the safety of its characteristics. If correctly to pick up this item, this will ensure the safety of the softness of the product, will reduce the likelihood of injuries. Besides, the kid will not be capricious because of the uncomfortable lining.
    A good case should be removed, so it can be washed in the machine. Make sure that it was made of natural fabrics and was stain resistant. The ideal case should last 4 years, so as to change it will be difficult.
    Video about safety and car seats comparison:

    It is strongly recommended not to buy a car seat used. It is impossible to check, not been whether such a product in a traffic accident. If this happens, the design will be deformed and will not fully perform its protective function.
    Post your opinion about the article in the comments!

    Proper selection of rubber for automobile

    To ensure maximum safety for driver and passengers on the road, you need to make a selection tires vehicle. They must have the appropriate setting to ensure full implementation of all the functions assigned to them. Pillows and safety belts, system ABS — it’s all good. However, the main role in traffic safety continue to play tires.
    This component performs several important functions. It’s not just the clutch the car with the road, but also hold the car from skidding when cornering. In addition, due to the tires is instant braking.
    Выбор шин по марке автомобиля

    Basic parameters selection

    Choosing “shoes” for his “iron horse”, consider the following options:

    • country of manufacture of the vehicle;
    • car brand;
    • modification;
    • the year of issue.

    If you don’t know these figures, you can look at the sticker on the inside driver’s door. If you can’t find it, contact the professionals who work in the service centers. Even if your car model was removed from production — don’t panic. Now release the “tires” and for older cars, so to pick it up would be easy.
    Also which parameters to include in the instructions to your machine. If you are unable to find the necessary information — have a look at the Internet. Now there are special database to determine tyre suitable to a specific brand of car.

    The plot is about the choice of tires:


    Typically, a manufacturer specifies several options of tires for the car, in the form of recommended range “from” and “to”. Labeling includes such indicators:

    • the model name of the tire and the manufacturer;
    • size;
    • the load index;
    • type of protector;
    • the index speed.

    All these points are extremely important when choosing a tire, however, the most important of them is the size. It should pay particular attention. In numerical terms, the size as follows: 215/45/ZR 17 (for example). This figure, in turn, consists of several options:

    • the width of the profile (if you select too narrow or too wide of tires traction and handling cars greatly reduced);
    • series (indicators of profile height to width in percentage) — if this parameter is not specified, the height of a standard — 82%;
    • the radius (expressed in inches) — allows you to choose the bus according to a specific landing spot on the disk.

    Выбор шин по марке автомобиля

    Why it is so important to choose tires under the brand name auto?

    Some motorists are negligent selection of tires on the car, mistakenly believing that full compliance with the factory settings is optional. And in vain, because of their size and other indicators directly related to the serviceability of the machine. If correctly to choose the tires, it can affect:

    • the handling of the car,
    • the grip,
    • serviceability of the suspension,
    • the health body of the machine.

    Not following the rules of conformity marking when buying tires, you can reduce all of the above characteristics. This, in turn, can lead to emergency situations on the road. Wrong selection of size is often a cause of damage to oboronki wing of the car.
    Выбор шин по марке автомобиля

    Important caveat — the assignment operation

    Another important criterion when selecting tyres is the purpose of their exploitation. Before buying, you have to analyze its purpose. In line with this, choose the most robust and durable tires for your car.
    There are several types of tires, the characteristics of which depend on conditions of their operation:

    • summer (road) — suitable for driving on urban roads in warm weather (have a high degree of wear resistance and traction with wet/dry surface);
    • winter — are designed for driving on icy or snowy roads (have a great hitch, can be equipped with spikes to prevent slipping);
    • universal — allow for a comfortable ride in urban conditions and on dirt roads (best suited for SUVs);
    • all-season (often confused with universal) — can be used all year round (economical and durable, but inferior to the characteristics of summer and winter tires in the appropriate seasons);
    • terrain — used off-road or in soft ground (wear out quickly when driving on asphalt).

    The story of the all-season tires:

    Rain tires

    These tires are suitable specifically for use in areas with high rainfall. They are able to provide high stability when driving on the area covered by water. This type of tyre is popular in regions where it rains frequently.
    Every driver knows that when driving at high speed and hit the tyres on the water surface the wheels start to slip. This effect is dangerous, because fraught with a threat of an emergency. Special rain tires allow you to avoid this because they are equipped with TV, wicking in contact with the wheels in puddles. But their operation in conditions of dry weather worse than usual.

    Studded tires

    This type of tire is appropriate to use only in winter. They provide excellent grip with the road covered with ice or snow. Equipped with special Velcro, studded tires ensure maximum driving safety under severe weather conditions.
    In some countries the use of such tyres is mandatory in cold weather. In order to increase their effectiveness, it is important to follow a simple recommendation. It is to install studded tires on all four wheels of the car.
    Выбор шин по марке автомобиляFinnish studded tires

    Some important tips

    Picking up the tires in line with the brand of your car, consider a few more nuances. First of all, it is very important to install the same tires on all the wheels. If you neglect this rule you can lose control of the handling of your car. Same tires (same pattern and same size) must be installed at least on each of the axes of your “iron horse”.
    Do not buy tires that have already been used by another driver. Their installation can affect the security of control and cause a crash. Experts recommend to have at least two sets of tires to change them depending on the season.
    Video choosing the right tires:

    Finally, we recall that before buying new tires for your car, you need to make sure their quality. They should be standards — both Russian and international. On tires that have been certified must have the E mark (European standard) or DOT (American standard). In some cases, products have both markings. For the purchase of tires, refer only to specialized shops.
    Leave your comment about what you read!

    Types and classes

    Motor liquid is a lubricant which helps reduce friction in the moving parts of a car engine. This liquid will ensure a reliable and durable engine performance only if properly selected. For different car engines are suitable for various engine oils. Labeling of motor oils usually contain all the necessary information for a correct choice, just need to be able to read.

    There are 3 main classes of this car viscous fluid:

    • petrol,
    • universal,
    • diesel.

    As you know, for petrol engine it is best to use gasoline engine oil, but in an emergency you can use and versatile. For the diesel engine is the best fit diesel, you can also use universal.

    In addition, the oils come in summer, winter and all season. The criterion for such classification serves to viscosity and its changes depending on its temperature.
    The winter oils this indicator is low, which provides a cold start engine at low temperatures. At the same time these oils in the summer do not ensure required reliability of lubrication.
    Summer oils have high viscosity, they reliably lubricate the engine in high temperatures, but you will not be able to perform a cold start of the engine at a temperature less than 0 °C. the Most attractive are multigrade oils, by the way, today they are the most popular among drivers. This is not surprising, because such a lubricating liquid changes its viscosity depending on ambient temperature. Thus, in the winter it has the viscosity of motor oil winter and summer — summer.


    Any engine oil consists of a base part, which is its basis, and certain additives. The basis of the lubricating fluid is an oil fraction, which is obtained by refining oil or artificially. In composition they are divided:

    • mineral,
    • semisynthetic,
    • synthetic.

    On the canister always state the basis, if these data are not available, then it is likely mineral. Synthetic and semi-synthetic oil suitable for modern engines much better, as their properties enhanced. A small disadvantage is, of course, is their cost: they are more expensive than mineral.
    Как маркируют автомобильные масла
    In the case when your vehicle is provided the use of mineral motor oil, you should not buy synthetic, it can harm the motor. For example, a negative consequence may be leakage of synthetic lubricating fluid through the gaskets (rubber seals).

    The viscosity and performance properties

    The coefficient of viscosity is a very important characteristic, which shows the labeling of motor oils for engines. It directly influences the wear of rubbing parts of the engine. He accelerated when there is insufficient pressure in the lubrication system that, in turn, is a consequence of small viscosity. When the oil viscosity is high, that there is a strong likelihood that at low temperatures, the starter will not crank the motor. Also in this case, you need to be wary of so-called oil starvation when the oil is thick, a small amount of time is not supplied to the friction parts.
    Each oil viscosity also has a different set of performance properties. They allow to determine the possible scope of their application. These are the properties:

    • washing-anti-oxidation properties,
    • anti-wear,
    • a tendency to various deposits,
    • corrosiveness, etc.

    Как маркируют автомобильные масла
    All motor oils are classified according to the following parameters: viscosity and performance characteristics. Currently many buyers are attracted by the availability of energy-saving properties. Marking of engine oils depends on the class to which those belong.
    At this period they are classified in several systems, which set national and international standards. In our country these indicators is regulated GOST 17479.1-85. Also indicate the engine oil certification marks standards:

    • SAE,
    • ILSAC,
    • ACEA,
    • API.

    Marking GOST

    The deciphering of the marking in accordance with GOST standards is as follows:

    • share winter, all-season and summer oil;
    • the larger the number value, the higher the coefficient of viscosity;
    • the letter “z” indicates the presence of the additives, which retain sufficient viscosity at the operating temperature of the motor;
    • group of oils designated by the letters A to E (depends on the application);
    • the number 1 after the designation of the group said that such a liquid is suitable for petrol engines and 2 for diesel;
    • no number means that this versatile oil.

    Как маркируют автомобильные масла

    Classification Society of automotive engineers (SAE)

    This standard consists of six summer and five winter oils for engines. While winter lubrication fluid is designated by the letter W, and the summer — just a number (the higher, the higher the viscosity). The all-season designation combines both the previous (SAE 15W-40).

    Standard American petroleum Institute (API)

    According to this classification the deciphering of the marking is carried out as follows:

    • the abbreviation EC which is directly after the API, refer to energy saving oil;
    • Roman numerals after the abbreviation indicate the level of fuel economy;
    • the letter S indicates a lubrication fluid for petrol engines of cars;
    • letter C referred to as the fluid for diesel engines;
    • after one of these letters should be the performance level indicated by the letters A (the lowest level) to L (highest);
    • universal motor liquids designated by the letters of both categories;
    • diesel share of double (number 2 at the end of the marking) and fourfold (figure 4 at the end of the marking).

    Как маркируют автомобильные масла

    The classification of the Association of European car manufacturers (ACEA)

    It was developed in 1996 and is constantly undergoing changes. It outlines the performance characteristics and the destination and the category of motor oils. Typically, European manufacturers give a detailed description of the labelling of this viscous fluid to the engine in the operating instructions issued by them car. The most dangerous, in their opinion, are considered to be energy saving with low viscosity, which does not always provide a reliable lubrication of the motor.

    Japanese-American classification ILSAC

    It was together Japanese and American car manufacturers. It includes three classes for gasoline engines, all of which are energy-saving. For Japanese cars such classification fits best.
    Как маркируют автомобильные масла

    Transmission fluid

    Oils for the drivetrain to be far less attention, although it should be noted that it is entirely undeserved and unwarranted. Safe operation of the vehicle impossible with a poor quality transmission fluid.
    This fluid protects the friction surface from a bully, wear, broken teeth, and pitting. It reduces energy losses due to friction and removes heat from the contact zone of the gear. In addition, the transmission oil reduces the noise and vibration.
    It should have the following properties:

    • anti-wear,
    • EP,
    • protivovetrovye,
    • resistance to oxidation,
    • physical stability,
    • compatibility with seals,
    • protective when in contact with water,
    • combating corrosion of copper and foaming.

    On the one hand, it must have high viscosity (to provide a high load-bearing capacity of the oil film and to minimize losses through the gaskets) and low on the other (to ensure the start of transmission at low temperatures and lower friction losses in the gears).
    Domestic marking stands for gear oils according to GOST 17479.2-85. These oils according to the Russian standard are divided into four classes. Splitting criteria is the kinematic viscosity at 100 °C and negative temperature.
    Labelling of oils is also carried out in terms of intensity of work and technical properties.
    In America and Europe as standards used by SAE and API. The first classifies gear oils of viscosity, second — by performance.

    To learn and know by heart all of the above standards is simply impossible, so we advise you to always approach the purchase seriously and if necessary, first find the decryption engine or transmission oil, and then to buy it.

    The content

    • What is car player
    • Types of car depending on size
    • Kinds of car receivers depending on the source
    • The details are worth paying attention to
    • Why do you need the head unit

    What is car player

    At the moment there are a huge number of different car stereos. From such diversity, many drivers are lost, and this device becomes even more complex.
    Now car stereo has ceased to be merely a means of reproduction. Modern car receivers are multifunctional devices which let you watch videos, connect various external storage media. Thus, for a good selection of car player, you need to know the basic nuances that are worth paying attention at the time of purchase.
    Video about the head unit:

    The price of car totally depends on its functionality, presence of features and complex technical features.

    Types of car depending on size

    The size (place of installation) there are two types of car receivers — odnotonovye (1 DIN) and dvuhtumbovye (2 DIN). The main difference between these two types is the size of the devices, or rather their height. The width and the depth of the seat from odnodiskovyh and dvuhtumbovyh head unit is 18 and 16 cm respectively. Height 1 DIN — 5 cm, are most frequently found in cars of domestic production. 2 DIN height — 10 cm, they are installed in expensive Japanese, German and American cars. 2 DIN car receivers are more expensive and more functional.
    Sometimes in American cars can meet with radio size is 1.5 DIN (7.5 cm).
    Выбираем качественную автомагнитолу — это заряд положительных эмоций водителяDifferent receiver

    Kinds of car receivers depending on the source

    An important criterion when selecting a car is the type of source. Currently available in these devices of the following types:

  • The most common today is a CD-radio. The information is read from audio CD to multiple CD-RW or one CD-R recording.
  • More features have DVD-audio players. In addition they also reproduce audio and video files. These car DVD player read DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.
  • Alternative disk tape recorders are USB receivers. They read and reproduce both audio and video information from media, which are connected via the USB port.
  • SD radio is usually combined with the previous types of automotive receivers, it has an additional connector for connection of SD cards.
  • The most modern and expensive reproducing apparatus is MP5-player. It supports all most popular formats, plays back images and pictures. Buyers are most attracted by its multifunctionality and high quality playback.
  • Also increasingly popular are media receivers, which do not have mechanical drive. These display information receiver with USB and SD media, as well as iPhone/iPad.
  • There are also lots of different combinations of receivers. They are more expensive than usual, are multifunctional and allow to reproduce the information from different media.
    Выбираем качественную автомагнитолу — это заряд положительных эмоций водителяReceiver with USB input
    Popular varieties of automobile receivers — audio players with MP3 decoder. They reproduce the files with MP3 extension.
    Cassette radio has long become history, and today is rare to find a car with such a device. Perhaps in the near future mediamagnata too will completely replace disc players from salons of cars.

    The details are worth paying attention to

    When choosing a car stereo there are a few details that are worth paying attention to. These include:

  • A removable cover protects the car from theft. This design is convenient because without the front panel of the receiver becomes quite unattractive to burglars. Today buy one front panel radio is about 70% of the total value. It’s an unnecessary waste. Yes and you can buy it without the necessary documents is also quite difficult. Thus, the detachable panel ensures the tranquillity of the owner of the equipment.
  • The backlight is not a determining factor, but still important. In the first place since it is very convenient. It is useful in night time. Impressive looks salon in which the backlight of the receiver coincides with the colors of the car. There is a multicolor, single color and changing light. The first offers a wide range of colors that can rotate automatically like a chameleon. Replaceable backlight involves a choice, usually of two colors. It is best to choose a receiver with multi-color or changeable illumination.
  • Brand. Best place to buy car stereo, released well-known competitive company. This will ensure long-term operation and maintenance in the service centers. Most customers like: Clarion, Alpine, Prology, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Shuttle, Sony, Cyclon.
  • Built-in radio tuner. This feature allows you to listen to the radio FM and AM bands. As a rule, these 18 stations for the first range and 6 — for the second.
  • Displays differ in size and resolution, which determines image quality. Try to choose a car, the display of which will consist of a large number of pixels. Big size screen indicates a high level of detail. Most often, the displays are the same width, and differ only in height.
  • An important parameter when choosing the receiver is the output power of the amplifier. From this indicator will depend on the quality of the sound: the higher it is, the better. There is a nominal and maximum power. The first is the sound quality when listening for a long time, the second — the quality of the differential power.
  • The presence of audio/video inputs and outputs. A large number of connectors for connection of additional devices says on the functionality of the receiver.
  • Video selection of budget car receivers:

    Why do you need the head unit

    Regular car receivers — receivers, which are mounted on the car manufacturers. Very often they are characterized by limited functionality, but they have their advantages. If you are not a built-in radio tuner and the ability to read various disks, then you should think about buying the head unit, which will have the desired functionality.
    The fact that the acquisition of different devices in addition to the radio, to put it mildly, not a good idea. Not only that, they will ruin the interior and can distract the driver and be dangerous in the event of an accident.
    Выбираем качественную автомагнитолу — это заряд положительных эмоций водителяModern receiver
    A regular receiver instead of the factory installed perfectly and do not violate the unique design of the salon. They can have all the necessary functions.
    Therefore, if you decide to put a new stereo in your car, try to choose more functional regular car receiver. In the case where such is not available, buy 2 DIN radio with necessary functions.

    Varieties and the principle of operation of the heated seats

    Heating can be removable and embedded. The first option is a all sorts of cloaks and cushions, in which are embedded heating elements and which are attached to the seat straps. Main disadvantages: while the car is moving, they can slide, causing the driver a lot of inconvenience. In addition, the power supply system of such devices is the cigarette lighter, which is not always convenient.
    Встраиваемый подогрев сидений в машину

    Embedded heated seats does not have these disadvantages, as it is under the upholstery, and power is used for the special unit. Its use has several advantages that are driving the popularity of such devices in the Russian market:

    • Professional installation of upholstery and the seat back will ensure reliable and convenient operation. Heating will not damage the upholstery, even leather interiors there are special options.
    • Embedded heated seats invisible from the outside, so it does not spoil the overall look of the cabin. To the touch it is not found, it does not place to change the position of the seat or anything to do in the cabin.
    • The cigarette lighter remains free, wiring is hidden from view.
    • The control unit is located where it is convenient to the driver.
    • You can regulate the heat using the thermostat.

    As the heating element in such devices is the wire hidden in the cloth mats that install directly under the upholstery. The device is equipped with protection from short circuit and sparks, so it is safe for use, and when properly installed is guaranteed for many years of stable work.
    Video installation built-in heated seats:

    Which manufacturer to choose

    The automotive accessory shops offer a wide selection of products. The most popular manufacturers are German, Chinese and Russian companies. Many people choose recessed seat heating company WEACO (Germany): it can be installed in all cars, it has several levels of protection and two heat mode. You can enable emergency mode for rapid heating of the seat in the winter, and then enable maintenance mode, ensure even moderate heat. However, the price for German quality a lot, so many people prefer cheaper products.
    Встраиваемый подогрев сидений в машину

    Popular Russian model

    The company “Teplodar” has been producing heating appliances for over 15 years. The most common model heated seats — “Emelya UK 1” and “Yemelya 2 of the criminal code”. They are perfectly suited for the production of the domestic auto industry and are already implemented in the versions of the model Lada Kalina. All models feature thermal overload relay to protect it from overheating, the heating element is flexible and durable reinforced cable.
    Set “Emelya UK 2” allows you to set the units that regulate the temperature, far from each other that allows you to make running more comfortable. The device has 4 modes of operation and automatic shutdown in case of overheating. The kit is mounted as standard on the two front seats and placed under the upholstery.
    Also on the Russian market the products of the company “Russia only.”. The devices can be trusted, and they can be installed both in Russian and imported cars. Warranty on all models — at least 1 year.
    This video covers heated seats:

    Eastern manufacturers: is it worth saving

    The cheapest on the market remains the products of Chinese and Taiwanese firms. Some choose embedded heating company “Megalit” (Taiwan) or “Autoline international” (China). They provide good heating, but do not differ reliability: quickly broken buttons, failing wiring or the device suffers from overheating. Drivers often say that the temperature is uneven: it’s too hot, too cold.
    Buying cheap products is always an additional risk to the driver. Short circuit may not only destroy the entire system of wiring, but also cause fire in the cabin. When choosing electrical equipment it is better not to save and to choose Russian or European manufacturers.
    Встраиваемый подогрев сидений в машину

    Security measures when using the built-in heating

    Although such devices and are reliable, you still need to follow some important rules of operation:

  • On the seat do not place heavy or sharp objects, as there is a risk of damage to the lining and heating.
  • You cannot use the heater if the seat is wet. Accidental spillage of liquid may cause damage to the equipment.
  • It is impossible to cover the seat with the included heating insulating items: blankets, coats, etc.
  • Independently carry out installation only if you are well versed in the installation of electrical equipment. Often more reliable and safer to contact the service, as you will need to disassemble the seat and to mount the wiring in the cabin.
    Встраиваемый подогрев сидений в машину
    Built-in heated car seats — warmth and comfort for the driver in the severe Russian winter. Take care of your well being and take advantage of this modern device.